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Criminal Intelligence/Investigative Analyst

Marietta, GA
October 06, 2019

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Austin D. Lee

CMR ***, Box **, APO, AE ***** (Germany) • Cell: 404-***-**** • Stateside Address: 2570 Princess LN SE, Marietta, GA 30067 Professional Summary

Hardworking and motivated professional looking to transition from U.S. Army duty to the civilian workforce. Highly driven with over 6 years of experience and achievements as a 35F (All Source Intelligence Analyst). As an Investigative analyst: Currently supporting ongoing felony level criminal investigations conducted by 10 Detachments subordinate to the CID European Battalion. Each detachment of statistical and predictive analysis As a Russian analyst: Engaged in multiple top secret intelligence operations. Such operations included providing detailed assessments over countries of interest to commanders. Detailed assessments covered use of military force; military force capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses; key leaders within the military force; government leaders; political situation; economic situation; infrastructure capabilities and weaknesses; and information operations within the country.


Trained in counterterrorism strategies

Trained in security

Complex data management

Top Secret security clearance

Critical thinking

Project management

Utilization of I2 Analyst Notebook for criminal



Adept multi-tasker

Quick learner


Installation of intelligence software

Efficient in all Microsoft applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (Advanced skills and training in Excel)

Professional Experience

Criminal Intelligence/Investigative Analyst: 06/2017 to current (Monday-Friday 6am-5pm [55 hour week]) Army - 5th MP BN (CID)/HHD/CRIMINT

Creates statistical products/graphical aids from raw data related to trends in felony level criminal investigations

Assisted in development of a Drug Suppression Intelligence Collection Book for DST (Drug Suppression Teams) allowing a better understanding of local areas.

Participated and assisted in a multi-agency drug focused exercise lead by the Secret Service’s Drug Mobile Training Team (MTT).

Conducts daily reviews of case files to identify areas where further examination, study, or re-interview is warranted.

Preforms collection and analysis of financial records, civilian and military criminal history, public records, social media, internet, archived/active military records, and other sources to assist in investigations.

Resolves conflicts in data, research, and analyze missing information – create timelines, event histories, association diagrams, link analysis on persons/events/evidence, develop association charts on multiple victim-subject incident cases for use in lead development, court, and case file documentation through use of I2 Analyst Notebook and Excel as well as other Microsoft Suite programs.

Has assisted in Interviews of subjects, victims, and witnesses of felony level investigations

Created many formulas and methods in Excel and Powerpoint to reduce time of creation and dissemination of products/graphical aids as well as statistical products/graphical aids

Provided justification in order to open a 10th CID field office in Poland as well as provide analysis on suitable locations based on case locations.

Maintain access to over 15 information databases to enter case information, and gather large amounts of data for analysis and information sharing when applicable and in accord with security regulations for dissemination

(covering DoD as well as civilian subjects/victims).

DCII, Business Objects, ALERTS, IACS, DPS, iPERMS, eMILPO, VERNET(Vehicle Registration Database - GERMANY), DPRIS, D-DEX, N-DEX, LEEP, TLO, Digital Stakeout (OSINT), CLEAR, ViCAP, eGuardian, i2 Analyst Notebook, DCGS-MFWS

Prepares products/graphical aids for presentation before a court martial, jury, and U.S. Congress Battalion Security Manager: 11/2016 to 06/2017 (Monday-Friday 6am-5pm [55 hour week]) Army - 5th MP BN (CID)/HHD/S2

Served as custodian of classified documents.

Prepared documents for destruction.

Responsible for maintaining security clearances in JPAS for 250 personnel as well as granting over 70 personnel clearances.

Accountable for tracking correspondence between PMO and the Battalion, resulting in zero missed suspense’s for UCMJ action.

Prepared Travel coordination between worldwide U.S. Embassies in relation to travel for and safety of U.S. Army CID Special Agents and DoD Civilian Agents.

Russian Intelligence Analyst: 04/2014 to 11/2016 (Monday-Friday 6am-5pm [55 hour week]) Army - 4ID/HHBN/SISCO

Served as custodian of classified documents.

Prepared documents for destruction.

Supported US policymakers and military commanders with research, briefings, and written assessments.

Evaluated the strategic capabilities, intentions, and decision making of foreign national security establishments and non-state actors such as terrorist and insurgency groups.

Assessed the technical performance and tactical proficiency of foreign weapons systems and forces.

Examined political-military issues such as civil-military relations, regional security arrangements, arms control and nonproliferation regimes, military diplomacy, and peacekeeping operations.

Gathered and analyzed reporting to support targeting missions through the use of computer tools and theater-level assets including DCGS-A Analyst workstation, ArcGis Mapping Software, Google Earth mapping software, Google Fusion tables, M3, and Query Tree.


Cyber Investigation Certification Program (CICP through LEEP): Ongoing Alpha Group, Certified Criminal Investigative Analyst (CCIA): Ongoing Pikes Peak Community College/UMUC Europe: 57 Credit hours college level education (ongoing) Alpha Group, Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC), TN: 07/2018 Certificate, Criminal Intelligence and Analysis

Alpha Group, Roanoke Police Department, VA: 06/2018 Certificate, Crime Analysis Applications Alpha Group, Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI): 03/2018 Certificate, Investigative Analysis Hunter Army Airfield, GA: 06/2017 Certificate, Advanced Analytical Techniques Using Microsoft Excel Grafenwoehr Training Area, GE, U.S. Army: 04/ 2017 Diploma, Basic Leadership Course, Graduated Alpha Group, Online Training: 11/2018 Certificate, Research Methods (How to Conduct Research in CRIMINT) Fort Carson Foundry, CO, U.S. Army: 10/2014 Certification, DCGS-A and ArcGIS Training Fort Huachuca, AZ, U.S. Army: 04/2014 Diploma, All-Source Intelligence Analysis School, Graduated Ola High School - 357 N Ola Rd, McDonough, GA 30252: 05/2013 High School Diploma Austin D. Lee

CMR 469, Box 22, APO, AE 09227 (Germany) • Cell: 404-***-**** • Stateside Address: 2570 Princess LN SE, Marietta, GA 30067 References


GS-12 Ronald Watt

Lead Investigative Analyst (Criminal Intelligence) US Army (CID)



GS 11 Tim Progin

Investigative Analyst (Criminal Intelligence)

US Army (CID)


Co-Worker (non-direct)

SFC Joshua Allen

Lead Protective Intelligence Analyst

US Army (CID)


Co-Worker (non-direct)

SSG Bret Rafalski

Protective Intelligence Analyst

US Army (CID)


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