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Civil Engineer, QA/QC CIVIL, Site Engineer, Documentation

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
September 24, 2019

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Antonio B. Gerez

***-** **. **** *** Kalubihan, Talamban Cebu City, Cebu Philippines

Prince Naif Street, Olaya Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Cell # 054******* WhatsApp 054*******

E-mail Address:


Age : 46 years old

Date of Birth : November 11, 1972

Nationality : Filipino

Marital Status : Married

Religion : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)



School : University of Southern Philippines Foundation

Major : Masters of Science in Environmental Management

Address : Salinas Drive Lahug Cebu City Philippines

Year Graduated : With Units Only (Under Graduate)

School : Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA)

Address : Arch Bishop Reyes Street, Cebu City, Philippines

Major : Industrial Motor Control

Year Graduated : February 26, 2005

School : University of San Jose- Recoletos

Major : Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Address : Magallanes Street, Cebu City Philippines

Year Graduated : March 26, 1994

Secondary School:

School : Abellana National School

Address : Jones Avenue Cebu City, Cebu Philippines

Year Graduated : March 1989

Primary School:

School : Banilad Elementary School

Address : Governor Cuenco Sts. Cebu City, Cebu Philippines

Year Graduated : March 1985



Position : Site Engineer

Specialization : Engineering/Civil-Construction

Date Joined : January 5, 2019 – Present

Project : Abha Housing Project (PRECAST)

Responsibility :

Checking all delivered Precast Panels, Precast Beams, Precast Stairs, Precast Parapet and Precast Scooper.

Checking of rebar work of foundation.

Checking the layouting of Panel installation and it corresponding dowels.

Checking the panels if it follows the tolerance/allowable of verticality and horizontality.

Checking the plumbness of Panels on each corner.

Checking the installation of steel bar between panels before grouting.

Checking the Hollow Core Slab and its opening for electrical and plumbing services.

Monitoring all workers that they will meet the schedule.

Monitoring the availability of materials on site so that there will be no delays/slippages on schedule.

Company Name : Freyssinet KSA

Position : Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Specialization : Engineering/Civil-Construction

Date Joined : December 2008- June 2013

Responsibilities: (Headquarters Business Park) 56 Storey Building ( 900,000,000 SR)

Check the concrete delivered on site, slump and its corresponding temperature.

Check the verticality of the kelly’s rig and the deep of excavation

Quality Control Reporting.

Inspection of piles during the progress of concrete pouring.

Make Daily Report and Weekly Report to the Project manager.

Make Inspection Report to be submitted to the consultant.

Monitor of the Pile Head Breaking and Trimming if it reaches to the allowed elevation.

Monitor the Plate load test.

Monitor the piles with Integrity Test and Cross Hole Sonic Test.

Monitor the O-cell Test.

Monitor the Coring Test conducted by independent Laboratory (URS).

Checking the Rebar works of piles before concreting.

Monitoring the Dynamic Load Test.

Checking and monitoring of rebar works, electrical piping laying installation before concrete pouring will occur if all are intact and accepted by the consultant.

Monitoring and checking of Architectural Finishes such as Marble installation, Painting Works, Door and Door Jamb’s finishes, Railings installation and painting, Installation of Acoustic tiles and its accessories such as T-runners etc., Checking the progress activities of subcontractors at all mechanical works at chiller area, HVAC, plumbing works at fire sprinkler at Ceiling, monitoring of all plastering works at all Concrete Hollow Blocks.

(Haramain High Speed Rail Phase 1 Package 1 – Jeddah)

(June 08, 2013 – October 2013) (500,000,000.00 Saudi Riyal)

Familiarization of all Approved Drawings on Site that conforms with ISO Standards.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Documentations and Letter.

Monitoring all request for Inspection.

Checking all updated Approved Drawing on Site.

Checking all the queries to the Consultants (DAR al-Handasah)

Making daily Construction Report to be submitted to the Project manager, Planning Engineer, Structural Engineer and Site Manager.

Monitoring the Piling Works.

Monitoring and witnessing the on-going installation of Segmental Girders (Sand Blasting, Threading, Application of Epoxy and Squeezing of Girders and its installation.

Monitoring and inspection of Backfilling and Compaction and FDT.

Monitoring and inspection of Waterproofing.

Monitoring of all accomplished work at the Project Site.

