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Power Plant Electrical

San Juan, Philippines
September 23, 2019

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Applicant’s Name : Belarmino E. Maraon Country : PHILIPPINES

Date of Birth : May 13, 1961 Civil Status : Married

E-mail : Contact : 006***********

Objective: To build more solid structure of skills and expertise in field electrical,

mechanical and other related field that acquired in those years on several

company with deferent nature of business. Further, is to

pursue in achieving the growth and stability of the company, I work




Over 34 years’ experience in the field of Electrical and mechanical On high rise building Construction, Power Plant, Food Processing Plant, Vessel fabrication Company, handling electrical and mechanical in Installation Operation and Maintenance, including the repair.

Installation, testing,commissioning and Maintenance including repair of mechanical and electrical equipment, such as MV Substation, Switch gear, Stand by Generator, Chiller and etc. components, Air handling unit (AHU), HRU, FCU components and controls, Water softener, Pressure / Exhaust fans, Access door control, Fire Alarm system and BMS monitoring and control. Emergency Lights system, MICC wiring and etc.

Work on high rise building, lightning protection/ grounding, laying pipes and boxes and etc for power, light, cctv, communication system and fire alarms systems and other services along the slab, column and walls. Includes the final installation testing commissioning as well as operation of all electrical components controls and equipment and etc.

Working in Power Plant and Vessel Fabrication Plant,handling Installation, testing, commissioning,Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Electrical and Mechanical equipment, such as Electric Generators, Sub-station switch gear control and etc., high and medium voltage circuit breaker,MCC, Reduce voltages starter, VFD control, several pumps, blowers or Fans Conveyors, Crusher/grinding machine,Boilers and etc. components, Air Compressors, several control Valves and etc.

Installation, operation, maintenance and repair of Mechanical and Electrical Instrument and equipment. Like PRV, Electric driven valve, Pneumatic valve, Hydraulic driven valve and pumps, several manual valves etc.

Have skill and knowledge in Installation, Operation Maintenance of Manual, semi-automatic and/or fully automated Welding equipment such as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Flux-Cores Arc Welding (FCAW), Plasma Arc Welding (PAW), Oxy-Acetylene (OAW), and Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), manual or semi-automatic flame-Cutting equipment, oxygen and cutting equipment (arc-air) and drill presses.

Other skills are Ship (LT/vessel)Electrician, Building Electrician, Electrical Rewinding (electric motors, Generators (ac& dc),Transformers, etc.),mobile equipment tech., some Electronics Repair, Plumber/pipe fitters, Welder (arc and tig)


Graduate/Diploma of Bachelor in Science in Industrial technology/Industrial Electricity


Registered Master Electrician– PRC License no. 15430



EMPLOYMENT DATE .November 29, 2018 to May 29, 2019

COUNTRY Tripoli, Libya

COMPANY PROFILE……… Accomplish several project on EEL FEEL, ACACUS,

MABROUK oil extracting plant, provide

maintenance services and consultancy

JOB TITLE Electrical Technician/Foreman


Handling installation, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of electrical machinery’s

and equipment

Assist of mechanical installation on the field, fabrication facilities and


Install pumps and control, Lighting and air conditioning unit.

Performing of plumbing and masonry works.

COMPANY NAME Construction Development Corporation (CDC)

EMPLOYMENT DATE Jan. 28, 2008 --- March 17, 2018

COUNTRY Doha, Qatar

COMPANY PROFILE Known on Construction of high rise building in any part of

Qatar such as known Al-fardan Plaza and twin towers, Bagel.

Al-Qassar, Pearl Qatar tower, 5 towers of west bay St.

Regis hotel, Kempenski (Mara malas), Doha New port

Project, (Custom building, MWANI, control tower and Custom

Examining building, Airport building and many more.

JOB TITLE Electrical Foreman/Supervisor


To implement the standard requirement/ installation to fixe pipe, boxes and etc. of the points base on the drawing/ for the following system, power, lights, telephone /data, access control and fire alarm, BMS, RMS and lighting protection system.

