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Mechanical Engineer Manager

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
September 25, 2019

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Mobile: +918*********

Address: *-*-**/*, ******* street, Amalapuram, Pin: 533201, Andhrapradesh, MECHANICAL ENGINEER


To gain experience in the Mechanical industry Industry utilizing my Product design and Development, Project Management, Mechanical design, Prototype Development, Quality Management, Customer Service, Analytical and leadership qualities. WORK AND LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE


“I worked as a Graduate Trainee Engineer in SATNAM GLOBAL INFRAPROJECTS LTD., Odalarevu with the period of One Year. I can do better work with Auto CAD 2D & 3D designing. I have knowledge fabrication of pipe spooling.

I have been worked on the Fit-up with the fitters in according to the Isometric drawings. I have done Joint & Spool marking in piping Isometric drawings and Loop Files also. I have explained the Isometric drawings of the piping to the Fitters. I’m preparing the Fit-up Inspection reports and Internal Progress reports. I attended customer compliant rectified & solve it with satisfaction. Monitoring work activities & tool usage by safety directing the works using a zero accident philosophy will all required work permits. EXPERIENCE - 2

Professional History: -

Position : Piping engineer (Hydrotest)


Period : DEC 2016 to JAN 2019

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Review the test package before making the test limits based on the pipe class, size and design pressure.

• Test packages preparation (test package numbers, pressure, isometric index, line list, systems, sub -systems details, line class and PID details) based on client given information

• Making the pressure test packages and marked up the isometric and PID drawings.

• Arrange the priority test packages based on the construction status on site.

• Prior given to QC doing a construction line walk and making the punch list.

• Fallow up the punch list and resolve problems in test packages.

• Making the as built drawings based on the site conditions.

• Approval purpose Pressure test packages are submitted to client.

• Fallow up the hydro test, pneumatic test and visual test preparation on site.

• Responsible for all Quality Activities in Piping.

• Witnessing hydro testing, pneumatic testing, flushing and pickling, cleaning activities.

• Co-coordinating the pressure testing team.

• Maintaining the daily hydro test department master log list.

• Prepare the hydro test and flushing permits based on the work.

• Fabrication and installation of A/G and U/G Piping works at different areas.

• Preparation of different types of work permits for the mechanical activities, attend the Permit to Work training classes, identify and control the hazards, site visit with client, and preparation for site audit.

• Prepare the lifting plain for erection of the pipe lines.

• To execute overall on plot piping fabrication and erection works include identification of materials, inspection of site as per isometric, GAD and P&ID, fabrication of pipe spool, organize inspection of welding, installation of piping, as per applicable codes, procedure and standards.

• Checking the Piping line and supports on site by using the isometric drawings.

• Making the punch list based on the isometric drawings.

• Maintained the workers daily work progress and inform to lead engineer EDUCATION

o Sunrise University, India. (2011 – 2015)

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with over all 7.6 CGPA or 3.3 GPA. Course work included Manufacturing Technology, Auto Mobile Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Industrial Engineering

& Management, Statistical Quality Control, Instrumentation & Control systems and Fluid Machinery & systems. o Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh India. (2009- 2011) Subjects including Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with over all 3.5 GPA ACCOMPLISHMENTS

o Automatic Braking and Driver Awakening System, (December 2015) Role: - Project Manager and Quality Control.

Designed a sensor based technology in which when the vehicle reaches any obstruction while moving on the road the sensor immediately offers a braking system and alarms the driver with a beep sound. This project is designed with Microcontroller, Phototransistor, Transmitter, Receiver, Signal conditioning unit, Driver Circuit and Mechanical arrangement. Design of the chassis was made by using CAD and developed using Business Strategy Models to compare its Cost-effectiveness against its Functional Advantage.

Skills: - Leadership, CAD, Mat Lab, Electronic and Mechanical Assembly, Stress & Safety Analysis, Risk Analysis, Six Sigma o Solar Race - Design of a Solar car, (June 2014)

Role: - Project Coordinator and Gear Wheel Designer As part of an engineering experience, I along with team of six more students designed a solar car capable of adjusting the angle of solar panel according to the direction of the sun and produced max power to the DC motor at any point during the race. We designed and equipped our solar car with spur gear wheel and worm gear for axle rotation. Stimulated optimal gear ratio suitable for our car weight and design. Implemented back wheel drive principal to gain max torque, acceleration and balance. This led us for second place in the race.

Skills Used: - Solid Works, Mat Lab, Data Analysis, Leadership and Mechanical Assembling o Fire extinguisher robot - Autonomous robot that detects the fire and puts it off, (March 2013) Role: - Team Leader, Design & Assembly

It is a robot that autonomously detects and extinguishes fire. We used heat sensor for detection and Arduino board for processing. The robot used photo sensors to detect the black line and navigated itself to the fire zone. We combined designing skills with material cutting skills on solid works.

Skills used: - Solid works, Mat Lab, LabVIEW and Operations o Design of Line Follower robot, (March 2012)

Role: - Project Manager

We designed and made a prototype of line follower robot. We used Pololu QTR-8A IR sensor array, DC motor, AA battery, Detectors, Arduino Software. First we coded so that the sensor detects the black line on white and follows it. In case of interchange in paths then the sensors detect the destination detector and follows the black path accordingly. We achieved an experience in assembling, coding and the principles of DC motors. Skills: - Assembling process and soldering



Computer Skills



Language Skills


o AutoCAD

o Data Analysis

o Blue J (Java)

o SolidWorks


o MatLab

o Maple

o 3D Studio Max

o MS Office

o Microsoft Project

o Autodesk


o Leadership

o Project Management

o Six sigma

o PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Act)

o English – Excellent

o Hindi

o Telugu

o Statistical methods for

quality engineering

(statistical process


o 3D Measuring

o Total Quality


o Project Management

o ISO and Safety



Manufacturing Quality control Project Management Optimization in Mechanical Design Service Manager Travelling REFRENCES

References are made available on request.


I hereby declare that all the information provided here is correct to the best of my knowledge. I request for an opportunity to speak with you in person and to discuss more about how my strength can help for the growth of your company. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time possible.

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