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Sales Manager

Pag-Asa, 1016, Philippines
October 05, 2019

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Unit B***, Citihub, **** First Street, V. Mapa

Sta. Mesa, City of Manila 1610 Philippines

(63-926-*******; (63-919-*******



From humble beginnings as a newspaper boy, street vendor, part-time utility boy/janitor and a former cadet of the Philippine Military Academy, the applicant has completed a Bachelors Degree in Management Engineering with credits in MBA. A professional with many years of working experience in the field of General Administration and Corporate Affairs with extensive knowledge in Human Resources Management and Administration, Purchasing, Warehousing, Building & Security Administration, Business Registration and Development, Project Management and Organization Development. A highly motivated and disciplined individual with excellent communication, organization and projects skills. A dependable officer/employee who takes charge of the most difficult tasks to ensure the continuous operation of the company with experience in various industries involving manufacturing, property development and management, hospitality services and the pre-need sector.


MQ Land Development Corp. (Project Base – On Going) Jul 2018 – Present

MQ Builders Design Depot Corp. (Project Base – On Going) Aug 2018 – Present

Polyfame Industries, Inc. (Project Base – On Going) Jun 2018 – Present

Grand German Cylinder Mfg Corp. (Project Base – On Going) Mar 2017 – Present

Technometal Industrial Corp. - Director/Corporate Secretary Mar 2017 – Present

Hongtai Technologies Inc – Consultant (Project Base – On Going) Aug. 2014 – Present

Pactamac Global Corp. – Consultant/Corp. Sec. Mar 2013 – Present

Maritrans Recyclers Inc - Consultant (Project Base) May 2010 – Present

Consolidated Global Mfg Phils. Inc. - Consultant/Corp. Secretary Oct. 2009 – Present

MTE Technologies Inc. – Consultant (Project Base) June 2008 – Present

Midtown Mfg Phils. Inc. - Consultant/Corp. Secretary Apr. 2007 – Mar. 2017

Daido DMS Phils. Inc. - Consultant (Project Base) Nov. 2016 – Feb. 2017

CPak Phils Inc. - Consultant (Project Base) Feb. 2017 – Spt. 2017

MTE Precision Toolings Inc – Director/Corporate Secretary Apr 2008 – Oct. 2016

Squadra Inc. - Consultant (Project Base) Nov.2014 – Jul. 2016

EPE Corporation - Consultant (Project Base) June 2015 – May 2016

Singtech Industrial Inc. - Director/Corporate Secretary Spt. 2014 – Dec. 2015

Transpo-Medical Svcs & Trdg Corp. Consultant (Project Base) Nov. 2012 – Oct. 2015

K2 Corporation (Phil. Branch) - Consultant (Project Base) Nov. 2014 – Aug. 2015

Xing Kuan Corp. - Consultant (Project Base) Oct. 2014 – May 2015

Miyoshi Technologies Corp. - Consultant (Project Base) Spt. 2014 – Feb. 2015


Title Held, Name of Company Dates of employment

Royale Business Club Int’l Inc. – Independent Distributor June 2013 – Present

The Company is a Multi-Million industry engage in the Sales, Marketing & Promotion of Health, Beauty and Wellness products in the Philippines and abroad. As an Independent Distributor I am licensed to sell and market the product, recruit other distributors and dealers and create my own marketing network.

Jollitrans Exports & Trading Co. - Proprietor/GM August 2003 – Present

The Company is a personal venture that deals in the buying and selling of recyclable scraps for domestic and international customer. The company was put-up as a conduit company to Tungaloy for the purpose of resolving the problem of proper disposal carbide tooling scraps and other special metals in order to comply with government regulatory requirements which is not covered under the scope of registered activities of the Company. The company provided additional income as well as numerous opportunities in my previous work by providing a reliable buyer to PEZA-Registered companies for special metals which were not being bought by local scrappers. The job involves sourcing, appraisal, bidding, purchase as well as marketing of recyclable scraps from various local and multinational companies mostly from special economic zones, which I sell to other companies and other end-users. Special recyclable metals, which are not bought in the Philippines, are exported and sold to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea where these special metals are recycled.

