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Manager Personal Assistant

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
September 20, 2019

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Personal Details

Full Names Veronique Sijbesma

Known As Veronique

Date of Birth 29 September 1972

ID Number / Passport Number 720-***-**** 081

Area of Residence 9 Honeyball Avenue, Discovery, Roodepoort Nationality South African

Race White

Gender Female

Preferred Contact Number 083-***-****

Email Address

Own Transport Yes

Drivers License Yes

Availability Immediate or 2 weeks

Salary Expectation (Before Deductions) (Negotiable) Educational Background

Secondary Education

Institution “Hoërskool Lydenburg”

Highest Grade Achieved Matric

Year Completed 1991

Subjects English, Afrikaans, Typing, Business Economics, Accountancy, Home Economics

Curriculum Vitae

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Computer/Software Proficiency

Course Level Of Proficiency

1 – Basic 2 – Intermediate 3 - Advanced

Microsoft® Excel X

Microsoft® Word X

Microsoft® Outlook X

Microsoft® PowerPoint X

Microsoft® Access X

<List other proficiencies> MS Projects Documentum

<List other proficiencies> Lotus Notes/ Pastel/ SAP Pharmacy Software RX win/ Stock win/ Post win

Employment History


Company PricewaterhouseCoopers

Position PA to Associate Directors 2 and Senior Managers : Reg Max Corporate Finance – Division IGU

Period January 2011 – August 2011

Company PricewaterhouseCoopers

Position PA to Partner: Mr James du Preez

Business Development

Period September 2011 – March 2012

Tasks and Key Responsibilities

• Diary management

• Travel arrangements

• Event management

• General admin support

• Accounts administration

Reason for leaving Temporary contract.

Company Deloittes

Position PA to Two Directors in Consulting

Period October 2010 – December 2010

Company Corporate SOS

Position PA to Director

Period June 2010 – August 2010

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Company Opus Pharm

Position PA to CEO

Period March 2010 – May 2010

Company Coal of Africa

Position PA to Operations Director

Period December 2009 – February 2010

Company Magic Wanda Promotions

Position PA to CEO

Period January 2014 – February 2014

Company Fedusa Trade Union

Position PA to the Deputy General

Period March 2014 – April 2014

Company Maghilda Investments

Position PA to CEO

Period June – July 2014

Company Sun International Pty Ltd

Position PA to Manager Sales Department

Period July – September 2014

Employment History


Company The Ointment Jar Pharmacy

Position Pharmacy Manager

Period March 2015 – March 2019

Reason for leaving Company under Financial Difficulty Pharmacy Manager The Ointment Jar Pharmacy

Tasks and Key Responsibilities:

Staff Handbook

The Ointment Jar Pharmacy Procedures

General Operating Procedures:

It is expected of you to always keep the communications channels open between management and yourselves. That way misunderstandings and unhappiness can be cleared up before if becomes an issue. It is expected from you to maintain a certain standard and that includes:


1. Being neat and tidy on yourself and the environment you work in very important. 2. Be professional at all times: friendly; willing to help and efficient 3. Do not slosh; yawn; hang over the counter; look tried or sleepy 4. If you do not feel well - stay home and get a doctor’s letter, but do not come to work and not give 100%

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1. Help each other and be a team. Remember the Team is only as strong as the weakest Team member 2. When you neglect to do your work or you do it incorrectly or half - you will be reprimanded - this is how we learn and get better at our jobs - therefore, do not have an attitude - see the opportunity to grow. 3. If every staff member does what are expected of them - everything will run smoothly. Do not put unnecessary pressure on your colleagues - by not doing what is expected of you. 4. No cell phones during working hours - only during lunch hour. 5. Keep cell phones in your handbag - give family the Pharmacy number for emergencies. 6. Handbags must be kept upstairs in the flat where there are lockers with keys for each staff member. 7. Should you have an idea to make things easier or do something different - please feel free to share this with management.

