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Engineer Civil

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
October 05, 2019

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Mobile No; +966-*********

Visa status; Residence Transferable iqama

An experienced professional with 18 year of experience as a Civil Engineer, QA/QC Engineer, Structural Engineer, site Engineer, site Manager, and with diverse experience in construction management on mega development project supervision site coordination and execution of the project with large infrastructure projects, & high-rise building, hospitals, hotels, villas, in Middle east (UAE & KSA)

Area of Expertise:

-Project Management.

-Installation planning and execution.

-Site coordination and staff Management.

-QA / QC Engineer.

Employment History







Dec 2018

Archen Engineering consultant KSA

Civil Engineer

June 2012

June 2013

Maskan Arabia investment and Real Estate, KSA

Site Manager

Jan 2006

Mar 2011

AL Nabooda construction Dubai


Project Engineer

Feb 2003



Rabou AL Emirates Building Contracting L L C Ajman UAE

Project Engineer

Feb 2001



Three star Building construction

Sharjah UAE

Site Engineer

Professional Qualification:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering - Preston University Pakistan.

Diploma of Civil Engineering (DAE)

NWFP College of Engineering and Technology, Haripur Pakistan.


As a Professional Engineer in Saudi Engineering Council

Certificates; No- 222183

Professional Experience;

ARCHEN Engineering Consultant Riyadh Saudi Arab

CIVIL ENGINEER July 2013 till Dec 2018


Government projects (MOI), National information center (NIC) Riyadh KSA, Main Building; B+G+ 3 floors, Kitchen Building, GYM Building, Technical support Building, Officer Housing building, Service building, Masjid, Electrical Building, Car parking, Car parking Basement, Women Building, Mission Building, Roads for all Buildings,


Construction delivery as per the approved shop drawing.

Day to day management of construction activities as per Project schedule.

Worked on site and monitored the construction phase of road projects.

Scheduling of workforce including foremen, charge hands and labors to meet the program requirements.

Monitoring work progress with respect to the base plans.

Liaising with the Engineers and other subcontractor for the installation of services.

Coordination with the in-house design department for preparation of shop drawings, Bar- bending schedules

Responsible for all over the structural inspections at site, Reinforcement, formwork concrete ETC

Coordinating with Government Department and Client.

Arrangement of resources for job initiation quality control and road production

Construction works of PCC & RCC Miner Structure Like (Culverts, Cattle Creeps) etc.

Field Tests during Concrete work like slump tests, compaction test, temperature & casting of Cylinder for

Compressive Strength with coordinate of laboratory staff

Health and Safety Control on site.

Resource planning for construction activities as per approved schedule.

Ensuring the works are carried out as per approved Method Statement, ITP and shop drawings.

Preparation and review of BOQ and execution of deliverables as per construction plan.

Review all Shop Drawing with site activities

Project Execution as per Contract and Clients Specification

Responsible for all over civil Work inspection

Managing progress and installation activities

Monitoring of progress of the work as per the approved program.

Responsible for keeping As-built records and ensuring the works are executed as per approved drawings.

Followed up on performance indices & prepared monthly progress reports.

Responsible for supervision of the construction activities

Checking of reinforcement as per approved bar cutting schedule, check the adequacy of the farm work, rectifying any apparent mistakes and supervision of pouring concrete. Conducting the inspection and tests of Earthwork, Rock fill, Aggregate

Client and Contractors Management

Coordinated with contractor, client, head office and other utility agencies

Preparation of monthly Progress report and status of deployment of machinery & manpower of contractor

QA/QC and Compliance

Resolved and closed out all non-conformance issues as per Engineers comments. Liaised with site QA/QC Engineer and Safety Supervisor to take preventive and corrective actions

Contractors Billing Review

Review of the monthly progress bills submitted by contractors for accuracy and compliance. Approved the bills as per contracts and actual progress at site.

Claims and Variances Management

Review and approvals of claims and variations submitted my contractor. Proper approval as per contract agreement.

Support to Planning team

Supporting the planning team scheduling team for planning activities (installation, construction, procurement and manpower planning).

Procurement and Logistics coordination

Raising Purchase requests and monitoring of procurement as per site specification

Review of Handing Over and Taking Over Certificate

Arranging the inspection and handing over of installed equipment’s and delivered items.

Preparation of check list for review of defects and planning for repair and maintenance.

Maskan Arabia investment and Real Estate, KSA

Site Manager June -2012 to June -2013

Responsibilities and projects

Architectural Designing 200 Villas at Al-Yasmin Area in Riyadh KSA.

Architectural designing of villas of different size, town planning and execution at site

Responsible for all over the structural & Architectural work at site activities

Execution of Construction works at site as per planning and specification.

Construction works of PCC & RCC Miner Structure work Reinforcement, form work, concrete pouring ETC

Field Tests during Earth Work such as Field Density Test in co-ordination with laboratory staff.

