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Developer Manager

Stamford, Connecticut, United States
September 30, 2019

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Around 6+ years of experience as a Front End UI Developer specializing in responsive web design development and excelled in the latest technologies in the industry HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Angular2/4/5/7, Node

.JS, React .JS, Java.

Extensively used Angular framework for developing Single Page Applications (SPA's).

Developed the application using the Angular JS directives like ng-model, ng-app, and ng-controller.

Experience on working with CSS (Background, Layouts, positioning, text, border, margin, padding, table, Pseudo classes, Pseudo elements, behaviors) and in using preprocessors like SASS.

Familiar with main concepts of Angular 2/4/5/7 like (Component, Modules, Metadata, Lazy Loading, Data-Binding, Service, Dependency Injection, Routing, Navigation, Template directives) and RxJS.

Experience in applying the latest development approaches including MVC, event-driven applications using AJAX, Object Oriented JavaScript, JSON, XML and Responsive Web Design.

Experience in React JS and working with React Flux architecture and with Redux architecture using complex Object- Oriented concepts in improving the performance of the websites.

Familiar with the main concepts of REACT JS (STATE, PROPS, FLUX, REDUX, VIRTUAL DOM, ROUTING).

Diverse knowledge on ECMASCRIPT 6/5.

Experience with cross browser implementations, older browsers and mobile browsers.

Experience in implementing SOAP and Restful web services.

Expertise in using Node Packaged Modules (NPM) and Bower.

Expertise in Core Java programming, OOPS concepts, Exceptions, Multithreading, Collections.

Good knowledge on Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like Oracle 11g and MySQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Experience in manipulating the data in the Database using SQL queries and PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers, functions and views.

Experience in various IDEs like Eclipse, Sublime text, Notepad++, Microsoft Visual Code.

Experience in version control systems like GIT, SVN and application servers like Apache Tomcat.

Experience in creating test suites using JASMINE, KARMA for code assurance.

Good team player and avid to learn new concepts.

Strong Analytical and Problem Solving skills. Quick learner of new software/tools, self-starter, can work independently and in a team


Operating System : Windows, Linux, Unix

Languages : C, C++,Java/J2EE, SQL

Servers : Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBOSS Technologies : HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Typescript, ES6, XML, Bootstrap, AJAX J2EE Technologies : JSP, Servlets, Web Services (SOAP, Restful) Frameworks : Angular JS/2/4/5/7, Vue JS, React JS, Node JS, Express JS, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate

Database : Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL

IDEs : NetBeans, Eclipse, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Notepad ++ Software Development Methodologies : Agile and Test Driven Methodologies Version Control System : Git, SVN, CVS

Testing/Debugging Tools : Jasmine, Karma, Bugzilla, Jest, Firebug, JIRA, Protractor PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Gartner - Stamford, CT Apr 2019 – Till Date

Role: UI Developer


● Worked in an agile work environment with Content Management system (HIPPO) for workflow management and content versioning.

● Interacted with business team to resolve issues in a timely manner and making user experience simple.

● Developed responsive User Interfaces using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, React JS, Bootstrap. Implemented responsive web design to make application compatible with various browsers and screen size.

● Going through User Documents and Design user interface designs, Wire frames, Information architecture flows and mockups.

● Front end development of Social features which being utilized by enterprise wide Intranet users.

● Redesign and development of legacy applications for better usability and performance.

● Involved in Scrum calls, Requirement gathering and Production roll out.

● Used GIT for version control.

● Involved in bug fixes, enhancements and code refactoring. Environment: HIPPO CMS, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, Kibana, Visual Studio, FIGMA, AJAX, JSON, DOM, Bootstrap, React JS, GIT, JIRA, Oracle, SoapUI, Webpack, Windows. FEDEX - Plano, TX Jul 2018 – Feb 2019

Role: UI Developer


● Attend Daily stand-up meetings (Scrum) and Requirement review meetings to analyze requirements for each story card in a sprint.

● Worked closely with team members to exchange knowledge in different phases of the application.

● Designed and developed the Application using Angular 4/5 along with HTML5, CSS3, and Typescript and Bootstrap and oracle DB.

● Used Angular 5 framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) and creating custom directives, filters and services for better component communication by sharing the data between the components.

● Used Angular-CLI for initializing and for project setup with scaffolding features.

● Worked on Bootstrap, SASS to develop User Interface with responsive design.

● Implemented responsive web designing to make the application compatible with various browsers and screen sizes.

● Built RESTful Web API to handle HTTP requests and response from client and perform related CRUD operations.

● Creating branches as a part of version management and accepting pull request after code reviews.

● Used GitLab as a version control tool for managing the code updates.