8. Should you see something out of the ordinary - please share with management. 9. Be helpful - should a client ask for a specific person assistance please ask if you cannot help them instead. 10. Not everybody who asks for Henk - needs to be helped by Henk. Firstly, find out if you cannot help them. (It is sometimes that the client just wants to know what time the Pharmacy is going to close.) Front Shop:

1. This area is the most important area : IT MUST ALWAYS BE NEAT, CLEAN, TIDY AND IN ORDER 2. The dispensary MUST be orderly and clean at all times No boxes or medication laying around

Everything will be on the shelves

No medication on floor

3. Keep Pharmacy, counter and shelving clean and orderly at all times. 4. NB First thing every morning the Server Computer needs to be switched on before any other computer are switched on. Open the following programs RXwin (Dispensing); Poswin and Stockwin. 5. Always concentrate on good service - keep the clients and customers happy and satisfied. Concentrate and listen to the client - get the correct information: example: Surname, Name; Telephone number : Work and Cell phone Address etc. - even if you have to ask the client to repeat the details. 6. Part of good service is to know your products, systems in the shop and the flow of the business. 7. If you are not sure of anything - please ask. Making mistakes only causes more and unnecessary work, frustration and reflects a bad impression towards the public. 8. Be aware to keep a good atmosphere in the shop - when there are issues and attitudes towards one another - clients will pick up on this.

9. Even when there is an issue - keep a straight / neutral face- stay professional at all times - but sort out the issues. 10. Always have a positive attitude towards clients/customers - even when they are being difficult. - start knowing your clients and customers by name and also their immediate family. 11. Know exactly what is expected of you in terms of the pharmacy routine and for the example what needs to be done first thing in the morning and lasting thing before you leave the pharmacy in the evening - know the flow of the business.

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12. The person finishing up the day makes it easier for the person starting the next day - in other words - finish the day's work correctly. Make the necessary notes for the next morning, do the final filing. 13. Double Check - Meds before handing it to the client

- Double check Scripts - if label states 30 there must be 30 tabs -correct strength

- If label states 4 items - there must be 4 items in the packet

- Make sure it is the correct patient/customer/client - check surname and cell phone numbers

- Make sure the address is correct

- Levies to be paid

14. To Follows: - Will have a specific procedure - know the procedure and follow it through 15. COD'S - Will have a specific procedure - know the procedure and follow it through 16. Out of Stocks - Will have a specific procedure - know the procedure and follow it through 17. Ordering of Stock - Will have a specific procedure - know the procedure and follow it through NOT ALLOWED/NO NO'S

1. Do not laugh out loud when there are clients in the shop. It is not good manners 2. Do not speak a language in front of the client/or with clients in the shop, they do not understand - they can easily say you are talking about them. This is very bad manners and makes people feel uncomfortable. 3. Do not shiii, shiii when there are clients in the shop - it is bad manners. 4. Do not hang over the counter; yawn; look tired; slosh 5. Never sort out staff issues in front of clients. 6. Never discuss personal issues in front of the clients or in the pharmacy 7. Be aware of client as well as company and staff confidentiality - No confidential information of clients, company or staff will be given through or be discussed with one another or with clients. If there is any issues take it up with Management.

8. While ringing up a sale and a levy pops up - do not shout from the till to Henk - Say to the client excuse me"- walk to Henk and find out what is going on.

9. Do not have an attitude when being reprimanded

10. Do not stand around looking bored - find something to do- We are here to work. 11. No eating or drinking on the dispensary floor and front of pharmacy Telephone Etiquette

1. Be aware that telephone etiquette is very important as the client does not see your faces but only hears your voice.

2. Answer the phone with a smile on your face - say "Good morning/afternoon or evening and your name. How can I help you?"

3. Do not let the phone ring and ring and ring - answer quickly. 4. Never put a call through to Henk if he is busy with a client or without telling him whom is on the line. 5. Take a proper message with all the necessary information and write it down in the duplicate book provided. Before the end of the day a dedicated person must go through the message book and see that all the calls have been attended too. Confirm with Henk that he has returned all the calls from the message book. When client has

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called and Henk has not returned there call in 30 minutes, please contact the client and let them know that "Henk is still busy and perhaps you can help or you just keep them informed that he will get back to then when he is not busy with clients.

6. Always make sure that you give the message to the appropriate person in a appropriate manner. 7. Don't let clients hold on for ever. Get back to them quickly - say sorry - Henk is still busy - take message. 8. Always use tact.