Ministry of Housing – Infrastructure Project (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)

Site QA/QC Engineer

November 2013 – July 2016 (338, 000, 000.00 SR)

Make Daily Reports to the Consultants and Project Manager, Construction Manager

Monitoring the Every Layer of Compacted Materials if it passed or not and the soil sample they laid.

Checking the Clearing and Grading of the Area.

Checking the Soil Compaction using Nuclear Test Methodology

Making Inspection Request.

Monitoring all activities of the Subcontractor

Witnessing the FDT Test with the Consultants (PARSONS) and Third Party (RGF).

Checking and monitoring of the Laboratory at the Site.

Checking of all the Filling materials used before dumping /used at site.

Coordinate with the consultant.

Monitoring the FDT Schedules and monitor if it pass or not.

Monitor sand making of Daily Quality Report to be submitted to the QA/QC Manager and to the Consultant’s QA/QC.

Monitoring the Soil Laboratory.

Replying the Site Instruction.

Closing all Non Conformance Report (NCR)

Metro Railway – Metro Depot (Riyadh Saudi Arabia)

QA/QC Engineer

July 28, 2016 – October 18, 2016

Monitoring and Checking of all installed Formworks, Rebars

Checking the Rock Identification

Monitoring the newly poured Concrete at CIVIL ROADWAY.

Checking the Duct Banks to be poured with concrete on that day.



QA/QC Engineer

October 19, 2016 – November 15, 2018

Checking all existing floor, walls, ceilings, finishes and etc to be restore.

Checking actual dimensions and location of stairs, hallways, rooms, courtyards and etc.

Checking the area that needs immediate shoring and propping.

Checking actual installation of new materials at heritage building.

Making some drawings to submit to the CADD Team to be an existing plan.

Quantifying the actual area cubic meters to be remove on site and actual dimension of all the buildings.

Taking photos daily for daily reports.

Assessing AUTOCADD to verify the site for concerns.

Designed of CEB (Compressed Earth Blocks) for approval to the consultant

Monitoring the Width, Length and Thickness of CEB.

Monitoring the whole work force (Production Area)at site.

Making new design as per manager’s request and consultant’s approval.

Checking of soil delivered on site.

Daily testing of CEB if it reached to its desired strength before delivering it to the site.


(Construction Dept./Project Management Division)

Position : Project Employee/Project Inspector

Specialization : Engineering/Civil-Construction

Date Joined : July 2000

Date End : November 2008


Have monthly meeting with the Project Manager and other higher executives who will visit the project.

Discuss the problem occurred if there is any and other upcoming problems and find solutions to the needs of the projects as well as the need of the contractor.

Have a meeting with the consultants and discuss the progress of the works and its percentage. Have a weekly contact with the consultant to meet the quality and standard plans and specifications.

Inspect all the materials installed if it meets the specifications. Work well with the contractor if they follow the agreement before the project has started.

Inspect all the works from excavation of Foundation, Concrete/Structural, plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Site Development, Landscaping, Specialties, Roofing, Painting.

Monitor daily the Execution of Personal Protective Equipments if contractor did follow.

Make a monthly report to the project manager such as the Milestone of each phase of the work, Percentage Accomplishment to date, Status of the Activity, Masonry, Architectural, Carpentry, Site Development, Status of Materials Delivered, Minutes of the Meetings, MEMO/Letter to the leaders and contractor, MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORT, PROJECT TRACKING FORM, PROJECT COST CONTROL, AC-21. These documents will be mailed to the Project Manager for his report to the committee.


Guizo, MandaueCity, Cebu Meetinghouse

Humay-Humay, Lapu-lapuCity, Cebu Meetinghouse

Tanauan, Leyte Meetinghouse

Lahug, Cebu Meetinghouse

Lilo-an, Cebu Meetinghouse

Sudlon, MandaueCity, Cebu Meetinghouse

Carcar, Cebu Meetinghouse

Tagbilaran, Bohol Meetinghouse

Consolacion, Cebu Chapel (ACU Project)

Labogon, Mandaue Cebu Chapel (ACU Project)

Aloguinsan, Cebu Meetinghouse

Company Name : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

(Operation and Maintenance Division)

Position : Project Inspector

Specialization : Engineering/Civil-Construction

Date Joined : July 1997

Date End : July 2000


Visit and inspect the project to be bid.

Make a detailed specification.

Invite contractors to attend the Pre-Bid.

Estimates the project.

Make a detailed Bid Recap.

Inspect the project while on-going from painting, varnishing, plumbing, civil works, electrical and mechanical if follows the specifications.