● Used SOAP UI for Web API testing and debugging

● Used HPE Agile Manager for the bug tracking and project management.

● Implemented test cases and performed unit testing using Jasmine. Environment: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Typescript, Visual Studio, Eclipse, AJAX, JSON, DOM, Bootstrap, Angular 5, Spring, Jasmine, Protractor, GIT LAB, HPE AGILE MANAGER, Oracle, SoapUI, Webpack, PCF, Jenkins, Windows. MARSH CLEARSIGHT - Chicago, IL Sep 2017 - Jun 2018 Role: UI Developer


● Worked AGILE methodology with Daily Standups and bi-weekly sprint planning meetings.

● Involved in the SDLC phases such as requirement gathering, design, and development and testing of the application.

● Developed single page applications using Angular 2/4, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

● Developed Angular components like modules, controllers, built-in and customized directives, filters, services, components to build Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture for the web application using typescript.

● Worked on the optimization of the CSS files using CSS preprocessors SASS and LESS.

● Worked on Angular 2/4 concepts like building the components, Data binding, String Interpolation, Directives, Styling Elements dynamically with ngClass, Outputting Lists with ngFor, Attribute Directives, Understanding Pipes, Services & Dependency Injection, Using Services for Cross-Component Communication, Routing, Dealing with Reactive forms in Angular, Validations.

● Used Angular Forms for validating the Forms on client-side.

● Experience working with Bower and Node package managers (NPM) to setup the environment.

● Created REST based web services using JAX-RS library. Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Typescript, Visual Studio, AJAX, JSON, DOM, Bootstrap, Angular2/4, GIT, Firebug, POSTMAN, JIRA, Oracle, Bower, Grunt, Jasmine, Windows, GIT. Priceline - New York, NY Oct 2015 - May 2017

Role: UI Developer


● Agile and Scrum environment with daily stand up, biweekly sprints, monthly demos.

● Developed dynamic web pages using HTML5, CSS3, React JS, Node JS and AJAX.

● Involved in building applications using React JS by building re-usable UI Components.

● Developed CSS Style for web pages using SASS.

● Involved in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept.

● Worked with ECMA Script 6 features.

● Used Babel, web pack for the build of JSX and ES2015 (ES6).

● Used Redux to store data from multiple API endpoints.

● Maintained Parent and child elements by using State and Props in React JS.

● Worked on React JS for developing UI using infinite scroll and rendering for search product page.

● Used Git extensions to upload the code that includes creating, pushing, merging the branches.

● Utilized Virtual DOM in React JS to create in-memory data structure cache, enumerate the resulting differences, and then update the browser's displayed DOM efficiently.

● Worked on creating actions, reducers (redux) and integrating REST API endpoint, retrieving JSON response developed in backend given as a simple URL to get the data for UI.

● Used React JS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.

● Involved in React JS for data patterns which improves readability and made it easier to maintain larger apps.

● Used React JS for declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

● Used JIRA for the bug tracking and project management.

● Worked on writing test cases for each component using Karma framework.

● Used React Develop tool to debug any react issues.

● Debugged the website using Chrome Developer's tool and manipulated the nodes using DOM functions. Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Redux, ReactJS, Oracle, Web pack, AJAX, JSON, NodeJS, JIRA, GIT and Agile.

Kotak Mahindra Bank– India May 2012 - Mar 2014

Role: UI Developer


● Developed Web Pages by using HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and bootstrap.

● Worked on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, Pseudo classes, Pseudo elements.

● Designed CSS based page layouts that are cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant.

● Developed page layouts, navigation, animation buttons and icons.

● Designed and developed the application to be responsive for desktop, mobile and tablets using Bootstrap.

● Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using jQuery plugins, AJAX, JavaScript.

● Used Ajax effectively to create pagination and with client side events like quick search.

● Written some test cases and tested using JUnit testing framework. Environment: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Oracle, AJAX, JSON, JIRA, GIT. Bajaj Allianz– India Apr 2011 - May 2012

Role: Software Developer


● Designed and developed various Web forms using HTML, CSS, JSP and JavaScript.

● Developed presentation layer UI components, validations using HTML, applying styles using CSS.

● Designed various multiple styles with colors, fonts, backgrounds in CSS.

● Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using jQuery plugins, AJAX, JavaScript.

● Developed page layouts, navigation, animation buttons and icons.

● Involved in coding some Core Java implementations.

● Designed and developed the database Tables and Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers using SQL in SQL Developer.

● Good knowledge in Chrome developer tools like fire bug to debug bugs.

● Deployed on Apache Tomcat server in local and integration test environments. Environment: Eclipse, HTML, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL. EDUCATION:

Bachelor of Technology, VITU, 2011 – India.

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