9. Remember the client in the shop has preference to the client on the phone.

• Don't spend to much time on the phone with the client

• Don't chit chat with clients on the phone while clients in the shop has to stand and wait.

• When you notice that the phone issue is going to take long - rather tell the client you will call them back as soon as possible. Make sure you do.

• Don't allow the phone clients to waste your time. Deliveries

1. Please double check deliveries - it is unnecessary wasting time and money to deliver wrong meds at a wrong address.

2. Please be diligent with deliveries, c.o.d's and to follows. 3. Promises made to clients must be kept.

4. Write every days delivery in delivery book - driver to sign for parcel. Stock

1. Load invoices into Computer Programme

2. Filing of invoices

3. Send back damaged stock

Working Hours

1. You are expected to be at work 15 min before your shift. Coming late is a bad habit and does not show any respect towards your work and other personnel.

2. Continues late coming is an offence and will result in a written warning. 3. Arrangement must be made in such a manner that you are fetched after work not later than 10 to 15 minutes after closing time. Unless your work is not done and it must be completed and you will be kept till your work for the day has been done.

4. Every staff member is responsible for their own travel arrangement to work and return back home - don't expect other staff member to take responsibility for getting you to work and home. 5. The Driver is not responsible to pick up staff members - it is not part of his duties - only in cases of emergencies and then there is a fee per trip. This must however be cleared with Management first. Should the driver fetch you

- please do not keep him waiting.

Attendance Register

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1. It is required by law to complete your personal Attendance Register - for the benefit of the Employee and Employer. Attendance Registers will be checked by the Labour Department on inspections. 2. Attendance Register must be taken seriously.

3. Complete Attendance Register every day and with the correct time of arrival or going and coming from lunch. Example 09:04; 10:07; 12:21.

4. It must be filled in correctly - the register will not be signed off and a comment will be made next to that date. NB - Order by Management


1. Management has worked out the roster for the staff - this roster is final. 2. Every Shift has its own responsibilities - make sure that you know what every shift requires of you. 3. Staff members are not allowed to exchange shifts - unless in case of emergency and another staff member is willing to help out.

4. These changes must be communicated to management. Applying for Leave

1. Leave forms must be completed before going on leave and only once your leave has been approved, in other words signed off.

2. Leave must be applied for at least two months in advance 3. Leave will not be approved if there is no time to make alternate arrangements with other staff members or replacement staff.

4. Other staff and management must be considered when going on leave. Equipment & Information

1. Equipment is the property of The Ointment Jar - it is there to make our life easier and to help us do our job 100%. Please treat equipment with respect and take care of it. Don't mishandle or let equipment fall and break. If you notice things are not working as it should - please inform management (maybe it can still be fixed), - don't wait until thing break (equipment, kettle, fridges, computers, remotes, keys and staples and scissors etc. 2. Always treat information regarding the work environment, staff and clients and computer information with confidentiality.


1. Please don't waste paper unnecessary.

2. Inform the relevant person in charge of ordering stationery if it is running low: time is needed to go to the shops and it sometimes have extra stock packed away in the office. Kitchen

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1. The Kitchen must be kept neat and clean at all times. It is everybody's responsibility to keep the kitchen clean and tidy - especially Tuesday, Thursdays and over weekends. If you see dirty dishes - wash and dry them and pack it away. The counter must always be clear so that if they need to mix any medication there is sufficient space and it is clean.

2. Don't let the dishes accumulate in washing up area. 3. Before the last staff member leaves, they must always see the Kitchen is clean and tidy - everything must be packed away.


1. Please keep the toilet neat and clean

2. Please don't smoke in the bathroom. It is not considerate to the non-smoker. 3. Please make sure the bathroom is locked once you are done. Security

1. We have a security gate for our safety. Please do not just open the gate for anyone. Take note whom you opening the gate for - day time and night time.

