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Data Analyst

Littleton, Colorado, United States
September 23, 2019

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Joshua de Jong


Denver, Colorado


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Dec ’18

Concentration: Applied Mathematics Major GPA: 3:60

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

Technical Skills

Expert: C Graph Theory Java LaTeX Linear Algebra MatLab Python SQL Proficient: Excel Matplotlib NumPy Optimization Regression Models Relational Database

Novice: C++ Julia Machine Learning Pandas R Scala Selenium Tableau


Data Engineer

May ’18 – Dec ’18

Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University

- Developed Machine Vision tools in MatLab to aid in empirical data collection of chemical reactions.

- Created a relational database in SQL with a Java GUI to perform SQL queries and add experiments to the database.

- Preformed and presented regression modeling in R to predict the outcome of experiments.

- Dynamically approached problems with a team and taught statistical modeling techniques to junior researchers.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Aug ’16 – Dec ’18

Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University

- Facilitated student’s understanding of difficult topics through bi-weekly office hours and detailed feedback on homework, quizzes, and tests.

- Maintained grading records for 70+ students and identified where student where struggling in a subjects.

Project and Academic Research

Job Posting Keyword Analyzer

- Created a application using Python to scrap job postings from popular sites and identify keywords related to a position.

- Implemented a SQL database to archive job postings and their associated keywords.

- Allowed user to compare their resume to keywords used in the industry and suggested changes to their resume.

- Developed using Python, Matplotlib, NumPy, SQLite, and Selenium.

Neolithic Transition Models

Aug ’18 – Dec ’18

- Improved current demic and cultural diffusion models of the transition through differential modeling in R.

- Classified 765 regions across Europe though a network analysis of archaeological sites in python.

Van der Waerden Numbers

Jan ’18 – May ’18

- Verified current lower bounds for Van der waerden numbers by developing a SAT Solver in C.

- Substantial reduced calculation costs in construction arithmetic sequences by proving new found symmetries.

General Graphs & Network Research

Aug ’17 – Jan ’18

- Answered unsolved network and optimization question about the number of paths on a graph which meet a set of requirements by developing and proving a new mathematical method.

- Presented research at the 2018 Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference and received Outstanding Research Award from Colorado State University in 2018.


President, Math Club

Aug ’16 – Dec ’18

Colorado State University

- Planned and led weekly meetings for 25+ undergraduate students that engaged students to learn complex mathematical topics in creative ways.

Technical Manual for Ordinary Differential Equations

Jun ’17 – Dec ’18 Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University

- Led a team of students and worked with faculty to create a technical manual at Colorado State University with a projected annual profit of $1,200.

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