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Software Engineer Data

Fremont, CA
October 07, 2019

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Bo Liu

Tel: (***) ******* LinkedIn

E-mail: 4613 Fanwood Terrace, Fremont, CA 94538 Education

University of Pittsburgh MS in Information Science Aug. 2017 – Apr. 2019 Software Skills

Language over 60000 lines: Java

Programming Languages: Python, C++, Scala, JavaScript, PHP, R, Zsh, Bash Basics: Data Structure, Algorithm Design, Relational Database Management System, Distributed System, Client-server System, Operating System, Web Standards and Technologies, Machine Learning Web Skills: SpringBoot, MyBatis, Hibernate, Django, RESTful, HTML/HTML5, JSON, XML, Tomcat, Bootstrap, jQuery, React Database and Platform: MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, Linux, Mac OS Big data System: Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Apache HDFS, Apache Kafka, Apache Zookeeper Tools: Git, Maven, Gradle, Docker, Postman, Vagrant, Homebrew, MAMP, Vim, Sublime Text Professional Experience

Software Engineer

Tianjin Niuniu Technology Co., Ltd. May. 2018 – Aug. 2018 Developed Smart-Niuniu system on Hadoop cluster which could help monitor click status of the third-party advertisement and its payment as well as to analyze the user’s preference

• Developed advertisement monitoring system that could track each third-party advertisement’s click-relevant figures and payment-related data

• Implemented the user-based report system that could report user’s statistical data based on various dimensions

• Implemented auto-running functionality that automatically extracted logs to HDFS and update report-related data in MySQL

• Developed frontend interface using Bootstrap, jQuery and implemented multi-dimensional diagrams display module using open source API (E-Chart)

Software Engineer

Beijing MiningLamp Software System Co., Ltd. Jan. 2015 – Mar. 2016 Developed Android SDK tracking users’ behavior and app’s run-time status

• Used standard Android API, included but not limited to os, telephony, provider, to acquire app’s status data

• Encapsulated HttpURLConnection that greatly ease function call for behavioral tracking

• Designed and implemented solution that automatically captured crash event based on activity’s lifecycle

• Analyzed error/exception information that help engineer to quickly locate questionable code-block easier Designed and implemented user portrait system based on SMS (unstructured) data on Hadoop/Spark cluster

• Migrated data from Oracle to HBase using internal tool (DataOne) based on Sqoop

• Implemented the user’s portfolio information extraction and basic information inference system that extracted and/or inferred gender, age, geographic area

• Implemented family member inference system and asset status inference system that stored information in HBase

• Developed the rule detection system that allowed keywords combination test to discover new tagging rule

• Designed and implemented RESTful API that could discover common tags for group Academic Experience

Yelp review-based information retrieval system University of Pittsburgh Developed a system that recommended restaurants based on individual needs. Responsible for backend development

• Cleansed raw data and mapped words from original form to its corresponding stems using open source API

(Merriam-Webster and datamuse)

• Used Vector-Space-Model as main model to calculate the similarity between user’s query and documents

• Proposed and implemented synonyms dictionary system based on corpus and open source API (datamuse) that refines the similarity between query and documents

• Incorporated user feedback sub-system which is based on user behaviors to enhance the similarity results

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