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Maintenance Drilling

Makati, Makati, Philippines
September 30, 2019

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**** *** ****** ***** ***** Makati, Philippines



To be employed in a company where my skills and knowledge can be fully utilized and mutual benefits can be both attained by the employees and employers, in an environment where there is career growth and human progress and development.



Degree Finished: Bachelor of Science of Marine Institute

Inclusive Date: 1979-1988

Address: Philippines Marine Institute

High School:

Inclusive School: New Era Education Institute

Inclusive Date: 1975-1979

Address: Quiapo, Manila

Elementary School:

Inclusive School: Nuevo Elementary School

Inclusive Date: 1969-1975

Address: Pitogo, Makati


Place of Birth: Makati

Citizenship: Filipino

Height: 5’ 6

Weight: 145 lbs

Religion: INC

Passport No: EB2168897

Seaman’s Book. No: BO949560


With over seventeen (17) years’ experience as Mechanic work in oil and gas industries international companies offshore and onshore PFSO, drilling, Oil Tanker ship and Dry Dock commissioning BW World Wide Company in Sembawang Singapore shipyard. I manage the maintenance people to ensure all end of shift handovers are carried out in person and that daily logs are complete at the end of shift/tour as applicable. Ensure Maintenance Department attend and participate in Safety Meetings and pre-tour shift meetings. Actively participate and make use of all Safety Tools and Equipment. Directly supervising and coordinating the activities of all maintenance staffs.



COMPANY: Arabia Drilling Company

Date: November 15, 2014 - December 6, 2016

Location: ADC 21 Dharan Saudi Arabia (land rig)


Utilized mechanical skills to repair and maintenance of drilling equipment, compressors, pumps, and all equipment of the drilling rig.

Preventive maintenance program for the drilling rig and related mechanical equipment.

Preventive maintenance diesel engines cat model 3512 (HD) land drilling generators.

Service maintenance and diagnostic of the drilling rig equipment.

Repair minor and major, breakdowns on rig equipment.

Studied the blue prints and schematic drawing and carried the maintenance procedure accordingly.

Monitored the inventory of the spare and replacement parts of the rig.

Operated various lifting and hoisting devices to install repair and set up machinery.

TOP drive lubricant, greasing and maintenance with experience overhauling.

Draw works repair and maintenance.

Rotary table repair, maintenance and overhaul.

Rig move experience.

Misc Camp maintenance the fire pump, water pumps, diesel transfer pump, light plants oil/water/fuel level, rig camp engine.

Misc rig floor maintenance and repair p/spinner, D/s winch, OD/S winch Man rider, choke rem, Elmaggo.

Brake cooling system check and maintenance the pumps.

Utility pumps maintenance and repair the pit pump, fire pump.

Maintenance and repair the agitator, mixing, drilling water, desilter, degasser and trip tank.

Cascade system run and fill up the empty bottle air pressure.

Hydraulic power unit check oil level and check leak.


COMPANY: Millennium Offshore Services

Date: February 14, 2012 - September 21, 2014

Location: Bayu Undan (Dili Stimor)


Preventive maintenance EMD engine model 12-645-19 and 16-65-E1

Maintained preventive and corrective measure for mechanical nd mobile equipment along with rig machinery.

Assess determined and repair equipment to prevent or minimize downtime.

Repair minor and major breakdown on rig equipment.

Accommodation repair

Understand flow diesel, drill water, ballast circulation, portable water, hot water, fire pump, sewage,

Inspection and recording report daily routine.

Prepare and make different permit such as step back 5x5, JSA, permit to work system. Stop card.

Lubrication/oils/ grease such as motor, engine and deck equipment such as crane, portable lifting devices, winch, valve, deck machinery, etc.

Do overhauling experience EMD engine

Maintenance Manitowoc crane engine and hydraulic system

Maintenance of fresh water pump, and sanitary pump

Carry out PM for jack up equipment PCM 120-as crane model le Tourneau, Manitowoc 14000, fast rescue craft model jiangyshi LSA ltd, fast rescue craft davit model deck marine PRHE30, lifeboat model jiangyin Neptune marine LTD, cold start compressor, sewage treatment plant, rig compressor model QSI-500w, emergency generator model cat 3512.