Designated, assigned and supervised personnel to different daily activities.

a). Layout/Installation pipes, boxes and etc. for different system along the slab, walls and


b). Installation of GI conduit, Cable trunk, cable tray and etc. including pulling wires and power

cables with joints and connections.

c) Installation lighting fixtures, power sockets,, MCC, Secondary Main DB DBs, Circuit breaker

Transformers and several controllers (, RVS, VFD, STAT/DELTA and etc.) for pump

Pressure, exhaust and cooling fan, include kitchen and laundry equipment

d) Installation, testing, commissioning and Maintenance including repair of mechanical and

electrical equipment, such as MV Substation, Switch gear, Stand by Generator, Chiller and

e) softener, Pressure / Exhaust fans, Access door control, Fire Alarm system and BMS

monitoring and control. Emergency Lights system, MICC wiring and etc.

f) Make daily report of personnel activities and materials .consumptions.

g) Perform testing, pre-commissioning commissioning processing ready for hand over the


h) Plan and prepare the activity on the following day base of site condition

COMPANY NAME Zamil Steel Industries, Inc

EMPLOYMENT DATE Oct. 14, 2005 – Nov. 28, 2007

COUNTRY Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

COMPANY PROFILE Pressure Vessel, Structural Steel and other Fabrication

company with over thousand employees

JOB TITLE Electrical Foreman


a: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Several 5000Kva generating unit. Laying cable and

connections both generators, controls and loads.

b: Installation of Machineries, commissioning operation and maintenance, such as; 7m x 7m

Column and boom machine, Several FCAW, SMAW, and GTAW, portable SAW, roller,

Bending, drilling, advance plasma and oxy-acetelyn cutting, portable plasma cutting

machine 50/30 tons overhead crane and 25, 35, 60,150 tons roller bed machines and

several heaters or heat up metal before welding.

c: Installation Repair and Maintenances of machine driven generator on mobile lightings,

includes the perimeter lightings.

d: Conduct periodic check-up/ inspection of all the electrical installation and equipment

(include mobile generator and lighting), Plant machineries, electronic controls etc., ensuring

Operational reliability.

e: Has maintenance program in place, both mechanical and electrical, analyze carefully the

cause of breakdown and the corrective action implemented, so there will be no

unnecessary loss due to breakdowns or failure of the system and the machine

f: Make corrective, preventive maintenance and Calibration of all electrical equipment,

Welding machine, Cutting, Bending, Drilling machine and 3 unit 500KVA Generator.

g: Plan and Make work schedule on the following day base of site condition, then record the

daily activities and material use. Take inventory of require tools, material use in in several

maintenance and repair activities.

Employer : CP KELCO Philippines Inc.

Address : Abogon, Sibonga, Cebu

Inclusive Date : March 01, 2001 to October 20, 2005

Job Description : Mechanical Technician

Basic functions : Performs preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance

activities of stationary and rotating equipment at CP kelco

Philippines, Inc. The functions also includes equipment

inspection, millwrighting /alignment jobs and installation


Duties and responsibilities:

1...Receive instructions and performs preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance

activities as assigned by the Mechanical Supervisor.

a. Inspection of equipment and monitor performance

b. Millwrighting activities which mainly involves replacement and installation of

equipment and machinery.

c. Involves mainly lay-out/installation of equipment in accordance to plans, schematic

drawings and other specifications requirement. Safety items- considers all safety aspect of

the activity prior to its start.

d. Housekeeping of the work area, cleaning and servicing of hand tools, equipment

and shop facilities used in performing the jobs.

2. Performs equipment’s overhauling activities and modification of facilities.

3. Equipment installation.

4. Turnover accomplished work permits to the supervisor after the process supervisor

conforms work completion and satisfactory reports are attained after the equipment

test run.

5. Implements cost reduction and quality circle projects to improve equipment availability

and production.

6. Renders overtime and other special jobs as per instruction of the supervisor and

respond to call-in during the off-shifts to perform emergency/urgent jobs.

7. attends periodic/schedule departmental, section, quality circle, safety and other


8. Know and follow all safety policies and procedures and apply to the job.

9. Maintain work areas in a clean and uncluttered manner.

10. Report hazardous conditions and make suggestions to the supervisor for improved

safety facilities or operational methods.

