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Software developer

Oak Park, Illinois, United States
September 24, 2019

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Thomas Joseph Finch

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Oak Park, IL 60302-3321

Thomas Joseph Finch, Sr

Career Summary

Project Management positions, in-house or consulting, for many different companies. Leadership role in projects supporting new areas or existing areas within a company.

Project Coordination positions, in-house or consulting. This position involved linking project personnel of different skill sets within to fulfill the different tasks to be done. This position was under the Project Manager.

Managing people on both a technical level and a career level. Special preference with developing younger staff members, both in their careers and the technology.

Technical assignments on both the AS/400 and the PC, in support of the projects I worked on.

Communication linkage from one company to another company, (I worked for one firm and their clients), which involved transferring data files between the companies. The transfer was accomplished using standard EDI process and/or customized transfer protocol languages.

Working on EDI processes at different clients. Most of the EDI processes were with Incoming information to the client. Then mapping the income data pieces, (fields), to the client’s database. Then turning this design over to the programmers.

The ability to work at a client and learn that client’s “method/standards” of doing a process. This could be file design, programing design, EDI processing, Design documenting and more.

Use of formal routines to do design, programming, unit testing, system testing, and installation. Use SOX methodology but customized for each client. The client developed their own “form” and the technical team would then fill the forms out. The goal(s) were to capture the actual design, the programming/testing, and the installation.

Please see the last page for the technical details in programming on the AS/400 computer.



Since 1979, in the IBM platform environment

Extensive experience in most of the AS/400 Enterprise Software, (BPCS, PRMS, JBA, Infinium, Distrack, Intelec). This includes developing custom, related programs over the Package database.

Project Leadership roles, including team member career development, project tracking and documentation, and reporting to upper management.

Team Leader Roles, including designing new systems, designing enhancements to existing systems, and program code reviewing.

Documentation Roles, including existing systems and newly developed systems.

Proficient in RPG III, RPG IV, RPG ILE, RPG SQL, and RPG-FREE on the AS/400.

Experience in 4GL software on AS/400 and the PC.

Experience in Crystal Reports, (limited).

Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

Proficient in transferring files between the AS/400 and a PC.

Experience in using FTP on the AS/400.

Experience in using SQL on the AS/400, outside of RPG, (STRSQL).

Aug 2016–Present: Consulting position: Independent


Consulting work at various clients. Limited engagements. These clients had the requirement to develop any NEW programs in RPG-Free. The existing programs were left in their original RPG version.

The last client was Claires, the new programs were written in RPG Free. The other programs were left as is. One-year engagement, ending in June 2019.

May 2014–Jul 2016 Consulting position: Ceannate


Student Loan Repayment firm: Working on enhancing custom functions based off the Intelec software. The work was a mixture of custom development, (90%) and enhancements to the Intelec programs, (10%). Much of the work had to deal with files being sent or being received from clients or vendor.

Checking on Day End functions from home, during the week. This involved responding to phone messages if any of the AS/400 functions had an error.

Developing RPG programs that interact with Client Server programs, using SQL, using FTP, using comma delimited flat files.

Dec 2012–April 2014 Full time position: DMS Pharmaceutical


Pharmaceutical Supply firm: Working on enhancing custom functions based off the Distrack software. The work was a mixture of custom development and enhancements to the Distrack programs. Much of the work had to deal with files being sent or being received from clients or vendor.

Some EDI processing, cloning of existing processes.

Checking on Day End functions from home, during the work week. This involved checking if any of the day end functions had an error.

2010–Nov 2012 Independent Consulting


Art Supply firm: Working on enhancing custom functions based off the Ware software. The work was all custom development using Commercial the files and limited programs from the software package. Most of the work dealt with “reports” being sent to the Spreadsheet software on the system. Dick Blick Co. (Summer 2011 to Fall 2012.)

Software firm: Working on enhanced functions within the various modules of the software firm. Worked on both changing existing programs and writing new programs. NBS Consulting Software firm, (Spring 2011).

School project, (private school), (Winter 2010/2011).

Private company, Home Retailer Parties, AS/400 arena, Signature Homestyles (Fall 2010).

Pizza Company: Deliveries project, (Winter 2010).

Mar 2005– Apr 2010 Bowne Incorporated, Chicago IL

(formerly Rapid Solutions Group)

(Bought by R.R. Donnelly)

Position: Senior Programmer

(Mar 2005 through Oct 2006 as a consultant)

Team Member in Custom environment, on the AS/400. This is a technical position using RPG ILE and RPG Free. Extensive communication between the AS/400, the IFS drive on the AS/400 and our clients’ sites.

