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Manager Maintenance

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines
September 21, 2019

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No. *** Marseilla St. Bagbag II Rosario, Cavite 4106

Tel. No. ( +63 ) 928-***-**** / ( +63 ) 927-***-**** / (046-***-****

E-mail Add.:

Skype ID : henry.odviar9


04/24/’17 – 07/04/’19 GULFCRAFTS CO. W.L.L. DOHA, QATAR


Nature of business :

Production and manufacturing of :

Signages and Way Findings ( Internal and External )

Digital Signage

Traffic sign

Branding solutions / Displays

High end gift awards and accessories

Architectural solutions

Engraving, cutting and Electroplating


Manage, supervise and execute maintenance as well as support activities 24/7 by assisting company site.

Assist with site environmental conformance as well as hazardous material programs.

Ensure to maintain adequate inventories of tools, supplies and parts to accurately repair all equipment.

Conduct preventive maintenance work according to Hazard Communications program prerequisites.

Ensure to keep cleanliness at shop and storage areas as well as well-stocked,

Inspect regularly machinery with respect to safety issues inclusive but not restricted to ground and trip hazards, non-functioning lights, broken pieces along with exposed wiring.

Conduct proper follow-through on all maintenance issues.

Plan maintenance employee’s schedules as per forecasted workloads.

Perform with maintenance employees along with other technical personnel to develop proactive and effective team working together to attain set objectives.

Ensures compliance to company safety and security standard, procedures and policies.

Ensure maintenance personnel wear and utilizes all safety equipment correctly as needed.

Conduct safety inspections as scheduled and complete accurately as required.

Establish priorities, goals and expectations to prepare action strategies and plans to accomplish same working with team.

Plan, Supervise all activities concerning maintenance work at employees residential areas.


Inspect facilities periodically to determine problems and necessary maintenance

Prepare weekly maintenance schedules and allocate work

Recruit, supervise and train maintenance technicians

Hire and supervise tradesmen during installations, repairs or maintenance electricians,

machine technicians.

Inspect and maintain building systems heating and ventilation.

Contribute to the development of maintenance budget and ensure compliance.

Monitor inventory of materials and equipment.

Participate in coordinaton of projects e.g. renovations.

Ensure adherence to quality standards and health and safety regulations.

Update machineries PPM schedules to avoid production downtime.

18/01/’16 – 11/01/’17 ANAN ISKAN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. RIYADH K.S.A.



Reports directly to the Maintenance manager.

Implements Maintenance Matrix

Oversee and coordinate the workers who maintain and repair Electrical, Low current

Plumbing, Carpentry, Civil works, Masonry

Housekeeping and Janitorial Services

Airconditioning, Ventilation, Electromechanical and other building systems.

Responsible for evaluating problematic systems or facilities and determining what installation or repair services need to be performed.

Maintenance-related duties include performing initial evaluations of building systems and distributing work assignments.

Coordinates on other related departments.

Organize work schedules, and assign work activity.

Reports breakage and troubles encounters in the compound and other job site.

Performs Toolbox meetings.

Perform training to ensure individuals have all the requisite skills.

Additional responsibilities include developing and implementing maintenance procedures and maintaining personnel records.

Evaluate each worker's performance to ensure quality operations,

Also investigate accidents and prepare relevant reports.

Implements company policy and guide individuals.

25/06/’13 – 25/07/’15 ARABIAN AUTO AGENCY CO. LTD. JEDDAH K.S.A.

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR ( Desalination / Facilities / Residential / Resort )


As Maintenance Supervisor I am responsible for the overall upkeep and maintenance of the community.

The primary goals are to:

Maximize efficiency of the Maintenance Staff and Vendors.

Minimize the expenses whenever possible.

Protect the Owners' property.


The Maintenance Supervisor must be a "hands-on" maintenance person.

Able to just about anything that pertains to :

Desalination ( RO / SW Plant ) maintenance and operations.

Building maintenance, Beach Area Maintenance, Swimming Pools Maintenance, Janitorial and Housekeeping, Plumbing.

Electrical, Painting, Heating and Ventilating Air conditioning ( HVAC ), Carpentry, Gardening, Watercraft Maintenance ( Yacht, Speedboat, Jetski, Kayak, Sailboat ), Welding and Fabrications, and Appliance repair.

It is my responsibility as Maintenance Supervisor to coordinate and monitor all aspects of the maintenance program.

In this regard, the supervisor must work closely with the maintenance staff in order to ascertain full knowledge and control over the entire maintenance program.

Directly reporting and supervised by the Community Manger. Good communications between the

Maintenance Supervisor and the Community Manager is crucial for the proper and efficient operation of the community.