Jetco Pure Drinking Water. - Proprietor/GM August 2008 – Mar. 2014

The Company is a single-proprietor company and sister-company of Jollitrans Exports & Trading Company engaged in the manufacture, distribution and retail of Purified Drinking Water. I am responsible for the day-to-day operations

Tungaloy Seimitsu Philippines, Inc. – Retained Consultant 01Apr 2008 – 31Oct 2011

In the advent of the closure of TSPI, I was retained as a Consultant to oversee the liquidation of the Company. Wrap-up the operation and complete all legal requirements for the eventual dissolution of the Corporation. Being the elected Corporate Treasurer, I certified all financial reports and oversaw the final audit, secured the necessary tax clearance and the submission of all documentary requirements to the Securities & Exchange Commission to expedite the issuance of the Deed of Dissolution of the Corporation by SEC and the succeeding compliances thereof.

Tungaloy Seimitsu Phils., Inc. – Administrator/Treasurer 01Jun 2001 – 31Mar 2008

Responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire Administration Department (Admin., Human Resources, Purchasing, Import-Export, Warehouse, Accounting, Bldg Admin. Legal & Corporate Affairs). Responsible for setting-up of the Company’s Administration Department, Personnel Policy Manual and other systems, procedures, rules and regulations;

Tasked to ensure that all requirements of the Phil. Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and the Bureau of Customs (BOC) were complied on all importation and exportation of the company. Represented the Company in all community related matters (local, provincial,national level). In charge of all government related matters such as BI, BIR, SSS, DOLE, HMFC, PHIC;

Negotiated in behalf of the Company to get the best possible option, get favorable support from the local government and other private groups for the upliftment of the business. Being the 2nd in Rank in the organization, acts as alter ego of the President in his absence. Represent the company in meetings and conferences as needed;

In charge of the company’s procurement to ensure availability of raw materials, machines and equipment. In-charge for the accreditation of suppliers and subcontractors, service and utilities providers. Act as alter-ego of the Presidents in signing documents relating to purchase orders, invoices and all other documents relating to the general operations of the company such as material releases, deliveries and those relating to government compliances;

Coordinate activities relating to production planning and inventory control. Regularly conducts performance audit on operating units to monitor overall company performance and provide management reports, analysis and action plans to ensure attainment of programmed objectives and targets;

Conduct periodic review of the organizational set up of operating units/department to determine its effectiveness in achieving operational goals and objectives. Responsible for the Company’s ISO 9001:2000 & 14001:2004 Programs, designated as QMR & Lead Auditor to ensure compliance of Company’s Quality Management System and Environment Management System;

Responsible for formulation and strict implementation of measures to safeguard the health and physical well–being of the employees in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health Standard. Responsible for the formulation of policies, rules & regulations to secure the assets of the company as well as over-all plant security;

Responsible for providing management direction, guidelines, systems and procedures on all aspect of labor laws and general administration applicable in the Philippine setting.

Provides administrative support to sales and marketing activities of the company, handles customers’ complaints, and from time to time do sales and marketing work to ensure monthly sales target are achieved.

Conducts trainings and orientation to employees, responsible for recruitment, selection and hiring of personnel.

FiestaWorld Mall Corp. – AVP for External Affairs 07Spt 1998 – 15Feb 2001

Tasked to represent the Company in all community related matters (local, provincial and national level). In charge of all government related matters, negotiate in behalf of the Company to get the best possible option, get favorable support from the local government and other private groups for the upliftment of the shopping mall

Circle 8 Entertainment Corp. – Operations Manager 07Spt 1998 – 15Feb 2001

A sister-company of FiestaWorld Mall Corp., I was responsible for the day-to-day operation of Big Bucks Bingo to ensure that government guidelines are followed in coordination with the PAGCOR representative. Oversaw sales, marketing, purchasing of all operational supplies, human resources & admin., advertising and promotion of the business to ensures that all aspect of the business are in order as well as cleanliness of the venue is maintained.

