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Senior Electrical Engineer

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
13000-15000 basic
September 24, 2019

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To obtain a position as a Senior Electrical Engineer that will provide the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the company


Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


Review technical documents & drawings from client to understand the work

Lead and work with crew to implement scope of work as scheduled

Responsible to work in compliance with safety and ensure documents and records are intact

Reporting to the General Manager and Chief Electrical Engineer and assisting them in the preparation of tender from beginning stage till the submission

Responsible for leading projects on Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, and Low Current systems

Managed total LED lighting solutions including design, installation, testing & commissioning at various industrial, construction, and oil & gas sectors.

Successfully installed all types of industrial LED lights including Flood type, High-bay, Low-bay, Explosion proof, Street Lights, Recessed type, Surface-Mounted lights, etc.

Installation of High Mast lighting system with raising and lowering devices

Designing and installation of electrical panels

Designing and installation of control panels of different motor starters such as DOL, Star-Delta, Reverse-Forward starter, VFD, and Soft starter

Installation of power Generators, power Transformers, RMU units, etc.

Installation of three-phase motors

Determining suitable cable size and doing voltage drop calculation

Determining conduit fill ratio and designing cable trays and cable ladders

Installation of industrial switches, receptacles, emergency stop buttons, push buttons, selector switches, etc.

Responsible for designing electrical panel load schedule

Responsible for making cable schedule

Complete Solar Streetlight solutions including erection of poles, installation of LED lights, solar panels, controllers and batteries


Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS), Jeddah, KSA (April 2013 – Present) Project: Lighting Improvement in Shoaiba Power Plant Client: SWCC, Shoaiba

Designation: Project Manager

Duration: January 2019 to Present

Removal and Installation of street lights, underground cables, pole arms, terminal blocks, internal cables for street lighting system in MPS1

Dismantle and removal of old distribution panels and installing new panel with MCCBs, MCBs, contactors, timer, relays, photocell, etc.

Study the technical drawings and make changes as per the site condition

Dismantle and remove old raising and lowering devices for old high mast lighting poles and install new lowering device with top latching system

Project: Rotating Drum Screen Replacement at YR Marine Terminal Client: ARAMCO, Yanbu

Designation: Senior Electrical Engineer

Duration: December 2018 to April 2019

Design, supply and installation of the complete assembly and associated Electrical and instrumentation components of sea water cooling intake drum screen.

Supplied and installed Local Control Station and Instrumentation system which included 3 phase electric motors and IP rated and corrosion resistant type panel

The common electrical power and control panel was designed for 2 drum screens, 4 ultrasonic sensor of water level controller and 2 spray water systems for fully automatic cleaning operation

Laying and termination works of cables and respective cable protections Project: Lighting Installation in Unit #1 Turbine Hall Client: SEPCO III, Yanbu

Designation: Project Manager

Duration: October 2017 to December 2018

Prepared technical documents and reviewed construction drawings from the client

Installed more than 1500 conventional industrial lights of different types including, High bay, Fluorescent, Surface Mounted, Flush Mounted, Explosion proof, and Exit lights in unit #1 of Turbine Hall from Elevation 0 up to Elevation 35

Installed stanchion poles of 2.5m height, electrical panels, conduits, outlet boxes, cable trays and support, cable raceway with cover, cables up to 35mm2

Installed power socket outlets, welding sockets with outlet box

Installed 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way switches

Successfully completed and handed over the site work along with the as-built drawings Project: Fuel Station Project

Client: Hyundai, Shuqaiq

Designation: Senior Electrical Engineer

Duration: November 2016 to May 2017

Worked together with the Mechanical team and installed Explosion proof lights inside the fuel station shed

Installation of the PVC coated RGS conduits along with the explosion proof junction boxes

Installed weather proof flood lights on 8m height poles

Installation of cables inside the UPVC pipes, some directly buried up to the electrical building

Installed TLS sensor for the fuel dispenser, 3-phase motors/pumps of 7.5KW

Designing and Installation of electrical panel for the lights and responsible for making cable schedule and doing cable sizing calculations

Designing and installation of control panel for the pumps star-delta starter type, with contactors, delay timer, relays, push buttons (start, stop), overload relay, indication lights (on, off, trip), emergency stop push button, selector switch (auto, manual) Project: Lighting Improvement in Tihama Power Plant Client: Saudi Electricity Company, Qunfudah

Designation: Project Manager

Duration: September 2015 to September 2016

Lighting illumination design was done in different areas of the substation by using DIALux as per the lux requirement of the client

Removed old conventional lights and Installed more than 500 LED lights of different types such as fluorescent lights, High-bay lights, Flood-type lights, Emergency lights, Explosion proof lights, building lights, street lights, in different areas of the power plant including GT halls, workshop buildings, pump rooms, fuel forwarding station, battery rooms, laboratory room, etc.