2. Remember when taking money (notes) from clients - it may be false. Be aware 3. Check that the parking lodge auto gate and small gate are always closed and locked. 4. Make sure the Kitchen security gate is always locked/closed. 5. Always keep your eyes and ears open suspicious person and cars. 6. We do have panic buttons - make sure you know where they are. 7. Do not allow any building maintenance guys to go through the pharmacy to the court yard. Even the municipality people. They can go through the parking lodge if needed. Emergencies

1. Take not were the Fire Extinguishers are placed. 2. Know where the torches are kept for when the light go out. 3. Know where the important / emergencies numbers are kept. 4. In case emergencies - Please remain calm: Help with children where needed; Assist older people. When Pharmacist (Henk) is not at the Pharmacy

1. Please remember always to keep Henk up to date with what is happening at the pharmacy. 2. An problems regarding Telephones, Computers, City Power - please inform 3. Always inform Henk when the problem accurse.

4. Any problems regarding client - please inform Henk so he knows for future reference. 5. Do not allow Computer, Telephone or City Power -etc - people to work on our equipment - without Henk knowing about it.

6. Please always phone Henk for anything out of the ordinary. (Example - if we have a locum working the client DO NOT like - phone Henk - he might decide to come back, because he does not want the locum to cause

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unnecessary problems. Henk needs to know about the issue to make a decision - he cannot make the best decisions for the business if he does not know about the issues. 7. Remember the business comes first - it is our future 8. Remember you are Henk's ears and eyes - and even more so, when he is not at the pharmacy. He relay’s on all staff to keep him up to date and informed.

9. If you cannot get hold of Henk, phone Veronique. Should both be out of reach - send a sms or what's app to Veronique, Henk and - so we can at least know the moment our phones are working. 10. Always inform Henk - no matter how small the issue might seem. (Rather safe than sorry) Separate S.O.P'S are being prepared for every position and every shift according to the roster. PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT

Company JD Group Russells & Joshua Doore

Position Personal Assistant to the CE Russells & Joshua Period September 2014 – January 2015

Reason for leaving Retrenched.


Company Hans Merensky

Position Personal Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer Period June 2012 – August 2013

Reason for leaving Better career opportunity offered PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT

Company Battery Clinic

Position Personal Assistant to the CEO

Period September 2013 – November 2013

Reason for leaving Company was under Financial Difficulty PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT

Company BHP Billiton

Position Personal Assistant / Team Secretary to the Tax Manager Period April 1998 – June 2009

Reason for leaving Retrenched


To act as PA to Senior Tax Manager: Africa and to provide support to SA Tax Team (5 Tax Specialists) in respect of all secretarial and administrative services.

Key Dimensions

• Revenue


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• Capital and operating budget

• Total asset value

• Annual production

• Number of employees

• Member of: (i.e. CSG Exco, CLG)

Key Relationships

• Senior Tax Manager: Africa

• Head of Tax: Europe / Africa

• SA Tax Team members (6)


• Accounts Payable department

• IT department

• Maintenance department

• Secretaries and PA’s of other departments in BHP Billiton SA, SA CSG’s as well as London and Melbourne Tax offices

• External service providers

Tasks and Key Responsibilities – Core Accountabilities To act as Team Assistant to the Johannesburg Tax team, providing the following services and support: Diary Management and Logistics

• Using own discretion to arrange, accept, prioritise and amend appointments where necessary

• Arrange parking through online system as well as security access for outside visitors

• Book conference calls, meeting rooms and facilities through online booking system and arrange refreshments when necessary

• In the case of outside meetings, make provision for travel time in the calendar and obtain directions and contracts where necessary

• In the case of seminars, arrange booking, confirm venues and directions, arrange payments Manage Travel Arrangements

• Liaise with Travel Office with regard to flight availability and times, booking of flights and arrange car hire to ensure team members arrive on time for meetings – Check correctness of bookings before departure

• Book accommodation when necessary

• For overseas travel determine visa and health requirements, assist with visa applications and arrange foreign currency

• Draft travel itinerary, including directions and contacts where necessary

• Arrange payments for flights and accommodation and reconcile payments on credit card statements if paid by credit card

Event Management

• In the case of in-house workshops, conferences, seminars, presentations, video conferences and telephone conference calls

o Book venues, equipment, IT support, etc through the online booking system o Send out invitations and monitor responses

o Compile documentations and handouts

o Provide support in case of any problems

General Management

• In the case of in-house workshops, conferences, seminars, presentations, video conferences and telephone conference calls

o Book venues, equipment, IT support, etc through the online booking system o Send out invitations and monitor responses

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o Compile documentation and handouts

o Provide support in case of any problems

General Administrative Support

• Ensure that all office equipment are in working and contact IT on Maintenance departments in the case of any equipment problems

• Contact IT in case of any problems with computers (general software, Outlook, Documentum, etc.) or phones

• Manage any building administration issues, e.g. Office moves, new systems, office policies, etc.

