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microrayon South-2, Kyrgyzstan
October 07, 2019

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Angular Full-stack developer - Alexander Khloponin

General Information

Full name Alexander Khloponin

Objective Web-developer, mobile app developer, software development IT experience Since 2008

Education Kyrgyz State Technical University(specialist in electromechanics) Tomsk Polytechnic University - System engineering of software Location Nationality - Kyrgyz Republic, Location - Kyrgyz Republic Here are some of my skills and experience.


- AngularJS/Angular 6, 7, 8;

- Other JS libs like: D3.js, jQuery, Raphael, Chart.js etc;

- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, less/sass;

- using of twig, gulp, grunt, bower, npm etc;


- good Python knowledge: Flask, Django, ML(sklearn, numpy, bs)

- LAMP/LEMP(Linux using), MySQL, Apache & NGINX installing & configuring;

- MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, NoSQL;

- using of twig, gulp, grunt, bower, npm etc;

- CVS: Git, Mercurial

Extra skills:

- PHP/Drupal knowledge, Symfony and Silex knowledge;

- Elasticsearch;

- System integration;

I have recently worked on two projects with similar stack the first one is related to Flask/Angular7 and based on RaspberryPi, the second one is related to data scraping and collecting the data, which is based on Django/Angular7. Certifications

● BigData certificate of MIT

● TextMining certificate

placed in my LinkedIn profile(see in contacts section) Also have a certificate of standardization

My interests

Complex projects with RESTful API with additional data sources(data scraping, data mining) A lot of hobbies

Projects related to Angular:

Period: May 10, 2019 – Present

Client: TiendAnimal

Project description: The project allows to consumers use only electronic devices during receiving their purchased goods, excepting “buffer” people from this process.

This start-up works on RaspberryPi platform using

touchscreen for UI.

Used technologies: Back-end: Flask

DB: SQLite

Front-end: Angular 7, Angular-material, Bootstrap, SASS, FontAwesome etc

Position: Fullstack developer: Angular on front-end and Flask on back-end

Link: There is no site for the project

Period: November 25, 2018 – February 21, 2019

Client: OneTrolley

Project description:

It is a start-up project which included different stages of development. The customer needed to have a system which could take data from different sources(scraping of web, taking from aggregated data sources, XML files, etc), then he wanted to show these data from his own web-system. He wanted to use ML technologies in the future. There were prepared the data for ML and predictions.

Used technologies: Back-end: Django and Flask

DB: ElasticSearch as a DataWarehouse

Front-end: Angular7+, Bootstrap, SASS, FontAwesome etc Position: 1) At the beginning of the project it was a Product owner: defining milestones, decomposition of tasks, roadmap making and conversing all aspects with the customer; 2) Full-stack developer + Data Engineer

Link: There is no site for the project yet

Period: Jul 2013 - Jan 2015

Client: TickerOn

Project description:

Financial B2C web service start-up. This startup is based on cutting edge technologies. It includes AI, Machine Learning, agile working process etc

Used technologies: Back-end:C#/ASP.NET


Front-end: AngularJS, Bootstrap, SASS, FontAwesome etc Position: 1) Full-stack developer: C# + AngularJS

2) PHP Drupal developer


Skills / competencies:

Category Competence Level Last used Years

Working area

Data mining systems, Markets

mining, data scraping

Experienced Recently Since 2016

Corporate sites development

Experienced Recently Since 2011

E-commerce systems development Experienced Recently Since 2012 Nonstandard projects: using web

technologies for different problem

solving(HTML+JS+CSS) on tablets,

phones, for corporate events, for

using on Raspberry Pi etc

Experienced Recently

Since 2016


Django Intermediate Recently Since 2017

Drupal 6, 7 Advanced Recently Since 2010

Drupal 8 Intermediate Recently Since Feb


AngularJS Intermediate Recently 2

Angular 6+ Intermediate Recently 2

Elasticsearch Intermediate Recently Since 2016

Big Data & Data Mining Intermediate Recently Since 2016 EntityFramework Intermediate Jan 2015 June 2014


Microsoft Windows XP, 7 Experienced Recently Since starting

Linux/Unix Advanced Recently 7


MySQL Advanced Recently Since 2009

MSSQL Advanced Feb 2016 Since 2012

Elasticsearch Intermediate Recently Since 2015

PostgreSQL Intermediate Recently Since 2017


Languages Spoken level Written level

English(IELTS certificate) Fluent Upper-Intermediate Russian Native Excellent

French - Beginner


Name: Source

LinkedIn: UpWork: E-mail:



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