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Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
September 23, 2019

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12+ years of IT experience in Analysis, Design, and Implementation as an Oracle PL/SQL consultant with experience in data analysis, requirement management, and business process modeling in Finance, Telecom, Healthcare and Energy Services.

Recognized by management at different occasions for dedication and devotion at work in various projects.

Involved in all phases of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance with timely delivery against aggressive deadlines.

Expertise in Client-Server application development using Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, PL/SQL and SQL.

Created Tables, Views, Constraints, Index (B Tree, Bitmap and Function Based).

Experience with Data flow diagrams, Data dictionary, Database normalization theory techniques, Entity relation modeling(ER) and design techniques.

Expertise in developing new Forms and Reports by using Form Builder and Report Builder 11g/10g.

Experience in developing Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Extensions (RICE) in different Oracle applications.

Hands on experience in writing Triggers, Procedures, Functions, Cursor, XML and PL/SQL Packages, Bulk Collect, For ALL clause, REF cursor, DBMS packages, SQL Loader, Analytical functions, Dynamic SQL, Collections, Views, Materialized views, data cleansing, UQT reports and Exception handling.

Experience with Performance Tuning, Optimization for Oracle RDBMS using Explain Plan, SQL Trace and HINTS.

Understanding new ways to forecast client product needs and used that information in future analysis.

Experience in running the Shell Scripts for invoking SQL scripts.

Analyze data quality and report the anomalies to business users using TOAD, PLSQL Developer tools.

Prepared (MD-50) Functional specification, (MD-70) Technical Specification, Migration (MD-120), BR-100, CV-60 documents.

Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills and strong ability to perform as part of a team.

Domains End Clients worked so far

HealthCare General Electronics (GE),CVS Health

Telecom Zain Group Limited and Grammena Phone

Transportation General Electronics (GE)


Completed the oracle certification program as an Oracle PL/SQL developer certificate associate (OCA).

Received certificate of recognition award by senior client (General Electronics) partner for demonstrating technical skills in delivering projects on time with quality.


Completed (BTECH - EEE) Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from JNTU University, Hyderabad, India 2007.


Operating Systems

Windows XP/7 and Linux.

Database [RDBMS] Technologies

Oracle 8i, 9i, 10G, 11G.


Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, JavaScript,XML


TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Developer, Microsoft Word, PVCS Version Manager, HP Quality Center, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, PUTTY, WS_FTP,BI Publisher, User Query Tool, SVN.

Development Technologies

Oracle Forms and Reports, Forms personalization, XML Publisher, Oracle Workflow, UQT and Alerts.


Oracle Applications 11i, Oracle Application 12.1.1.

Defect/Bug Tracking Tools

JIRA and SharePoint.


Anthem Voyager Reporting, CVS Health [New Jersey/PA] DEC2018 – TILLDATE

Role: Senior Oracle PL/SQL Consultant

Generate Prescriber Detail Reports, Clinical Reports and transmit them monthly/quarterly to Client via our standard report delivery process. This report needs branded (logo) as IngenioRx or CVS based on the data criteria. Data displayed on the reports will correspond to the “mode of view” selected by the user at logon. The user will see data for CVS, Anthem, or both (“combined”), depending on the role(s) that they been assigned. Reports will be delivered to the appropriate destination directory or recipient based on the criteria mentioned above. Batch reports will be generated for Anthem and CVS Health and delivered to their respective directories. Presentation (and user population) of the mode of view form will not be available for batch reporting purposes.


Gathering the requirements from the business users on regular meetings and converted to ADD design documents.

Code design and development for project using Oracle SQL, PL/ SQL and Oracle Forms.

Designed Oracle Reports 11g/10g/9ibased on user needs.

Create Database Objects like Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers and functions.

Managed requirements gathering, system analysis and design, documentation, coding, testing, implementation.

enhance preventive health care/services

Modified the existing forms for the requirements.

Created alerts for the management of patient overflows (in situations of peak demand for health care services) Conducted unit testing of applications prior to release for user acceptance testing.

Prepared applications for release to test, pre-production and production environments.

Generated the UQT reports with the pl/sql code in the User Query Tool from SPARCS application.

Worked on Data Cleansing once migrated from SPARCS system

Worked on performance tuning of custom programs built on PL/SQL queries, packages and reports.

Environment: Oracle11g, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, UQT, Windows 10, SVN, SharePoint and Toad.

Anthem Voyager – Specialty IVR, CVS Health [New Jersey] JUL2018 – NOV2018

Role: Sr Oracle PL/SQL Consultant

The new Silver link file needs to be created for new client to identify patient and dispenses. Silverlink file is produced once daily as well hourly and send it to Silver link via SFTP.

