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Power Plant Manager

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines
September 25, 2019

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Name: Marcus T. Bautista Jr. MIIRSM

Email Address: /

Contact Number: +639********* (Philippines)


Skype ID: Marcbros2012

Present Address: Purok 3 Namtutan, San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines 2500

Work Experiences Summary:

Experienced in Managing Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental and Security legislation regulations and standards, Integrated Management System, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Control, for Consultancy, EPCM, EPC, PMT, PMC, JV Projects, MEIP Projects. Mixed Use heavy Construction project. Manages Quality, Safety, Health, Environmental and Security control, mentoring, Training and developing multi - cultural workforces within international environments.

Job Philippines; Nine Years (9 Years & 6 Months)

Started as a Loss Control Technician for Damage and Enercon Section

Transferred to Safety Department as a Loss Control Safety Supervisor

Company: Philex Mining Corporation Padcal, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines

Job Overseas; Twenty One Years (21Years & 7 Months)

Started with Safety Health Engineer, Safety Officer In Charge, Senior HSE & Security Engineer up to Project QHSE & Security Manager, Construction HSES Manager, Commissioning HSE Manager, Safety Advisor, HSES Consultant, HSE Auditor, in different Companies and Countries: LIBYA, BAHRAIN, SAUDI ARABIA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, IRAQ, UNITED KINGDOM, QATAR, VIETNAM.

Employment History:

Community Servant Services:

Elected as a Board of Director Committee on Membership for LUPON Tagapamayapa Officers Year 2019, City of San Fernando, La Union.

Appointed LUPON Chairman of Barangay Namtutan, San Fernando, La Union

Appointed as a representative for City Agricultural and Fishery Council ( Committee of Agriculture Barangay Namtutan, San Fernando City, La Union).

Appointed as a Safety Officer Council of Barangay Namtutan, San Fernando City, La Union

Acting Advisor for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Control during the Activity for Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous EARTHQUAKE DRILL (NSED) held in Barangay Namtutan, San Fernando, La Union, June 20, 2019

Company: JGC Vietnam Co. LTD. (EPC)

Main Office: Hanoi, Vietnam

Project Site Location: Thing Long Industrial Park ll Hung Yen, Vietnam

Project Name: Construction Tokyo Kaiso Vietnam Factory (Office building, facilities, Work shop, Electrical

Control room, Security Emergency control building with CCTV internal and external, automatic

Controlled main gate.

Department: Construction and Fabrication (Health Safety Security & Environmental Section)

Job Title: Quality Health, Safety, Environmental & Security Manager (QHSES) / Consultant

Date: July 10, 2014 to February 15, 2015 (Finished Short Contract/Project)

Company: SNC-Lavalin Arabia, LLC. (EPCM)

Main Office: P.O.Box 30851, Al-Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Name: Hydro Carbon & Chemical Plant Construction, HCIS access process, control of warehouse, Blasting

bodega, security process (CCTV, access entrance and exit, internal/external), All around security

fencing and road access.

Project Site Location: Jabal Sayid Project Site, Bariq Mining, Saudi Arabia

Department: Health Safety & Environmental

Job Title: Site HSE Manager

Date: March 9, 2013 to Oct. 23, 2013 (Short Contract)

Company: SAUDI ARAMCO-PMT Gas Plant Division (Eastern Province Projects)

Main Office: Abqaiq, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Site Location:(BI) Shedgum Gas Plant, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant, NGL Gas Plant Refinery,

Projects: Expansion Construction of NGL Plant and Facilities, CO2 Pipelines, Power Substations/Distribution, Cable

Tunnel Construction, E & I Cable trays installation, fabrication Yard for Piping, Tanks Farm, Vessels,

Structural (Welding Shop, Blasting Yard, Panting Shop. Assembly shop, Stock yard).


