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Customer Service Training

Aurora, Colorado, United States
September 28, 2019

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Paul Johnson

***** * ******* **. ******, CO *****



Asset Recovery Specialist

CHEP USA - Denver, CO November 2015 to Present Full Time – Salary – 50 hour/week

Responsibilities – Work as an Asset Recovery Representative (ARR) for CHEP USA. As an ARR, my job is to locate company assets and return them to CHEP Service Centers. I do this by developing relationships with customers. I maintain account health and supply chain initiatives by conducting regular customer site visits. I maintain account health by ensuring the CHEP value is understood by the customer and I provide timely feedback to ensure overall account health is achieved for each location in my territory. I help the customer resolve issues by education and I deliver a consistent message to the customer on the CHEP value proposition, which improves customer retention and loyalty. I work with Business Development Managers (BDM) and Extended Service Managers to identify opportunities to expand current business by demonstrating cost savings and benefits of using CHEP to the customer. I have conducted several investigations and recovered thousands of dollars of company assets. I work independently in my home office and handle my own expense reports. My case load is approximately 2700 clients in 2 states (CO, WY). I have a company issued credit card, computer, cell phone and vehicle that I am responsible for. I manage my accounts in a professional manner. I regularly use CHEP computer programs in my daily operations. To include, Seibel, Blue View and SAP. I completed Six Sigma Yellow Belt training and training in Lean Principals.


Blue Line Solutions, Ltd - Aurora, CO April 2015 to April 2016 Full Time – Self Paid

Responsibilities – Owner of Blue Line Solutions, Ltd, A Veteran Owned Private Investigations company. Performed contract work as a licensed Colorado Private Investigator. Colorado Private Investigators license number is PI2.0215. Perform various data base checks to gather information for case development. Present to clients a thorough and accurate report so they are equipped to make informed decisions. Skills Used Electronic Surveillance.

SIU Investigator

G4S Compliance and Investigations - Raleigh, NC June 2015 to November 2015 Full Time – Hourly – 40 hour/week

Responsibilities – Claims and Surveillance Investigator in the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of G4S Compliance and Investigations. Worked directly for insurance clients from various Insurance companies, such as Unum, Gallagher Bassett, Travelers and many more. Collected information, packaged and passed on to a case manager who in turn presented the information to the Client. Familiar with various types of client requirements and reports. Reviewed, gathered information and electronic evidence for the client. Made court ready documents and prepared professional grade videos for client use in court. Made frequent updates to the client from the field.

Police Officer

Denver Police Department - Denver, CO October 2005 to February 2015 Full Time – Hourly – 40+hour/week

Responsibilities – Patrol Division – Conducted criminal investigation involving violation of state, local or federal laws. Seized illegal contraband and made narcotics arrests. Obtained and executed search warrants relevant to criminal cases or activities. Testified in court and presented evidence. Acted as a witness in administrative and/or criminal cases. Administered oaths and received sworn statements of facts from witnesses or other parties. I exercised sound judgment in interpreting and applying matters relating to national security and I received several certifications from the department of Homeland Security and FEMA. Effectively dealt with individuals or groups of persons in a courteous, tactful manner in connection with law enforcement matters and received recognition for professionalism. Analyzed information rapidly and made prompt decisions and took appropriate law enforcement action in light of applicable laws, court decisions, and sound law enforcement procedures. Detective – Vice and Drug Control Unit. Independently planned and conducted undercover criminal investigations using physical and electronic surveillance techniques and equipment. Conducted sting operations and worked with the Metro SWAT Team to execute high risk search warrants. Conducted face-to-face interviews with witnesses, victims and suspects. Performed records searches using police data bases (NCIC / CCIC, Versidex / Versiterm). Made arrest warrants using clear and concise reports and have executed warrants on people, places and vehicles. Accomplishments - Completed 40 hours of crisis intervention (CIT); Completed 50 Hours of Homeland Security Courses through NIMS; Completed 40 hours of POST Instructor Development Training; Completed 16 hour Motorcycle defensive Riding Course; Completed 40 hours of Urban Rifle (AR-15) training; 21 commendations to include 11 commendatory letters from citizens, 1 commendatory letter from a captain of the Denver Fire Department, 1 lifesaving award, 1 Distinguished Service Cross, 5 official commendations and 2 unit commendations. I currently have had 365 hours of CEP training. Skills Used Computer skills with approximately 30 typed words per minute. Completed the Versidex for detectives as well as the versiterm for officer's computer courses through DPD. Completed quarterly pistol / rifle qualifications, as well as annual mandatory training.