Per new client patient’s specific requirement, need to have additional attributes added to all Silver link Refill and New member files to identify patients/members

Silver link vendor will also be sending additional disposition data back either hourly or daily for new client patients. Need to have disposition data pulled and notes to be added into HBS/SPARCS. Separate response file would be needed from Silver link for all new client patient calls.


Understanding and collecting requirements from Business user side.

Worked on Technical documentation ADD and test cases for the mentioned objects.

Worked as a lead in coordinating with the team members and assigning task to team members.

Responsible to analyze and ensure efficient transition of all technical design documents and develop various SQL packages .

Generated refill and disposition files hourly and daily.

Generated the UQT reports with the pl/sql code in the User Query Tool.

Tuned SQL queries using EXPLAIN PLAN for query optimization.

Performed Unit testing and modified codes for quality.

Debugged various defects related to implementation of business logic.

Environment: Oracle11g, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, UQT, Windows 10, SVN, SharePoint and Toad.

WFO Transition Project, CVS Health [New Jersey] MAR2018 – JUNE2018

Role: Oracle PL/SQL Consultant

Worked with WFO Migration project, which transit the patient details legacy SPARCS to new SPRx workflow by implementing different modes comprises of Batch transaction, status trigger and traffic cop logic.

In case of Batch transition of patient to SPRx, the patients are qualified and then transitioned SPRx based on the batch transition rules laid out.

The status transition of patient’s works when the patient qualifies to be served in SPRx based on completions of referrals and refill orders, the system shall systematically transition patient and prescriptions per transition logic.

In case of Traffic cop when the business is ready to start legacy patient Transition, the system shall have the ability to route all SPRx intake RxRequests for the intake referral to either SPARCS or SPRx based on the transition logic.


Gathering functional requirements from the business and understand the functional specifications and technical aspects of the project.

Create the temporary tables, staging tables and DML scripts for the SPRx database.

Created Audit triggers which sets the primary key field, create by, create date when inserting, update by, update by, and update date when updating the record.

Created after insert or after update trigger on staging table for updating the staging tables.

Created PL/SQL packages, procedures and function based on the business.

Generated the UQT reports with the pl/sql code in the User Query Tool from SPARCS application.

Performed all kinds of testing and involved in all activities to move the codes to SIT, UAT and go live to production.

GEHC GLPROD Vitality, GE HealthCare [Schenectady –NY] MAR2015 – FEB2018

Role: Oracle PL/SQL Consultant

GE Capital owns the collections on account receivables from GE health care. GE Capital uses GE Capital Accounts Receivable System (GECARS) propriety system / tool to handle all collections and cash application activities.

GE core account receivable system (GECARS) is a user-friendly and highly automated application specifically designed to increase collections efficiency, productivity and performance. GECARS used to assist credit managers, collectors, and customer representatives to collect outstanding account receivable, manage their disputes and generate management reports through automation of all their day-to-day activities such as faxing, phoning and reporting. The collection data sent to GECARS also used for factoring and monetization purpose. GECARS will review Oracle AR Transactions and decide on which AR Transactions will factored fully or partially.


Gathering the requirements from the business users onregular meetings and converted the MOM’S to design documents.Understand the functional specification and technical aspects of the project.

Working as a Core PL/SQL developer in the team, I am responsible to extract open Invoices and Customer data from AR tables using packages and procedures.

Written the database scripts to load data in to Staging database using SQL * Loader.

Loaded high volume data files into database and created storedproceduresto efficiently enrich and process the data.

Performance tuning of existing packages/procedures/Views.

Build Creation and Source control through PVCS Version Manager.

Createdoracle SQL scripts, database objects, procedures, functions, cursors, views andpackages forGE core account receivable system.

Experience and clear understanding of Oracle Architecture.

Developed framework to generate the XML reports using SQL,PL/SQL, packages, procedures and Views.

Developed standard file format (SFF) to export Customer and Open AR Transactions to CSV files.

Modifying and creation of database objects based on project needs to update the factor flag.

Worked onexception handling for the ease of debugging, displaying the error messages in the calling application and stores the logs in auditing table.

Developed Receipt form which includes receipt method, receipt number, type,receipt date etc.

Environment:Oracle10g,11g PL/SQL, SQL, SQL Developer, XML, Windows 7, LINUX, CVS, JIRA, SharePointand Toad.

PLM ERP INTEGRATION, GE Transportation [Schenectady – NY] JUN 2013 – FEB2015

Role: Oracle PL/SQL Consultant

The entire customer centric data for now is stored in PLM system. The aim of the project is to integrate it with ERP. The PLM system will provide the data in form of a PLM xml file. This project aims building a middleware environment to synchronize data between PLM XML and ERP in the real time. With the responsibility to synchronize data, building a middleware environment using SOA components which would facilitate the data synchronization between PLMXML and ERP in the real time.


