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Engineer Medical

Tanur, Kerala, India
30,000 and above
September 27, 2019

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Shrilakshmi Baby Sankar





Seeking for a suitable placement in a challenging environment where my professional qualifications can be effectively, positively and innovatively dedicated for the betterment of the organization I serve QUALIFICATION: College/Institution Year of Percentage Course Board/University passing


1 PROFESSIONAL with TUV TUV Rhineland KIMS Hospital 2017 71 Rhineland Trivandrum

Personnel Certification Course

KMCT College Of

2 B.Tech (Biomedical) Calicut Engineering For 2016 73 Women

MES central

3 Intermediate CBSE School 2012 74

MES Central

4 X class CBSE School 2010 80


Operating System: Windows, Linux

Languages: Basics of C.

Platforms: Matlab, Eagle, Arduino(Uno, Due), Minitab, Originlab, Mindware, Kubios PCB designing

Populating of components in PCB

The details of the personnel certification programme ‘Clinical Engineering Professional with TÜV Rhineland Certified Qualification’ is available in this link.*******?locale=en WORK EXPERIENCE

Place of work: DEBEL (Defence Bio Engineering & Electro Medical Laboratory), DRDO, Bangalore

Position: Biomedical Engineer

Duration: October 2017 to Present

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Analysis of Gait lab data

I. Analysis of kinematics and kinectics parameters of Gait Lab Data II. Pre-processing and post-processing of Gait Lab Data III. Developed Matlab scripts for data analysis

2. Pulse pressure system

I. Data base for 30 subjects was created.

II. Regression equation for calculating pulse pressure from blood pressure was developed. III. Developed algorithm for calculating the heart rate and blood pressure IV. Validation of the same with a standard system-Omron 3. Heart rate Variability-Testing and analyzing

I. Testing and data collection from the hardware developed by DEBEL-HRV Analysis System

II. Analyzed the frequency and time domain parameters of HRV. III. Validation of the medical system with the standard system 4. Development of circuit using force sensitive resistor for weight quantification. 5. Calibration of force sensors.

6. Bio signal data processing using Matlab

Place of work: KIMS Hospital Trivandrum (Kerala Institute of Medical Science)

Position: Clinical Engineering Trainee

Duration: January 2017 to September 2017

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Calibration and preventive maintenance of medical equipment. 2. Demonstrating of equipment in operation and safe handling to medical users. 3. Monitoring contract services viz A.M.C and C.M.C. 4. Assisting in ACHSI, NABH audit work .

5. Organizing a planned program for all equipments and attending to emergency breakdown. PROJECTS AND SEMINARS:

E-Shoe project, Footwear designed to stimulate the nerve impulse.

Non-invasive Hypoglycemic event detector.

Wireless wearable t-shirt for posture monitoring during rehabilitation exercise.

Developing devices for assisting soldiers.


Hard working

Quick Learning


Good communication Skill

Leadership activities(departmental secretary )



Date of Birth


Marital Status


Languages Known






: English,Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam


1. Mr. Safeer.K.P 2 Mr.R.Renjith

Scientist D Group manager, clinical engineering

DEBEL, DRDO KIMS group of institutions

Bangalore +91-960******



I hereby declare that the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge. Shrilakshmi.B

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