Other Qualifications – AR-15, .45 Cal handgun, Pepper spray, Pepper-ball gun, Taser, Police Nun-chucks, Plain cloths detective.

Correction Officer

Colorado Department of Corrections - Denver, CO May 2000 to October 2005 Full Time – 40 + hours per week

Responsibilities – Maintained order and daily operations of the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility (DWCF) and the Denver Reception Diagnostic Center (DRDC) and was responsible for the care, custody, and control of inmates. Prevented disturbances, assaults, and escapes by supervising activities and work assignments of inmates. Protected the public from incarcerated criminals, protected fellow officers from inmates and protected inmates from other inmates. Work Assignments include; Housing and Security officer; Transportation Officer, responsible for transporting inmates to local hospitals; Infirmary Officer, responsible for insuring the safety of the nursing staff of infirmed inmates; Recreation Officer, responsible for ensuring the safe conduct of inmates inside a recreation facility. Supervised 84 inmates at any given time. Accomplishments - Received several letters of commendation. Completed 425 hours of training after completing the basic corrections officer academy. Skills Used Firearms proficient, Ultron II electronic correctional devices. PPCT proficient.

Certified Protection Officer

Regional Transportation District (RTD) - Denver, CO June 1999 to April 2000 Full Time – Hourly – 40 hours per week

Responsibilities – I obtained a certification from the City and County of Denver to carry a firearm while working security on all RTD Property. Upheld rules, regulations, local, state and federal laws on all RTD buildings, Trains, buses and other property. Protected personnel; visitors and guests; responded to crimes, complaints and disturbances on RTD Property. Maintained equipment and qualifications on self-defense and firearms. Made accurate reports when crimes were committed. Reported information to local police and the RTD Transit Police officers.

Infantryman Team Leader (motor squad)

US Marine Corps - 29 Palms, CA February 1995 to September 1996 Full Time – 40 hours per week

Responsibilities – Corporals are the lowest-ranking NCO in the Marine Corps, but it did place me in a leadership role and gave me leadership skills and practical knowledge. My platoon was broken up into squads of five Marines. This leadership role made me responsible for the care and conduct of the Marines under my supervision. I trained the Marines assigned to my squad and assisted training the platoon. This training involved battlefield situations or advanced MOS training. I instructed the lower-level ranks how to make a formation, what equipment is required and how to properly dress in garrison and on the battlefield. I regularly inspected my Marines and their gear. My primary responsibility was to ensure my Marines were prepared for combat operations. I did this by ensuring my Marines were properly equipped with water, food and safety gear such as helmets or body armor. This included making sure my Marines were not sick or injured. I communicated with my Marines the policies and procedures of my unit's commanders or platoon sergeants. I communicated the readiness and capabilities of my Marines to superiors, which included the health of each Marine, supply requirements and any other need to ensure the unit is prepared for any situation. Accomplishments – Multiple Letters of Commendation, promotions and awards.

Weapons certifications include M-16, 9MM Pistol, .50 Cal Machine Gun, 81 and 60 mm Mortars.