Worked with the functional team while extracting non-oracle data (PLM) and converting to oracle with validations.

Implemented Performance tuning concepts for ORACLE SQL and PL/SQL scripts and indexing strategy.

Worked on staging table creation and loaded data through SQL *Loader.

Developed control files for loading legacy data into staging tables using SQL *LOADER.

Imported Items from legacy system into Oracle Inventory (INV) base tables using the Standard Item Interface program. Developed Item conversion program for assigning Items to Item category set and Categories.

Worked on conversions for importing data into ITEM,BOM and Engineering tables.

Modifying database objects based on project needs.

Prepared Technical, User Training Acceptance and Customization Documents as per GE Standards.

Customized the ZOOM functionality on Shipping Transaction Form Using Form Personalization.

Experience in using Oracle Meta-link to resolve module specific issues.

Involved in unit testing the code, bug fixing.

Initiated an ECO workflow to notify the users that new files have been received from PLM.

Environment: SQL Developer, Oracle10g, PL/SQL, SQL, SQL*Loader, SharePoint, WindowsXP, LINUX and TOAD.

Key Energy Services [Houston, NY] NOV 2011 – MAY2013

Role: Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Key Energy is headquartered in Houston, Texas. It offers comprehensive and advanced array of onshore energy production services to its customers. It offers work over services, fluid and logistics services, fishing and rental services, pressure pumping, wire line, and drilling. This project involves the support and new development comprising of XML reports, interfaces, conversions, extensions etc. in modules EAM.


Creating objects like Tables, Materialized Views, Views, Cursors.

Extensive use of ORACLE collection, procedure, function, packages for importing data into EAM tables.

Writing scripts for load data using SQL *Loader.

Design and development of work order and assets XML reports using XML publisher.

Technical documentation (MD070) test cases and implementation documentations (MD120) for the mentioned objects.

Reviewing and Performance tuning of SQL and PL/SQL procedures, functions and packages using SQL Trace.

Attend meetings with Business users to explain the status of all open issues and train them on maintenance/usage of the technical objects.

Involved in Design Reviews, Code Reviews, Coding, and Testing.

Environment: Oracle9i,PL/SQL, SQL, XML, TOAD,SQL *Loader.

Zain Group Limited [Mahindra Satyam-India] NOV 2009- OCT 2011

Role: Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Zain Group Ltd is one of the prime telecom companies in Middle East and Africa region. They have their operations in Middle East and seventeen countries across Africa. Making Kenya as a base location Satyam is implementing oracle R11 E- business suite in 14 countries across Africa in 3 consecutive phases. In this implementation, every country where Zain has their operation is considered as one business group, one set of books and one Operating unit.


Developed complex queries, joins, inline views stored procedures and functions, packages in PLSQL for various business requirements.

Extracting data from the database using SQL queries as per requirements.

Developed Triggers for implementing the complex business rules.

Provided Period end / Quarter End/ Year end closing activities.

Participate in the entire architecture of the Product - design, documentation, coding, testing and deployment.

Responsible for developing the Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Extensions (RICE).

Identified the customization for Standard Oracle Reports to satisfy Business requirements and modified various standard AR reports.

Worked on performance tuning of custom programs built on PL/SQL packages and reports.

Build complex Stored Procedures to populate millions of Data from XML Feed into tables and to transfer the data to other DB nodes.

Environment:Oracle9i, PL/SQL, SQL, TOAD, SQL *Loader, XML, Windows XP.

Grammena Phone [Mahindra Satyam-India] AUG 2007 – OCT 2009

Role: Oracle Developer

Grammena Phone is a leading telecom in Bangladesh it has an employee base of more than 4000.GP embarked an implementation of Oracle HR, OTL, OLM, I Recruitment SSHR and two Bolton’s named as travel and Manpower planning.


Extracting data from the database using MYSQL queries.

Analysis of the Requirements provided by the client.

Developed Triggers for implementing the complex business rules.

Involved in development of PL/SQL packages and Alerts.

Created scripts to create new tables, views, queries for new enhancement in the application using TOAD.

Preparation of MD070 and MD120 installation documents.

Prepare release scripts to migrate code to other instances.

Involved in configuring various CRP, UAT and Production Migration.

Post Production support.

Developed complex queries, joins, maintenance, monitoring, automation, trouble shooting and maintenance.

Environment: Oracle 9i PLSQL, Linux, SQL Developer, TOAD, SharePoint and Windows XP.

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