Although the Maintenance Supervisor will communicate with the other Colleagues, Managing Agent and Owners, I am directly reporting to the Community Manager.


Include but are not limited to the following:


1. Maintain a professional, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful attitude with

the Residents (our customers) and fellow employees. Promote this attitude in all of your personnel

2. Maintain a professional manner with residents. Do not discuss company business with them or engage in idle talk or rumors.

3. Transparency in all communications with the, Community Manager.


1. Assist Residents with problems and requests to the best of ability and to the limits of authority.

2. Maintain curb appeal of the exterior of property and buildings to ensure customer satisfaction.


1. Continually supervise maintenance and grounds personnel and vendors. Take action to improve the general appearance of the property, always be alert for any deferred maintenance problems. Establish daily employee goals. Show each employee exactly what you want him or her to do so they know what is expected.

2. Require all full time employees to adhere to the office hours posted.

3. Monitor employee compliance with the dress code.

4. Encourage employees to submit suggestions for improving work conditions or job efficiency.

5. Discuss employee / vendor performances with Community Manager if problems arise and possible written reprimand and/or dismissal is necessary. Advise the Resident Manager so that he/she may follow the proper dismissal procedure.

6. Report any employee injury to the Community Manager immediately.

7. Evaluate with the Manager (in writing) all new employees at their 90 day Anniversary and all employees on an annual basis. The Manager must review all evaluations before being given to the employees.

8. Review employee time cards.

9. Present to the Manager ideas on improvement projects and labour needs.


1. Comply with the dress code and/or wear uniforms. Personal and attire must

be neat and clean at all times.

2. Adhere to office hours as posted.


1. Daily

2. Meet with the Community Manager at the beginning of each day. Discuss work procedures, priorities, goals and special jobs to be completed. Assist Management in distributing notices.

3. Review all Maintenance Requests and closely monitor progress and completion of requests.

4. Schedule trash runs with grounds personnel and Maintenance Orders with maintenance staff.

5. Clean and organize amenities such as, pool areas, tennis courts, etc.

6. Order materials once obtaining approval by PO system

7. Weekly operational meeting with team and vendors and contractors

15/ 11/ ’10 – 15 / 01 / ‘13 BADER AL-HUSSAINI AND SONS CO. INC. AL-KHOBAR K.S.A.

Nature of Business :

General Trading, Sub-contracting of Appliance, Facility Maintenance in SAUDI ARAMCO Ras Tanura,

Abqaiq and Dhahran K.S.A.



Under general direction, organizes,monitors and supervises Workshop,Community and facility

maintenance operations;

Performs a variety of technical tasks relative to Workshop, Community maintenance, provides technical

Assistance to the department manager.


CCTV, Automatic Doors, Fire Alarm System,

Audio / Video system

Lighting and fixtures including signages, Electricals, and Perimeter fence

Painting, Plumbing, Carpentry jobs

Laundry Area ( Washing Machines and Dryer Machines )

Kitchen Equipment ( Refrigerators, Electric Ranges/Oven, Dishwashers )

Air-conditioning Units ( Window Types, Split Types )

Brown Line Appliances


Plan, prioritize, assign, supervise, review, and participate in the work of staff responsible for Workshop, community

and facility maintenance.

Establish schedules and methods for providing Workshop, Community/facility maintenance services;

identify esources needs review, needs with appropriate management staff; allocate resources accordingly.

Participate in the development of goals and objectives as well as policies and procedures; make

recommendations for changes and improvements of existing standards, policies, and procedures;

participate in the implementation of approved policies and procedures; monitor work activities to

ensure compliance with established policies and procedures.

Participate in the preparation and administration of the Workshop and Community/facility maintenance budget;

submit budget recommendations; monitor expenditures; prepare cost estimates; submit justifications

for equipment; monitor budget expenditures.

Monitor and control supplies and equipment; order supplies and tools as necessary; prepare

documents for equipment procurement; prepare specifications and contracts for contract services.

Train or coordinate training in Workshop and community maintenance/facility and safety methods,

procedures, and techniques.

Develop and organize preventative maintenance and safety inspection programs for

all facilities and community equipment.

Assist in the preparation of various contracts, requests for proposals, and reports.

Perform the more technical and complex tasks of the work unit.

Attend and participate in professional group meetings; maintain awareness of new trends and

developments in the field of facility and community maintenance; incorporate new developments as appropriate into programs.

Answer questions and provide information to the public; investigate complaints and recommend corrective action

as necessary to resolve complaints.

07/ 05/ ’01 – 11 /06/‘10 HITEC RCD PHILIPPINES INC. PEZA Rosario, Cavite Philippines

Nature of Business :

Assembly of Radio Control System ( Transmitter ), Receivers, Servos, Speed Controller,

RC Airplane,RC Helicopter, Robot and Battery Chargers.