Job Title: PMT Senior Construction Specialist/ HSE Advisor

Date: June 5, 2012 to January 7, 2013

Company: FATA (EPC) SpA (Finmeccanica Italian Fiantee Italy Joint Venture with K HOMES International, United


Main Office: C-ring road, P.O. Box # 22851 Doha, State of Qatar

Project Site Location: Project Design Stages 6 months in K Homes International, United Kingdom

Project construction and Commissioning in Hydro Qatalum Missaeed Industrial City, Qatar

Project Name: QATALUM (Qatar Aluminum Smelting Plant- Worth more than $ 5.4 billion US Dollars)

Construction, Installation of Thermal Power Plant 1,250 MW combined Cycle, Power Sub

Stations/Distribution, Cable Tunnel Construction E & I Cable trays installation Cable tunnel,

Installation, Structural Mechanical, Cast house capable of producing premium quality Extrusion

ingots and foundry, Alloys and Anode Baking Plants that produces 370,000 tons of backed anodes

per year FATA Project, Construction and Anode Baking Plant and Casthouse

Client: MIC & HYDRO Qatalum Missaeed Industrial City, Qatar

EPC : FATA (EPC) SpA, Finmeccannica Italian Fiantee Goup of Companies

Department: Safety Health & Environment

Job Title: Project Construction HSE Manager / Commissioning HSE Manager /HSE Auditor /Consultant

Date: August 27, 2007 to December 23, 2010 (Finished Contract/Project)

Company: ALEC LEGT Engineering & Contracting (EPC)

Main Office Dubai Trade Centre, P.O. Box # 27639 Dubai, UAE

Project Site Location: Dubai Marina Mall Jumeirah, Dubai

Project Name: Construction of Dubai Marina Mall, High Rise Hotel & Apartments 42 level, Service

Apartment Tower combined with 120,000 m2 Commercial Retail mall, 7 level building themed

gourmet restaurant tower, associated parking garages, externals and basement aquarium marine

works. Electrical Power Sub stations/Distribution, Cable tunnel Construction E & I Cable trays


Contract Value: USD 410 Million

Duration: 27 months Area: 360,000 m

Client: EMAAR

Consultant: Hill International / DP Architects / DG Jones

Main Contractor: Al Jaber ALEC LEGT Engineering & Contracting EPC

Department: Safety Health & Environment

Job Title: Project Site Safety Health Environmental and Security Manager/HSE Auditor

Date: July 23, 2006 up to August 20, 2007

Company: Alfa Consult SA / United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Head Office: 142-144, rue Albert Unden, L-2652, Luxembourg

Main Office: 142P.O. Box # 9317, Dubai, UAE

Project Site Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Project Name: Al Mammon Exchange &Telecom Centre – USACE CIVIL INFRASTRACTURE Project- Baghdad, Iraq

(Demolition and Re-Construction of High Rise Building, High Rise Tower, Externals)

Client: US Army Corps of Engineer-USACE

Main Contractor: Alfa Consult SA (Iraqi Design Co.)

Department: Health Safety / Environment & Security

Job Title: Project HSES Manager / Consultant (HSE Internal Auditor)

Date: November 15, 2005 up to July 20, 2006

Company: Al Jaber LEGT (ALEC) LLC. Engineering & Contracting(EPC)

Main Office: P.O. Box # 45336 Mafraq, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Site Location: Ummal Nar, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project: Abu Dhabi Tourism Resort, Shangrila Hotel, Between Two Bridges.

Civil Construction for High Rise Hotel, Villas, Apartments, Externals, Parking’s, Entrance / Exit Gates.

Power Substations, Distribution, Cable tunnel Construction E & I Cable trays installation).

Consultants: KEO International Consultant / GHD

Main Contractor: Al Jaber Establishment (ALEC & AJES)

Department: Safety Health & Environment

Job Title: Safety Manager

Date: August 11, 2005 up to November 1, 2005

Company: Al Jaber Grinaker LTA (ALEC) LLC. Engineering & Contracting (EPC)

Main Office: P.O. Box # 45336 Mafraq, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Site Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Name: Expansion & Repair of Airport Terminal 1 & 2- International Airport, Abu Dhabi, UAE

(Civil, Mechanical Structural Erection, Electrical Power Sub stations/Distribution, Cable tunnel

Construction E & I Cable trays installation, Fabrication Yard).

