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mechanic electrician

Arequipa, Peru
34 dollars hours
October 06, 2019

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**** ******* ****** - ****. *** D

San Miguel Lima

Cell Phone: +51-945****** / +258*********

Job Objective: Engineer, Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Automotive electrician position that utilizes.

Professional performance with extensive experience and knowledge in heavy and light equipment in preventive and corrective maintenance and management in the field of maintenance, mechanics, electricity, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical blueprint reading, hydraulics and pneumatics, diagnosis problems (faults) in the same place of work, PLC, software usage, ET, cat sis, vcads pro, inside, Serdia and management SAP ERP My knowledge of theoretical and practical interchangeably allowed me to solve the problems of electrical mechanical engineering in the different companies that had responsibility Highlights of Qualifications:

Demonstrate ability to function in different jobs requiring company analysis capacity, ease of teamwork, discretion, honesty and initiative and great, responsibility in fulfilling tasks Demonstrate empathy, assertiveness in the organization Ability to solve problems that arise in electrical mechanical engineering Develop decision-making criteria to solve problems take within the organization. Specializing in heavy machinery and electrical systems. Specializing in hydraulic system of all kinds of heavy equipment and industry. Professional Experience:

Mechanical General Senior in Mozanbic Africa the South BARLOWORLD EQUIPAMENTOS MOZANBIAUQE. September 2018- Present. Repair and maintenace the mining off highway trucks 973D, 797F, 793E, 777F, 777G and 4400AC.

Auxiliary equipment D11T,D10T,140M,16M and 24M and Excavator 336DL Diagnosis of Faults and troubleshooting the equipment Caterpillar. Handling of VIMS, ET and CAT SIS. Break Dowm.

Mechanical Supervisor Senior

CONFIPETROL ANDINA SA. November 2017-February2016

Engineer in charge of maintenance guard of electric and diesel haulage equipment, operation, repair, preventive and corrective maintenance of Atlas Copco, CAT, Sandvick brands (100D, 100E, LH202, LH201)

Teaching Part Time August 2016-December 2016

TECSUP LIMA -San Anita Teaching Part Time August 2016-December 2016. Dictation of the courses in the specialty of Mechanics, in the courses of Pneumatics-Hydraulics, Resistance of materials, mechanics of fluids and thermodynamics. Maintenance and Project Engineer and Support service HFP HYDRAULIC SAC, Lima - fenced March 2016 - June 2017 Engineer Project manager at the stage of design, implementation and set-up of hydraulic systems in industry or mobile equipment.

Technical support in the industry and mobile for hydraulic systems. Preparation of budgets, for repair or manufacture of hydraulic systems. Re design of presses according to clients' requirement with calculation of the same. Design hydraulic and electrical systems according to client's requirements (calculation) Execution and assembly of hydraulic, electrical, delivery and field test systems. Control of maintenance and repair of mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment. Diagnosis of Faults in Hydraulic Systems and Structures. Hydraulics. Maintenance Manager

WARI SERVICE SAC, La Victoria Lima October 2015 - February 2016 Maintenance Management of Maintenance and Repair Workshops, Bus Maintenance Planning and Control, Heavy and light trucks, Programming of maintenance activities of business units by fleets, Implementation of Proactive Maintenance of the fleet of transport services of ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Implementation, Planning and Programming of component repairs and major maintenance with external workshops of the Volvo, Scania, Mercedes Benz, Modasa,

Management of Maintenance Indicators (KPIs), Reliability, Availability and Safety, Maintenance of Marcopolo G-6, G-7 and Comil 4.05HD Brands, control of statistical data of control, Coordination with the areas of operations, Implementation of ACTIA onboard entertainment project.

Electromechanical engineer Semi Senior, January 2015 - August 2015 CORDOVA GROUP, Electrical Engineering Projects in Peruvian, Electrical Engineer in the area of automation and control, for the project Electromechanical assembly service installation and commissioning of the provisional primary 20KV distribution line for the work Section III - B of the improvement project of the Néstor Gambeta - Callao avenue for the Consortium Callao Tunnel

Heavy Machinery Instructor July 2014- September 2014 CETEMIN MINING TECHNOLOGY CENTER Lima – Chosica.

Dictation of courses of drilling equipment TH, DTH, Rotary for surface and underground mining in theory, practice and real equipment (support, long drills, jumbos, diamonds), Proportional Hydraulics and Electrical Engineering.

