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Sales Manager

Milton, ON, Canada
October 09, 2019

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Brian K. Heuchert, MBA.

**** ***** *********, ******, ******* L9T 6Y1

Mobile. 226-***-**** • Email.


• Exceptional leadership/strategic business consulting and internal/external client relationship management experience.

• Succeed in structured or unstructured environment, driving protocol to ensure objectives are achived on time/budget.

• Superior negotiating and influencing skills, enabling win-win outcomes for all stakeholders.

• Extensive Senior Project Management experience; effectively execute and control integration, change, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, and vendor management in a team driven, matrix environment.

• Direct efficient project meetings; exceptional leadership, influencing, facilitation, communication and presentation skills.

• Effective quantitative and qualitative risk analysis, governance, continuous process improvement, strategic and contingency business planning and execution experience.

• Efficient Operations Procurement/Sourcing, Vendor Management, Contract Negotiations and Pricing Models experience.

• Manage corporate projects, sales development and strategic business plans in the Retail, Banking, Energy, Finance, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Individual & Group Benefits Insurance, Credit Card, Fashion, Telecommunications, MRO, Beverage, Shipping, Nuclear, CPG, Rubber, Textile and Construction industries.

• Successfully manage and facilitate the response and execution of $50 million national RFx contracts.

• Collaborate with 300+ CDN. and U.S. vendors to promote and advance strategic sourcing processes compliance.

• Negotiate global product/service sourcing, price, service, contract terms & conditions with internal/external clients.

• Influence, develop and sustain business relationships at executive level; Boardroom leadership.

• Execute integrated change, acceptance and approval management processes; facilitate timely communication between project teams and stakeholders.

• Manage over 200 sales and operations employees in a $10 million multi-branch retail expansion project. EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE

BHPM, Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 4/11 – Present Senior Management Consultant & Project Manager

• Expert in Sourcing/Procurement Operations, Vendor Management, SOW’s, Negotiating Contracts and Pricing Structures.

• Professional Project manager proficient in developing and executing end to end PMO programs and project methodologies.

• Drive cultural turnaround through change management and measurable training programs.

• Successfully execute turnaround and growth strategies; Coach and develop Executive teams.

• Professional Sales - Gold Master Certified - Achieve strategic, sustainable sales growth across multiple business segments.

• Streamline operations, generating efficient, high-quality, faster throughput.

• Initiate and execute tactical marketing programs for Web, Wholesale and Retail sales channels.

• Streamline finance and reporting departments to drive compliance and measurement control systems.

• Implement nationally recognized salesforce training programs to sustainably grow revenue.

• Develop management control systems and IT infrastructure programs.

• Foster product development and merchandising programs.

• Increase employee engagement/production and reduce employee turnover. Walmart, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 03/19 – Present Senior Business Project Manager (contract)

• Manage and execute $250 Million Mainstream General Merchandise and Home Transformation Programs to compete more effectively with Amazon, Canadian Tire, Wayfair and other large competitors.

• Lead and influence over 30 Director level stakeholders to execute transformational project plans comprised of vendor management, product rationalization, merchandising rejuvenation, labour models, change management, assortment and 2

brands upgrades, construction improvements, web development, floorplan design enhancements, Omni Channel sales/marketing programs, operations replenishment flow, seasonal logistics and supply chain efficiencies.

• Align PMO principles to transformational project protocols, steering project teams towards effective implementations while promoting best practices in an unstructured environment.

• Manage transparent communication channels across the organization, effective risk mitigation, matrix reporting, Quality Assurance and project cadence ensuring scope is executed on time/budget.

• Execute over 50 unique, agile store pilot programs, validating business case forecasts resulting in National scale transformational program launches.

Technical Environment: SAP, MS Project, SharePoint, Client Server, Web Applications, Windows Airstream Systems Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 03/17 – 03/19 PMO Director of Operations & Project Management (contract)

• Created and implemented a custom-designed Sourcing and Procurement program which advanced SOW’s, MSA’s, Pricing Structures, Compliance, KPI tracking, milestone measurement, project management methodologies, Reporting, and Risk Mitigation/Issue Resolution processes which increased project productivity/quality by 20%.

