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Oracle EBS Financials Lead Application Specialist

Pittsburgh, PA
October 07, 2019

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• 13 years of IT experience in all aspects of Software Development Life Cycle including Requirement Gathering, System Analysis, Software Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Production Support.

• Lead Technical Specialist on Migration/Upgrade of Oracle EBS - Oracle Financials Applications release 11i to R12.

• Extensive Techno-Functional experience in Customization of Oracle Applications 11i/11.0.x/R12. modules: Accounts Payables (AP), Payments (IBY), Accounts Receivables (AR), General Ledger (GL), Purchasing (PO), Fixed Assets (FA), Oracle Alerts (OA), System Administration, Application Object Library (AOL), Cash Management(CE), Inventory(INV), Oracle Payments(IBY), XML Publisher Administrator.

• Written Interface programs for importing data from feeder systems into Oracle using SQL*Loader and PL/SQL packages.

• Customization of existing Oracle Reports and developed new reports in different responsibilities.

• Experience in Migration and Data Conversions from legacy systems to Oracle Applications.

• Experience in Developing and Modifying Oracle Forms 4.5/6i/10g and Reports 2.5/6i/10g.

• Strong SQL and PL/SQL programming skills. Proficient in writing stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers.

• As Lead, actively involved in the process of hiring contractors on need basis like interviewing and delegating work, guiding them, support them with tools required and then reviewed their code and performance.

• Provided Technical and Functional guidance to team during all phases of SDLC. TECHNICAL SKILLS:

Oracle Applications R11i, R12 Modules: Accounts Payables (AP), Payments (IBY), Accounts Receivables (AR), General Ledger (GL), Purchase Order (PO), Fixed Assets (FA), Oracle Alerts (OA), System Administration and Application Object Library(AOL),Cash Management(CE), Inventory(INV), Payments(IBY), Roll Based Access. Tools: SQL* Plus, PL/SQL, SQL* LOADER, TOAD.

Development Tools: Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5/6i and Reports 2.5/6i), Oracle Developer Suite 10g, Report Builder, Workflow Builder 2.6/2.5, Discoverer 3i/4i, BI Publisher and Power Builder 8, OATS.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, HTML, UNIX Shell Script. Databases: Oracle 10g, 11g, 9i/ 8.x, MS Access, MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0 Operating Systems: MS-DOS, UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT/XP/2000/98/95,03, 07 and 13.

Professional Experience

Client :

Title : Lead Technical Specialist, OFA

Duration : Aug 2010 to Present

• Lead and completed the OFA Migration and Upgrade project successfully, where database upgraded from 9i to11g, application upgrade from to R12.1.3 and migration from Unix platform to Linux with help of just one contractor.

• Fixed all the production issues after go live of R12 PRD instance and continue supporting all the instances.

• Enhanced the custom 1099 process and developed custom reports, Oracle alerts and worked on several internal service requests to improve/enhance the custom functionality.

• Converted single ledger (USD) to multi ledgers (AUD and GBP) and introduced multi- currency and international accounting.

• Customized reports General Ledger - (180 Char) and Account Analysis - (180 Char) so that it will give more info at transaction level for multi org.

• Successful implementation of Concur Expense inbound interface which replaces IBM GERS.

• Created outbound interface to send Cost codes and conference data to CONCUR.

• Created a report of spreadsheet of CSE Summary Report for Concur.

• Completed set up of TFS secure build and deploy for OFA code turnovers to PRD.

• Created a custom supplier entry and approval process using one of the Oracle feature settlment_priority field.

• Created Alert to notify supplier approvers when there is a change to supplier bank information and needs their approval so that supplier can be used for payments and be paid.

• Created new triggers, responsibilities, Request groups, Menu, lookups, new DFFs, value sets, form personalization on Invoice workbench form and supplier forms for Custom Supplier Bank Data Approval process.

• Created a Data Refresh Script to obfuscate Bank Account Number in DEV and STAGE.

• Implemented PNC Payables Advantage which (replaces Positive pay, Active pay and manual payments) sends payments that need to be paid in flat file to PNC in PNC accepted format.

• Created a concurrent program to extract (by payment batch in Oracle iby_Payments_all table) the “Flat” PNC payments file and Control File according to the PNC Specifications.

