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Manager Customer Service

San Diego, CA
October 04, 2019

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Bryce Butler, MBA 541-***-****


Senior Executive and former Green Beret with over 18 years of experience serving in leadership positions for organizations within the Healthcare, Government, Entertainment, Tourism and Machine industry. Proven success in leading teams in corporations and while serving in the U.S. Army. Successfully cultivates and maintains strategic partnerships with clients to improve business operations with a strong emphasis on the increase of sales and revenue. Develops and implements comprehensive internal communication strategies to bring management, employees and clientele together to reach common goals. Strong interpersonal skills and rich business acumen, able to collaborate with all levels of management to coordinate the successful implementation of multiple departmental initiatives on a daily basis. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Budget/Cost Management

Change Management

Communication (Top to bottom management)

Training and Organizational Development

Human Resource Operations

Financial Management

Multi Facilities Management

Customer Service

Productivity Analysis

Business Development

Client Relations/Negotiation

Strategic Management/Planning




● Collaborates daily with company President while overseeing a portfolio of 23+ top tier clients continuously growing the company’s portfolio at a consistent 10% growth expanding from a regional to national market

● Advises company President providing clear understanding of strategic planning processes, services and implementation involving company and client operations, resulting in a revenue increase of 120k within the second quarter with continuous exponential growth thereafter

● Leads senior management team to set strategic objectives for the company while measuring success through KPIs (Quality of service, Profit Margins, Budget management, Project Resource Utilization)

● Identifies opportunity to secure and/or create the organizations (and clients) competitive advantage, driving long term growth and profitability

● Provides superb cost analyses of resource allocation and provides recommendations for budgets and business strategies resulting in a 17% cost savings, strengthening operational efficiencies

● Effectively negotiates 3rd party vendor relationships, with an emphasis on maintaining rapport, trust and securing long term strategies linked to vendor relations

● Challenged to improve productivity and reduce costs through improved uses of technology and other operational resources, currently reducing cost a minimum of 10% project to project

● Synthesizes relevant economic data and specific industry trends to drive strategy/business development resulting in exponential growth and bottom line results ST. PAUL’S SENIOR SERVICES - SAN DIEGO, CA


● Direct collaboration with the CFO, developed new pricing model strategies in order to increase overall revenue, while managing a $12.8m+ annual budget

● Championed strategic operations development while directly supporting the COO, increased efficiency in all departments with attention to performance, resident experience, and census development, increased census 18% in less than 6 months (154 unit facility)

● Managed General Manager Partners (Sodexo) in order to maintain safety and customer satisfaction in both facility maintenance and dietary services. Orchestrated collaboration with local vendors to increase quality in products and services while decreasing overall expenses at a 3 to 5% monthly rate

● History of success in developing and implementing strategies for recruitment and retention of quality staff and positive employee engagement. Decreased overtime and registry usage totalling approximately $50k in monthly savings

● Managed a team of 7 direct reports with over 100 indirect reports to include Nursing, Facilities, Sales/Marketing, Social Worker/Community Relations and Dining Services

● Operated as St. Paul’s Ambassador briefing city council and board of directors on the effective strategies and implementation performed to achieve and maintain overall success of the facility

● Well known for successfully meeting and completing all licensure surveys, maintained a 98% plus deficiency rating

● Operated facility in accordance with all St. Paul’s policies and procedures while ensuring compliance with all HIPAA, federal, state and local regulations.

● Established systems and standards (SOPs) to ensure compliance, increased daily operation efficiencies to include but not limited to; nursing staff response times, facilities management (FM) response times and project completion along with dining staff front and back of the house processes

● Prepared, implemented and enforced policies regarding duties and activities of staff, creating new standards for sister facilities throughout the organization

● Coordinated facility in-service education programs with facility supervisors, the Education Department and Human Resources



● Expertise in strong client interface, managed strategy implementation both internal/external, developed a key census metrics by restructuring occupancy, leading to a 30% decrease in labor cost, while bringing in an additional revenue stream of $9k per month from external partners

● Directed and managed employees engaged in facility operations, decreasing overtime by 85% directly impacting operating cost generating $3k in monthly savings

● Multi facility management (healthcare facilities over 25k sq ft each), coordinating operations for 80 plus employees, managing effective training leading to an overall 96% state compliance rating

● Prepared and maintained annual budgets for assigned facilities along with forecasting key financial metrics, managed an average monthly revenue of $200k, generating a $25k EBIT increase to facilities ($-17k) per month earnings in previous year

● Responsible for all functions required and related to administrative and financial matters necessary to assure the smooth and efficient operation, managing and monitoring over 7 software programs including but not limited to Point Click Care, Workday, DocLink and Ultimus to safeguard 100 plus residents/client sensitive information

● Generated a consistent 3% monthly census increase over a 6 month period, bringing a continuous positive increase to EBIT

● Consistently increased revenue 8 to 10% on a monthly average, bringing a failing facility into the black in less than 6 months

● Efficiently lowered overall operating cost by 15% while maintaining quality of services to company standards, maintaining positive customer feedback from 100 plus residents on products and services delivered

● Developed procedures and systems for establishing, operating and assessing the effectiveness of administrative, fiscal and operational systems, cross trained 5 key management staff in financial disciplines of their specific departments, leading to an average 10% decrease in department operating cost