Responsible on day to day operation of the following sections:

Water Supply system, Plumbing

Manual Insertion ( M.I. )

Lighting and fixtures, Perimeter fence

Air-conditioning units, Generator sets

Fire Alarm systems

Closed-In Circuit system

Outdoor Recreational facilities

Wave Soldering Machine, Conveyor system

Touch-up or Retouch

Test Area Equipment

Repair Area Equipment

Assembly line

Packaging section


Control and supervise Maintenance Technicians

Evaluates employee status, performance on respective period of time.

Attendance control, evaluation of application for leave

Distribution of loads.

Check and update material usage.

Materials monitoring

Materials requisition

Updates of materials on hand

Updates list of Lacking Materials

Summary of Daily report.

Monitors Line Downtime

Provide solutions on process ; problem encountered in production line.

Implementation of Temporary countermeasure.

Load balancing.

Prepare non-conformance report.

Highlights feedback from internal or external.

Data analysis on claims found.

Data analysis and make Corrective and Preventive actions.

Maintaining a smooth production process flow.

Implementing 5S of good housekeeping.

Proper distribution of loads for technicians

Orientation on direct labor.

2/26/01 –7/03/01 DANAM PHILIPPINES INC PEZA Rosario, Cavite Philippines

Nature of Business :

Manufacturing of Hybrid IC, Subscriber Boards for Digital Telephone Exchange System, AC/DC converters

RF Devices, Terminals for Mobile Telecommunications, Cellular Phone battery chargers, Universal Remote



Updates the section procedural manual, Established and maintain Procedures on Receipts,

Issuance, Revision and disposal of documents and records.

Evaluates existing system and forms, then recommends improvement and revisions.

Established and maintains Procedures on materials.

Formulates Corrective and Preventive actions on non-conformance raised during internal or surveillance audit.

Control and supervise all Maintenance Staff and workers.

Check and analyzed Production Yield by product and process.

Provide solutions on Process,Problem encountered in Production Line

Prepare non-conformance report regarding production claim.

Maintaining a smooth Production process flow.

Established Training and Education program for maintenance staff and workers.

Maintenance Schedule control and Management.

Assures machines and equipments compliance to specifications.

9/1/’97 – 2/20/’01 KOLIN PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL,INC. FCIE Dasmariñas.,Cavite Philippines

Nature of Business :

Manufacturing of Home Appliances such as :

Air-conditioning Unit ( Window type ranging ; .75 HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP. 2 HP )

Colored Television

Electric Fan ( Desk Fan, Stand Fan )

Industrial Fan ( Floor Fan, Wall Fan, Stand Fan

Rice cooker

Water dispenser

Washing Machine


Handles Maintenance department, directs and control work force,

Maintains a smooth production flow and maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Assures production Equipment and tools compliance to specifications,

Minimizes non-conformances, and relays information and deligates orders to subordinates.

Personnel Management

Directs and control manpower

Ensures personnel’s compliance to company policy and SOP.

Control attendance of personnel under control.

Gives specific work assignments and work method to all subordinates.

Evaluates performance of subordinates.

Material Control

Monitors proper handling and inventory of materials leading to

the prevention of parts damaged and / or loss.

Check the correctness of parts used in equipment with reference

to work standard procedure and temporary counter measure.

Confirms Bad materials and make corrective actions.

Efficiency Control

Monitors and control production facilities to meet production schedule.

Improves facility system through: Work simplification,

Reduction of loss time( balance loss, down-time, and break down )

Process Control

Monitors and controls line production process and formulates preventive measures.

Assures personnel’s conformance to work instructions.

Assures that quality of products conforms with existing standard.

Control of Non-conforming Products.

Analyzed process, work operations, quality records and market

to detect and eliminate potential causes of non-conforming products.

Evaluates non-conformities regarding specifications and coordinates with concerned sections.

Formulates and enforces corrective actions needed to prevent re-occurrences and evaluates effectively.

Inspection; Measuring, Test Equipment and Machines.

Checks Equipment, Tools and Machines if they conform to:

Required setting, Required specifications, Standard set-up

10/28/’96 – 08/30/’97 KOLIN PHILIPPINES INTERNATIONAL INC. FCIE Dasma,Cavite Philippines


Set-up production line tools and equipment

Monitoring and control of Parameters.

Analyzed and investigates causes of defects.

Recommend corrective actions.

Plan ways to reduced under repair.

06/20/’94 – 05/20/’96 CLARION MFG.CORP. OF THE PHILS. PEZA Rosario Cavite Philippines

Nature of Business:

Manufacturing of Car Stereo and Amplifiers.