Ensure adequate parts stock and inventory.

Personally responsible for own safety.etc


COMPANY: Jasper Drilling Company

Date: Aug 18, 2011-Nov 1, 2011

Location: Conakry West Africa (Drill ship)


Prepare and make different permit such as step back 5x5, JSA, permit to work system, stop card.

Preventive maintenance program for the drilling rig and related mechanical equipment.

Inspecting drilling equipment on a daily basis and repairing and replacing parts as required.

Checked replaced engines parts and diagnosing faults servicing and carrying out necessary repair on air compressors, pumps, drilling equipment, diesel engines, machinery engines equipment.

Observing and implementing safety measure on assigned rig.

Coordinating with maintenance engineer and scheduling preventive maintenance program.

Understand flow diesel, drill water, ballast circulation, portable water, hot water, fire pump, sewage, GSP pump.

Preventive maintenance of the watsila, hydraulic, pneumatic, pumps, freezer, chiller, sewage unit, engine cooling system, water maker brand alfa laval, crane, iron roughneck, power elevator, mud pumps, eagle claw, fuel purifier brand Mitsubishi, rocker arm, cut walk riser, top drive, forklift, life boat, gang crane, a/c’s unit service rig air brand tmc tamrotor marine compressor, HPU, separator, brake water cooling system, draw works, finger board, spinning wrench, air winches, degasser, riser bridge crane, service air drier brand van air and emergency generator. etc

Efficiently maintain an evolving record of all chemical necessary aboard the rig while ensuring chemical are stored on proper location based upon material safety data sheet.


COMPANY: Pride Drilling Company

Date: Nov 1, 2010 – July 11, 2011

Location: Israel


Preventive maintenance diesel engines cat model 608 TA.

Check drilling equipment on a daily basis and repairing and replacing part as required.

Creating maintaining and updating daily log on routine maintenance work.

Performing mechanical and electrical preventive maintenance on engine and rig equipment.

Read and interpret blueprints, technical drawing, schematics and computer generator reports.

Investigating equipment failures and make the appropriate repair in a safe and timely manner.

Keep detailed records of the work carried out

Understand flow diesel, drill water, ballast circulation transfer different system.

Maintain all machinery onboard a submersible drilling rig to a safe nd reliable condition.

Accommodation repair

Carry out preventive maintenance dealing diesel engines cat model 3608, main Rig, bulk, Cold start and Breathing Air compressor

Air receivers checked and drain checked no leak, pressure okey

Air dryers for rig air & bulk air system PM oil water separator, brake water cooling system, draw works mfg national model 1625UDBE, Elmagco-electrical brake mfg Baylor model 7838w, crown block, finger boards(pipe racking system, hydraulic power units, spinning wrench, air winches, mud pump, degasser mfg swaco55c, water maker-reverse osmosis, riser handling crane, forklift,

Perform the task of maintaining the working environment safe and free from pollution.


COMPANY: Rowan Drilling Company

Date: April 18, 2008 – January 28, 2010

Location: Saudi


Check inspection, preventive maintenance and field repair of all equipment on the rig dealing with cat 399 diesel engine, rig compressor Quincy air compressor, Omnipure unit, aircon, fuel centrifuge, mud pump, crane, water separator, water maker, emergency generator, cooling pump & sanitary pump.

Utilized mechanical skills to repair and maintain maintenance of drilling equipment compressors pump and all equipment associated with jack up rig.

Creating maintaining and updating daily log on routine maintenance work.

Service maintenance and diagnostic of the drilling rig equipment.

Read and interpret blueprint, technical drawing schematics to ensure that all repair were performed correctly.

Check inspection, preventive maintenance and field repair of all equipment on the rig dealing with cat 399 diesel engine, Quincy air compressors, Omnipure unit, fuel centrifuge, mud pump, crane, water separator, water maker, emergency generator, cooling pump and sanitary pump.

Disassembled, overhauled and assembled engine.

