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Training Project

Silver City, New Mexico, United States
September 20, 2019

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Known for creating and implementing training that

expands team member capabilities and instructs users on system utilization/improvement. Works with

government, civilian, and corporate stakeholders.

1605 w market St trailer 7 Silver City nm 88061


Work WorkExperience Experience

MasterCraft MasterCraftMetals Metals — Roofer

11/2002 to 12/2018, Silver City Nm 88061

Interacted with business users to analyze the

process and gather the requirements, making

necessary changes to schema objects to fulfill

their reporting and business needs.

Communicated directly with clients to establish

project parameters, wrote proposals for design

work, analyzed competitor web sites,

determined web site content, produced site

maps for client approval, and communicated

progress with client throughout length of


Developed and maintained reporting

procedures for tracking the effectiveness of

various programs. Supervised and motivated

staff by recognizing and rewarding individual

achievements, maintaining a positive attitude,

encouraging creativity and delegating tasks

appropriately. Evaluated programs to

determine necessary equipment and supplies

and maintained inventory controls.

Assisted with the training of assigned staff and

site based staff in the proper use of specialized

tools, materials, and equipment. Created bi-

weekly schedule for 10 hourly employees.

Assisted in performing preventive maintenance

where possible to keep equipment in good


Western WesternUniversity New Mexico University

running condition. Implemented procedures to

triple throughput by improving productivity.

Maintained consistent telephone and email

communication with all clients. Gathered and

analyzed information, including statutes,

decisions, legal articles, codes and documents.

Reviewed legal publications and performed

database searches to identify laws and court

decisions relevant to pending cases.

Received cash, checks and completed credit-

card transactions from customers and

employees. Counted money to verify amounts

and issued receipts for funds received.

Compared totals on cash register with amount

of currency in register to verify balances.

Computed bill, itemized lists and tickets

showing amount due, using adding machine or

cash register.

05/2003 to 10/2004

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