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Assistant Air Force

Los Angeles, California, United States
September 30, 2019

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Victor Zinenberg, Ph.D.

**** * ******** *** #*, Los Angeles, CA 90046

323-***-**** E-mail:

DataShaping Certified


A senior position as a mathematician, statistician, data analyst or computer programmer.

Professional Skills

Numerical, statistical and database problem-solving;

20 years of work in geophysics with gravity, magnetic, and electrical fields processing;

Programming including C, C++, FORTRAN, PL/1, Paradox, PL/SQL, Clarion, FoxPro, Gauss, Mathematica,

Statistica,Matlab, Mineset, Statgraph, ALGOL;

Digital processing analysis with Kalman and Wiener filters;

Forecasting stochastic time-series; Medical statistics;

Statistical pattern recognition; Probability, simulation of complex systems;

Predictive modeling and optimization; Database development;

Advanced numerical algorithms and data mining;

Lectures in numerical analysis, programming languages, advanced probability, statistics, calculus, theory of

electromagnetic fields, mathematical programming for many organizations including the United Nations;

Two certifications to teach online from Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University and from Los Angeles Trade Technical


Forty publications in scientific journals;

Experience in Science and Programming

Cyanna Education Services Sept 2014 – Sept 2015

Writing lectures in numerical analysis, recursion and data structures.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Statistician (contract)

Los Angeles, CA February 2009- August 2009

I did statistics for the department of psychiatry.

NewEgg Inc Statistician (contract)

City of Industry, CA August 2007- November 2007

I did statistics and predictions of retail activity and online sale of the company. Predictions were calculated for hourly and monthly revenue using approximation by combination of trigonometric and linear functions.

Frontier Technology, Inc. Senior Operations Research Analyst

Washington, DC November 2006 – June 2007

I did statistics and optimization of operations for the Head Quarter US Air Force. Factor analysis was applied to process input data as well as linear and polynomial regression and other statistical methods. The following tools were used: Statistica, Mathematica. I had a Secret clearance.

Technical Mechanic & Electronic Co Mathematician

Los Angeles, CA May 2001 – May 2014

Part-time. Numerical methods and programming for solving differential equation in partial derivative using Mathematica and C++.

CyberKnowHow.Com Statistician

Los Angeles, CA May 2000 – May 2001

I did Web statistics and optimization of book prices with purpose to increase sales and revenue using C, C++, and Mathematica. The company was closed down.

California Institute of Technology Senior Computing Analyst

Pasadena, CA November 1999 -May 2000

I have developed a part of a Science operation System for the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) mission. Duties included: designing, developing and testing software systems; providing support in design and development of software systems to reduce raw data in the final product. Used of the Unix-Sun Solaris workstation, Mathematica, C++, FORTRAN. I have developed a new statistical procedure for cleansing the data and separating nonlinear intervals in the data set in the sensor calibration problem. I have also used robust regression for the same problem. Senior Scientist

San Francisco, CA February 1999 - July 1999

I have collaborated with a team that developed customer relationship management solutions for Internet permission marketing, which included database design and development, data mining, transaction summarization, reporting and statistical analysis using Oracle, PL/SQL and MineSet. The company was closed down.

Epicenter Software Programmer

Pasadena, CA November 1997 - January 1999

I have developed a statistical project using languages C, Visual C++, FORTRAN in the Microsoft Developer Studio V.4.0, zApp and Roguewave libraries. I have designed a Graphical User Interface for statistical applications which compares different groups of medical patients. In that project I created Help files for Ms Windows-95 and the zApp library. I used the Mathematical and Statistical System "GAUSS".

Rieger and Milliken Corporation Programmer

Newbury Park, CA March 1996 - June 1997

I have developed a implemented of GUI for a touch-screen application for a credit union financial loan system using Paradox-7 and Object Oriented Design. It was a part of the Member Activated Touch Terminal (MATT) system. This system helps to choose a type of loan and write all data about applicants, co-applicants and guarantors into the database.

Insta Information Systems System Analyst

Torrance, CA December 1994 -March 1996

I was responsible for the study of the work process for a furniture manufacturing company. The main problem was to optimize the best possible utilization for cutting furniture parts from wood sheets. This was accomplished by reducing to the known mathematical problem of integer number optimization, the "Knapsack" problem. The application program for solving the Knapsack problem was written using C++ language.

