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Manager Accounting

South Korea
September 24, 2019

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HJ (Hyung-Jin) Kim

** ********** ****, ********* ** 08540 USA


Telephone: 609-***-**** (Cellular Phone), 82-10-361*-**** (Cellular Phone)

**-****-**** (Office)

E-mail: (Personal)

Date of Birth: February 5, 1961


February 1990 Hanyang University Graduate School – Korea

MBA in Finance

February 1984 Hanyang University – Korea

BA in Business Administration

Language Fluent English & Korean

Military Service

Served in military at Kangwon-do, Korea: September 1986 – December 1988

Career Experience

September 2017 – Current Hugel, Inc.

VP, CFO & Head SCM and IT

July 2016 – August 2017 Geo-Young Corporation

VP, CFO & Head of IT

May 2016 – June 2016 Anchor Equity Partners Korea Ltd (PEF)

Pharmaceutical Business Consulting Advisor

March 2012 – February 2016 Janssen Korea & Crucell Korea

Senior Dir. Janssen Finance/SCM/IT & Crucell Finance

August 2010 – February 2012 Johnson & Johnson North America Region – USA

Regional Senior Finance Director

June 2007 – July 2010 Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific – Singapore

Regional Senior Finance Director

January 2002 – May 2007 Johnson & Johnson Korea, Ltd. – Korea

Finance Director, CFO

July 2000 – December 2001 Procter & Gamble Far East, Inc. – Japan

Northeast Asia Tax Group Manager

June 1999 – June 2000 Procter & Gamble Far East, Inc. – Japan

Northeast Asia Finance Group Manager (Hair Care Category)

September 1996 – May 1999 Procter & Gamble Korea, Inc. – Korea

Plant Finance Comptroller & Tax Group Manager

March 1995 – August 1996 Procter & Gamble Korea, Inc. – Korea

Internal Audit Group Manager, AP Regional Internal Auditor

July 1994 – February 1995 Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc. – Philippines

Internal Audit Manager

July 1991 – June 1994 Procter & Gamble Korea, Inc. – Korea

Corporate Accounting & Tax Group Manager

July 1989 – June 1991 Procter & Gamble Korea, Inc. – Korea

Assistant Accounting Manager

Major Job Achievements

Current Position

Hugel Inc. September 2017 – Current

VP, CFO & Head of SCM and IT

-Designed and implemented business planning process coupled with cost control system resulting in EBITDA goal attainment

-Contributed significant cash flow improvement via effective use of working capitals, i.e., proper controls on Accounts Payable, Inventory and AR balances

-Reinforced financial analysis function in Finance Department to provide strategic, financial, operation supports to Management Board to enable decision making on initiatives and investments, i.e., provided DCF analysis for 3rd manufacturing plant, R&D Center and mid & long term strategic plan for Hugel America

-Established management control and operational processes for foreign subsidiaries, USA, Canada, Australia

-Established Purchasing and SCM departments to implement S&OP process, resulted in improved inventory control efficiency and also cost savings

-Conducted flawless M&A as a project leader for Hugel Pharma and Hugel Meditec resulting in synergy for administrative functions

Previous Positions

Geo-Young Corporation July 2016 – August 2017

VP, CFO & Head of IT

-Developed Business Intelligence (BI) system to track and control KPIs including all Geo-Young affiliates, resulted in improved monthly financial KPIs reporting process and shortening of closing days

-Contributed significant cash flow improvement via effective use of working capitals, i.e., proper controls on inventory and AR balances, resulted in #1 pharma distributer in Korea i.e., shortest AR DSO (72 days) and Inventory Days (32 days)

-Reinforced financial analysis function in Finance Department to provide strategic, financial, operation supports to Management Board to enable decision making on initiatives and investments

-Delivered Smart Order project for pharmacy channel to promote sales via convenient pharm ordering system to the pharmacies

-Contributed new business expansion opportunity via business partnership with J&J Medical for blood glucose monitoring medical device

-Improved price margin and delivered cost savings from cutting back overlapping employees in purchasing by consolidated group purchasing (bargaining power) with providing purchase price variance analysis between Geo-Young HQ and affiliates

Janssen Korea & Crucell Korea – Korea March 2012 – February 2016

Senior Finance Director

-Created the compliance culture for Janssen Korea via establishment of T&E policy, continuous compliance trainings and also encouraging open and transparent communication

-Contributed to improve sales productivity via business margin contribution analysis for each Business Unit (BU) to be resulted in company restructuring for sales and marketing organization around 35 headcounts reduction with US$2.4MM ongoing saving

-Provided full financial aspects via discounted cash flow analysis for project Australis (Janssen Korea Manufacturing plant shutdown including M&A option) with Global SC Network team and other regional functions.