Completed all the conduit work and cabling works

Installed new panels along with contactor, timer and photocell for outdoor lights

Successfully completed testing and commissioning and handed over the site along with the as-built drawings

Project: Lighting Improvement in Najran Power Plant Client: Saudi Electricity Company, Najran

Designation: Project Manager

Duration: December 2014 to July 2015

Designed lighting illumination by using Lumen method and DIALux evo as per the lux requirement of the client at the site

Checking the size of conduit to be used at the site by doing the conduit fill ratio analysis

Removal of old conventional lights and Installation of new LED type High-Bay explosion proof lights, outdoor Flood-type lights, emergency lights in different GT halls and GT outdoor areas in Najran power plant

Installed cable trays, cables, and conduits inside the GT halls

Installation of Electrical panels

Project: Maintenance work in Southern Region Power Plants Client: Saudi Electricity Company, Southern Region Designation: Senior Electrical Engineer

Duration: April 2013 to October 2014

Periodic maintenance work for different type of electrical jobs under our blanket Mechanical Tank Maintenance contract in the six power plants of the Southern Region (Shoaiba, Tihama, Abha, Najran, Jizan, Sharorah)

Maintenance work included removal and installation of new conduits, switches, junction boxes, installation of tank radar gauges, installation and calibration of electrical gauges, cable installation for the electrical gauge transmitter

Maintenance of Grounding and earthing works

Cummins Olayan Energy Ltd., Jeddah, KSA (March 2012 – March 2013) Site Manager

Worked as a Site Manager at Mahad Ad-Dahab power Substation with power generation capacity up to 40 MW

Worked on a medium voltage generation by using a step-up power transformer with primary side as 460V delta and giving a voltage of 13.8KV Star at the secondary winding

Responsible for the smooth running of the site by managing operators and technicians for medium voltage power generation

Created mesh grounding of the generators at Turbah and Khurma Substations by checking the earth’s resistance and bringing it down to less than 2 ohms by digging holes and putting salt and coal

Responsible for designing the layout of the new gensets at the site by arranging 3 gensets in parallel and connecting them to the transformer and RMU unit and direct supervision of the installation and commissioning of the same at the site

Determining the Transformer capacity by doing the full load calculation in order to choose the right type of transformer in KVA

Preparation of Daily Power Generation Report

Responsible for the preparation of Weekly & Monthly Power Generation Reports

Arranging daily operations with the operators and electricians

Installation of Transformers, Generators, and Switchgears and direct supervision of termination, testing, & commissioning

Megger and Hi-pot testing done for measuring insulation resistance and leakage current

Termination of Transformers, RMU units using Raychem kit for medium voltage terminations (13.8 KV)

3S Network Inc., Bellevue, Washington, USA

RF Engineer (February 2010 – July 2011)

Optimization enhancement of UMTS network by change in Antenna, Power, Tilt, Type, Azimuth

(Orientation) settings

Monitor GSM and UMTS statistics and KPIs such as Dropped Calls, HO Failures, SQI (Speech Quality), Accessibility Failures, Hardware Issues

Perform drive tests for the verification of coverage/call quality using TEMS Investigator and Agilent for the optimization of the network

Analyze the test log files for signal strength, interference, coverage lacking, handover decision improvement, neighbor cell relation, cell selection/ reselection for UMTS

Use MapInfo to create thematic diagrams to present Receive level, Receive Quality, Dropped Calls, Blocked Calls, HO failure to monitor system performance

Expert in root cause analysis and layer 3 messages – Counter level analysis

Post process drive test log files using Actix for analyzing drive test data

Analyze on the type of Antenna to be used, its technical capabilities like tilt, type, gain and adaptability while expanding and looking at geographical conditions, providing expertise on tower dimensioning, locations, heights of antennas and update the database changes RF Drive Test Coordinator (January 2009 – January 2010)

Coordinated 8 drive test teams for data collection of second carrier 3G network in California market

Coordinated with engineers for optimization and performed site verification and troubleshooting of drive tests

Interacted with the engineers for any issue related with the data files or network issues

Created drive routes for the drive test teams using MapInfo

Organized drive routes and provided technical support to drive teams for equipment related issues Ericsson, Plano, Texas, USA (January 2008 – December 2008) RF Drive Tester

Drive tested WCDMA Network. Functionality testing of newly integrated UMTS sites in Texas Market

Involved in tuning drives of clusters

Made drive Routes for the cluster in MapInfo and Microsoft Street and Trips

Made optimization drive tests using TEMS Investigation tool

Collected RF measurements such as CPICH RSCP, CPICH Ec/Io, UE Tx Power, SIR, etc.

Generated drive KPIs and could make recommendations to improve them

Diagnosed all RF related problems such as coverage analysis, swapped sectors, pilot pollution, missing neighbors, dropped calls etc.

Used MapInfo for visualizing drive tests, printing coverage and best server plots

Reported all the issues and analysis to RF Optimization Lead TECHNICAL SKILLS

Software Skills – AutoCAD, DIALux evo, Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Dreamweaver, MATLAB, MATHCAD, MINITAB, PSPICE, Word, Excel, Power Point

RF Planning & Drive Test Equipment – TEMS, Agilent, QXDM, Actix, MapInfo Professional 9.5

RF Post Processing Tools- Actix, LDAT

RF H/W Equipment – Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Network Analyzer, GPS

Operating Systems – Windows Vista/7/8/10, Linux, and MAC operating systems PERSONAL DETAILS

Father’s Name

Mr. Fahimuddin Zahoor Ahmed

Date of Birth

February 28, 1979

Iqama Type

Transferable Iqama

Aramco ID Number




Driving License


Marital Status




Languages Known

English, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic

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