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Technical Customer

Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland
September 25, 2019

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Gnanasekaran Thangam


Phone Number: +91-984*******

** ***** ** ********** ** Information Technology industry with various Domains (i.e. 8+Years in Banking, Retails and Manufacturing & Logistics) and Technologies with a proven record of achievements in small to large Enterprise Application Development and Maintenances programs.

Extensive IT Solutions Architect experience in Monolithic, SOA and Microservices architecture based applications/product developments and performance tuning in Digital transformations platform.

Extensive experienced on containerized Microservices development & maintenance using Dockers, Docker Swarm & Kubernetes using open source technologies with DevOps methodologies in AWS / Azure Platform.

Roles and Responsibilities: Solutions Architect

Introduction of new design approaches for Monolithic / SOA / Microservices applications in cloud platform.

Take ownership of a Solutions Offering.

Providing solutions for key Technical issues across J2EE Applications.

Responsibility for standardizing Transaction management across J2EE Applications.

Performance Tuning for event driven based Microservices applications.

Reviewing and Resolving Technical and Design problems.

Providing end to end business and technical solutions for external integration systems.

Managed risk identification and risk mitigation strategies associated with the Architecture.

Enabling Mercurial/Maven release for CD/CI, Pipeline process automations.

Guide Team members to solve Technical problems and Design issues.

Standardizing framework’s design patterns and reviewing the code to align with defined technical checklist and technical standards.

Study the possibility to adopt new technology insertion for performance improvements.

Perform Proof of Concept (POC) for new technology insertion.

Collaborate with internal team members to ensure client project needs are met.

Explore database technologies and trends.

Feed the overall project status to the management team / scrum call.

JViewer, Dynatrace, JConsole, JMS & Java/J2EE monitoring tools automatically discover every Java transaction and auto-models your application, giving you a simple visual way to find what dependencies exist with other JVMs, where time is spent, and where problems are. Instantly drill-down into method level details to see method arguments, return values, SQL statements, exceptions, log messages and more.

Education Summary




Year / Remarks

Bachelor of Engineering

Thiagarajar College of Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

2003 / First Class

Standard XII / H.S.C.

Parasakthi Higher Secondary School

Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

1999 / District Rank holder


Govt. Higher Secondary School

Math’s, Physics & Computer Science

1997 / School Topper

Work Experience


Designation / Role


Solutions Architect – Till Now


Solutions Architect


Technical Architect

Polaris – Banking Products

Consultant I

Technical Skills


Database : Oracle, MSSQL and NoSQL Databases

Architecture : Java / J2EE – Monolithic, SOA & Microservices with PL/SQL, MSSQL in Cloud.

AWS Concepts: Simple Object Storage (S3), EC2, Elastic File Storage (EFS), IAM, Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, Elastic beanstalk, Lambda Functions and DevOps process.

Azure Concepts: DevOps Process

Framework : Spring Boot with Web Flux/ Cloud Configurations/ Batch/ Integration, JMS, WebSphere MQ, HIBERNATEs, iBatis, JSF, Struts, EJB and SOAP Web Services, #apigee API proxy management.

Performance Tuning: HP Load Runner and J-Meter

UI Technologies: Web socket, AngularJS, JSP, Rich Faces, Prime Faces, XHTML and JavaScript.

Tools: Jenkins for CD/CI, Pipeline process, Mercurial, Maven, TFS – Team Foundation Server, Gradle, Gitlab, SVN, SCM, Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, PLSQL Developer and MSSQL Analyzer, ELK Logging, Dynatrace – Performance Analysis & Monitoring tool

Middleware: Zuul, Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2), Circuit Breaker (Resilience4J & Netflix Hystrix) Management.

Cache: Hazelcast, ehCache

IDEs: STS (Spring Tool Suite), My Eclipse, RSA, WSAD and RAD.

App. Servers : Wild Fly, Web Sphere, JBOSS, Web Logic, Tomcat and Virgo.

Emerging Technologies: Service Registry & Discovery (Eureka), MQs (Message based event driven model), Apache CAMEL, Apache STORM, Dockers based application development with Kubernetes, ELK Logging in cloud based architecture.

TDD: Junit, Rest Assured, Mock MVC and Wired Mock

Reports: Jasper & Crystal reports


DevOps, Agile & Waterfall Development methodologies

Domain Experience

Banking and Retail.

Management Experience

Project governance, executions and directing junior technical resources and project managers.

Lead development of formalized solution methodologies.

Business Development

Banking Products - LCMS – Limits & Collateral Management Systems and Trade Finance - Prophesy

Manufacturing, Retail and Mobility.

