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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
October 04, 2019

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Beshoy Waheeb




I'm Living this life to discover

the beauty of our creator!

I love dealing with many

di erent people and going in

new opportunities, for me life

has no meaning without some

risks, I enjoy discovering my

inner power, i believe in god

and his plan for us and my life

is always about discovering his

plan for me, i do my best in

every place i go as i love being

an in uencer

I believe in:-

1- With hard work, great spirit,

passion and good morals there

will be always success.

2-Things won't come to you

while you are sleeping on your

own bed.

3- You live this life only to learn

and learn not to judge


4- What makes you special is

how you treat other people but

what makes talented is how

you treat yourself.

5-You don't need to be sel sh

with your time (people deserve

a little of your time).

6-You're not living alone in that

world so don't only worry

about developing just yourself

but rather start investing in

others development.


Secondary school

Ibn khaldoon

September 2011 to July 2014

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Faculty of Dentistry The British University in Egypt September 2014 to June 2019


Transferable Skills

Adaptive Skills

Foreign Languages

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

24 years old



72 AinShams st.,

11782 Cairo,


Time Management - (Manage and prioritize workload and time e ectively.) Information Technology - (E ectively use computers and technology.) Organizational Development


Written and Verbal Communication - (e cient active listening / Write accurately, clearly and concisely in variety of styles / Speak clearly and dynamically in a variety of situations.)

Team Work - (Work e ectively in a group or team to achieve goals.) Leadership - (Show initiative and leadership abilities / in uence others toward the achievement of a goal.)

Personal Motivation

Research and Analytical - (Gather, interpret and analyse information.) Numeracy - (Accurately and e ectively work with numbers, statistics, graphs.)

Personal Development - (Know yourself and nd ways to develop.) Critical Thinking - (solve problems and make decisions.) Presention - (Presenting information clearly and e ectively.) Ability to Work Under Pressure


Quick Learner

Able to Build Relationships

Hunger To learn

Speak and write in uent English

Speak and understand very little Deutsch, Espanol, Francais Con ict Resolution


Emotional Intelligence

Planning / Event Planning


Public Speaking

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Dental Student

British University in Egypt - 2014 to 2019 - Cooperative Education Work Marketing manager

Egyptian Dental Association - Since 2018 - Part-time Dental Assistant

Al-Alem dental Center - Since July 2019

Dental Assistant

Dr. Waheeb Sefein Dental Clinic - Since 2015 - Part-time Manager

Doctor Waheeb Sefein Clinic Page - Since 2016 - Freelancer Camp Doctor

Wellspring Egypt - Since June 2018 - Part-time - Cairo - Egypt Counselor

WellSpring Egypt - Since 2015 - Part-time - Cairo - Egypt Public speaking Project

360 solutions - Since March 2018 - Freelancer

Learn Dentistry

Enjoy social life

Make many friends

Get the chance to help someone build a great smile! Marketing Dental Events (Conferences, Workshops)

Organizing Dental conferences

Get used to di erent recent techniques and tools used in dentistry. Assist and learn from many dental specialities.

Participate in dental team work treatment plans.

Gaining clinic managing skills

Gaining experience in the eld of dentistry

Managing a Facebook page

Making Marketing plan

learn how to attract audiences

Trauma management

Kids, parents assurance

Learn leadership

Work with Passion

Develop team work skills

Speak in the public with con dence

Participate in the growth of the community

Present techniques and importance of savings to governmental schools students' Resume created on 2 / 5

Trips Committee

BUE Student Union - Since November 2018 - Volunteer Work - Cairo - Egypt

Incoming Global Entrepreneurs Member

Aiesec AAST-C - Since August 2018 - Volunteer Work - Cairo - Egypt

Project manager

Enactus British University In Egypt - Since 2016 - Volunteer Work - Cairo, Egypt

Event Organizer

Hult Prize in Egypt - 2019

V- Go Team

Kasr El Dopara Church - Since 2013 - Volunteer Work Emergency Team

Kasr El Dopara Church - Since 2017 - Volunteer Work Music Department

Artphobia Club - Since 2017 - Volunteer Work

Be the connection between the students and the sta (doctors, Admins ) Participate in the Development of my University

Be a world citizen

Enjoy participation

Activate leaderships

Culture exchange

Self awareness

learn about Serving others

learn deal with Responsibilities

Help people by building a real business

Gain leadership skills

Deal with many di erent entrepreneurs

Know the power of one idea

Working inside the market and know what it holds

Learn serving others

Learn helping others in many di erent ways

Get A lot of management skills

Build a good character

Learn Ethics

Make and organize E7sbha s7 Event

Organize Onething Event

Organize for The prays conference of KDEC

learn how to be the 3rd

Serve people in need

learn how to be active all the time

deal with urgent responsibilites

The campaign of KDEC food and garment bank

Learn jamming with other di erent styles musicians Developing musical hearing and playing skills

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HR Committee

Utopians BUE - 2016 to October 2018 - Volunteer Work - Cairo, Egypt HR Committee

Sky Club - BUE - 2015 to 2017 - Student Project - Cairo, Egypt Fundraising

Sky Club - BUE - 2014 to 2015 - Student Project

Program Manager

Oneway Sports Team - 2016 to 2017 - Volunteer Work Guitar talent shows

BUE Got Talent - 2014 to 2015 - Cairo, Egypt


Fairmont Hotels and Resorts - 2013 to 2014 - Temporary Work - Cairo - Egypt




Teaching instrumental techniques

Make street musical shows

Make entertainment project for kids in hospitals (eg: abou el rish) Learn how to entertain others

get involved in social life in campus

Learn organising

Learn organising

get involved in social life in campus

Learn how to entertain others

Do charity stu

Learn to be innovative

Learn how to sponsor big events

Deal with kids

Learn work under pressure

Handle long time travelling

Making sports camps to kids, adults Egyptian and non-Egyptian people Learn to get the bene t of every free moment I have Use you mind way better

get new hand skills

Get started to work on my own

Learn organizing stu

learn ethics and how to deal with people from a di erent class Reading books for Self development

Writing Arabic short poems

English, Arabic All types movies

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Inside and outside the country



English and Arabic many Series



Kong Fu


Table tennis ball (Peng pong)

Volley ball

Basket ball

Guitar playing

Listening to English, Arabic, Good songs

Rhythm playing

Resume created on 5 / 5

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