-Re-established financial analysis function in Finance Department to provide strategic, financial, operation supports to Management Board

-Contributed significant cash flow improvement with proper controls on Trade inventory days (32 days vs. PY 90 days) and AR DSO (50 days vs. PY 84 days) which resulted in #1 operating company for shortest AR DSO among all of pharmaceutical companies

-Achieved tax credit of US$2.6MM for Crucell Korea with persistent identification of tax credit opportunities related to GMP facilities from past 2010 corporate income tax filing

-Made a successful defense for the tax audit by National Tax Authority, i.e., less than 60% tax payment versus last tax audit in 2007 and achieved to reduce the transfer pricing exposure by 92%, i.e., US$2MM versus initial assessed $25MM exposure

-Contributed cash saving of US$1.2MM for total J&J standpoint via utilization of excess cash in Crucell Korea to make the intercompany loan of US$87MM to J&J Medical Vision Care

-Improved internal control environments, i.e., no major critical FCPA audit findings and very limited internal audit findings for operating company

-Conducted 2 times finance trainings per year for all cross sector non-finance managers around 150 people, resulted in continuous very high satisfaction level course results

-Completed vaccine integration project with Crucell Korea as a country project leader and improved significant internal control environments via active mitigation action plans, resulted in adequate rating for internal audit and FCPA audit

-Completed finance organization restructuring as a project leader for North Asia Cluster (Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong) for all sectors

-Managed and supervised direct reports, including robust OGSMs, development plan, and ongoing development discussions via;

a. Developed challenging OGSMs for all team members

b. Utilized bi-weekly 1:1 meeting with direct reports and monthly 1:1 meeting with all team members for development discussion

c. Shared business updates after financial cycle and prompt functional updates on a monthly basis during monthly staff meeting

-Initiated 'Lunch & Learn' program in Finance on a monthly basis to enhance my team’s capability for Worldwide F&A Procedures

Johnson & Johnson Americas Region – USA August 2010 – February 2012

Regional Senior Finance Director

-Contributed to develop Americas Regional network strategy, i.e., direction and oversight to the development and design of international sourcing and manufacturing strategies to better optimize supply chain costs’ competitiveness and strength

-Contributed to develop BCP (Business Contingency Plan) financials for two in-house manufacturing plants (LA and Lititz) in USA

-Developed Americas Regional capital expenditure approval process standardization with written SOP and also capital re-prioritization process between countries

-Established and led cross sector Supply Chain Value Creation team, i.e., developed standardized cash flow toolkit for all sectors via developing and benchmarking around 20 key inputs and outputs, aligning on common methods/guidance. Reached alignment of standardized cash flow toolkit with Supply Chain controllers/CFOs in cross sector Supply Chain Finance Council. This standardized cash flow toolkit was selected to share as a best practice.

-Improved Business Planning for inflation impact reflection process at a feedstock and commodity level working closely with Procurement leaders and their teams to understand the current process and analytics

Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific – Singapore June 2007 – July 2010

Regional Senior Finance Director

-Built "One-team" environment in Asia-Pacific Supply Chain Finance by leading and maintaining intimate relationships with the Country SC Finance teams through sharing region-level outcomes, active alignment with clear guidelines, and openness.

-Gross profit improvement via various sourcing studies in Asia Pacific Region, i.e., provided financial justification via discounted cash flow analysis for significant investment projects for Thailand and China, as well as several sourcing change studies, resulted in significant Net Present Value deliveries more than $65MM

-Delivered automated C+5 Supply Chain P&L reporting for entire AP Region to improve organizational efficiency and to drive excellence in business processes and also forecast accuracy.