Job Summary:

Responsible in controlling of machines and equipment within the line.

Recommends corrective and preventive actions of non-conformities.

Repair defective machines or equipment.

Investigates defect contents and reports causes.

Keeps Production tools in good conditions and in accordance to standards.

Sets of equipment in the production line during change model.

Check equipment pre-setting and tools before start of production.

Replaces Repair Engineer in his absence.

Put defective slip in bad materials and defective equipment.

09/15/’92 – 04/22/’94 COMMODORE PHILIPPINES B.V. PEZA Rosario, Cavite Philippines

Nature of Business :

Manufacturing of Personal Computers and CD Games;Brand name



Job Summary:

Responsible in controlling of non-conformities in Test Area.

Repairs defective Test equipment from production line section.

Test, troubleshoot least comlex printed circuit board of equipment

Single sided board or PCB

Double layered board or PCB.

Three layered board or PCB.

Repairs of highly complicated test machines/equipment such as:

Two channel Oscilloscope

Standard Signal Generator


Audio Generator



Digital Multi-meter

Requires ability to interpret technical and circuit analysis of equipment related problems

Requires direct handling and repair of non-conforming machines.

Requires evaluation and report of analysis arising from product related defects.

Demands extended working hours.


ELECTROLUX Home Appliance Technical Training

December 4 – 10, 2010

Mercure Hotel Al - Khobar

Al -Khobar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ISO 9002 – International Organization for Standardization Training.

May 09,1998


Kolin Building, EDSA Corner Magallanes Ave.

Magallanes Village Makati City Philippines

Fire Safety and Prevention Training

May 07,1998


First Cavite Industrial Estate

Langkaan I Dasmariñas, Cavite Philippines

Supervisory Effectiveness for Improved Quality and Productivity

August 25 – August 29,1997

Philippine Trade Training Center

Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue cor. Roxas Boulevard

Pasay City 1300 Philippines

Technical Training ( AIRCON, CTV, REFRIGERATOR )

October 28,1996 – December 24,1996

Taiwan Kolin Co. Limited

No. 7,Kung Yeh 4th Road, Kuan Ying Hsiang,

Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C.

Electrostatic Discharge Training

November 5,1992

Commodore Philippines B.V.

CEPZA Rosario,Cavite Philippines

Equipment / Instrumentation, Basic Electronics Technician Training

January 22,1994

Commodore Philippines B.V.

CEPZA Rosario,Cavite Philippines

Compact Disc Assembly Training

April 04 – April 06

Commodore Philippines B.V.

CEPZA Rosario,Cavite Philippines

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company ( PLDT )

On The Job Training

March 1992 – June 1992

Central Office Binakayan Kawit, Cavite

Naval Communication Facilities ( NAVCOMFAC )

On The Job Training

March 1991 – June 1991

Naval Base Cavite

Sangley Point Cavite City Philippines


Technical Drawing

Electric Welding / Oxy-Acetylene Welding

Steel / Metal Fabrication

General Maintenance

Forklift driving

Work Process making

Purchasing / Canvassing

Warehousing ; parts and materials,finished goods( Incoming / Outgoing )

Computer Literate; Windows application ( Word,Excel,Power Point,Print Artist,Outlook Express )

Certified Consumer Electronic mechanic – National Manpower Youth Council ( NMYC )

Driving with Professional License Restriction # 1,2 ( PHILIPPINES DRIVERS LICENSE and SAUDI DRIVERS



1990 – 1993 Cavite State University (Cavite College of Arts and Trade) Rosario, Cavite Phils.

Diploma in Electronics Technology


1986 - 1990 Cavite State University (Cavite College of Arts and Trade) Rosario, Cavite Phils.

Secondary Education


1980 – 1986 Bagbag Elementary School Rosario, Cavite Phils.

Primary Education



Date of Birth November 09,1973

Place of Birth Noveleta, Cavite Philippines

Age 45 Years Old

Citizenship Filipino

Civil Status Married

Dependent Two ( 2 )

Gender Male

Spouse Name Marinda B. Odviar

Height 5’ 5”

Weight 150 lbs.


SSS Number 333 – 7424 – 547

TIN Number 159 –237 – 139

PAG-IBIG ID Number 0001 – 278449 – 04

1210 - 9595 - 5472

Phil. Health Insurance Number 19 – 052354480 – 6

Passport Number P1099360B

Date Issued March 19, 2019

Date Expires March 18, 2029

Place Issued PE DOHA, QATAR

LTO Drivers License Number D06 – 02 – 241700

Date Expires November 9, 2021

Saudi Driving License Number No. 234-***-****

Date Expires July 05, 2019

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