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Manager Executive

Beverly Hills, CA
September 28, 2019

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Frank Ngante - MBA

New York City, NY

Professional Summary

Professional with over 10 years of hands-on experience leading and implementing a wide range of Risk Regulatory Initiates for Global Investment Bank

Expert knowledge of US GAAP / IFRS / Sarbanes-Oxley (IT SOX 404) Act Compliance includes experience of Internal Controls and accounting processes (documentation, narratives, control matrix, flowchart, design effectiveness, operating effectiveness, testing, Remediation and mapping to COSO).

Work with Risk Committee (RC); Audit and Finance Committee (A&F), delegated by the BOD, oversee the SOX Program. Strategic management decisions made by Risk and Capital Committee (RCC); Disclosure and Accounting Committee (D&A) are presented to the committees

Micro-Edge, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX 404), MS Excel, MS Word, Access, Visio; Power Point, Infinium (A/R, A/P, G/L), People Soft, JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle G/L, Hyperion, NetExchange Pro, RepWorks,

Strong expertise in Market Risk, Basel 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 implementation (Dodd-Frank – EPS /CCAR: FR Y-9C, FFIEC 102, FR Y-14Q and FR Y-14A), LRM (2052A) ALLL quantification, economic capital analysis, PD/LGD/EAD modeling, and credit risk advisory,AxiomSL (Report tool) Fed; SEC, OCC, FDIC, CFTC, CFPB

Lead project teams, Model development and model validation plus broad leadership accountability on aspects of the firm's capital adequacy and stress-testing activities as they relate to Banking Book

Expertise in Counterparty Credit Risk, Securitization), Fundamental Review of Trading (FRTB) - model driven components such as VaR, Stressed VaR, Comprehensive Risk Measure, IRC and Trading Book Securitization, PPNR/RWA forecast. Remediation, testing various tools (VBA, R and Excel).

SME RWA / Regulatory Capital / Counterparty Credit - Capital markets, Credit risk, SR 11-7/ CCAR /CECL.

Professional Experience

Jan. 2019 – July 2019

Paramount Pictures – Hollywood (via Executive Recruiting Firm)

Regulatory Reporting/IA /IT-SOX/Testing/Design/Audit/Advisory

Focused on assessing Sarbanes-Oxley - Review Tests of Design and Operating Effectiveness to ensure a high quality work product in compliance with Testing Guidelines

Develop, maintain and enhance relationships with the business groups

Develop and administrated of Policies and Procedures, and completion of all functional area deliverables in a timely manner. Train co-workers (internally and/or externally). Remediation of operational deficiencies

Perform Control Walkthrough with the process owners to ensure a high quality work product documentation. Review and critique the work papers prepared by professional area contractor personnel to ensure accuracy and compliance with the institution’s policies

Performing audit reviews and interprets organizational data, policies, processes, procedures, and practices in order to verify the accuracy and compliance with management expectations, regulatory requirements.

Dec. 2017 – Dec. 2018

State Street - Boston, MA (via Executive Recruiting Firm)

Engagement Manager

Focused on US GAAP assessing G-SIB (Global-Systemically Important Bank) business needs relative to assisting Director of Liquidity Risk; VP Market risk in ensuring appropriate measures are in place, steps taken to effectively, optimally measure, model, analyze, interpret changes to liquidity risk profile .

Closely work with Bank's Treasury division to execute mitigating measures to manage liquidity risk in Bank.

SME for Operational Risk, Market Risk, Credit Risk/Enterprise Risk Management /EPS for FBO Regulation YY

Control exposures against policies and limits using the bank's Liquidity Risk Policy, plus PPNR / CCAR and statistical modelling experience in testing on VBA, R, SQL and Excel, data management tools– Axiom-Reporting tool; Bloomberg, Visio, Access and SAS; stress testing (Basel II/III–CVA; Dodd-Frank–EPS /CCAR: FRY-9C, FFIEC 101, FR Y-14A)

RWA Forecasting /Market/Counterparty Loss/CECL/Management Information/Federal Guidelines

Contributed to CCAR frameworks comprising: Risk identification, RWA forecasting, Market and Counterparty Loss and Management Information.

Analyzing FED scenarios and macro-economic variables and articulate their relationship with VaR/SVaR, SSFA parameters and De- Minimis.

Implementation of the new allowance standards, Current Expected Credit Loss “CECL”, replaces loss accounting – known as FAS-5 / FAS-114

Understand key rules: Title VII of Dodd-Frank Act, The Volcker Rule, Regulation W, FINRA rules

Ensured regulatory compliance specific to SR11-7 guidance for liquidity model risk management

Built internal and external relationships when communicating model validation aspects across all levels of the organization including senior management at Group and within the Americas

Recovery and Resolution Plan (RRP) / Living Will - (Corporation Resolution Strategy) – Company Highlights /Resolution Impediments /Recapitalization Strategy/ International/ Critical Element.

Understand review of the Credit Valuation Adjustment Risk – Basel III Risk Capital Framework

Lead project teams. model development and model validation plus broad leadership accountability on aspects of the firm's capital adequacy and stress-testing activities as they relate to Banking Book (Counterparty Credit Risk, Securitization) and Trading Book (model driven components such as VaR, Stressed VaR, Comprehensive Risk Measure, IRC and Trading Book Securitization) exposures. Manage regulatory expectations from examiners at SEC, OCC, FDIC, CFTC, CFPB, Finra, and NFA.