Client: SCADIA

Consultant: PARSON – GHD

Main Contractor: Al Jaber Establishment (ALEC & AJES)

Department: Safety Health & Environment

Job Title: Senior SHE Engineer

Date: April 13, 2005 up to August 10, 2005

Company: Al Jaber Grinaker LTA LLC. Engineering & Contracting (EPC)

Main Office: P.O. Box # 45336 Mafraq, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Site Location: TAKREER, ADNOC Refinery, Ruwais, U.A.E.

Project Name: Unleaded Gasoline & Low Sulphur Gas Oil Plant, Pipelines, Power Plant. (Mechanical Structural

Erection, Electrical Power Sub stations/Distribution, Cable tunnel Construction E & I Cable trays

installation & Instrumentation MEIP),Fabrication Yard for Piping, Tanks, Vessel, Structural(Welding

Shop, Blasting Yard, Panting Shop. Assembly shop, Lay down Stock yard).

Client: TAKREER Refinery, ADNOC, UAE

Consultant – PARSON PMC


Department: Health Safety & Environment

Job Title: Senior HSE Engineer / Commissioning HSE Engineer

Date: August 5, 2003 up to April 12, 2005

Company: Al Jaber Grinaker LTA (ALEC) LLC. Engineering & Contracting Head Office (EPC)

Main Office: P.O. Box # 45336 Mafraq, Abu Dhabi, United Arabs Emirates

Project Site Location: Ras Gas, Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar

Project Name: Construction of Power Plant / Power Sub stations/Distribution, Cable tunnel Construction E & I

Cable trays installation & Instrumentation MEIP & Major Civil Works Water Desalination Island, Ras

Laffan Industrial City, Qatar (Civil Construction, Mechanical &Electrical works) This project involved

the major civil works for 40 million gallons per day desalination,blending and demineralization

plants. Construction works included structural concrete, roads and walkways, GRP piping, erection

of main switchgear, central buildings, cooling tower and 220KVA cable corridor.

Value (USD) 20,000,000


Department: Health Safety & Environment

Job Title: Senior HSE Engineer / HSE Commissioning Engineer

Date: February 22, 2003 up to August 4, 2003 (Note: Transferred to New Job Assignment in TAKREER Refinery,


Company: Al-Yussr Townsend & Bottum Co., LTD.(EPC)

Main Office: P.O. Box 849, Industrial City Jubail Industrial Plant, SABIC, KSA

Project: Operation & Maintenance, Shutdown Projects, Tank Farms, Pipelines construction, Fabrication Yard for

Piping, Tanks, Vessel, Structural (Welding Shop, Blasting Yard, Panting Shop. Assembly shop, Stock yard).


Department: Safety Operation & Maintenance L.L.C. (CTAG)

Job Title: HSE Engineer (Turn Around Core team-Shut Down Group)

Date: March 24, 2002 to January 31, 2003

Company: Nasser Abd Mohammed Establishment Company

Main Office: P.O. Box 984, Aker, Bahrain

Project Name: Operation Maintenance & Services / Construction& Shutdown/ Asphalting Highways diversion Road

Traffics Construction.

Client: BAPCO, BANAGAS, GPIC, BANOCO, BAFCO, ALBA, Fabrication Yard for Piping, Tanks, Vessel, Structural

(Welding Shop, Blasting Yard, Panting Shop. Assembly shop, Stock yard).

Department: Health Safety Environment

Job Title: Safety Officer in charge

Date: January 19, 1998 to September 2, 2001

Company: Dong Ah Consortium Ltd.

Main Office: Benghazi, Libya SPLAJ

Project: Great Man Made River Project (Construction of Water tank Reservoirs Dam and Laying of Water Pipe line 4

meters diameters x 10 meters length. Fabrication Yard for Piping, Tanks, Vessel, Structural (Welding Shop,

Blasting Yard, Panting Shop. Assembly shop, Stock yard. Construction of Cement, Batching Plant,

Highways, Electrical Power Sub stations, Distribution, Cable tunnel Construction E & I Cable trays

installation & Instrumentation MEIP)Diversion Road Traffics Construction).

