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Construction, Project Management Property, facilities management

Paranaque, NCR, Philippines
php 140,000
October 04, 2019

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Unit ***, Magenta Bldg. Sienna Park Residences

Sun Valley, Parañsaque City

Tel. no. : (02) 533 8025

Cell no. : +63-915*******


August 2015 to June 15, 2017 Asst. Vice President – Integrated Resort Division,

Belle Corporation

Property/Facilities/Building Maintenance, Administration and Management

5/F, Two E-Com Center, Palm Ave, MOA, Pasay City

Tel. no. 662-8888 loc 2120;

Belle CODM office: 621- 1132

Job Purpose

Owner's Representative or act as the General Administrator to all Company Owned Major Properties namely ;

1. Tagaytay Highlands Inc ; composed of Highland. Midland and Low land sub properties

2. City of Dreams Manila ; composed of Hyatt, Nobu and Crown Hotels including the gaming areas.


Other duties and responsibilities

- Leadership Orientation; responsible in closely monitoring and reporting all major activities transpiring within the property; building operation, construction, renovation, repair and maintenance.

- Address and resolve all pending post construction base build issues affecting building and facilities operations.

-Talent Management/ Stakeholder and Vendor Management; Established a Division or group that will support, assist and monitor tenants technical support group involve in their respective area of operation; constant communication and proper coordination to its counterpart group.

- Operation Management Monitors daily operation of the building and facilities specifically major machinery and equipment; updates upper management of any issues or concerns in relation with this matter.

- Industry skills; Responsible for the formulation or enhancement of policies and procedures & processes implemented relative to property / facilities and equipment repair and maintenance;

Risk management, evacuation/emergency plan.

-Financial Management; Ensures that all company owned assets are all accounted and recorded

-Property Development and Management

February 2015 to July 2015 Engineering Consultant

-Provided Engineering Consultancy services in the field of Building Construction and Management; Facilities and Equipment Operation, Maintenance and Management to the following companies below;

a.Valle Verde Country Club

b. JSA and Associates

c. Belle Corporation

February 15, 2004 to December 22, 2014 GENERAL SERVICES MANAGER



McKinley Road, Forbes Park

Makati City

Tel. nos.; 817 0951 to 56

Job Purpose

-Ensures the Club is in operation at all times under any condition; its infrastructures, facilities, machineries and equipment are properly maintained; operating effectively and efficiently; safe and secure for the enjoyment of its members, dependents and guest.

Key Duties and Responsibilities as General Services Manager

-Monitoring the day to day operation of the department, its personnel and service providers under its jurisdiction; Ensures all engineering requirement of the Club, its facilities, equipment and machineries for its normal operation are delivered effectively, efficiently and timely.

-Responsible for the monitoring of the club ‘s daily utilities consumption; review, formulate and recommend procedures in operation; minimize loss and provide an opportunity of savings in club operational expenditure

-Ensures existing and new infrastructures and facilities are built in accordance / in compliance with the National building code of the Phil’s. Complete with appropriate building and occupancy permit and as built plans.

-Responsible for the implementation of an appropriate preventive maintenance program to club facilities, equipment and machineries.

-Review, introduce/ upgrade and implement department’s s operation systems and procedures in response to the daily requirement in club operation.

-Review and recommends engineering requirements / obligations to contracts or agreements to be entered by the Club with outside Concessionaires interested in operating inside the club.

-Performs other related tasks and assignments as may be given by the General Manager and Board of Directors from time to time.

Major Projects managed and accomplished in Manila Polo Club Inc.:

2005 to 2006

-Demographic Study of the Club

-Technical Audit of the Clubhouse building and other facilities; Machineries and equipment vital to club operations

-Master Plan Design Conceptualization for the Club, Phase I & phase II

-Design Development of the Club Master Plan, Phase I

-Design Conceptualization; Design Development of the Stables Redevelopment project; phase I, II &III

2007 to 2009

-Proposed Construction of the Centennial Building; including exterior and interior mechanical, electrical, fire suppression and civil works fit outs.

-Proposed Construction of the New Stables Building, Ph. I


-Technical feasibility study of the current water supply system for the whole club. Design Development for the Club Sewage Treatment Plant and Grey Water Facilities for irrigation

-Technical Inspection and Recommended Corrective work for the water seepage of the Family pool

-Conceptual Design and design development of the Cogon Village Area

-Interior Design Development of the Proposed Interior Renovation of the Main lounge and its adjacent function /meeting rooms


-Implementation of the proposed corrective work; family pool water seepage

-Implementation of the Proposed renovation of the Family, kiddie and wading pools

-Implementation of the Proposed Renovation of the Cogon Village


-Implementation of the Proposed Interior Renovation of the Main Lounge and its adjacent function/meeting rooms Project.