FiestaWorld Mall Corp. – AVP For Administration 16May 1998 – 06Spt 1998

Tasked to institute changes in the organization. In-charge of property management and development, building administration and mall administration. Reviewed and instituted company-wide reforms of existing system. Reviewed staff performances and functions to ensure that the demands of the business are met and achieved. Acted as alter ego of the President and decides on all operational aspect as required. Represents the President in all meetings, presides in the management committee meeting and negotiates with existing tenants seeking audience with the President. Responsible for the review and negotiations/renegotiations of all contracts with regards to general services contractors including such other contracts related to advertising and promotional support.

FiestaWorld Mall Corp. Security & Bldg. Adm. Consultant 01Mar 1997 – 15May 1998

Responsible for providing management advises on systems and procedures on all aspect of building and security administration. Set-up monitoring systems for engineering in relation to contractors, construction guidelines, handling of tenant contractors, and other related matters. In-Charge of formulation of trainings and orientation programs for security and janitorial personnel on the proper implementation of existing guidelines. Conducts periodic inspection on the mall premises to check if this conforms to standard government requirements as well as to check compliance to standard operating procedures and provided feedback to management on findings and observations.

CJ Philippines Inc. - Administration Manager 10Feb 1997 – 06May 1998

The Company is a Korean-owned manufacturing company involved in the manufacture animal feeds. Responsible for operation of four (4) departments namely: Human Resources, Purchasing, Administration and Government/Public Relations. In-Charge of ensuring continuous and uninterrupted delivery of basic services i.e. .electricity, water, communication, transportation and canteen operations. To provide support to Production Department and Sales/Marketing Department in terms of manpower and other non-logistic support requirement. In charge of policy formulation and other functions related to employee’s benefits. Also, in charge of all corporate affairs, plant security and ground maintenance. Elected as Corporate Secretary in-charge of preparation of all documents relating to the Corporation.

Platinum Plans Inc. - Sr. Mgr/Spl. Asst. to the President 01Apr 1996 – 16Jan 1997

Responsible for monitoring activities of all sales units throughout the country and provide necessary report to the President as required.

Responsible for ensuring that all sales units from sector to division level have operative mini-GA units. Monitors ICBI production of all mini-GA;

Ensure that all sales units comply with the required manpower, ICBI, GCP and NNP quotas and other pertinent policies intended for sales and marketing staff. Monitoring of all marketing centers nationwide are operating properly;

Conducts special investigation on sales related cases and submits recommendation on any findings. In charge of Fraud Prevention and Control Program of the Company;

In charge of corporate security and security of the President and immediate members of the family especially on all out-of-town trips;

Provide the president monthly production analysis based on previous month’s sales

Pearl Plaza Condominium – Bldg. Admin. (Part-Time) 15Apr 1996– 15Aug 1996

Guevent Indl Dev’t Corp. – Personnel/Adm & Scty Mgr 05Spt 1994 – 22Mar 1996

Responsible for the overall operations of the Personnel & Administrative Department to provide support to the operations of the Company in terms of manpower sourcing, formulation and implementation of policies, wage and salary administration, benefits administration, messengerial and liaison, and property custodianship. Manage the day-to-day operations of the Guevent Security Services Department, which is responsible for the entire security set-up of the Guevent Group of Company. Formulation, implementation and monitoring of security systems and procedures for the different companies under the Group (AVIS, DMG, GIDC Export, Radiowealth, GIDC, Honeycomb Builders’ Inc., GCC, DMGCC - Naga, Tree’s Co. and the numerous companies inside the Libertad compound) situated in different areas in Metro Manila, Rizal and the Bicol Region