Consultant: Brown & Root (British)

Department: Safety / Health

Position: Project Safety Health Engineer

Date: June 28, 1992 to November 11, 1997

Company: Philex Mining Company - Benguet, Philippines

Operation Production Name: Mining& Exploration (Ore Copper Tunneling & Open Pit. Transport, Logistics)

Department: Safety Loss Control

Position: Damage & Enercon Control Technician to Loss Control Safety Supervisor

Date: November 25,1982 to June 20, 1992 (Note: Resigned to seek HSE Experiences in Overseas)

Total Manpower: More than 5,000 employees

Previous job site assignment:

Underground Tunneling, rails trucks Transport with the mainline rail tracks, providing ingress and egress

for the movement of rail cars from both points, rail way tracks repair shop,Manway Shafts, Industrial Road

Construction, Highways Road Traffics, Bridges Construction. Water pumping station, Open Pit spillage dam,

Rock drill Machines / Open Pit Areas; Dump Bin, Milling Areas, Grinding Ball Mills, Pit spillages and

Infrastructure Tailings Dam Construction, Light and Heavy Equipments, Construction of Batching plant,

Construction of Hydro Dam and Power Plant, Construction Domestic Water Supply Tank & Pipelines

Construction, Industrial and Camp Facilities, Philex Poro Point Port Terminal Yard (Marine Shipping Vessel /

Cargo) products loading for export. Oil Refinery Section Port yard.

General Job Description:

* Experienced in Managing Project Quality Health Safety Environmental & Security (PMT, EPC, Consultancy, EPCM,

MEIP, JV Projects)

Project Construction Quality, Health, Environment & Security/ Commissioning HSE Manager /HSE Advisors, HSE

Auditor/Start Up/Shutdown Projects/Turn Over.

•Reporting to : Project Managing Director / Project Manager/Site Manager/ Corporate QHSE Director

Role objectives:

•Develop Project QHSES Plan outlining the policy and procedures to be followed by the project stakeholders, Supervising Consultants and Contractors.

•Assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the SMS, reviewing and recommending revisions as necessary to the Project Managing Director / Corporate QHSE Director for approval.

•Establish a good working relationship, promoting and advising on QHSES issues with the Client, Project Team, Contractors and Consultants.

•Fulfilling a management role of HSE Department’s to HSE staffs and site HSE personnel’s and to act an advisory role to site management teams, providing leadership and mentoring of the HSE team members.

•To actively pursue international best practice and encourage contractors to implement and maintain safe working environments that meet or exceed the Client's expectations and requirements.

•To review, assess and approve all safety related submittals. Contractor’s Safety Manuals, procedure's and work method statements, Risk assessment, and assist with the review of contractor's HSE Plans & similar submissions.

•Liaise with the Client & third party inspectors on H&S procedures.

•Review of Consultants & Contractor's H&S documentation for compliance to relevant standards.

•Carry out periodic Inspection / Audits of the Consultants and Contractors QHSE systems to ensure compliance with Project HSE Plan and to ensure that Client’s Non Conformance report, should be acted and complied with.

•Provide QHSE input and guidance during the QHSE Engineering design stage to help eliminate and or reduce HSE risks during the construction phase. Such as,

Design on QHSES construction and commissioning, HSE Engineering requirements to Company facilities utilizing best technology to safeguard properties, work environment.

Design for Security Control Measures (Installation of CCTV outside entrance gate and company working environmental premises). Security fence perimeter and guard house, parking space, vehicles and employees, visitors entrance and exit gates. Security guards to be posted visibly day and night Installation of Street lightings.

Design and provide employees Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE), Health and Welfare facilities, such as resting areas, suitable toilets/septic tanks locations, supply of safe potable drinking water, smoking sheds. Mosque / Praying room, First Aid and Medical Facilities with ambulance transport,

Design for Safety Induction, Tool Box talks, venues, equipment, schedule safety talk’s topics as per work activities.

Design, review and monitor the fire protection, emergency access/exit, emergency drills, assembly muster point and safe evacuation areas, employees PPE’s, training as per required for the work activities on site,

Design Emergency communication contacts numbers, Emergency team medical (ambulance) and fireman’s (fire trucks) Hospitals and civil defense rescue teams.

Design for the control speed limits. Traffic warning signboard to be posted visible and violator’s penalty.