Chief Engineer

MAPS Builder Marco Antonio Paredes SA Peruvian, February 2014– Julie 2014. Maintenance, responsible for assembly, maintenance of the crushing plant for the production of aggregates for the construction (asphalting of the Piura-Huancabamba road) and maintenance of the mobile equipment for the production of aggregates (Tippers, 966H Loader, 324DL Excavator, Motor Grader, JCB Roller and Backhoe)

Engineer Technical maintenance manager

BUILDER CAMARGO CORREA SA, Peruvian – Piura, January 2013 – December 2013 Responsible for the management of equipment, and availability of the fleet of heavy machinery, mobile and ancillary equipment (minors). Tunneling equipment ATLAS COPCO (Rocket Boomer 282, Raildrill 282, Haggloader, Locomotives GIA, Dumper) TEREX shovel shovel, shocreteras and concrete mixers. Surface drilling (Sanvick DX 700, Comander 300, Track Drill WOLF), earthmoving under Caterpillar brand (140H, D6T, 320E, CS533E), Volvo, and KOMATSU (PC300, PC200, DX5 Tractor, WA320, WA380, WB146) Cranes and Tippers Iveco, Mercedes, Scania, in the construction of the tunnel transandean of trasbase of the river Huancabamba for the irrigation PEIHJA. Supervise and coordinate the maintenance tasks of Workshops Control of maintenance and repair of tunneling equipment, earth moving, stationary equipment, compressor ( Atlas copco XAS 350/ 750- GA 150/ 300/ 400) generating sets and smaller equipment (water pumps). Control maintenance and repair of machinery ensuring operability. Management of spare parts, maintenance contracts and supervision of services provided by third parties. (Ferreyros, Komatsu and Nor Autos (Toyota)). Supervision of electrical work in medium tension, water pumps, assembly of crushing plants and repair of the same (Mepso HP 100), having under command 60 people. Technical Support, August 2011– April 2012

PERFODRILL SRL. Manufacturing & Maintenance Drilling Lima Responsible for supervision, monitoring, maintenance repair and testing brands Hydraulic Pumps Rexroth, Vickers, Sauer Danfoss, Eaton constant and variable flow test bench and determine the pump curve (efficiency)

Replaced and repaired equipment part such as gears, drums, rods, seals, pistons, buckets, valves, electric motors and hydraulic pumps.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Chief, March 2011- Julio 2011 CORIMAYO S.A.C. Mining Services in Suyamarca Pallancata Ayacucho Responsible for supervision, monitoring, planning, control, and maintenance of mining equipment, low profile, Caterpillar, Sandwich, Atlas Copco, drilling and other equipment Repaired, replaced and assembled and reassembled the equipment according to the malfunction diagnosis.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic Operator January 2011 - February 2011 BECTHEL and GRAÑA Y MONTERO. Espinar Tintaya AMTAPACAY PROJECT Maintenance of Caterpillar equipment, Generators, Cranes GROVE and bell LINL Compressors, Pumps and construction equipment.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Supervisor.

MINING COMPANY CONSTABLE - Mala Lima, November 2007 - June 2009 Responsible for supervision, overhauled, repaired and maintenance of mining equipment, low profile, Caterpillar and Atlas Copco drill rigs and other equipment. Heavy Equipment Mechanical Electrical service area Marzo2004 - October 2007 ATLAS COPCO PERU SA- Mining Condestable Mala Lima

Electrical Mechanical Maintenance and repaired Mining Atlas Copco low profile Dunmper, Scoops, Jumbos, Diamec, and other equipment. Overhauled and repaired heavy construction and material drill rock equipment.

Break Down

Mechanical Electrical November 2001 - February 2004 UNICON MINING- Cobriza Mine Plant DOE RUN PERUVIAN. Churcampa - Huancavelica Electrical Mechanical Maintenance mine support equipment, mixer trucks, shocretera, concrete plants and concrete pumps.

Automotive Mechanics Instructor February 2000 - December 2002 SOUTH ZONAL SENATI Arequipa - Puno

Instructor in auto mechanics and electrical industry. Heavy Equipment Electrical Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor October 1997 - June 1998 AUTOMOTIVE ANDEAN SA – VOLVO, Huepetuhe MOTHER OF GOD. Authorized Workshop Fenced - Arequipa

Maintenance of heavy machinery Front loaders, backhoes and other equipment Trucks and buses.


ANDEAN UNIVERSITY, Nestor Caceres Velasquez (Engineer) Engineering Career: MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL.






Spanish Language Original

English Speak intermediate Writing intermediate

Portugues Speak intermediate Basic script

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