• Sourced and negotiated all Vendor Contracts in line with the creation of customized sourcing and procurement models which reduced vendor risk, eliminated late deliveries, and marginalized project errors by 25%.

• Responsible for implementing PMO methodology for all technical projects which reduced costs by 22%.

• Vendor Management Consultant and Executive Coach to the Leadership Team.

• Designed and implemented data and reporting projects for the sales team which increased revenue by 30%.

• Designed and implemented SharePoint data, Communications and Project Milestones technologies which improved project lifecycle performance.

• Optimized utilization of IT services to support and improve the RFx process, business goals and objectives.

• Developed Quality Control and Quality Assurance Programs which significantly improved project/product quality and reduced project lifecycle from 19 to 16 weeks.

• Executed various financial projects which supports legal, risk and compliance lines of business. Technical Environment: Salesforce, Sage, SharePoint, Client Server, Web Applications, Windows, Office 365 Bank of Montreal - Corporate and International Technology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 7/16 – 12/16 Senior Supplier Change Management Consultant (contract)

• Vendor Management: Manage $30 million Enterprise Critical Supplier contracts including risk, governance, and SLA/KPI metrics evaluations and reporting.

• Change Management: Manage GSM program timelines and communications to ensure all stakeholders are engaged accurately, ensuring successful program buy-in throughout the Global Supply Change Management Program lifecycle.

• Governance: Identify gaps between contract obligations vs. actuals; educate suppliers on LOB needs and priorities; amend MSAs or SOWs to align LOB and Support Team KPI objectives with supplier performance.

• Maintain supplier relationships as the First Point of Contact to facilitate LOB (Line of Business) and supplier escalation processes, performance issues resolution and risk profile changes.

• Relationship Management: Regularly communicate with internal and external Supplier Management Teams to ensure Enterprise Suppliers are in compliance with Standard Operating Framework and to develop strategic plans and operations initiatives for Accountable Executives.

• Review Due Diligence Risk Assessments and evaluate KPI performance reports to support the GSM in determining next steps for supplier governance development program.

• Project Management: Consultant to the Enterprise Supplier Governance Evolution Program Director; responsible for maturing the overarching Global Supply Management program for all supplier categories (Software, Professional Services, Maintenance, Development, and Hardware).

• Collaborate with ESG (Enterprise Supplier Governance) for the Supplier Enterprise Management System (SEMS) cleanup program, improving supplier data integrity and contract relationship matrix navigation.

• Performance Management: Review monthly KPI’s with suppliers; facilitate Supplier Dashboard development and quarterly/annual reviews with LOB.


• Strategic partner to LOB: Synchronize LOB needs with supplier assets and capabilities; identify new opportunities through supplier collaboration.

• Responsible for creating and submitting quarterly status reports to Enterprise Supplier Governance and Department Head. Technical Environment: SAP, Client Server, Web Applications, Salesforce, SEMS, SharePoint, Windows Spanner Ltd, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 4/15 – 7/16 Director of Operations & Projects (contract)

• Project Manager: planned, tested and delivered modernized telephony system which included conducting a magnitude assessment, business impact assessment, process flow change plans, and business readiness assessment.

• Planned and executed 15,000 sq. ft. corporate office and warehouse relocation – IT infrastructure, Head Office assets, warehouse inventory, and 36 workspaces. Includes real-estate negotiations and fulfillment.

• Created and presented to Senior Leadership communications plans, train the trainer handbook, and all associated decks.

• Manage all corporate MSA’s, SOW’s and pricing negotiations. Rationalized 150 operations vendors by 25% resulting in

$600,000 sustainable cost savings in 4 month period.

• Manage $500,000 PMO budget. Implemented POS and inventory management software projects which increased gross margin 4%.

• Initiated and executed $1 million cost reduction through effective Project Operations, Procurement, LCL Logistics, distribution and continuous improvement management programs.

• Implement management control systems and IT infrastructure program driving increased compliance and security.

• Increased revenue by 22%; managed retail network including District Sale Manager, Merchandising and Marketing programs.

• Report directly to President/CEO; Consultant to the Board. T.C., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. 1/14 – 4/15 Senior Management Consultant - Director of Operations & Vendor Management (contract)

• Manage and rationalize over 100 operations vendors by 20% by negotiating corporate contracts and SOW’s resulting in 5% gross margin increase. Negotiate vendor relationship and pricing agreements reducing operations cost by 15%.