Team Member in developing solutions for each client of Bowne/RSG. The customized code was based on RSG’s propriety AS/400 software being used as a base. The customized program(s) were then applied atop the base software.

Most client(s) files came into Bowne/RSG in different formats, on the server or the IFS. The customized programs then brought the file(s) to the AS/400 for the order entry system/database to be used. The AS/400 then created (Post Script) files sent to the server for actual document printing.

Use of SQL to debug programs that create files.

Jan 2001– Dec 2005 Plan 4 Excellence, Rolling Meadows IL

Position: Senior Consultant

Team Member/Consultant in JBA / Custom environment, on the AS/400. This was a technical assignment using RPG ILE. The client provided clean uniforms to their clients. The applications I worked on were customizations to the software package modules for Inventory, Order Processing, and Accounting. (Cintas Uniforms)

Team Member/Consultant in JBA / Custom environment, on the AS/400. This was a second technical assignment using RPG ILE for another client. The client provided purified water products to businesses and private households. The applications I worked on were customizations to the Order Processing, Inventory, Accounting, and Shipping modules.

Team Member/Consultant in PRMS environment, on the AS/400. This was a technical assignment, using RPG IV. The client provided purified hardware products to other businesses. The applications I worked on were customizations to the Order Processing, Inventory, Accounting, and Shipping modules.

Team Member/Consultant in Financial reporting project, using Crystal Reports. The client was a financial services firm. The reports were custom generated, using the software product.

Team Member/Consultant in Client Database project, using ACT 2000 software. The client was a member organization company. The project developed different databases, for the different organizations.

1992–2000 New Resources Corporation, Rolling Meadows IL

Position: Senior Consultant

Project Manager in Year 2000 projects.

Team Member / Team Leader in Distribution and Manufacturing projects. This included extensive experience in the BPCS AS/400 Enterprise package.

EDI projects for various clients.

Team Member / Team Leader in Financial projects.

Staff Manager, for other employees/consultants

Instructor for Internal classes. The classes covered consulting knowledge and AS/400 technical topics.

1990–1992 Independent Consulting, Chicagoland


Banking project.

Credit Checking Company.

Soft Drink Bottler

1987–1990 Michaels, Ross, & Cole Lombard, IL

Project Leader/Programmer

Development and Support of a 4th GL software package for the AS/400 and the S38.

The Software package allowed users to develop reports and inquiry programs over their own database. The reports /inquires were developed in minutes, in place of days.

Responsible for customer support within the use of the package.

1983–1987 Independent Consulting. Chicagoland

Consultant (Some of the businesses worked with)

Food Distributor, PRMS package.

Bank Industry, custom software.

Printing Ink Manufacturer, PRMS software.

Screw Manufacturer, custom software

1982–1983 Abbott Laboratories. Abbott Park, IL

Team Leader

Internal Distribution package, based on BPCS software

Programming and Installation.

1979–1982 Profession Computer Resources Oak Brook, IL


Custom software projects, based on the S/34 andS/38

Learned RMS package software, predecessor of PRMS.


1974–1976 St. Norbert College De Pere WI

1976–1978 University of Chicago Chicago, IL

B.A., Economics


Family, Music, Bridge, Rugby, Gardening, Travel, Ancestry


Limited travel preferences, outside of United States.

Travel within the continental United States is fine.


Upon request.

Technical notes on coding on the IBM Mid-Range, (System 32, System 34, System 38, and AS/400, (or I Series):

I have used subfiles extensively from the System 38 days until present. (Even did “subfiles” on the System 34.) This is all types of subfiles, single page, multi-page, etc.

I have done On-Line programs since the System 34 days, most of them two screens, but some larger.

I have done Inquiry programs since the System 34 days. Many times the different Inquiry programs were written, then strung together. The use of function keys would link the programs together.

I have done batch programming, usually with some type of report or internal counters, if no report was desired. This allowed for easier debugging when questions arose.

In the last 10 years or so most new programs I wrote were in RPG-Free.

If possible, many times universal programs were written, that could be called from multiple programs, (e.g. Date Editing, company specific Item number editing, etc.)

I ALWAYS internally document the RPG programs that I write.

I have used CL programming extensively from the System 34 days, (then known as OCL).

I believe more in creating “work” files for a program then in using SQL inside the RPG program. The “work” file usually offers better tracking if there are “bugs”.

I have used SQL by itself, but in my opinion the product DBU is much better.

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