• Resolved all the PRD incidents in past 7 years.

• Did testing after each Operating system patch, DB patching and Disaster recovery tests.

• Completed the project to move OFA output files from old file share to new file share.

• Enhanced the 1099 process as per the business requirements.

• Created custom report Intracomapany Balancing Rules extract to update the balancing details info after post go live (GL Source and GL Category are the parameters) with R12 and then changed it to work for multi ledgers.

• The sort order of this report must match the sort order that is displayed on the html screens where they make the updates to the intracompany rules.

• Created a job to query and returns the GL balance data per account code combination to Ernst & Young quarterly in the requested format.

• Created a job to query and returns the Federated Non-US Payments to Audit.

• Complete support throughout the implementation of ODA.

• Applied several data fixed provided by Oracle for issue with payments like Director withholding tax payments.

• Setting up EPS to eliminate OFA Batch.

• Set up AP Period Close Helper, Payables Trial Balance Analyzer, Oracle Payments

(IBY) Funds Disbursement Analyzer, AP Single Transaction Data Validation Analyzer and AP Data Validation Analyzer using ap_gdf_detect_pkg.sql.

• Extract AP Employee Reimbursements to Payroll.

• Add Oracle Printer to All Oracle Financials Environments.

• Created custom function security menu report using package.

• Worked on custom Bank Statement open interface Loader and Import programs in CE to reconcile.

• Setup role based access in R12 to share output files at responsibility level.

• Created custom intra company balancing rules extract to update details info after go live with sort order matching to sort order that is displayed on the html screen.

• Enhanced AP voucher report to display line information.

• Created several Oracle Alerts to support corporate accounting process.

• Confers with Directors and Management to discuss resource availability, projects planning and prioritization of work.

• As Lead, actively involved in the process of hiring contractors on need basis like interviewing and delegating work, guiding them, support them with tools required and then reviewed their code and performance.

• Provided Technical and Functional guidance to team during all phases of SDLC.

• Developed and Maintained Technical documentation for OFA.

• Analyzed the current process and proposed new recommendation for Senior Management review.

Environment : Oracle Financials modules, R12.1.3, Reports Builder, Forms Builder, SQL *Loader, SQL * plus, Workflow Builder 2.5, Oracle 9i, Oracle 11g,Unix, Linux, BI Publisher, MS Access database, Share Point, HPSM, Control- M manager, HPSCM

Title : Oracle Applications Technical Consultant

Client : UST Global, Prime vendor of Princess Cruises, Valencia, CA Project Title : Carnival Global Financial System

Duration : March 2006 to Nov 2009.

Princess Cruises is one of the world’s premier cruise lines, with 17 ships sailing to hundreds of worldwide destinations. Outstanding customer service is the cornerstone of success, and this value is shared by employees at all levels, both shipboard and shore side. The Accounts Payable area processes more than 200,000 invoices a year disbursing payments electronically once a week in 20 different currencies around the world. The Carnival Global Vendor Administration process is administered here at Princess by the Accounts Payable area, ensuring that all Carnival brands (Princess, Cunard, Princess Tours, CUK, CAU, HAL, CCL, AIDA and COSTA) have their new vendors ready and available in Oracle for order processing. Responsibilities:

• Involved in Setting up and Modified DFFs required for Conversions/Interfaces during Migration from 11.5.7 to 11.5.9.

• Modified shell script that runs a SQL script to check if any locks exist on tables and send an email to end users to notify existence of locks.

• Involved in research and testing of database upgrade to 10g and Rollup6.

• Worked with oracle on the issues created by Rollup6 patches, modified and re promoted some custom programs which are affected by Rollup6.

• Involved in designing and developing various reusable packages and procedures, which were utilized by various programs.

• Responsible for resolving TARs, Patch analysis, testing and Production Support tickets.

• Involved in researching and resolving daily business system issues as reported.

• Loaded the vendors information such as the vendor address, bank accounts from the legacy system to oracle Purchasing. Developed a PO interface to generate Purchase Orders through an interface conversion program as per the data received from Legacy System.

• Designed and developed PL/SQL packages to validate and import the legacy invoice data into Oracle Receivables.