-Controlled profit target closely working together with the Business Partners, having a sense of urgency, i.e., initiating products selling price increase in Sales and Marketing Company under the significant cost inflation pressures, resulted in no profit gap in total Asia Pacific Regional P&L

-Contributed as a project leader for AP Regional Slow and Obsolescence (SLOB) inventory reduction project with multi-functional teams for both regional and local teams, i.e., QA/TA, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing and Finance. Developed a standardized Asia Pacific Region SLOB management process including governance structure and reporting process, identified and assigned clear 15 SLOB causal drivers, developed automated SAP write-off report with codes for the causal drivers. Selected dedicated SLOB buyer (RBM Co.) to facilitate excess inventory sales. This SLOB process improvement was shared as a best practice to other regions and resulted in lowest SLOB reserve, 4.6% to gross inventory vs. worldwide average of 10.9%

-Built team to analyze of financial plans, budgets, monthly results, long-term strategic development plans, and ad-hoc projects as required

Johnson & Johnson Korea, Ltd. – Korea January 2002 – May 2007

Finance Director, CFO

-Improved gross profits via plant sourcing study for Korea in-house plant to become a regional premium adult skin care plant and transferred baby care products from Korea to Malaysia

-Received 6 sigma Process Excellence Black Belt Certification from J&J HQ

-Significant DSO reduction from 65 days to 2 days in cosmetic channel and also was awarded Year of Standard of Leadership (SOL) in 2003 due to effective AR management (AR reduction $3.5MM)

-Led multi-functional task team to fix the problems/issues for entire revenue cycle

-Established financial analysis function in Finance Department to provide strategic, financial, operation supports to Management Board

-Revised the trade terms to help the customers on credit limits extension and legitimate VAT tax audit with revision of the selling price margin structure

-Led and completed the Commissionaire project for Asia Pacific countries, especially for Japan and Korea

Procter & Gamble Far East, Inc. – Japan: July 2000 – December 2001

Northeast Asia Tax Group Manager

-Completed legal restructuring project applying robust project management methodology for various functions, i.e., HR, Legal, Treasury, Accounting, Sales Finance, Sales and Supply Chain for Korea and Japan

-Developed defense file for entire Asia Pacific for Global and Asia Pacific Cost Sharing Arrangements for successful tax audits

-Provided strategy and guideline for tax audit on transfer pricing and developed risk assessment for all AP countries in direct liaison with 22 country tax managers in Asia Pacific Region

Procter & Gamble Far East, Inc. – Japan: June 1999 – June 2000

Northeast Asia Finance Group Manger (Hair Care Category)

-Led integration of profit forecasting process for Korea and Japan

-Provided accurate financial analysis and integrated data for the new hair care initiatives and line extensions for Japan and Korea, resulted in annual net sales growth by U$22MM and profits by U$5MM (FY00/01 vs. FY99/00)

-Provided white space analysis which enabled management to have the envision for the future business growth with strategy and business expansion plan

Procter & Gamble Korea, Inc. – Korea: September 1996 – May 2000

Plant Finance Comptroller & Tax Group Manger

-Implemented Standard Costing process in SAP for Chonan Plant, resulted in shortening monthly closing from 8 days to 3 days

-Developed a monthly Operation Performance Report for Chonan Plant that gives all the key plant related cost tracking and benchmark to help Supply Chain Management to identify opportunities for saving and led manufacturing expenses savings via detailed quarterly manufacturing budgets updates

-Worked for Ssangyong Paper Company M&A process with regard to the F&A side, resulted in excellent experience of working with both American/International and Korean/local cultures

-Contributed tax savings of about U$5MM via successful tax defense on Japan engineering charges and Asia Pacific Cost Sharing arrangement during tax audit

Procter & Gamble Korea, Inc. – Korea: March 1995 – August 1996

Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc. – Philippines: July 1994 – February 1995

Internal Audit Group Manager / Asia Pacific Regional Internal Auditor

-Established internal control function in P&G Korea and reinforced the importance of internal control to all departments to enable management auditees to clearly understand and prioritize resolution of critical issues within their functions

-Led multi-functional task team to fix the problems/issues for entire revenue cycle, inventory cycle

Procter & Gamble Korea, Inc. – Seoul, Korea: July 1991 – June 1994

Corporate Accounting Manager & Tax Group Manager

Procter & Gamble Korea, Inc. – Seoul, Korea: July 1989 – June 1991

Assistant Accounting Manager

-Responsibilities included supervision of three staff accountants and preparation of monthly and annual financial statements to US HQ based on full understanding of US GAAP

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