Monitor the weekly Value of Work base on their Bid Estimates.

Report to the Operation and Maintenance Manager weekly and discuss the progress of the work.

Project Handled:

Calbayog Chapel, Western Samar, Philippines

Tanauan Chapel, Leyte, Philippines

Baybay Chapel, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Maasin Chapel, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Catbalogan Chapel, Western Samar, Philippines

Tacloban Mission Home, Tacloban Leyte Philippines

Tacloban Mission Office, Tacloban Leyte Philippines

Tolosa Chapel, Leyte Philippines

Canmogsay Chapel, Leyte Philippines

Calape Chapel, Bohol, Philippines

Lo-on Chapel, Bohol Philippines

Pardo Chapel, CebuPhilippnes

Fatima Chapel, Tacloban Leyte, Philippines

Company Name : White Leopard Builders (Sideline Project)

Position : Project Engineer/Estimator

Specialization : Engineering/Civil-Construction

Date Joined : January 2005


Visit the project to be bid and attend the pre-bid conference. Checked all the prices of the materials and estimate the said project.

Supervise the project until it will be turn over to the owner.

Have a weekly meeting with the workers and monthly meeting with the owner of the construction to find solutions to speed up the works and find probable upcoming problems and find solutions to it.


1.Lahug, Cebu Meetinghouse

2.Lapu-lapu, Cebu Meetinghouse

3.Lilo-an, Cebu Meetinghouse

4.Pardo, Cebu Meetinghouse

5.Lasang, Davao Meetinghouse

6.Mangagoy, Surigao Meetinghouse

7.Babac, Davao Meetinghouse

8.Carmen, Davao Meetinghouse

9.Nabunturan, Davao Meetinghouse

10.Calbayog Samar Meetinghouse

11.Pinamungajan, Cebu Meetinghouse

12.Allen, Samar Meetinghouse

13.Tolosa, Leyte Meetinghouse

14.Burauen, Leyte Meetinghouse

15.Tacloban, Leyte Meetinghouse

16.TAPA KING Restaurant, Mabolo Cebu City

17.TAPA KING Restaurant, SM City Cebu

Company Name : MIJO CONSTRUCTION (Sideline Project)

Position/Title : Quality Assurance/Estimator

Specialization : Engineering/Civil-Construction

Date Joined : January 2003

Date Left : November 2004


Visit and attend pre-bid conference and estimates the project to be bid.

Attend all the problem occurred during the on going project. Inspect all the quality of the building. Making sure that the materials installed will meet the standard specifications of the project.

Meeting with the owner side inspector if there were lapses/lacked in the plans.


Alang-Alang, Leyte Meetinghouse

San Miguel, Leyte Meetinghouse

Dagami, Leyte Meetinghouse

Almeria, Biliran Meetinghouse

Tacloban, Leyte Meetinghouse

Pardo, Cebu Meetinghouse

Calbayog, Samar Meetinghouse

San Isidro, Leyte Meetinghouse

Calubi-an, Leyte Meetinghouse

Lutopan, Cebu Meetinghouse


Position/Title : Lead man in Soil Exploration

Specialization : Geology/Geophysics

Date Joined : September 1992

Date Left : March 1993


We do some soil exploration using split spoon and checked the condition of the soil as well as the kinds of soil.

Checked all the moisture content as well as the plasticity limit of the soil.

Monitor the number of boreholes and its depth and report to the Soil Engineer.


Two-Storey Residential house located at PACIFIC GRAND VILLAS Suba Bas-bas, Marigondon, Lapu-lapuCity, Cebu owned by Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Caballes.

Two-Storey Beach Side Residential House located at Luyang, Carmen, Cebu owned by Mrs. Josefina Mag-usara Hatakanaka.

Tapa King Restaurant located at Mabolo Cebu City and SM City Cebu owned by Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.

Sheridan Bldg. at North Reclamation Project Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines owned by Mr. Joseph Tan. Inspection (Punch listing) of entire Three Storey Building prior to turn over to the owner.


Name : Jongyoung Song

Cell# : (966-**-***-****

WhatsApp : +821*-****-****

Company : Freyssinet Saudi Arabia

Relationship : Branch Technical Director

Name : Edgardo E. Fernando

Telephone Number : +639*********

Company : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

E-mail Address :

Relationship : My previous Area Facility Manager

Name : Karl Russel Matas

Telephone : +966-**-***-****

Company : Freyssinet Saudi Arabia

Relationship : Old Friend

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