Design for Fire Plans and Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Fighting Equipment, proper type and placement of Fire Extinguisher, water in drum and Sand in Drum with buckets and shovel ready available at all times, Fire Power Pump, Fire Hydrant station, location of Fire Extinguishers, Fire hoses boxes and fire Alarm main switch control Design for Fire Emergency Sound Alarm devices, smoke alarm to be installed at offices and working facilities.

Design and plan for Chemical storages and proper waste disposal management. Proper storages of Oxygen / Acetylene cylinders (Full and Empty) Safety warning signage posted with fire extinguisher ready available.

Design for the work on height protection requirements PPE’s FBH, safety nets, trainings.

Design for Erection and dismantling of scaffoldings, trainings and approved manufactured materials, and stock yard.

Design and plan for Inspection schedule of Lifting equipment and riggers 3rd party certificates.

Designed for the emergency requirement for entry and exit of Confined space, training for Breathing Apparatus proper use and Gas testing and Monitoring, Safe work requirement for Excavation, trenches requirements (such as Signboards, shoring, barricading, night lightings, etc).

Designed for Security Control Measures, Accident Statistic Board and Bulletin/Notice boards to be posted at the different work location, Design for Accident And other design for Quality Health Safety & Security related works as per Clients and Companies work requirements.

•Review and develop "Permit to Work" procedures as required during the Construction Phases and Commissioning /Start up activities. LOTO (LOG OUT TAG OUT) procedure.


The main duties as a Project / QHSES Manager

•Manage Company / Contractors HSE staffs.

•Implement existing QHSE Policy and Company HSE procedures and to update as required.

•Liaise with Local Authority Safety Department, contractors and other consultants.

•Monitor and report on the standards of H&S achieved by the Supervising Consultants and Contractors and maintain statistical data for the Project.

•Maintain an up to date knowledge of QHSE best practices and standards

•Review the project incident data & KPI's on a monthly basis and prepare monthly reports for the Client.

•To lead and document all Safety Audits, required by both Local Authorities and Safety System and co-ordinate the preparation of the H&S monthly reports for all contracts in the region.

•Ensure the effective implementation of the SMS on the project.

•Represent the company's H&S at project kick-off meetings

•Chair Project HSE Committee Meetings & attend construction Progress Meetings (Kick off, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports)

•Carry out record, document and issue daily, weekly & monthly, site safety inspections, Quality audits and reports.

•Advise on potential hazards at work site

•Prepare and issue Safety Violation Notices. Quality Non Conformance report, ensure that Quality compliance is monitored, updated and closed out.

•Ensure all agreed Quality Safety, Health Environmental and Security standards procedure and applicable regulations are observed and implemented.

•Carry-out and make records, regular site safety inspections.

•Assist in investigation, preparation and documentation Safety Manuals, Policies and Procedures and to update as required.

•To ensure incident reporting & investigation is carried out effectively and immediately to determine root cause and provide recommendations, directions aimed at preventing re-occurrence.

•Inform the Project team of LTI's and near misses and advise on lessons learned.

•Promote a culture of H&S within the company & all stakeholders.

•Promote and carry out site safety, incentive schemes of the Company

•And assist the contractor in the development of H&S training, incentive schemes, awareness programmers& promotional activities.

•Represent company at H&S award ceremonies for contractors

•Set a high personal example of Health and Safety at all times.

•Assist in preparation and presentation of internal and external Construction related Safety

•Carry out H&SHSE Induction, training based on training needs assessment and training program for employees on the project.

•Prepares budget for HSE staffs, inspection tools, training and miscellaneous.

•Carry out performance reviews & give guidance & mentor, recommendation certificates to H&S Staff, Officers and contractors.

Work related skills:

Computer skills, use of Microsoft Office package (Excel, Word, Power point)

Knowledgeable and Manages the implementation of Integrated Management System (IMS) compliance for ISO 9001-2008 (Quality), ISO 140012004 (Environment) and ISO 18001-2007 (Occupational Health, Safety, Assessment Series) British Standard and Construction Safety Standards, including 29 CFR 1926 (OSHA) and USACE EM 385-1-1. OSHA 1926 Standard.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Control

Knowledgeable in QHSES Design and QHSES Construction Plan, Emergency Management Control Rescue, Evacuation Plan and Security control.