Pneumatic air tagger, winches, power tongs spinners,

Lubrication/oils/grease dealing crane, top drive, motor, valve, drawworks, mud pump, generator engine, iron roughneck, etc

Various drilling equipment such as rotary table, swivel, black, BOP, mud pump, centrifuge, degasser, shale shaker, winch, tagger air, pipe spinner, etc

Fix or repair pipelines damage or leak

Prepared permit jsa, step back 5x5, permit to work system. Etc

Keep record and inventory tools, spare part enough stock.

Safety attitude on worked always and keep work safe.

Understand the P& ID drawing of drilling.

COMPANY: Pump Mechanic


Date: August 19, 2006-January 8, 2007

Place: Sembawang Singapore


I have the experience FPSO conversion commissioning project.

Do repair, install and overhauling of cargo pump, winches, hydraulic valve, motor, tank cleaning machine, pipeline repair.

Understand flow the pipeline circulation dealing marine utility like fire line, cargo line, ballast line, nitrogen line, inert gas line, diesel line, portable water line, sanitary line. Etc

I do tracing and upgrading piping instrument diagram of FPSO project sealing with module of inlet gas cooler, inlet gas separator, outlet gas scrubber, contactor, flash tank, amine cooler, lean carbon filter, main pump. Cross exchanger, rich particle filter, surge tank, anti-foam pump, anti-foam tanks, regenerator. Reflux pumps, reflux condenser, reflux drum, rebuilder, acid gas and compression, HP fuel gas compression and utilities services like cooling system, heating system, diesel system, compression air, power generator, fire water system which we inspect and reported all mistake done by contractors without follow correct in P & ID drawing,

I make the report the mistake and missing in P & ID drawing to management of FPSO project.

Implement on site safety

Ensure adequate spare parts for mechanical equipment through inventory.

POSITION: Pump Mechanic

TYPE OF SHIP: Product and Crude Oil Tanker SHIP,

Date: January 15, 1990-February 19, 1999

Place: Worldwide


I do assist chief officer discharging and loading the cargo operation

Understand the flow ballast line, cargo line, inert

Basic Occupational Safety & Health instructor for Industrial

Cargo pump, valve . deck piping, deck equipment

Supervise the tank cleaning operation

Do inventory of deck equipment make sure enough spare and stock.

Repair the tank cleaning machine

I so painting, sandblasting welding on board

Implement safety on board

Repair and install pipelines damage on board

I do the seamanship job on board

Understand P & ID drawing FPSO, Tanker ship, drilling project commissioning.



Current passport expired oct 02, 2019

Sea Survival, Helicopter Underwaterscape Training

Basic Fire Fighting & First Aid Training

Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat Training

Well control Training

Anti-Piracy Awareness Training

Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

IADC RIGPASS Orientation and Basic Safety Awareness Training

Rigging & Slinging ( Bank man Level 1)

Work Permit Basic Training Course

Basic Occupational Safety & Health Training for Industrial

Aviation Fire/Rescue Training

Ship Security Awareness Training

Rowan Safety Leader Workshop

Trade Qualification Framo V advance Couse

Trade Qualification- Hydraulic/Pneumatics Course

Trade Qualification-Basic Welding, and Lathe Machines Course

Trade Qualification-Industrial Electrician Course

Trade Qualification-Industrial Process Control Course

Trade Qualification-Diesel Engine Mechanic Course

Trade Qualification-Calibration for process Instrumentation Course

Trade Qualification-Electro-Pneumatics Course

Trade Qualification-Refrigeration and Air Condition Mechanic Course

Trade Qualification-Basic PLC Course

Trade Qualification Control Engineering-Module 1 Course

Special skill/Talents/hobbies

1.Marine mechanic


3.Commissioning technician

4.Welder-Oxygen & Acetylene torch

5.Refrigerator and air condition mechanic

6.Control engineering

7.Process instrumentation

8.Mechanical fitter

9.Hydraulic and Pneumatics

10.Basic Occupational Safety & Health Instructor for Industrial

I hereby certify that the statements given are true and correct to best of knowledge. I hereby authorize the company to conduct a background check the veracity of these statements.

Arnold P. Suede


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