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Manager Safety

October 03, 2019

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I have a good experience in the field of health, safety and environment in (construction, industrial, oil and gas onshore/offshore). I also worked in some positions in the field ranging from Safety Officer, Specialist/Engineer, Consultant, Auditor, Trainer and HSE site Manager to provide and facilitate the resources and skills in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) of the Corporation which will lead to the integration of all documentation activities and the implementation of compliance successfully. An injury-free environment combined with a safe working culture and within the target project completion schedule. Date: From: 5/2015 To: Currently.

Employed with: SUBSEA petroleum services company. Project: SUMED Co. Sidi Kerir Harbor Job function: HSE Site Manager.


Description of job


- Identify project HSE requirements and Identify the training needs of the workers.

- Create a safety plan for the project and Create a project emergency plan.

- Verify the implementation of the HSE Systems, by planning and conducting internal audit.

- Report internally within the company and externally as required on HSE Statistics.

- Verify company HSE policy is fully understood, implemented, operated and maintained .

- Conduct and ensure adequate training of company personnel for HSE systems are done.

- Conduct reviews of the approved suppliers and subcontractor’s list.

- Advise management on the application of (QHSE) standards.

- Follow up permit to work system (PTW&TBT) every day.

- Organize and facilitate HSE meetings with staff and client.

- Responsible for accident/Incident reports registration.

- Following up the application of ISM/ISPS CODE system on marine units.

- Supervise and conduct contractor’s performance audits related to projects.

- Follow-up of non-conformity and subsequent corrective and preventive actions.

- Compliance with legal and other requirements& Monitor and Evaluate KPI.

- Analyses Client comments and implement corrective and preventive actions.

- Review Risk assessment& Job Hazard analyses with supervisors and heads of workers.

- Inspection and field survey of the site and detection of violations and the preparation of reports.

- Investigation of root causes for the incident and lesson learned publication to all the staff.

- Monitor day-to-day safety system performance and make recommendations.

- Give safety training & induction to the visitors, company & contractors.

- Arrange Drills as per the Emergency Plan& Provide to safety culture. Date: From: 10/2018 To: Currently.

Employed with: O2G DIVING Company Project: Head Office Job function: QHSE Consultant (Freelance)


Description of job


- Establish, maintain and implement ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

- Establish, maintain and implement ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.

- Establish, maintain and implement ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard.

- Continuous training of the integrated Management System.

- Review Risk assessment& Job Hazard analyses& Implement of internal audits.

- Investigation of root causes for the incident and lesson learned publication to all the staff.

-Technical training for maintenance and commercial diving staff.

- Follow up and review the recommendations of the Class. HSE(CV)


Birth date: 29-1-1989 Marital Status: Married.

Nationality: Egyptian. Military Status: I finished the service. Mobil: +2-012********


Sea Man Book:




Address: EGYPT-Alexandria Elseouf shamaa,st2 gabber harp land Education




Grade :

Grade of (BSc Project):

Suez Canal University

Faculty of Industrial Education

Mechanical Department

V. good.

V. good.

Languages Level

Arabic: Mother tongue.

English: Good

Date: From: 01/2016 To: Currently

Employed with: Quality Institution for Engineering & Management consultancy QI

Projects: Construction - Oil & Gas - Industry - Marine Job function: QHSE Auditor & HSE Trainer (Freelance). Brief

Description of job


- Preparation of Audit plan and Audit checklist, then visit for Audit and writing of Audit report.

- Audit for OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

- Audit ISO 14001 Environmental Management System .

- Audit ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

- Audit ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System after March2018. Program of training:

- OSHA (General Industry ( .

- OSHA (Construction Safety ( .

- Risk Assessment& PTW.

- Scaffolding (Competent person & Inspector ( .

- Forklift Safety Precaution.

- Confined Space Entry.

- H2S & gas tester

- Work at Height.

- Lifting Safely.

- Fall Protection.

- OHSAS 18001.

- ISO 14001.

- ISO 9001 .

Date: From: 6/2014 To: 4/2015

Employed with: International Company (INTERMAINT) Project: INTER CEMENT FACTORY Job function: HSE Specialist/Engineer


Description of job


-Responsible for providing safety requirements for the third line of cement production.