● Planned, scheduled and coordinated work operations and solves problems related to customer service, maintaining a 90% plus rating in customer retention and vendor satisfaction

● Directed and reviewed the work of subordinates, conducting daily, weekly and quarterly verbal/written counsel to generate a positive well-being and effective work ethic

● Performed strategic analysis with economic considerations, developing frameworks to support efficient implementation, resulting in a competitive advantage to maintain as a low cost leader, generating maximum profits

● Led in administering programs concerning such matters as equal employment opportunity, merit promotion, labor and position management; serves as the subject matter expert in resource management and compliance with regulation



● Directed and supervised contractors engaged in client operations, resulting in 275 successful operations throughout the west coast region

● Provided expert communications solutions for over 5 production sets and security operations at any given time

● Oversaw all company operations and business development generating a monthly revenue average of $6 to 9k

● Continually generated an increase growth in sales project to project in alignment with the forecasted trends of the film production industry, generating a 30% revenue increase from initial start-up to present

● Managed training and staff development to ensure an exceptional customer experience, resulting in over 90% customer retention

● Advised clients on technical solutions, i.e. communication tactics and efficient problem solving to create the most effective operation, decreasing communication faults during client operations

● Responsible for all functions required related to administrative and financial matters necessary to assure the smooth and efficient operation, analyzing P&L, balance sheets and income statements

● Prepared and reviewed operational reports and schedules to ensure accuracy and efficiency, resulting in a 100% success rate in communication equipment functions H&B ASSOCIATES – SAN DIEGO, CA


● Developed both long and short term goals and objectives for clients and their organization, resulting in an average of 10 to 15% annual revenue increase

● Assessed organizations to identify key strategic issues both internal and external, providing appropriate solutions, reconstructing organizational chart, duties and responsibilities, leading to cost effective efficiencies within daily operations

● Supported various clients to include organizations within the Healthcare, Machine, Technology and Non-Profit industry

o Support focused on marketing initiatives, product placement, pricing and donor retention, successfully advised the implementation of specialty product production which generated a 20% annual profit increase

● Developed and implemented multiple organizational behavior frameworks, utilized the Basic Motivation Model, Basic Communication Model and many others, generating a positive well-being throughout the workplace

● Identified key financial solutions with the organization's financial management staff, generating annual growth while decreasing overall cost, reconstructed the use of outsourced services, resulting in a $100k annual savings

● Developed and delivered effective training programs on a case-by-case basis, aligned with client's resources, capabilities and overall company goals, creating a more competent staff

● Mediated and advised company employees to resolve communication issues to gain efficient productivity within their teams, decreasing friction with organizational culture

● Assessed the effectiveness of current training and professional growth processes, providing mentorship and guidance, implementing a mixture of over 20 effective organizational leadership tools, bringing a sufficient increase in employee retention UNITED STATES ARMY– SAN DIEGO, CA


● Specialized in Foreign Internal Defense (FID) and advanced Special Forces Operations

● Served as Operations Manager, training facilitator and mentor for foreign Special Operations Units (including Bulgarian, Croatian, and Afghan forces) on military tactics including, but not limited to weapons and range safety, proper use of demolition resources, medical aid and cross-cultural communications.

o Successfully completed over 90 combat missions with effective deployment and operations of all communications equipment (Harris, Viasat, Iridium and various crypto devices). o Developed a presented numerous operations orders in efforts to successfully complete challenging training and combat missions

o Awarded the Bronze Star for heroic actions during combat.

● Senior training manager for all communications knowledge delivered to Special Forces team

(ranging from 1 to 100 Special Forces Operators at a given time) including classroom instruction, delivery of lesson plans and practical exercises.

o Awarded overseas training certificates for successful training completion and instruction

● Developed and delivered holistic training programs to foreign nationals with a focus on building rapport, positive communication, tactical training, and identification of key leaders, assessment and evaluation, resulting in the success of 100 plus combat and training missions o Successfully trained over 1,000 soldiers both foreign and domestic in controlled and high-stress environments

● Expert knowledge of troubleshooting communication issues, maximizing performance during operations leading to mission/operational success

o Created communication solutions for Special Forces team with limited resources in combat environments, resulting in the safe completion of missions counterdrug task force team engineer

● Served as senior construction supervisor/project manager and lead trainer for all construction operations, managing over 15 engineers

Constructed over 2,500 structures along California/Mexico border, supporting the safety of the United States and its citizens

● Maintained accountability for over $10.5M in construction equipment and team inventory, leading to a high rate of success during government operations

● Maintained construction operations in accordance to OSHA and various government regulations to achieve mission success while maintaining overall safety of each job site, resulting in an annual 90% plus safety rating

Awarded safety officer certificate for minimizing equipment damage while maintaining personal safety

● Highly experienced light/heavy equipment operator capable of providing both on the job and classroom instruction (10-30k lb equipment, CAT, John Deere, Volvo etc.)

Conducted over 200 individual excavation projects in support of California border protection and conservation


Pepperdine University

Graziadio School of Business Management

Masters of Business Administration (Executive MBA) Malibu, California

University of Phoenix

B.S. Business Administration (Marketing)

San Diego, California


OSHA Certified -Constructional Safety and Health

RCFE Certified - Residential Care Facilities for Elderly (Inactive)

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