-Renovation of the Administration Building interior offices Project


-Implementation of the Proposed Construction of the Club Sewage Treatment Plant and Grey Water Facilities Project

Trainings & Seminars Attended for Manila Polo Club Inc.:

-July 09, 2010: Seminar conducted by Manila Polo Club, Inc. Management; Certificate of Attendance “INTERMEDIATE COURSE; MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL 2003”

-March 22, 2010: Seminar conducted by Makati Tourism Foundation; United Architects of the Phil’s. And City of Makati: Certificate of Attendance; “BP 344 Otherwise known as LAW ON ACCESSIBILITY”

-April 22-23, 2008: Seminar conducted by Six Sigma Consulting; Certificate of Attendance; WAR FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE: WHAT KEEPS CEO’s AWAKE NIGHTS!

-April 14-16, 2008; Seminar conducted by U.P. National Engineering Center in coordination with the U.P. Research and Development Foundation, Inc.; Certificate of Attendance and Completion; LECTURES SERIES III of the Professional Certificate in Facilities Management

oModule 9: Facilities Solutions and Management Competency – Mechanical Systems in Buildings

oModule 10: Facilities Solutions and Management Competency – Electrical Systems in Buildings

-March 04-06, 2008; Seminar conducted by U.P. National Engineering Center in coordination with the U.P. Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc.; Certificate of Attendance and Completion of the LECTURE SERIES II of the Professional Certificate in Facilities Management.

oModule 4; Building Conservation and Refurbishment

oModule 5: IT Applications in Facilities Management

oModule 6: Energy Management in Built Environment & Effective Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures

oModule 7; Indoor Air Quality Fundamentals

oModule 8: Fire Safety Management of Built Environment – Liabilities and Strategies

-January 16-17, 2007: Seminar conducted by Manila Polo Club, Inc. Management; Certificate of Attendance “Accounting for Non-Accountants”

-October 23-24, 2006: Seminar conducted by Clean and Green Foundation, Inc.: Certificate of Participation; GP3: GREEN PRODUCTIVITY, GREEN PURCHASING towards a GREEN PHILIPPINES

-March 18, 2006: Seminar conducted by Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.; Certificate of Achievement; Dale Carnegie Course

-October 19, 2005: Seminar conducted by Harry Pound Company; Certificate of attendance and Completion; Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

Awards in Manila Polo Club Inc.:

-2006, 2008 and 2011; OUTSTANDING MANAGER OF THE YEAR AWARD for exemplenary leadership and dedication which have contributed significantly to the efficient operations of the Club

June 2003 to January 2004 PROJECT MANAGER


Penthouse Unit, Corporate

Business Centre, 151 Paseo

De Roxas corner Pasay road,

Makati City

Tel nos.; 888- 5126; 888-5129

Job Purpose

-Ensures the construction of a proposed project is completed within the specified timeline and in accordance with the engineering /architectural design specified in the construction plans; ensures materials and equipment utilized are based on the required specifications; ensures safety is always a priority at the workplace at all times; and to complete the project within the estimated budgetary cost.

Key Duties and Responsibilities as Project Manager

-Acts as a liaison between the Owner, Contractor and the Project lead designer in the implementation of the design for the project; Provide solutions/ alternative solutions in coordination with the lead designer to major or minor design queries /clarification during its implementation;

-Monitors, documents and submit reports to the project lead designer daily accomplishment of the project; problems / concerns that may be a probable cause of delay in the completion of the project.

-Ensures safety at work place is practiced at all the times; all throughout the duration of the project.

-Ensures work methodology required by the lead designer in the implementation of a specific work is followed or within the required standard by the contractor. Assist the contractor if there are concerns or queries in the work methodology to be implemented.

-Ensures revisions or changes made in the specified design are within or equivalent to the estimated budgetary cost; Assist in providing a value engineering solution to the revisions made.

-Coordinates regularly with the contractor on the project status or accomplishments; advises the contractor if there are work delays that will affect the overall project accomplishment; and most of the time provides possible catch up work solutions.

Major Projects managed and accomplished in C.D. ARGUELLES & ASSOCIATES


-Construction of the Proposed Automobile Association Building Main Dispatch and Motorpool Project

-Interior Renovation of the Automobile Association Administration Building

March 2003 to June 2003 PROJECT MANAGER


RM 402 Fedman Building

Legaspi Village Makati City

Tel nos.: 830 0160; 830 0190

Job Purpose

-Ensures that all works for the proposed project is completed within the specified timeline and within the estimated budgetary cost; completing the proposed project in accordance with the design plan; utilizing materials and equipment based on design specifications.