• Develop and execute PMO program – Implemented POS, inventory management and B2C web software projects to increase gross margin 6%. Integrated cloud merchant payment solutions project with multiple new/incumbent systems.

• Initiate and execute $800,000 cost reduction through effective Operations, Procurement, Logistics, distribution and continuous improvement management programs.

• Manage vendor/inventory turnaround program for brand re-launch, modernizing stores and further connecting current and new customer base which increased revenue by 21%.

• Initiate and implement organizational restructuring - Reduce employee turnover by 15% by implementing ‘manage by objectives’ (MBO) and training programs.

• Planned and executed 20,000 sq. ft. corporate office and warehouse relocation – IT infrastructure, Head Office assets, warehouse inventory, 40 workspaces, and leaseholds.

• Streamline end to end logistics which increased throughput by 25%; implemented inventory turnover measurement systems for Web and retail Stores.

• Manage front and back office cloud development and marketing team (SEO, customer engagement, social media, advertising, and website).

• Coach and develop executive team.

• Report directly to President/CEO; Consultant to the Board. Technical Environment: Client Server, Web Applications, POS, SharePoint, Windows, X-Store, Visual, Win Retail, Oracle Spanner Ltd, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 10/12 – 12/13 Senior Business Consultant – Projects (contract)

• Initiated and executed $1 million cost reduction through effective Project Operations, Procurement, Logistics, distribution and continuous improvement management programs.

• Restructured domestic and international Operations to produce 30% more throughput at 21% cost reduction. 4

• Increased revenue by 22%; managed retail network including District Sale Manager, Merchandising and Marketing programs.

• Collaborate with Executive team through effective communications, ensuring all projects were completed on time and on budget. Reported directly to President/CEO; Consultant to the Board.

• Executed inventory management projects which significantly increased fulfillment rates and inventory turnover. Technical Environment: Client Server, Web Applications, POS, SharePoint, Windows, Office 365, Cybex, Visual, Oracle Manulife Financial - Group Benefits Solutions, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 1/12 - 9/12 Senior Project Manager IS Operations - Group Flex Benefits

• Manage $2.5 Million infrastructure/technology budget and team of 24 developing/implementing large/medium sized web production customizations/enhancements solutions in Group Benefits Flex division for 70+ B2B National and Regional Accounts.

• Managed integrated solutions with multiple systems for 500,000 existing B2C/B2B clients and multiple web-based strategic PowerPoint sales demonstrations for prospective customers.

• Develop Flex Benefits Global Project Management Methodology and Continuous Improvement Program driving compliance standards which reduced internal costs by 15%.

• Consultant to IAS Business – collaboratively developed web solutions to meet client needs resulting in record breaking $60 million annual sales.

• Manage Cognizant and IBM on/offshore vendor relationships, managed capacity and resource planning to efficiently procure all deliverables on or under budget.

• Implement 12 production releases per annum – implemented Agile and Waterfall Methodologies, Global PMO Standards, Risk, Issue and Change Management, develop and implement IS and Business efficiencies.

• Successfully manage Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Release processes to maintain/increase customer satisfaction service levels agreements.

• Manage Project Management Plans, Charter, International Resourcing and Capacity Planning, Visio, MS Project, Budget, Steering Committee, Quality Assurance and Code Review Programs. Manulife Bank & Trust, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 4/11 - 12/11 Senior Project Manager - Business Operations (contract)

• Manage eBanking and EMV/OPM integration/conversion Projects Business Programs; oversee development of project management plans, business requirements and detailed solutions, resolve and mitigate business issues and risks; all projects implemented and closed on time and under budget.

• Consultant to Director of Bank Projects Management Organization; Member and Advisor for various Control and Working groups for Merchant payment solutions projects.

• Manage financial projects working under regulatory body guidelines including IIROC, CSA, OSFI, NAFTA, FCAC. CPA.

• Streamlined business requirements execution process reducing lead time by 30% and cost by 20%.

• Manage vendor relationships with eServices, Gemalto, Interac Acxsys, PlanView, Credit and SIT; foster collaborative business partnerships enabling efficient “win-win” deliverables execution processes.