11. Report all injuries, near miss incidents and incidents which involve damage to

Company property promptly to the Supervisor.

12. Support the implementation of the document procedures and work instruction of the

QMS and EMS related to the job.

13. Assigned to perform other task. (As a boiler technician, operate, monitor the performance

of the boiler, adjustments, installation of some equipment in fuel system, replace and

install new burner for the effective and maximum fuel burning.

Equipment installed and maintain: Boilers, water softener, Chillers, Pelletizers, blenders, milling, 50 tons Hydraulic Pressers, compressors, plate hex, Dust collectors, Filters, Vibrating screen, belt and screw conveyors, rotating drums, traveling & over head crane, pneumatic drive equipment different types of pumps, valves and Waste water facilities (vertical pump, agitator, ph analyzer and dosing valve at neutralizing pond,,, pumps and level sensor at equalization pond, meter, oxygen meter, air diffuser and surface aerator at aerated pond,,, recycle pump, thickener dosing pump and sludge scraper at clarifier,,, sludge presser…) etc.

Employer : Genu Philippines Inc.

Address : Suite 903, Keppel Center Cebu Business Park, Cebu City.

Inclusive Date : November 23, 1992 to March 01, 2001

Job Description : Plant Maintenance foreman

Basic Function : Ensures the proper and safety installation, operations and

maintenance of all electrical/mechanical equipment’s in the plant.

Duties and Responsibilities:

a… Conduct periodic check-up/ inspection of all the electrical installation (including perimeter

fences lighting) equipment (to include mobile), electronic controls etc., to ensure it is


b...Reads power and water meter daily as required for consumption recording and reporting


a.Has maintenance program in place, both mechanical and electrical. Analyzes carefully

the cause of breakdown, if any so that there will be no unnecessary breakdowns,

delays and interruptions in the operation.

d. Maintains working areas under his concern is clean, ensuring that tools, spare and worn

out parts are kept in place when doing repairs that there will be no spillage of oil on the

floor, that there will be no loose items everywhere that may be contaminate the

product and damage equipment’s.

e. Regularly analyze production downtime cause by the equipment and make

recommendation or solution to minimize frequency of breakdowns.

f. Identify critical production equipment, facilities and critical spare parts that requires

preventive maintenance and spare parts preparation.

g. Log down daily maintenance activities and plan ahead for the next day activities.

h. Implement preventive maintenance program.

i. Installation, maintenance and operation Waste water facilities (vertical pump, agitator,

Ph. analyzer and dosing valve at neutralizing pond,,, pumps and level sensor at

equalization pond, turbidity meter, oxygen meter, air diffuser and surface aerator at

aerated pond, recycle pump, thickener dosing pump and sludge scripter at clarifier,

sludge presser…) and control.

Occasional duties and responsibilities:

. Assumes responsibilities of the Production /Maintenance Supervisor in the latter’s absence.

. Assumes the work assignment given during non-operating days unless urgent job has to

be done that requires his skills.

. Responsible for the preventive maintenance and actual trouble shooting of equipment.

. Record all maintenance activities for the equipment history.

. Initiate and fill up job order request before and after the job accomplishment.

Job related abilities:

Has expertise on both field of Electrical and Mechanical equipment installed operate and maintain such as: Boilers, water softener, milling, Dust collectors, Filters, Vibrating screen, belts, screws & pneumatic conveyors, rotating drums, traveling/overhead crane, pneumatic drive equipment, different types of pumps, blowers, valves, forklift, cars, office facilities, laboratory equipment, AC unit, communication facilities, MCC’s, substation transformers. Layout and termination cables and wires. Includes Installation and maintenance both electrical and mechanical of Waste water facilities such (vertical pump, agitator, ph. analyzer and dosing valve at neutralizing pond,,, pumps and level sensor at equalization pond, turbidity meter, oxygen meter, air diffuser and surface aerator at aerated pond, recycle pump, thickener dosing pump and sludge scrip per at clarifier, sludge presser…) etc.

Employer : Al – Mansouryah Establishment

Address : Taif, K.S. A.