• Worked on Vendor Conversion to import vendor information into the system. Used SQL*Loader to import data into vendor tables.

• Developed and tested scripts for Vendor Extraction and Suppliers without banks for all vendor headers, sites, uses, bank sites, and bank branches for all active vendors that have had invoice or payment activity during the past 18 months and ensure that vendors with null banking information are included.

• Developed several Functions, custom tables and triggers that can be useful for codes.

• Worked on forms and report customizations.

• Defined value sets, profile options, executable, concurrent programs for the reports and packages.

• Involved in performance monitoring and tuning of the reports.

• Developed and ran several Adhoc reports like Vendor Outstanding Report, un invoiced Receipts Report, Invoice Print Selected Invoices, and Customer Balance by accounting flex field, Total Payments Report, Invoice Aging, Prepayment Status and Payment History report lists out the details of completed payments being made in each branch of a Payment Bank..

• Developed SQL scripts to create temporary tables and SQL*Loader control files to load the legacy data into the temporary tables.

• Supported numerous inbound and outbound interfaces, which run on a periodic basis.

• Created script for Journal Entry extract and ran for each set of book by every month.

• Created Custom packages for AP Invoice Interface.

• Created PL/SQL scripts to insert data from temp tables into Oracle Tables after loading data using ctl file and SQL Loader into temporary Tables.

• Created PL/SQL scripts to fetch invoices from legacy AP and translate vendor and site and then load into new system's AP table to detect duplicate invoices across two systems .This is submitted as Concurrent Program with 1 parameter which controls whether table updating occurs.

• Created Vendor Load Package to load data file for vendors into temp table and update table with remaining data and load into Oracle's vendor tables.

• Created Oracle alerts on users who got seeded responsibilities like GL Super User, System Administrator or Alert Manager or any responsibility with “Workflow” in the name, Cross SOB Access,Governance, any updates to 1.Profile Options – Site, App, 2.PO’s Updates by SA, 3.Receipts Updates by SA, 4.AP Invoices updates by SA, 5.Vendors & Site Updates by SA, 6.AR Write-offs by SA, Updates to Key Setup Configurations by anyone: 1.Menu Updates, 2.Responsibility updates, 3.Request Group Updates, 4.AP Tolerances Updates, 5.FSG FR Reports,6.Corp Security Rules 7.Key Flex Values 8. Key Flex Parents, 9.Updates to Key components whose names start with “Corp”. 1. Row Sets

(including Account assignments) 2.Column Sets 3.Reports, 10.Reopening a previously “closed” GL Period.

• Alert when default account has been used on at least one Purchase Order line that has been invoiced. To list those vendors which are set up as CHECK at the vendor site level but which also have bank details set up and expense reports are waiting for a response from the user listed.

• Email Alert Notification to PCL each time an ADD or UPDATE to vendor header is created in CGFS by personnel from other Op Co's.

• Email Alert Notification each time an ADD or UPDATE to Vendor Header is created in CGFS.PO Aging Alert, Unpaid Invoice aging alert. Currency rates for the current month Alert. Alert if anyone logs in as SYSADMIN and when the SYSADMIN user's password is changed.

• Used SQL*Loader/Developed Shell Scripts and PL/SQL Packages for loading data from External System to Oracle Apps.

• Involved in supporting of interface which replaces GL Global Intercompany System

(GIS) to manage intercompany transactions between different set of books.

• Developed an interface to load Daily Rates to GL.

• Modified PO entry form to give the ability to Print and fax using Right Fax server.

• Involved in setting up new AR Transaction types and worked with Oracle to add Remit- To Address based on transaction types.

• Developed a program to extract & drill down data from GL to Sub ledgers (AP, PO) details based on Account and period.

• Involved in providing month end close support for AP and PO.

• Involved in setups & implementing iExpense for different operating units.

• Used XML publisher to extract the AR Aging 7 Bucket report to Excel format. Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.7, (OA,AR,AP,GL,PO,AOL and Sys Admin), Oracle 9i,10g, Forms 6i, Reports 6i,,SQL* Loader, UTL Scripts, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Script, Power Builder and XML Publisher.

EDUCATION: B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation, Nagarjuna University, India. REFERENCES: Available on request.


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