Trebel Manufacturing Corp. – HR & Admin. Svcs Manager 19Jul 1992 – 20Jul 1994

Responsible for the over-all operation of the HR & Administration Department and its staff, to provide personnel and administrative support to other departments for the attainment of the Company's goals. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of Personnel and Administrative Policies, Performance Evaluation Program, Wage and Salary Admin. Program, Policies on Communications & Records Management, Job Evaluation Program, Security Manual, Employees' Code of Discipline, File Monitoring System, Purchasing Manual, Property Accountability Manual, Employees' Benefits, Supervisory Training Program, Control & Care of Vehicles Manual, Sports & Recreation Program;

Responsible for the recruitment, selection, hiring and placement of personnel. Coordinate, implement and conduct training;

Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of all employees of the Company. Administration of disciplinary actions, commendations and other awards;

Provide educational support and motivation in the areas of health and safety;

Coordinate Medical and Dental health services thru the Company retained physicians/clinic. Labor Relations, formulation and implementation of Employees' Benefits Program & other incentives Programs;

Monitoring of Corporate Affairs, insurance coverage, business registrations and other administrative functions in coordination with the Company's Legal Counsel;

Shopping Center Mgmt Corp. – Asst. Bldg. Admin. Mgr. 01Spt 1991 – 30Jan 1992

Was responsible for assisting the Building Administrator in the implementation of approved programs, systems, procedures and guidelines in conformity with the Company policies on building administration and other standards provided under the National Building Code.

Responsible for the over-all operational functions of all general services contractors of the Company. Oversees cleanliness and orderliness of the shopping center thru proper scheduling and deployment of janitors and of all general services contractors;

Responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies, systems and procedures pertaining to but not limited to security and safety, traffic, janitorial and maintenance;

Responsible for the orderly inspection of tenant's compliance on civil, electrical, sanitary and plumbing provisions during construction of leased area;

Responsible for the safety appraisal of tenant's leased area during and after construction;

Conduct regular and routine inspections of traffic condition both vehicular and human in and around SM Megamall Shopping Center and formulation of programs pertaining to traffic flow;

Responsible for the continuous delivery of utilities and other basic services.

Executive Suites, Inc. – Personnel Mgr/Business Ctr Mgr 03Mar 1988 – 30Jul 1991

Customer Svc Mgr/Security Mgr

Mt. Carmel School of QC – CAT-1 Commandant 1988-89

Marist School – CAT-1 Commandant/YDT Instructor 1985-86

Christian Academy of Manila – CAT-1 Asst. Commandant 1982-83


Masters in Business Administration (Units Only)

Central Colleges of the Philippines (1995)

Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering (Graduate)

Central Colleges of the Philippines (1985 – 1987)

Bachelor of Science in Military Science (Under Graduate)

Philippine Military Academy (1983 – 1985)

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Under Graduate – Preparatory to Entrance to PMA)

Central Colleges of the Philippines (1981 – 1983)

Secondary School - High School (Graduate)

Central Colleges of the Philippines (1977 – 1981)

Primary School – Elementary (Graduate w/Honors)

Sta. Mesa Parochial School (1969-1976)

Training/Seminars/Symposiums Attended




SECURITY SEMINAR (Theft/Pilferage/Sabotage/Bomb Detection & Disposal)











President & Chairman of the Board of Trustees. June 2017 - Present


Member, Mar 2015 – Present


V-President/ Chairman, Membership Comm./Member, Board of Trustees, 06 Oct 2012 – Present


President & Chairman of the Board. 15 Jan. 2002 – 30 Mar. 2008


Fellow to the Royal Institution, 16 Jan. 2007 – 2010


Member. June 1985 – October 1987


Comprehensive General Management Skills, Time Management Skills; System Formulation;

Solid background and technical skills in the field of HR, Gen. Admin.& Security;

Extensive knowledge in setting-up of business, program management, policy formulation & implementation;

Employees & Community Relations, Para-Legal works. Excellent Communication Skills

IT Skills: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Explorer

Well developed analytical and numerical ability. Matured and dependable.

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