Award Details




Received On

Special Recognition

Star Performance

Technical Savior


Star Performer

Awards for Excellence

Star Awards



Awards for Excellence



Star Team

Awards for Excellence

Star Awards


Technical Excellence

Awards for Excellence

Star Awards


Star Performer

Star Performance

Star Awards


Gift Voucher





AWS – Solutions Architect Certification is in progress.

Rewarded as Star Team from Client TARGET and TCS for ATG to SPRING Re-Write Applications Solution provider and Framework Design.

Rewarded as Gems from Client WWL and Cognizant for Technical solution provider for JSF and SPRING MVC, Boot / Apache Camel framework performance improvement and Solving Technical complexity.

Awards & Gift Voucher from IndusInd Bank, Mashreq Bank for Periodical interest calculation, EOD process performance improvements.

Solved concurrent user access and session sharing problems in SPRING based applications.

Implemented Global Transaction management for SPRING Applications across the JVMs.

Introduced new light weight approach for remote services like RESTful services and RMI.

RESTful Services – TCC (Try/Confirm/Cancel), SOAP Web services - WSAT global transaction has been implemented across the JVMs

Developed Automation Tool to write Junit and Integrated test case code and execute the same without manual interventions

2Ways –SSL Security Mechanism has implemented for SOAP and RESTful Web services.

Additional Details

Expertise in Logical and Analytic thinking and Troubleshooting process.

On-Site experience Nokia/Microsoft – Europe Finland, Mashreq Bank – Dubai, Corporations Bank, IndusInd Bank – Mumbai and CSB.

Proficient in Oracle PL/SQL / MSSQL performance tuning and writing backend stored procedures and functions.

Banking Products: IndusInd, Corporations Bank & Mashreq Bank - Consultant I

IndusInd Bank – Prophesy (Trade Finance)

The centralized version of `prophesy,' a trade finance software in Indusind Bank. the centralized version of the product handling all trade finance and forex operations of 23 networked branches. This suit of product manages the Inward / Outward Bills lodgment and payments, Letter of Credits (ILC / OLC), OBC, IBC, Voucher generation and Post program to Treasury, RBI Statement Reports, Periodical Interest Calculations etc.,

Mashreq Bank – LCMS (Limits and Collateral Management Systems)

Limits and Collateral Management Systems(LCMS) allows setup of one or multiple credit facilities for a customer. Limits can be set for each facility granted to a customer. The bank can set up credit facilities for the various products of the bank like Loans, Foreign exchange, Overdrafts, Trade Finance etc. Bank user can capture the limit amount and limit currency, along with limit start date, limit expiry date, date for first disbursement, date for last disbursement, credit risk score, risk grade and effective dates as applicable to the customer’s credit facility. The solution supports creation of facilities of Revolving and Non-Revolving types. In case of a Revolving Type, once the repayment is made, the amount of limit will be automatically reinstated to the extent of repayment whereas in case of Non Revolving line the limit will not be available for further draw down.

Man Log Products: J.B.Hunt – Order Management - Solutions Architect

Electronic Order Management is a suite of applications from Capturing Order to Performing various operations in the business like Qualification, Confirmation and Consolidation then convert to LOAD which will enable the customer in achieving 99% Automation of the process. With this vast amount of opportunity of automation of the process, it will help the customer in achieving faster operations resulting in cost cutting and gaining more customers, therefore resulting in maximizing the profit.

Rating System & Rule Engine: This is built-in using open source technology based on client requirement and current infrastructure in that user can configure Rules dynamically and effectively based Market demand which makes more flexible to promote E O M Application in Market.

Developed product which will help in achieving 99% automation. It is a complex project dealing with real time information capturing and projecting the possibilities of various operations involved along with statistic data required for operations. As a Solutions expert, I have designed the whole system and architect the whole business flow in code. I have designed the most complex part and the heart of this Project-Rule Engine without which this project will not work with ease. Moreover, using the Rule Engine, I orchestrated the business routes which is used in providing the real time stats.


Infosys Ltd


Verizon Telecom, Bank of America (BOA)


Solutions Architect - Digital Transformations Roadmap

Technical Skills

Database: Oracle 12c and PostgreSQL

Programming: Oracle PL/SQL, Spring Boot Microservices conversion from Monolithic Struts Framework (JSP, EJB and POJO) in AWS.

IDE: My Eclipse, STS-Spring Tool Suite, Gitlab, WebSphere Brokers, ActiveMQ, Maven, Jenkins, Pipeline process for CI/CD in DevOps operations

App. Servers: Tomcat, JBOSS and Web sphere.



Retail Payment System

Cheque based Transactions

Card based electronic payments.