HSES Internal Auditor

Security Management Plan, Fire Protection & Prevention, Fire Marshall, First Aider & Rescuer

Road Safety

Employees Health, Safety & Environment Welfare Management

Management, Staffs, Skilled workers Training, Orientation, and scheduling of Training required.

Housekeeping Management

Management Environmental, Damage, Waste Control & Prevention inspector

Hazardous Waste Management and Control

Maintaining and control of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS Record of Products).

Hazard Risk Assessment, Activity Hazard Analysis and implementation of effective controls

Investigating skills Tap Root incident investigation and/or similar

Employee Behavior Base Safety implement and evaluate HSE KPI

Firefighting equipment

Managing Emergency Response Rescue Team (Security Traffic/Fire Team/Medical Team).

First aid measures, Breathing apparatus.

PPE and safety equipment management and control

Handling and control HSE emergencies

Identification, classification and disposal of waste

Rigging and Crane Lifting (Mobile/ Tower Crane) Inspector

Light and Heavy Equipment Inspector

Pollution Control, Testing and Monitoring


Monitoring Weather Forecast

Machinery Safety Control, Equipment Mechanical, Electrical Machine Guarding protection (Mobile Heavy, Light Equipment)

Electrical Safety

Working at Height

Confined space entry

Risk Assessment and JSA technique

PTW (permit to work) system, Conduct Training as rerquired

Permit to Work - Lock out and Tag out (LOTO) Procedure

SIMOPS Management

Management of Change


Knowledge of the basic process and activities for Pre-commissioning and Commissioning, Start up, Shutdown, Operation and Maintenance.

Accredited Government School Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology - Major in Sta. Marine Engineering

Advanced Citizen Military Training/MS – 42 Reserved Military Officers Course

School: Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, San Fernando City, La Union Philippines 2500

School Year From: 1976 to 1980

Military Training: Six (6) Months actual Military Training for Armed Forces of the Philippines, General

Commissioning Training and Examination (AFPGCT) for 2nd Lieutenant ( Passed Examination) –

Camp Servilliano Aquino, Tarlac, Philippines- Year 1980

Accredited Government Local and International HSE Membership Organization:

Philippine National Red Cross, First Aider Rescue & Life Saver Volunteer, San Fernando, La Union– Year 1982

Safety Organization of the Philippines Inc. (SOPI) – Year 1985

Philippine Society of Safety Engineers (PSSE) –Year 2005

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE-United State of America) –Year 2005 – Reference ID no. 00001440

International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (Full Member MIIRSM-United Kingdom) – Year 2004 –Reference ID no. 201419

Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH-United Kingdom) – Year 2009 –Reference ID no. 129716

Philippine Society of Safety Professional (PSSP-United Arabs Emirates) –Year 2007

Scuba Diver– Professional Advance Diving Instructor (PADI) – Philippines-Year 1993

Accredited Local / Overseas Training Courses (Conducted by Accredited Institution and Company Client)

Accredited Training-Philippines:

Occupational First Aid with BLS / CPR with AED -16 Hrs, Philippine National Red Cross- San Fernando, La Union Branch, Philippines

Behavioral Base Safety- 8 Hrs. PEME Consultancy, Inc. Baguio, Philippines (Accredited by DOLE Year 2019).

Loss Control Management (LCM)- Advance Occupational Safety & Health (Safety Officer 4)- 40 Hrs. PEME Consultancy, Inc. Baguio, Philippines (Accredited by DOLE Year 2019).

Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) - 40 Hrs, PEME Consultancy, Inc. Baguio, Philippines (Accredited by DOLE Year 2017)

Effective and Safe Supervision Seminar- 16 Hrs, DSMD Training Center, Philex Mining Corporation, Benguet, Philippines- Year 1986

Problem Solving and Decision Making-8 Hrs. HRDC, Philex Mining Corporation, Benguet, Philippines

Vibration Measurement Analysis, Balancing Principles, Safety Prevention -24 Hrs. AG&P Co. of Manila, Held at HRDC Philex Mining Philippines- Year 1986

Fire and Safety Training – 40 Hrs. DSMD- Loss Control Safety Dept. Philex Mining Corp. Year 1983.

