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GIS Developer

Pune, Maharashtra, India
September 28, 2019

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SAWAN NIKAM Mob: 097********

M.TECH (Spatial Information Technology) Email:

B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engineering) DOB: 22 August 1991 CAREER OBJECTIVE

To enhance working capabilities by using experience and knowledge in Geospatial World to contribute in growth and excellence of an organization DETAILED DISCRIPTION OF WORK EXPERIENCE

February 2019 – Till Date

Present Employee: Advanced Risk Analytics Pvt. Ltd. Pune, Maharashtra Position : GIS Developer

Product : TrueCAT (A Product for analysing Hazard risk at any Geographical location) Client : BerkShire Hathaway Speciality Insurance, Boston Role : Developing GIS Tools on Map component using Google map API

Used advanced features of Angular6 for development of tools

Developed various map tools for map component of the product using Google map JavaScript API v3.0

Handling heavy raster and vector data on map, using geoserver services (WFS, WMS)

Created various area of interest on map for hazard analysis and export the same as Shapfile

Used various hazard shapfile such as Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood etc. for risk analysis and visualized data on map

September 2017 – January 2019

Present Employee: Amnex Infotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Infinium Solutionz) Ahmedabad Position : GIS Developer

Client : Hitachi Solutions, Tokyo (Japan)

Role : Making various tools in Geomation (Desktop Application) made by Hitachi

Created various GIS tools in Geomation Client GIS software using java 8 SE

Supervising and Discussing various optimization techniques for fast processing of GIS tools

Using available opensource GIS libraries (GDAL, Worldwind.Nasa etc.) rendering single band and multiband raster.

Study internal working of complex tools in GIS software (ArcMap, QGIS etc.) like Georefrencing, Geocoding, Network Analysis etc. Performed suitable R&D work for establish this tools in Geomation Client

Built Ground Survey web Application using JSP, Servlets and Postgres Database

Publish Raster and vector data available in various formats (GeoTiff, CSV, Shapfile, Geojson, PostGis) on Geoserver using Postgresql

Rendering data from Geoserver using Leaflet JavaScript library on a web application

Used various plugins and widgets (Bootstrap, Datatables etc.) for attractive look and better interface

Made user login QGIS plugin using Python and Qt editor for UI designing

Used ArcGIS JavaScript API and ArcGIS server for creating contours from point data and showing same on map

June 2017- August 2017

Present Employee: Amnex Infotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Infinium Solutionz) Ahmedabad Position : GIS Analyst

Client : Gujarat Agriculture Department, Gujarat

Role : Crop Acreage and Yield Estimation using High resolution Satellite image

Crop classification using various high resolution Microwave(SAR) and Optical data

Using three season (Kharif, Rabi, Zaid) Satellite images identified seasonal crops

Crop Health Assessment of various crop based on MSAVI and Categorized Major and Minor Crops in each Village

Yield Estimation of Crops in District, Taluk, Village level using CCE(Crop Cutting Experiment) and Design Mathematical Model for the same

Design various Spatial model and Python Toolbox using Erdas Imagine and ArcGIS respectively for automation of intermediate processing

Supervised and monitored Ground survey process for verification and analysis of the results KEY ACADEMIC PROJECTS

July 2016- June2017

(M.Tech Second Year) Major project

Project Guide: Dr J Ramana Murthy

Designation: Group Director (Retired), PPEG

NRSC (National Remote Sensing Centre) ISRO, Hyderabad

“Runoff estimation using satellite REMOTE SENSING and GIS” Using SCS CN method calculated runoff for Lower Krishna region (Yaragattu Vagu Watershed) in Mahabub Nagar District, Telangana.

Soil map, land use land cover input prepared from Landsat 8 satellite images, DEM (digital elevation model) from CartoSat 1 stereo pair and Rainfall data from IMD (Indian meteorological department). Performed overlay analysis on combined input dataset and estimated runoff with efficient use of geodatabase

DEM generated from stereo pair images using Photogrammetry technique in Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS), Erdas software

Processed Sentinel 1 SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data, for Change detection analysis

Performed image corrections on Landsat 8 images and Overlay analysis Using ArcGIS software

Editing of DEM high resolution aerial images using LPS Erdas software of SHAR region

Design a Python Toolbox using Arcpy in ArcGis for Automation of the whole process

(M.Tech First year)

Performed 3D Modeling

3D Modeling of a terrain showing different elevation and buildings using ArcGIS software and Google Earth. Took different elevation point from Google earth obtain the elevation of each point and prepared contour and triangulated irregular network. Arc scene software helped to convert map into 3D model

Performed image Enhancement Using MATLAB

Interpretation of Satellite image and identifying various noise present Using MATLAB Analyzing type of noise and design algorithms for removing such noise, with the help of Wavelet transform and Histogram techniques

Android application for live status of market using XML feed By making efficient use of Web view, List view, browser and notification manager etc. Built an app that takes online status information of market through XML feed This app successfully built for XML feed data

Route Map of Ujjain for Simhasth Mahakumbha 2016 Detailed database of Ujjain Route Map, links between various Holy Places, hospitals and Railway Station & shortest distance between various temples using ArcGIS Software and marked shortest distance from source to destination ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS



DAVV School of Electronics,

Indore (M.P.)

2017 85.5(Gold Medalist)

Graduation RGPV Mahakal Institute of Technology

Ujjain (M.P.)

2014 78.3

Intermediate/+2 MP Board Lokmanya Tilak Higher

Secondary School, Ujjain (M.P.)

2009 82.4

Matriculation CBSE Kalidas Montessori School 2007 52.8 Ujjain (M.P.)


Programming language : Core Java, Servlets, JSP, Android, HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript Library used : OpenLayer, Google Map API, GDAL (Java) Applications : Erdas(LPS), ArcGis, Qgis, Envi, Postgis, Pgrouting, Excel Database : Postrges

Server : Geoserver


GATE qualified 2014, 2015 and 2017

Secured 1st

rank in (SIT), awarded by Gold Medal by Honorable Governor of Madhya Pradesh Ms. Anandiben Patel


Address : 14-B6, Guru Ganesh Nagar Kothrud, Pune

Nationality : Indian

Language Known : Hindi, English, Marathi

Aadhaar no. : 349*********

Preferred Job Location : Indore, Pune, Mumbai, Bhopal REFERENCES


Designation : Head of department (School Of Electronics, DAVV, Indore MP) Email id :




I hereby declare that all the information stated above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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