Field Tests during Concrete work like slump tests, temperature & casting of Cylinder for compressive strength with co-ordination of laboratory staff.

Health and Safety Control on site.

Resource planning for construction activities as per approved schedule.

Responsible for the overall Construction activities, Material for site and plants, management of construction teams, Sub contractor, machinery and equipments at site.

Review of daily progress Reports, preparation of next day plan and submission of Reports to the Head office and Consultants.

Road work for 400 villas

Client and Consultants management

Managing all correspondence and attending meetings with Head office, Client and Consultant.

Progress and People Management

Checking the progress of work according to the scheduled program and supervising the activities of all site

Engineers and supervisors.

AL Nabooda Construction dubai UAE



Residential Buildings G+8 & G+12 Dubai, Residential group of villas 200 No at Al Mazar Dubai, Hostel building

Dubai boys Collage G+5, Building G +10 in Jumeriah, Hotel G+5, Maintenance work Dewan Ameer Dubai


Supervision and Project Execution

Responsible for the overall supervision including civil works management of Site Materials sampling Testing and approvals from Consultants.

Management of Equipments, Staff and materials at Site.

Construction Activities of Box Culverts, Camel Crossing and Under Passes.

Execution of work as per drawings specification and plan to meet the project schedule.

Management of Site teams and finishing work including checking of layout, steel reinforcement, formwork and concrete at site etc

Responsible for Material order and arrange the sub-contractor and manpower for site work

QA/QC and scope management

QA/QC inspections as per approved check sheet, method statement, specification and drawings on site and closing of site inspection notices and NCNs.

Attending concrete trial mixes for approval of design mix supplier.

Progress and Client management

Preparation of progress reports on daily basis to be submitted to the client and consultant.

Checking the Progress of Works according to the Scheduled Program and issuing necessary instructions to the site engineers and supervisors.

Responsible for submission of shop drawings.

Attend all the meetings with client and consultant with Dubai Municipality regarding the work in execution and follow up on approval

Submission of the entire inspection request to the consultant and municipality for the required any inspection at site

Site Installation and construction management

Responsible for monitoring daily activities in the site such to ensure quality of work in compliance with contract requirements, good construction practice, and approve materials to be used in as per shop drawings. Inspection of materials delivered to the site and reporting to client and consultants.

Compliance and Safety

Execution of activities and works in compliance with safety.

Raoul Al Emirates Building Contracting L L C Ajman

Project Engineer Feb 2003 to – Jan 2006


Wire House in Free Zone Authority, Masjid & Medical complex, Residential villas 30 No (G+1) Ajman

Residential Building G+8 & G+10, Shopping Mall G+2 in Ajman city, commercial Building G+8 in Ajman


Supervision and Execution

Responsible for the overall supervision of structure & civil work including execution of job as per shop drawings, checking of layout, steel reinforcement, form work, concrete etc.

Submittals of material/document to ensure execution of work as per specification/manufacturer’s recommendations.

Monitoring and site installation activities

Responsible for monitoring of daily activities in compliance with contract requirements and good construction practice.

Responsible for all concreting works on the site and coordination with consultants for different structural elements.

Documentation and Communication

Organizing the required paper work and office procedures as per requirements.

Billings and payment review with Consultants

Submission of the monthly payment request to the consultant/client

Submission of the entire inspection request to the consultant and Municipality for the build structure.

Three Star Building Cont. Co LLC – Dubai, UAE

Site Engineer Dec 2001 – Jan 2003


Residential Villas G+1, (50 No) > Road work for all villas >labor accommodation G+4 at Dubai >

Residential Building G+10&G+8 in Al Quiz area Dubai, >Residential Villas(G+1) 20 No in Dubai Jumeirah


Supervision and Execution

Responsible for the monitoring daily activities of the site such as to ensure quality of work in compliances with contract requirement, good construction practices, that only approved materials are used in compliance with shop drawings and report about the same to the management.

Responsible for the overall supervision of structure work and finishing work including execution of job

as Par shop drawings, checking of layout, steel reinforcement, form work, block work, plaster, tilling, marble and paint etc.

Subcontracts Management

Follow up with sub-contractor and monitor their works on the site.

Handing Over

Submission of the entire inspection request to the consultants and Municipality for the required structure inspection road inspection.

Client and Consultants Management

Responsible to attend all the meetings with client and consultants.

Responsible for all the site works and dealing with contractors.

Responsible for all over the structural and Architectural & MEP work at site

Personal Data

Date of Birth 14 May 1970.

Driving License Saudi Arabia & Dubai

Marital Status Married

Visa Status Residence Visa transferable iqama

Current Address Saudi Arab Riyadh

Year of experience 18 year

Language English, Arabic, Urdu,

Contact No +966-*********

-Management Client and consultant.

-Managing progress and scheduling.

-BOQ, Tendering & Contract Management.

-Contracts Management.

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