Other electronic payments which consists Person to person, Electronic transfer, automated clearing house

Wholesale payments system



National Settlement Service(NSS)


Laser Soft Infosystems Ltd


Mashreq Bank – Dubai, Corporation, IndusInd Bank – Mumbai


Lead & Technical Consulting

Technical Skills

Database: MSSQL and Oracle 10g

Programming: Oracle, PLSQL Developer, J2EE (JSP, Struts, EJB, POJO and Delegator pattern using JNDI), PLSQL Developer.

IDE: My Eclipse.

App. Servers: JBOSS, Web sphere and WebLogic


Gift Voucher from LSI CEO and Mashreq Bank for EOD Limit process performance improvement for Retail and Corporate customers within a day

Star Performer and Gems award multiple times from clients.


Limits and Collateral Management Systems (LCMS)

The primary usage includes all kinds of operations performed by a bank on Corporate Loans. The objective includes centralized limits monitoring and collateral management system, which will interface with the critical existing systems of the bank and automate the entire Business Banking workflow for Credit applications.

The product that are delivered to the bank is browser-based solution developed in J2EE technology with Oracle data base

Trade Finance Package:

OBC, IBC, Inward / Outward bills Lodgment and Payments

Inward / Outward LCs, SWIFF Messages, Inward/Outward Remittances, EOD / SOD programs, Voucher Generation and Treasury Posting


BEF Statement, RBI Statement Reports, Periodical Interest calculations and accrual Interest calculations.

Deals with total automation of International Trade Finance operations, Merchant Foreign Exchange transactions and non-fund-based business activities of a bank


Cognizant Technology Solutions




Solutions Architect

Technical Skills

AngularJS, Spring Boot Micro services / Cloud Configuration / Batch/ Integration, Web socket, Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, HIBERNATE, J-Meter, Dynatrace, HP Load Runner and Web Services.

Middleware: Zuul, Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2), Circuit Breaker, Hystrix Management.

Cache: ehCache.

Open Source Technologies in Azure: Apache CAMEL, Apache STORM and started working on Dockers & Kubernetes container based application development & maintenance with ELK Logging

TDD: Rest Assured, Mock MVC and Wired Mock

IDE: STS and Build: Maven

App. Servers: WebLogic, WebSphere and Tomcat


Zero Down Time Deployment implemented at first time.

Star Performance from CTS and Technical Excellence from WWL.


JBHunt: J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North America, provides safe and reliable transportation services to a diverse group of customers throughout the continental United States, Canada and Mexico. Utilizing an integrated, multimodal approach, we provide capacity-oriented solutions centered on delivering customer value and industry-leading service.

WWL: is a leading provider of outbound logistics services for the finished vehicle industry. WWL's comprehensive range of services includes supply chain management, ocean services, terminal services, inland transportation and technical services. WWL is the world's largest car transportation company.

This document contains the overall functional specification of WITS- Online web application. Cognizant is providing technical services for the WITS Online that it executes for WWL business engagements. This document has been drafted to be a reference for both developers and analyst working on the development / maintenance / production support that Cognizant executed for WWL-VSA projects

Experience Summary


Tata Consultancy Services


Nokia / Microsoft Mobile


Technical Architect

Technical Skills

Spring Integration framework [ Poller, Inbound/Outbound Channel Adapters and Web Services (RESTful and SOAP)], Hibernate, Mercurial, Maven – Archive Release process.

Apache STORM, CAMEL, KAFKA Messaging and

Angular JS.

IDE: My Eclipse.

App. Servers: Tomcat and Virgo bundle.


Designed Integration Framework among the multiple vendors in Agile development


Microsoft Mobile Integration Service (IS). This enables bug integration for multiple Bugzilla systems for various components.


Target Corporation


Technical Architect

Technical Skills

Spring and Hibernate / iBatis framework [MVC, AOP and Aspects] and Web Services [SOAP with WSAT and RESTful], Spring Batch and Integration.

IDE: WebSphere RSA / RAD

App. Servers: Web Sphere.

Maven + Jenkins with CD/CI process implementation


Rewarded as Star Team and Gems from Client TARGET and TCS for ATG to SPRING Re-Write Applications Solution provider and Framework Design.


Target is an American leading retail company. ATG Rewrite is the rewrite of existing application which is in ATG Framework and Repository DB Interaction to Spring Framework and iBatis DB Interaction.

Passport Details

Passport Number

Date of Issue

Expiry Date

Place of Issue

Valid VISA

E7595204 / L4149372



Madurai, IND

German –WP till 2020

Personal Profile

Father’s Name : Thangam Ayyar

Date of Birth : 20 - May – 1982.

Marital status : Married.

Nationality : Indian.

Passport No : E7590204, L4149372

Languages Known : English, Tamil.

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