• Keep record of Team members’ movement when they are out of office

• Screen manager’s emails for administrative matters, such as calendar appointments, documents requiring signatures, invoices for payment, etc. and deal these matters

• Handling of incoming and outgoing post

• Typing and layout of PowerPoint presentations

• Taking messages or re-directing calls to other Team members if any of the Team members are not in the office

• Maintaining stationary stock

• Assisting with photo copying, faxing and scanning when required

• Filing of hard copy documents and maintaining list of files Budgeting and Accounts Administration

• Review cost reports and analyse accounts when necessary to determine whether costs should be charged out

– Inform Manager of actual vs budgeted spent

o Reconcile credit card statements

o Handle all aspects of accounts payable (including foreign payments): o Vendor creation: Obtain vendor details, including transformation details, from vendor. Enter vendor details on GSAP

o Enter all relevant information on GSAP for vendor payment purposes o Follow up with vendors as well as Accounts Payable personnel in the case of problems with payments of accounts

• GSAP account input, invoice payments and maintaining stationary stock, photo copying, faxing, etc. Electronic Filing – Documentum

• Act as Line 2 for Johannesburg Tax Team

• Attend Documentum meetings and keep Team members updated on developments Maintain Tax Library

• Manage ongoing subscriptions and buying of new publications

• File loose leaf updates

• Arrange for annual binding of certain publications Employment History

Reason for Leaving Retrenchment.

Company Cad/Cam Systems

Position Secretary to Director – Sales Department

Period 1996 – 1998

Tasks and Key Responsibilities

• Diary management and logistics

• Manage travel arrangements

• Event management

• General administrative support

• Budgeting and accounts administration

• Maintained all records for Tax purposes

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• Typing of invoices

Reason for Leaving Retrenchment.

Company Local Government

Position Secretary to the Minister of Mineral and Energy Affair (Pik Botha) Period 1993 – 1995

Tasks and Key Responsibilities

• Diary management and logistics

• Manage travel arrangements

• Event arrangements

• General administrative support

• Budgeting and accounts administration

• Scanning of media for all relevant media coverage of Mr Pik Botha (Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs)

• Typing of invoices

Reason for wanting to leave: Local Government changed. References

Current Reference

Full Name Henk Pieterse

Title Mr

Job title of specified reference B Pharm (Pharmacist) Contact Number

Preferred Contact Time Anytime

E-mail Address

Position held at this company Pharmacy Manager

Full Name Herman Steyn

Title Mr

Job title of specified reference Tax Manager – BHP Billiton Contact Number 083-***-****

Preferred Contact Time Anytime

Position held at this company Personal Assistant / Team Secretary to the Tax Manager Full Name Andre Schoultz

Title Mr

Job title of specified reference Deputy CE Operations Russell's and Joshua Doore Contact Number 079-***-****

Preferred Contact Time Anytime

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E-mail Address

Position held at this company PA to Deputy CE Operations Russell's and Joshua Doore Position held at this company PA to CFO

Full Name Steve Huyseman

Title Mr

Job title of specified reference CEO Battery Clinic Contact Number 079*******

Preferred Contact Time Anytime

E-mail Address

Position held at this company PA to CEO

Position held at this company PA to Partner

Full Name

Title Mr Mike Slade

Job title of specified reference CFO Hans Merensky Contact Number 082*******

Preferred Contact Time Anytime

E-mail Address

Position held at this company PA to CFO

Full Name James du Preez

Title Mr

Job title of specified reference Partner – PricewaterhouseCoopers Contact Number 011-***-**** / 082-***-****

Preferred Contact Time Anytime

Position held at this company PA to Partner

Full Name Reg Max

Title Mr

Job title of specified reference Assistant Director – PricewaterhouseCoopers Contact Number 011-***-**** / 082-***-****

Preferred Contact Time Anytime

Position held at this company PA to Associate Directors 2 and Senior Managers

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