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Engineer Python

San Francisco, California, United States
September 30, 2019

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Dr. Iain J. Brookshaw


Technical Skills

Computer Languagॽ:

• C, C++

• Python3

• Go

• bash scripting

• C# (for Unity3D)

• Java

• JavaScript (for React-js)

• Matlab



• Assembly languages

(MC68* chip-set)

Frameworks, Systems and Environments:

• Linux/Unix

• Git

• Robotic Operating System (ROS)

• Gazebo Robot simulator

• OpenCV (C, C++ and Python)

• Docker

• gRPC

• Unity3D (Robot Simulation)

• Blender

• Solidworks


Dual United States and Australian citizen.

Doctoral Research

A General Architecture for Robotic Swarms: Created a general sof ware architecture for behavior-based, insect-inspired robots. Technologies used: C, C++, Python, OpenCV, Embedded Linux, 3D printing, AVR micro-controllers, the ARGoS swarm simulator Employment

Futurewei Technologies Inc. (Huawei)

January 2019 – September 2019

Senior Robotics Engineer

(Currently on severance leave. Thॾ position wॼ terminated ॼ a result of Presidential Executive Order #13873)

• Designed and built a new semi-humanoid robot chassis with modular limbs: 3D printing, Solidworks and Dynamixel Servos

• Implemented sof ware support for the modular hardware system (kinematics and sensor abstractions): Embedded Linux, Python3, gRPC

• Implemented from-scratch servo control and abstraction using Python3

• Implemented extensible embedded servers using Python3 and gRPC for a modular robot

• Created robust integration and unit-tests for Python-based robot systems

• Implemented reactive behaviors for existing robot hardware using an existing Java stack. Raven Ops Inc.

August 2017 – December 2018

Senior Robotics Engineer

• Contributed to production-level backend sof ware engineering in Go and Python for ROS support

• Designed and implemented swarm robot simulations, using Unity3D

• Contributed to the development and implementation of physical swarm robots, using: Grazy ie drones (Free RTOS and C).

• Architected cooperative behaviors for ROS capable robots (ROS)

• Implemented ROS Unity3D bridge for visualization of robot sensors and 3D-voxel mapping (C#, Unity3D, ROS)

• Developed basic proof-of-concept web UI with React-js continued…

University of Southern California

August 2016 – August 2017

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Continuation of work begun at University of Maryland; simulations and robotic hardware ஹ eld tests University of Maryland

January 2016 – August 2016

Post-Doctoral Researcher

• Designed algorithms for multi-robot cooperative exploration of post-disaster environments: Python, C++, ROS, rViz (simulation)

• Implemented cooperative robot algorithms in simulation and hardware (in collaboration with the US Army Research Laboratory) ROS, Linux, rViz simulation, C++, Python, Clearpath Jackal Robots, iRobot Packbots Education

2016: Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba – Supervisor: Dr. Tobias Low 2012: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics), First Class Honors, University of SouthernQueensland,Toowoomba Real Time Implemen- tation of Obstacle Avoidance for an Autonomoॿ Mobile Robot Using Monocular Computer Vision – GPA: 6.09/7.0, Supervisor: Dr. Tobias Low


Dr. Crystal Chao

Chief Scientist of AI/Robotics, Huawei Technologies

Joshua Ouellette

CEO, Raven Ops Inc.

Professor S. K. Gupta

Smith International Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Southern California

Jason Gregory

US Army Research Laboratory

Dr. Tobias Low

University of Southern Queensland

Professor Brad Carter

Director, Centre for Astrophysics, University of Southern Queensland

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