Key Duties and Responsibilities as Project Manager

-Acts as a coordinator between project designers’; project contractor and stakeholders in the different stages of the proposed project.

-Responsible for the monitoring, documentation and recording of the projects daily accomplishments; issues / concerns encountered during design and construction phases for reference and guide in future projects.

-Responsible for the inspection and monitoring of all materials and equipment utilized in the project; ensures all are based on design specifications; and that any deviation or revisions will be subjected for checking and approval of the project designer and stakeholders prior to implementation.

Major Project managed and accomplished in Noguma Corporation


-Interior Renovation of the Main Ballroom of the New World Renaissance and its interior fit outs Project

February 2001 to May 2003 Managing Engineer


234 J. Swigert St. Moonwalk

Parañaque City

I operated my own construction company. Majority of contracted work during this period were minor residential repair work. Two major projects, construction of a single storey residence within the subdivision.

December 1998 to January 2001 SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER



150 San Vicente Road

San Pedro Laguna

Tel. Nos. 808-6017 to 56

Job purpose

-Ensures the Department is operating effectively and efficiently in terms of its responsibilities in Design, New Construction / repair and maintenance of its outlet stores nationwide; and Building/Facilities Administration, repair and maintenance.

Key Duties and Responsibilities as Special Projects Manager

-Implements and ensures “Safety at work place “is the top priority and observed by all employees; staff and contractors at all times within the company’s premises and inside the construction site.

-In order to ensure effective and efficient service is rendered or provided by the department. Proper coordination between all sections under the department is practiced. Strictly monitors the established coordination/communication system; implementation and monitors proper work planning and scheduling methodology in the design and construction/repair and maintenance sections.

-Regularly conducts meeting with concern staff regarding concerns at work and status of projects

Major Projects managed and accomplished in Diversion Industries Inc.


-Completion of Construction of the Diversion Industries Executive office, Production and Storage Buildings including interior fit-outs.

-Renovation of all Guess outlet stores in the Philippine

-Construction of the Tower Records Outlet Stores

January 1998 –December 1998 INSTALLATION HEAD


Km. 17 Cervantes St. West Service

Rd. South Super H-way, Paranaque

Tel no. 823-4258

Job Purpose

-Responsible for the fabrication, manufacture, installation and maintenance of signages.

Key Duties and Responsibilities as Installation Head

-Formulated and implemented a project management system for the timely manufacture, fabrication, installation and maintenance of signage’s

-Established, implements and strictly monitors Company safety rules and regulations at work place and jobsites.

-Formulated and implemented an efficient and effective work methodology

Seminars Attended

-April 20, 1998; Seminar conducted by Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation; Certificate of Attendance and accreditation; Retail Construction Safety Seminar

June 1990 – December 1997 Sr. SUPERVISOR TECHNICAL



Puyat Steel Plant, EDSA, Mandaluyong City

Tel nos. 631-8316 to 23

Job Purpose

-Ensures installation work of all projects was completed on time and within the project cost. Provides an efficient and effective service work to clients

-Always in support with the Sales Group in terms of technical data requirements for a specific project

Key Duties and Responsibilities as Sr. Supervisor

-Conducts random inspection of all installation projects of the Sales Group

-Assist the Sales group in providing technical data required for the project.

-Provides an efficient and effective; customer oriented after sales service to all Sales Group Clients.

-Responsible for the preparation, submission and presentation of weekly and monthly technical report of ongoing and completed projects to the Sales Manager

-Assist and work in coordination with the Company’s R & D in developing or improving engineering and physical features of its products in order to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Seminars attended

-August 28, 1997; Seminar conducted by Puyat steel Corporation; Certificate of attendance and Completion; EXCEEDING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

-August 9, 1995: Seminar conducted by Upgrade Systems & Procedure Centre; Certificate of Participation; EFFECTIVE WORK IMPROVEMENT TOOLS

October 1989 – December 1989 DATA ANALYST


Pascor Drive, Parañaque City

Job purpose

- Responsible for the conversion of data and encoding of data’s

March 1988 – October 1989 SITE ENGINEER


Bricktown, Parañaque City

Job purpose

- Monitors accomplishment of the proposed project

Key duties and Responsibilities

-Monitors and records daily accomplishment of the proposed project

-Issues construction materials at the jobsite on a regular basis

-Reports to the company owner of any concerns that arise at the jobsite


COLLEGE 1982-1987 ADAMSON UNIVERSITY - B.S. Civil Engineering

Board Passer Nov. 1987 Board Examination

% grade; 80





References: available upon request

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