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Sales Representative Medical

Harare, Zimbabwe
October 04, 2019

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Name: Nimrod T Gonyora

Address: ** ***** ******


Telephone: +263*********


D.O.B: 08 September 1958

Sex: Male

Status: Married

Nationality: Zimbabwean

I.D No: 08-271061H 18

Passport No : FN211321

Drivers License No: 42241H

Languages: English and Shona

(all fluent)


Microsoft Word


I am motivated by achieving my objectives, positive non racial environment,being recognized, positive rewards


I.Trustworth and honest

ii. Democratic minded

iii. Peace loving individual


Maintaining a positive attitude in a negatively charged environment

I can communicate effectively at all levels in any organizational setting

Open minded with a strong will to learn and


Can go the extra mile to achieve desired results.

Interests and Hobbies

Reading medical and financial journals

Travelling to new places





[a] Most Recent Job Title: Emergency Paramedic/ Medical Sales Rep.

[b] Job Summary

Part time responding to medical emergencies [at the local ambulance services] such as cardiac arrest, asthmatic attacks, diabetic coma, gunshot wounds, blast injuries, crush injuries, road accidents and other medical conditions and illnesses. Administering oxygen, performing CPR, defibrillation, setting up iv fluids, administering emergency medication, wound dressing and mobilizing fractures. Thorough examination of patient, recording case history and evacuating patient to nearest hospital. Am also a full time sales representative at Nitraf Medical[Pvt] Ltd, when I joined the company revenue for emergency medical equipment was just 5% of total sales now its up by 25%, I have managed to expand the stock profile of emergency equipment from a few stretchers to a wide range of products eg, emergency oxygen, scoop and york stretchers, spine boards, headblocks, harness, spiderwebs, defibrillators etc. I do demonstrations on the use of emergency medical equipment to customers, end users and potential customers this marketing tool has drastically increased our sales.

[c] Employers

i. Nitraf Medical [Pvt] Ltd: Current

ii. Medical Air Rescue Services

iii. Zimbabwe National Army

[d] Education

[e] High School – ‘O’ Level Cambridge Certificate

[f] Tertiary Level

[i] State Certified Traumatology Nurse[ Emergency Paramedic]

[ii] Health Teachers Diploma

[iii] Paramedic Certificate

[g] Awarding Institution

[i] Health Professions Council of Zimbabwe

[ii] Nurses Council of Zimbabwe

[h] I currently work here:

Am currently working at Nitraf Medical as an emergency medical equipment sales representative and also do part time as an Emergency Paramedic at the local municipality ambulance services. I started at Nitraf in January 2017 to present.

[i] City and Country

Bulawayo Zimbabwe

[j] Skills

Competent in CPR, defibrillator, giving oxygen therapy, set up intravenous fluid line, diagnosing of conditions and illness, giving medication, dressing of wounds, mobilizing fractures, history taking and I am good at marketing emergency medical equipment.

[k] Additional information

I did a Health Teachers Diploma majoring in training of primary health workers, curriculum development, need analysis, teaching and learning process and multidisciplinary approach. I also worked in the army as paramedic, clinical instructor and retired with the rank of a captain before joining Medical Air Rescue Services as an emergence paramedic.

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