Middle-Asia Institute of Irrigation Programmer and Mathematician

Tashkent, Uzbekistan 1983 -1994

I was responsible for processing the geophysical data, statistics, mathematics, computation and programming on a configuration of DEC and IBM mainframes, along with IBM PC's operating under PC-DOS, Windows 3.xx, Unix (DEC) and MVS operating systems. I developed a system for the processing and planning of water distribution, forecasting time-series. I designed complex statistically based programming systems using programming languages: C++, FoxPro, dBase, Modula-2, Pascal, FORTRAN, PL-1, Statgraph, Lotus 1-2-3 and Quattro-Pro spreadsheets. I was also responsible for leading the development of the project for a database describing the irrigation of every cotton field and its condition in the Uzbek Republic. I used C++ and FORTRAN programming for solving complex mathematical problems in hydrodynamics and geophysics problems. FoxPro was used for creating the database for the irrigation system in Uzbek republic.

Institute of Gas and Oil Geology Programmer and Mathematician

Geophysical Department

Tashkent, Uzbekistan 1963-1977

I was in charge of the computational geophysics, mathematical processing of gravimetric, magnetic and electrical sounding data, interpretation of seismical sounding data, forecasting time-series. I used programming language FORTRAN. I did statistical processing of medical, sociometric and anthropometric data. The statistical data was obtained as a result of the greatest investigation of the health status of the population in the history of Soviet Union and which contained 120 000 records with 58 parameters in each. The system ran under an IBM mainframe and was programmed using languages: PL/1.

Teaching experience

Los Angeles Community College District Sept 2001 – Present

Adjunct Assistant Professor, instructions in Pascal Programming, Introduction to Computer Systems for MIS, Mathematics for Programmers, Beginning Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry. Certified by college to teach online using “Moodle”.

Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University

Long Beach, CA August, 2004-September 2013

Part-time, Assistant Professor, Lectures in Statistics, Trigonometry, Algebra and Decision Mathematics.

Certified by university to teach online using “BlackBoard”.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, May, 2010 – Dec., 2010

Saudi Arabia

Full-time, Mathematics Instructor, courses of Numerical Analysis and programming in Mathematica language. Worked at Learning Skills Lab of KAUST, developed courses, lead workshops, create math assessment and diagnostic tests, and work with math department faculty and to create curriculum.

Thomas Edison State College December, 2009 – December, 2013

Part-time, Mathematics Instructor, online course of Calculus

University of West September 2008 – June 2012

Part-time, Mathematics Instructor, courses in Statistics, Intermediate Algebra and Excel;

National University June 2008 – Present

Part-time, Mathematics Instructor, on line and in class courses in Statistics and Fundamentals of Mathematics,

School of Health and Human Services and Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences..

Marygrove College – online May 2008 – May 2013

Part-time, Mathematics Mentor, online classes for teachers of Mathematics. I developed the online

course of the precalculus and calculus I.

Ellis College of the New York Institute of Technology March 2005 –May 2005

Part-time, Mathematics Instructor I taught online “Managerial Decision models” using Crystal Ball and Excel.

Robert Welch University – online Dec., 2004- Nov., 2006

Part-time, Mathematics Professor, Development of online course and online tests of Intermediate Algebra in the "Moodle" system, and teaching online.

ITT Technical Institute

Oxnard,CA June 2003 – July 2003

Part-time instructor in Computer Science. Delivering lectures in “Data Structures using C

Santa Monica Community College Sept 2001 – July 2002

Part-time instructor in Calculus and Intermediate Algebra

Institute of Electrical Communications

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Assistant Professor 1977 – 1983

I was responsible for delivering lectures in numerical analysis, programming languages, probability, statistics, mathematical analysis, linear algebra, theory of electromagnetic fields and mathematical programming.

The United Nation courses 1984- 1988

for underdeveloped countries

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

I was responsible for delivering lectures in general statistics, economical statistics and theory of economical



Passed actuarial exam course #100-statistics -1998.

Los Angeles City College 1996. C++, Windows, Excel, WordPerfect, and Internet.

Department of Continued Education of Tashkent University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Docent, Highest Attestation Commission (Of former USSR) Moscow, Russia.

Ph. D. in Mathematics Highest Attestation Commission (Of former USSR) Moscow, Russia.

Title of Doctoral Dissertation:"Solution of the inverse problem for the electrical vertical sounding", Novosibirsk, Russia

MS, Mathematics of Computation Tashkent University Mathematics Department, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


Forty papers in mathematics of computation, mathematical processing of geophysical data, statistics applied to processing of sociometrical, demographic and geological data, manuals for students.

Citizenship - US citizen


Available upon request.

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