Other qualifications – Close Quarters Combat Instructor

Petty Officer United States Navy Reserves Law Enforcement Specialist

US Navy Reserves - Aurora, CO August 1994 to February 1995 Part Time – 24 / Month – 80 hours year

Responsibilities – Petty Officer 3rd Class is a supervisory rank in the United States Navy, and it placed me in a leadership role and taught me valuable leadership skills and practical knowledge. I supervised subordinates to accomplish any task assigned to me. My rank was earned through a written skills test and two years in the previous rank. I was in this role from June 1987 until February 1995. Performed all aspects of a civilian law enforcement officer on military Installations. Provided guidance to patrolman as a training NCO. Charged with supervision of junior Military Police to ensure compliance with rules, regulations and performance.

Petty Officer United States Navy Police Investigator / Training NCO

US Navy - San Diego, CA July 1985 to February 1995 Full Time – 40 hours per week

Responsibilities – Command Investigator. Conducted criminal investigation involving violation of state, local or federal laws. Seized illegal contraband and made arrests. Obtained and executed search warrants relevant to criminal cases or activities. Testified in court and presented evidence. Acted as a witness in administrative and/or criminal cases. Administered oaths and received sworn statements of facts from witnesses or other parties. Extensive knowledge of military police procedures, sound familiarity with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Investigated criminal activity, gathered facts, prepared concise and accurate reports. Conducted quarterly random vehicle inspections of military and non-military vehicles entering the base. Kept and supervised daily logs of all visitors to the base. Self-defense instructor - Taught security procedures and techniques, trained new Auxiliary Security Forces personnel in the use of self-defense and assisted with instruction of the Auxiliary Security Force training academies. Completed over 236 hours of basic law enforcement and 161 hours of Apprentice Law Enforcement Course at the Law Enforcement Training Center at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Tx. Was a PR-24 Police Baton instructor and instructed self-defense classes for Auxiliary Security Forces. Supervised and ensured my subordinates were performing their given tasks and reported to the chain of command. I stood watches such as petty officer of the watch and some security watches. I trained and helped instruct Subordinates on how to perform their tasks and provides guidance when needed. I was a member of Auxiliary Security Force for the USS Niagara Falls. Weapons certifications include M-14, M-16, 12. Ga. Shotgun, .45 Cal. Colt 1911.


Certification (40 Hours) POST Instructor Development Course

Denver Police Academy - Denver, CO 2007 to 2007

POST Certification in Law Enforcement

Denver Police Department - Denver, CO 2005 to 2006

Certification in Supervisor Training Course

Colorado Department of Corrections - Denver, CO 2002 to 2002

9 College Credits (semester) in General Studies

Arapahoe Community College - Littleton, CO 2002 to 2002

Certification in Corrections Academy

Colorado Department of Corrections Academy - Golden, CO 2000 to 2000

26 College Credits (semester) in Respiratory Therapy

Pima Medical Institute - Denver, CO 1997 to 1998

26 College Credits (semester)

US Navy College - Pensacola, FL 1985 to 1996

Certification (40 Hours) in Basic Self-Defense Instructor

Miramar College (San Diego Police Academy) - San Diego, CA 1992 to 1992

Navy Security / Law Enforcement Course

US Navy Law Enforcement Training Center, Lackland AFB - San Antonio, TX 1991 to 1991

Apprentice Law Enforcement Course

US Navy Law Enforcement Training Center, Lackland AFB - San Antonio, TX 1991 to 1991

HS Diploma in General Education

Hinkley High School - Aurora, CO 1981 to 1985


Law Enforcement (27+ years), Investigations (10+ years)


Distinguished Service Cross, Life Saving Award, DNC Award (Police). 5 Year pin (CDOC)


POST Certified

March 2006 to February 2018 Colorado POST Certification B-12548

June 2015 to May 2016 Colorado Licensed Private Investigator - PI2.0215


Professional Private Investigator Association of Colorado (PPIAC)

April 2015 to June 2016

Licensed Private Investigators Association is a closed group and a background check is completed on all members.


Senior Member – Professional Private Investigators of Colorado (PPIAC).

Volunteer Safety Coordinator – Celebrate Recovery

Volunteer Facilitator – Operation Restored Warriors

Volunteer Facilitator – Thrive

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