• Manage overall collaborative process with various internal and external functional working groups including Compliance, Fraud IS, Risk, Marketing, Collections, Service Centers, Administration, Business Analysts, UAT, Training, PRM, Investigative Services, eServices, Audit, Commissions, Architecture, Bank IS.

• Manage Resource Planning, Business Requirements development and execution, Change Management, Budget, Scope, Schedule, Quality, SRA, Business Strategy Rollout including Procedures and Handover, Test Strategies and Review, Implementation, Communications, Warranty, Closeout, Reporting and Post Implementation Review. Technical Environment: Client Server, Web Applications, PlanView, SharePoint, Windows Tire Technologies, Inc., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 12/08 – 3/11 Management Consultant - Global Sales & Vendor Projects

• Manage $30 million Global sales contracts; procure/wholesale tires to Asian/European/South American markets.

• Provide management, technology and quality control consulting services for various tire and textile projects at Goodyear Tire, Cooper Tire, Dico, South China Tire, Alexandria Tire, Tornel Tire, and Treadway Exports. 5

• Manage $100 million Global technology, legal and consulting contracts in the Rubber and Textile industries.

• Initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control and close global technology and litigation strategic sales/marketing projects resulting in 32% annual revenue increase.

• Board member, provide guidance to management; increase brand awareness, gross margin and overall profitability.

• Develop and implement continuous improvement plans decreasing operations cost by 18%. Acklands - Grainger Inc., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. 03/05 - 11/08 National Accounts Business Development Manager

• Manage multiple collaborative $10+ million procurement projects with Coca Cola, Canada Post, Flynn, Babcock & Wilcox, PepsiCo, Federal Express, Sunoco and Purolator.

• Manage $50 million National RFx contracts effectively executing and controlling integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement management in a team driven environment.

• Expand mutual, trusted business advisor relationships with 300+ suppliers and buyers in order to better negotiate and understand the needs and satisfaction levels of each customer type and service.

• Collaborate with members of the IT, legal and procurement departments when negotiating terms, conditions, agreements and pricing of multi-million dollar new business and renewal contracts.

• Develop National Accounts RFx Program; Maintain, improve, influence and deepen internal director level relationships in finance, IT, branch, legal, E-Commerce, call center, demand planning, product management/sourcing, procurement, sales and logistics departments to increase speed to revenue, gross profit and customer satisfaction.

• Develop and execute National Accounts ROIC models and business plans for a sales budget of $10 million resulting in revenue, gross margin and GM% increase of 65%, 75% and 8% respectively.

• Presidents Club 2006, 2007 - Lead Sales Managers for Canadian Operations.

• Exceeded revenue, continuous improvement, and gross margin dollar targets for 15 consecutive quarters.

• Successfully implemented an organizational restructuring test pilot program for Executives reducing costs by 35%.

• Manage Dedicated Service Representative’s P&L, performance reviews and succession planning. Technical Environment: SAP, EBP, Punch-out, Self-Service, EDI, Ariba, Cognos and MS Office, Client Server, Web Applications, Windows


• Masters of Business Administration (Concentration - Sustainable Business Strategy) - Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. - 2004

• Bachelor of Arts - Political Science - John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

• Coaching: A Strategic Tool for Effective Leadership – Canadian Management Center - 2012

• Professional Sales Negotiations & Winning Account Strategies - Achieve Global - 2008

• Professional Sales Selling - Gold Master - Achieve Global - 2008

• Professional Sales Coaching - Achieve Global - 2007

• Presentation Excellence - Ignite Excellence - 2007 CHARITY - VOLUNTEER INVOLVEMENT

• Board of Directors, Arrow Lofts, Kitchener Ontario, 2014 - 2016

• House of Friendship, Kitchener/Waterloo Region, 2010 - 2019

• Manulife Alzheimer’s Fundraiser – Raised $37,500, 2012

• Dragon Boat Participant United Way, North York Region, 2007 - 2008

• Account Executive United Way, North York Region, 2005 - 2006

• Raised over CAN $10,000 for Cystic Fibrosis, 2004

• Raised over USD $75,000 for Missing Children’s Foundation, 2003

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