Jan - Apr 2016 / Oct - Dec 2017

MUFG, Los Angeles, CA / New York, NY (via Executive Recruiting Firm)

Model Validation/Testing/Design/Audit/Advisory /IT Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) / US GAAP / IFRS

Managed CCAR presentations to Lines of Businesses, Independent Risk Management, and Regulators.

Valuation modelling OCC compliance, and reputational risk related to the Dodd-Frank and Volcker rules

Qualitative and quantitative research – CCAR remediation/audit project, testing (VBA, R and Excel). Developed project plans, ensured timely completion of high-quality deliverables, results to management.

Policy and Procedures – BSA / AML; OFAC – TM and TF programs; SOX controls for CECL

Draft governance policy and procedures for “New York State Department of Financial Services (“NYSDFS”) Superintendent’s Regulations - Part 504 Program - Annual Certification for Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) and Office of Foreign Asset Control Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Programs.

Apr 2016 - Sept 2016

Non Profit assignments - International & USA

June 2015 - Dec 2015

Banco Santander - Boston, MA (via Executive Recruiting Firm)

Risk Management Lead

Risk Governance, Reporting, Development of varied risk management policies, concerned with variety of risk such as operational, market, credit, Single Counterparty Credit Limits - Basel II /III Risk Capital

CCAR: Data governance, data quality, data reporting, infrastructure; Risk Management; Models. Report management: Call reports; Bank data from Proxy to CCAR

Establish an Intermediate Holding Company (“IHC”) – FFIEC 009 / RC-R call reporting – FR 2644 overseeing and improving the regulatory process for its US subsidiaries, CCAR – FR Y14 Q & A / FR Y 9C. FR Y-7N Report – “Financial Statements of U.S. Nonbank Subsidiaries Held by Foreign Banking Organizations”; FR Y-7 Report – “Annual Report of Foreign Banking Organizations schedules, reporting

Head of Audits across Risk, Investment Bank, and Finance Regulators (with respect to IHC/CCAR) - provided FRB principle based view and established the following work streams:

Legal Entity Structure & Tax: legal setup of the IHC – audit / advisory (i.e. system verification, UAT testing, SOX compliance - Control Effectiveness and Design Evaluation)

Aug 2014 - June 2015

Goldman Sachs, New York, NY (via Executive Recruiting Firm)

Project Manager

Served as the project manager for the various audit initiatives, which included coordinating internal audit activities related to CCAR, validating regulatory findings, leading the internal control framework audit, and managing the CCAR roll-forward audit activities.

Worked closely with a wide range of bank’s officers, including the Chief Risk Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, Controller, and Treasurer.

Met with senior management in Compliance with CIMA Reports (CIQPR, LBS & CPIS) – “Cayman Islands Quarterly Prudential Returns,” “Locational Banking Statistics Survey” & “Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey; TIC B’s e.g. “Report of U.S. Dollar Claims/Liabilities of on Foreign Residents

May 2009 - Aug 2014

Federal Deposit Insurance corp. (“FDIC” – Federal Government Agency)

Specialist and Consulting Director (FDIC Special Projects)

Receiver for Failed institutions in CA, NY, IL, FL, GA, AL, NV, Puerto Rico

CCAR: Report & Data management, data architecture, Y9C and xx14 Call reports; Bank data from Proxy to CCAR submission. Reporting to Fed and Senior Management.

Subject matter expertise on testing the Firm’s institutional equities and fixed income sales and trading

Support Dodd Frank 165 business migration test team lead (BofA; Bank of New York Mellon; Citigroup; Goldman Sachs; JPM Chase; Morgan Stanley) in Title I – (Barclays).

Assess credit components of DFAST Stress Test and annual capital plan. SIFI (Systemically Important Financial Institutions) resolution process – Creative problem solver with advisory capacity to provide appropriate federal agencies guidance on long term strategy in SIFI - (greater than $150 billion).

Basel II / III: Governance · debt of equity swap · Commercial or consumer credit - BSA AML remediation · Liquidity and funding · Trading operations · Market risk and Operating risk · Value-at-risk.

Lead global compliance team to resolve highly complex issues, plus create and instill a system of policies and procedure design to ensure compliance. Experience in Risk, Front/Middle Office control, audit.

Maintain strong communications and relationships with senior stakeholders and ensure ongoing partnerships with Capital Market, Treasury, Counterparty Credit Risk, and Front Office.

Mar 2008 - April 2009

IMPCO International (Australia/Europe/USA)

Director-Level, Audit

Regulatory compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley – Review Tests of Design and Operating

Jan 2002 – Dec 2007

Director-Level (institutions in California, NY and DC)

Mardec Berhad, Imperial Credit Industries/FCB -Regional Manager

Munimae (MMA) Reality Capital, Inc., - Financial Restatement and Investigation

Carlyle Group, NY - Financial Compliance and Investments

Fannie Mae, DC – Litigation support and Regulatory Audit

Grobstein, Horwath & Company, CPA - Banking SOX Compliance, Remediation of operational deficiencies

Countrywide (currently Bank of America) - Mortgage Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

HSBC, North America – Banking Compliance - Policies and Procedures

Mardec Berhad/Imperial Credit Industries/FCB, Regional Manager


SharePoint, Bloomberg, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Access, Macros, VBA, SQL, coding in R.


MBA, finance and corporate strategy, California State University, School of Business, California,2009

Five Years International Finance Management Program in SE Asia– Singapore, Thailand; Europe; Australia

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