Inclusive Date : January 1992 to August 1992

Description of Duties : Maintenance Electrician

Duties and Responsibilities : Installation and maintenance of electrical component

power cable. panel board, A/C unit, communication

system, heaters lightings. Maintain light and heavy

equipment (electrical components), generators, motors

and etc.

Employer : Visayan Electric Company Inc. / Lapina Machine


Address : Ermita, Cebu City

Inclusive Date : April 01, 1983 to November 30, 1983

Job description : Electrician

Duties and Responsibilities : Power Plant Electrician, installation of R.C.B.S.

maintenance of steam and diesel generating unit on

Electrical equipment and apparatus.

Employer : Visayan Electric Company Inc. / Philippine Asiatic

Electro Mechanical Corporation

Address : Ermita, Cebu City

Inclusive Date : December 01, 1983 to January 1992

Job description : Electrician

Duties and Responsibilities :

a.Maintenance/repair of electrical equipment of steam turbine generating unit, it includes

motors and controls of coal crusher, belt conveyors, bucket elevator weighing scale,

spreader unit, suit blower, induce drop fan, cinder recovery fan, circulating sea water

pump, lub. oil pump, governor, control panels with circuit breakers, contactors and

switches built in on it, Ac generator, dc generator or exciter.

b.Maintenance/repair of electrical equipment in diesel generating equipment in the diesel

generating unit, it includes transfer pump of bunker and diesel fuel, fuel heater, oil

purifier, clarifier, circulating sea water pumps, fuel injection pump, nozzle cooling,

baring gears, temperature control and monitoring of bearings and cylinders, control

panel with breaker, contactors, fuses and switches on it, auxiliary transformers and

compressors. Inspection/cleaning of generator windings, dc generators, replacement of

brushes and lay out and termination of high tension cables including control wires.

c.Rewinding of 5mega watts 13,200 and 4160 volts generators, 400kw 440 volts motor

to the smallest wattage of motors, dc generators and motors, 150kva to 15kva oil and

dry type to the smallest wattages of transformers and several coils.

d.Installation of 132,000/13,200 volts, 69,000/24,000 volts, 69,000/13,200 volts

substation. It includes installation of accessories such as suspension insulator, cables,

lighting arrester, current and potential transformers of substation. Installation of 25Mva

132,000/13,200 volts, 25Mva 69,000/13,000 volts, 25Mva 69,000/24,000 volts

transformers, including some parts such as radiators, pt/ct coils, porcelain

insulated terminals both high and low voltages, built in oil and accessories. Layout and

termination of high power cables 750MCM and 250MCM including control wires.

Installation high and low voltage high power circuit breakers of the transformers they

using SF6 gas, oil and vacuum circuit breakers.

e.Maintenance/repair different kinds of high power circuit breakers such Air blast,

magnetic blast, vacuum and oil.

f. Maintenance/repairs battery chargers and batteries for the dc volt drives GE circuit


g.Installation/maintenance of wirings, cables for perimeter lighting, inside the plants,

offices and work shop, including AC unit and the communication system in the plant.

h. Maintenance, repair and installation of lights, control wires, motors and other

accessories of mobile crane, pay loader, dump trucks, fork lift and cars.

i. Maintenance/Electrician of M/T vessels of LUVIMIN mining transporting cargoes and

coals from the mining site towards different destinations. Maintain/repair all electrical

equipment such as generators, different kinds of motors, lightings and other electrical

accessories on the vessel.


--- Electrical Power System in Commercial Building

--- Basics Lubrication, Rolling Bearings: Theory and Practice. Bearing Technology and

Application Course

--- Principles of Corrosion, Corrosion Control and Paint Technology

--- Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Process, and Hazard Analysis and

Critical Control Point (HACCP)

--- From Performance Appraisal to Performance Management Workshop

--- Seminar – Workshop in Effective Communication and Human Relations

--- Self- Empowerment and Team Building Workshop

--- Basic Leadership Success Seminar

--- First Aid at Sea Course, Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention.

--- Personal Survival at Sea Course, Survival Craft Handling Course

--- Awareness Program on ISO - 2000




English, Tagalog













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