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Sr reservoir/petroleum engineer

Constantine, Constantine Province, Algeria
October 04, 2019

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MSc. Reservoir Engineering (IAP Boumerdes)

Specialist in Reservoir Engineering / Monitoring and Management


Full Name ZEBOUDJ Fayçal

Nationality Algeria

Marital status Married

Date of Birth 22 August 1975

Home Address 51 Plateau Mansourah 25010 Constantine Algeria

Personal E-mail

Mobile No 002***********


A Snr Reservoir Engineer with a significant technical background based on more than 15 years on the job experience mainly in reservoir management both oil and gas fields, brown fields and new development fields, a synergist in teamwork with international exposure.

Accomplished Engineer with a flair for creative solutions and a track record of meeting tight deadlines and budgets, proficient at working independently and as part of a team, keen to work on challenging projects.


Reservoir Management and production operations, reservoir monitoring and risk assessment related to operations, extensive experience in well test analysis, production logging, work over completion and re-completion, coiled tubing operations (Acidizing), Artificial lift: gas lift and gas well deliquification, well test analysis, tubing performance, field surveillance.


2000-2002 Master degree in Reservoir Engineering, Algerian Petroleum Institute Boumerdes

1993-1998 Mechanical engineer Mentouri Constantine University Algeria

2005-2010 Master of science in physics Energetic

2011-2018 Doctorate research student in physics Energetic

1993 Technical Mathematic Baccalaureate


Sr. No. Company name Designation Duration

1 Sonatrach-PVEP-PTTEP Snr reservoir engineer Since January 2018

2 GTFT SH-TOTAL-Repsol Snr Reservoir Engineer January 2017

2 SONATRACH-BP-STATOIL Senior Reservoir Engineer November 2010-2017

3 SONATRACH Reservoir Engineer April 2002 to Nov.20110

4 OGIM Institute-Tunisia Instructor – Petroleum 2010 till now

5 Lecturer-petroleum University Mentouri Constantine since 2015


March 2002 – Nov 2010 Sonatrach E&P

Junior to Senior Reservoir Engineer

As part of the team of production engineering, we manage mature oil fields In Amenas Algeria under water injection to maintain reservoir pressure and well impairments solutions. My duties include:

Projects: I was the lead of the abandonment project of old wells in the region, I was responsible of the Tableau de bord production account, I manage a team of 10 persons

I was the interim of the technical puits chef service

Achieve a cost effective solutions to improve production from brown fields

Well performance optimization to reverse decline production from tight oil wells in brown fields, work over program: Cement squeeze, water shut off, well impairments remedial: casing deterioration, well re-completion

Artificial lift: gas lift optimization, involved in optimization of gas lift system using Pipesim

Contributing to water injection management strategy, mid and long term development schemes of the reservoir to maximize recovery

Production enhancement: reservoir stimulation, Matrix treatment Acidizing job design and supervision

Productions Operations programme elaboration and supervision

Planning, prioritization & sustaining continuous work over Rig strategy

Coaching fresh engineers and nationals Algerian from universities and institution

Nov -2010 – January 2017: JVGAS Sonatrach-Bp-Statoil Company

GAS project in Joint Venture (Sonatrach-Bp-Statoil).This project consist of three fields in Devonian reservoir and carboniferous, four other fields will come sooner in the Devonian reservoir named southern fields. My task in the project:

A single point contact between the field operations and the subsurface team, I manage the

Petroleum activities, responsible of surveillance plan execution: Step rate tests,

pressure build up, well surveillance, reach high performance in respect to gas nominations

Production optimization, well constraints identification and remedial programming:

Clean up, water loading issues, velocity string, water shut off

Artificial lift: gas well deliquification

Well performance and cost effective well impairments remediation

Fracing tight gas reservoir design using Stimplan simulator

Review all the simulation models and make good progress with all aspects of the project.

Prepare the most technical & economical scenario as basement of the reference case.

Generating VLP tables vertical wells using Prosper and surface network (GAP) to use in the

Built a multi-tank material balance model for different oil fields for the pre-screening study.

Well test interpretation-using PIE software, Kappa Engineering Sapphire.

Production forecast to meet daily gas demand

CO2 Monitoring project

Managing the CO2 monitoring both activities and the team in Krechba field. The operations are performed by international companies and researchers, the field activities are performed under our supervision to secure safely CO2 injection.

Six techniques are performed surface and subsurface, planning, contracts and execution are done every 1 to 2 years depending on the monitoring itself.

Gas sampling Q&A, CO2 injectors surveillance, Aquifer monitoring

Reporting and Contract renew, campaign plan and supervision to monitor the CO2 probable seepage

Management of Operations and technical meeting with experts and organism in the area of CO2 monitoring

Coach engineers and technicians to follow up operations on the field

January 2017- January 2018 (one year): Subsurface Team- GTFT Sonatrach-Repsol-Total

As part of subsurface team, we manage Condensate gas cap mature field, preparing Subsurface committee meetings, reservoir monitoring to deal with all well impairments issues related to water breakthrough and condensate baking (velocity string was one of the solution practiced for water unloading in the GTFT filed), reservoir surveillance, well test down hole and surface measurement for material balance.

End January 2018 till today: Subsurface Team - Sonatrach-PVEP-PTTEP

As part of subsurface team, we manage a new developed oil field Bir Seba Algeria which will be under water injection and gas lift to maintain reservoir pressure, in addition to well impairments solutions dealing with wax issues, asphalting and salts on daily basis. My duties include:

-Elaborate and update the FDP phase-2 (drilling 20 wells to increase production, implementing water injection)

-Perform production forecast and profiles and scenarios using Petrel-RE

-Well test interpretation, PLT using Kappa sapphire and Emeraude

-Fracing jobs, design (Petrel-Re) and evaluation


Arabic: Fluent

French and English: Fluent


Good knowledge of main reservoir engineering software (classical or 3D modeling):

PIE, Sapphire, Kappa (well test interpretation).

PETEX: Petroleum Expert software (GAP, MBAL, PROSPER, PVTP)

Stimplan, Frac design simulator

OFM and Pipesim

Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Basic knowledge : Petrel RE, Eclipse E100 and E300


April-2018 Kappa Emeraude training, PLT interpretation

01/2014 (3 months) Unconventional resources training ‘Shale Gas’,

(Houston- Texas Next training center Schlumberger)

2004 - 2008 Reservoir Evaluation Wire line, applied reservoir engineering course,

Halliburton Centre- Gas lift design, reservoir integrated Management,

Next training- PetroSkills well test analysis, petroleum Project Management –

MS PROJECT, reservoir Numerical Simulation QuikLook,

March 2002 : Training of final project in Reservoir Engineering, at

Production engineering and Development Division PED,

Hydra – Algiers Sonatrach Headquarter

January 2006 : Management courses on site SONATARCH.

EHS Certificates:

July-May 2006: HES Training onsite BP instructors, HALLIBURTON-Boots &Coots Training Centre.

Papers & Publications

Jun 2010 - SPE 133269-PP 2010POCE –Tunisia

September 2010 - Wold Energy congress 2010 Montréal -Canada

October 2011 - Engineering congress Spain, oral presentation

October 2016 - Wold Energy congress 2016 Istanbul –Turkey, oral presentation

June 2017 - 79th EAGE conference, oral presentation CO2 injection


Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers

Sport: Soccer Team coach assistant, soccer player

Social activities

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