-Responsible for the application and approval of the work permit system every day.

-Ensure the implementation of the safety policy set by the establishment or institution .

-Ensure the training of new workers on the basics of safety for the work assigned to them .

-Provide daily, weekly and monthly reports to the Safety Manager.

-workers Ensure the application of all safety laws and regulations at work by -

- Ensure completion of risk assessment, assessment and analysis for all duty stations

-completed Ensure that an appraisal and evaluation of all equipment, machinery and equipment is .

-Hazard Identification Control of Hazardous Energy: Lockout/Tag out (LOTO) Electrical

-Make to (TBT-Safety induction training).

-Ensure the provision of safety equipment at work.

-Secure the site from the electrical hazard site .

-Planning to provide the machine site by safe guards .

-workplace Conduct periodic inspection of safety procedures at the .

-Ensure that all equipment is provided with personal protection at work .

- Direct supervision of work in Confide space.

- - Following the chemical stores and secure (MSDS).

-equipment Conduct periodic inspection of emergency exits and fire .

-Study workers' complaints regarding occupational safety and submit them to officials .

-Know the results of the investigation of the incidents and know the causes and record them . Date: From: 7/2010 To: 3/2014

Employed with: Egyptian engineering company for

(Construction &Contracting).

Project: Misr Petroleum

Oil Mixing Complex (Mirghem)

Job function: Safety Officer (Intermittent system) Brief

Description of job


- Direct monitoring of workers at the work site at the oil mixing complex.

- Inform the safety engineer about the danger points in the work area.

- Supervision of workers on scaffolding.

- Execute the authorized work only with the work permit of the presence area.

- Implement the precautions required in the risk assessment form attached to the work permit.

- attend the Tool Box Meeting (TBT).


Design & Implement of a (QHSE) system.

Competent person of Risk assessment.

Competent person of Confined space entry.

Competent person of Work at Height.

Competent person of Marin Safety & SPM work.

Arrange Drills as per the Emergency Plan.

Selection of PPE standard.

Scaffolding (Competent person &Inspector).

Safety Leadership.

Safety trainer.

Safety inspector.

Safety investigator.


QC (welding inspection).



Project management



Scop management.

Time management.

Cost management.

Quality management.

HR. management.

Communications management.

Risk management.

Procurement management.




HSE Offshore





OSHA (General Industry).

OSHA (Construction Safety).

Safety management diploma.

Emergency plan crisis management.

Scaffolding (Competent person & Inspector).

Lifting &rigging & slinging.

Confined Space Entry.

Risk assessment & PTW.

First Aid.

Advanced Assessor.

Train of Trainer (TOT).

OHSAS 18001 SMS Lead Auditor.

ISO 14001 -2004 EMS Lead Auditor.

ISO 14001 -2015 EMS Lead Auditor.

ISO 9001 -2015 QMS Lead Auditor.

ISO 45001 SMS Lead Auditor (waiting for the certificate). Safety offshore Training:

ISM Code Auditor.

ISPS Code Auditor.


Personal Survival Techniques {Table A-VI/1-1}.

Fire prevention and Fire Fighting {Table A-VI/1-2}.

Elementary First Aid {Table A-VI/1-3}.

Personal Safety and social Responsibilities {Table A-VI/1-4}.

Proficiency of Security Awareness {Table A-VI/6}. THUET 5195:

Life raft emergency equipment.

Sea Survival Techniques.

Use of Survival Aids.

Helicopter Safety.

Helicopter Emergency procedures & pre-ditching checks.

Helicopter Escape Techniques.

Technical Training

HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning.

Firefighting Design system of (Water-Gas-Foam-Powder).



PLC (Allen Bradley) Application.

PLC (Siemens S7 200) Application.

Micro Controller Basic Application.

NDT (R.T-U.T-M.T-P.T-V.T). Welding Inspection.

current Training Commercial diver & BOSIET Training.

LEEA(Lifting Equipment Engineers Association).

English Conversation course.

Thanks for your time to reading my CV

The original certificates of available.

Best regards


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