Accredited Training Overseas:

Qatar –Year 2008 to 2010

Internal Auditor-ISO 18001-2007 BS OHSAS Occupational Safety Health -40 Hrs (Bureau of Veritas Certification-Qatar

EMS Internal Auditor-ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management System – 40 Hrs under the patronage of QCCI-Qatar

Work on Height - 8 Hrs (O&M, Australia, Qatar)

Work on Height Rescue – 8 Hrs (O&M, Australia, Qatar)

First Aid Training Course- 8 Hrs (Venture Gulf, Qatar)

Authorization Gas Tester – 8 Hrs (ATS, Qatar)

United Arabs Emirates-Year 2003 to 2007

IOSH Managing Safely- 40 Hrs -(CONSUS- Dubai, UAE)

Environmental Management Awareness - 8 Hrs (Bureau of Veritas-Dubai, UAE)

International Safety Management (ISM)- 8 Hrs Auditors (Bureau of Veritas-Dubai, UAE)

Scaffolding Safety Inspector (Eurolink-Safety) -8 Hrs Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.

Basic Fire Fighting and Prevention-Fire Marshall-8 Hrs (Eurolink-Safety)- Al Jaber Grinaker LTA, Abu Dhabi, U.A. E.

Rigging Supervisor-8 Hrs (MTI- Dubai, UAE)

Tower Crane Inspector-8 Hrs (MTI- Dubai, UAE)

Fire Prevention Awareness- 8 Hrs (BRITAM- Dubai, UAE)

First Aid Training 20 Hrs (Dubai, UAE)

Safety Stand Down Management / Supervisors Course-8 Hrs TECHNIP-COFLEXIP, ADNOC, Ruwais, U.A.E.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Year 2002

Safety Training OSHA 30 – 8 Hrs AYTB – Jubail, KSA

Safety Course 200 – 8 Hrs Petro KEMYA – Jubail, KSA

Safe Breathing Apparatus, Fire Watch, Confined Space Attendant - 8 Hrs Petro KEMYA, KSA

Bahrain Year 1999 to 2001

Environmental Waste Management Control- 8 Hrs Tubli, Bahrain

ISO 9000- 8 Hrs GRL, UK, Chartered- Manama, Bahrain

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness - 8 Hrs BAPCO, Bahrain

Asbestos Awareness-8 Hrs BAPCO, Bahrain

Five (5) Days Fire & Safety Training Course - 40 Hrs BAPCO, Bahrain

Train the Trainor’s Course- 8 Hrs BAPCO, Bahrain

Mastery Technology Based Training (MTBT) Job Safety & Job Skills, Mind Ware Systems – 8 Hrs Manama, Bahrain

Hot Work Safe Welding & Cutting Seminar - 8 Hrs BAPCO, Bahrain

Work Permit Course Module 1-2, - 8 Hrs BAPCO, Bahrain

Present -Ongoing HSE Enrolled Courses; (Online course- Qatar - Shields United Kingdom)

Diploma - NVQ Level- 5-Minimum 1 Year Occupational Safety & Health

Diploma - Environmental Management Minimum 2 Years (NEBOSH Diploma United kingdom)

List of references:

Engr. Joe Andulay

Contractor Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

Email Address: /

Contact no. 092********

Mrs. Mila L. Gamboa

Provincial Population Officer

Office of the Government San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines

Contact no. +639*********

Tran Xuan Dat- Administrator. Construction & Fabrication Dept. JGC Vietnam Co. Ltd, EPC

Email Address:

Engr. Valeriano Republica LL.M, PgDip, IDR (Arbitration), BSc (Eng), MCIArb- HKA

Senior Consultant – Doha, Qatar

Contact no. +974-*-***-**** / Mobile Phone no. +974-********

Email Address:

Engr. Poblete Miguel- Civil Engineer/ Supt. - Construction Project PMT-Saudi ARAMCO KSA

Email Address:

Contact no. 009**-********* Saudi ARAMCO KSA

Prepared by:

Marcus T. Bautista Jr. MIIRSM

QHSES Manager

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