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Data Power

Sydney, NSW, Australia
September 23, 2019

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Professional Summary

Business Intelligence - Solution / Enterprise Architect in diverse industry domains for twenty years (35 years plus industry experience: 3GL on mainframes to in BI, Cloud on AWS, Azure. Architect 3-tier EDW Architecture in Business Analysis framework, Data model/Vault, Data Mart. Migration – Map, ETL roadmap (Media, System Log, Database, Big Data), decommission legacy. Data Cycle: profile, analysis, cleanse, stage data(structure, semi-structure, unstructure); Integrate: model/vault, mine, MDM. Architect. Develop UI, App, Dashboard (SOA /EDA) in BI, Cloud. Test. QA. Document (Sharepoint). Data Forest, Machine/Reinforcement Learning

Used OLAP, ERPs, BI suites, third party BI tool, Cloud (Power BI, DAX, Shareforce on AWS, Azure, Google). Optimise IT landscape of organization, resolve information need through solution architecture and delivering reports, dashboard, mobile app and UI. BI delivery using BI tool in Agile, DevOps(project management, development, test); App in Scrum. Extensive experience as a BI Lead in optimizing IT landscape, liaising clients, technical team, sponsors in budget, resource, project plan, overall architecture, solution. Led delivery cycles – starting with mainframe – 2GL, 3GL, to client/server – 4GL, now Cloud within Agile, Scrum, DevOps frameworks. In BI Cycle : Data Analysis of legacy data thru Gap translation, Cleansing legacy data, profiling, federation; creating ETL roadmap for Data Integration leading to Dimension Data Model / Data Vault / Data Lake, ER in conceptual, logical, physical EDW design /architecture service data report, User interface, Dashboard, App on traditional/Cloud platform

Experience in ETL Roadmap : define reference, meta data of existing sources (legacies) to EDW (target) with Data Lake of structured, semi-structured, unstructured and ungoverned data to be migrated to EDW. Resolve interface (in Informatica, Datastage, Big Data). Configure tool, strategy, plan, script, code. Data model/Data Vault (Core Architecture Data Model). Integrate: Big Data/Informatica/HDFS, IBM IIB; Visualise in Tableau; App: Scala, Spark, Python, PHP, .Net

Data Cycle/Process, DBA : Working with data cycles from mainframe in VSAM file technology to HDFS distributed files in BI to Cloud Structures. Employing RDBMS schemas for structured data, semi-structured voice, sound, text data serviced through HDFS to unstructured, schema-less data dumps of internet phrase (MySQL, NoSQL), semi) and architecting 3-tier EDW with BI/CLoud – model, ER, vault, lake, analytical/integration tools using my skill/experiences as Analyst/Programmer, DBA, Modeller, Miner, Developer/Tester, now BI solution/Enterprise architect. Worked master, reference, spatial, meta data: visualize, federate/virtualise, profile, abstract, wrangle, triage, mask data. Transmission of data by value, address, reference, name.

EDW Design: of 3-tier service oriented architecture in Business Analysis frame, optimize IT landscape- platform – 3GL to Cloud, framework, web service, protocols, API. SOA design of relational model– conceptual, logical, physical dimensioned, scaled, normalized data model – in Data Vault in three schema approach and Core Architecture Data Model. Object oriented in analysis, design, report. 3-tier EDW architecture of Data, Big Data (HDFS) on structured, semi-structured (Hadoop, Tableau/Snowflake) unstructured data (MySQL, NoSQL phrase dump; Datamine, Rapidminer pattern of Unstructured data) in RDBMS(Oracle, SQL, Teradata) in EDW

Managed, led team, client liaison/collaboration, crisis/resource management, troubleshooting, solve problem, negotiate, presale, scheduling, budget. QA, Loyalty program. Mentor, training

Technical Skills

Data : Structured – with ER (thru ER diagram, model), Semi-structured – video, sound, XML, GPS, text (thru Hadoop - HDFS), Unstructured – internet phrase search on MySQL, noSQL; data in general with no ER or business rules (thru Rapidminer, Datamine, R ‘pattern match’ for ER)

Databases : Relational: MS-SQL, Oracle, Teradata, CICS/ DB2, Informix, Progress. Schema-less: MySQL, noSQL, PostgreSQL. Rapidminer, R. Database Admin: Tune, recover, backup, schedule

BI Suites : MS-SQL (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS); ORACLE (BI Suite, Publisher, OWB, OBIEE), Teradata (BIG Data; Integrate, report in Power BI, DAX, Salesforce on Cloud platform(Azure, AWS, Google)

Analysis, Model/Vault : Analyse data, big data (HDFS data lake). Create model/vault – logical, physical. Mine in KNIME, Toad, ER Studio, BI Analytics. Data (random) Forest, machine learning

ETL roadmap : Map legacy to target. Analyse, visualisation of Data, Big Data(HDFS) in Tableau, Datastage; Integrate in Informatica, IBM IIB, Power BI (on Cloud, analysis in DAX. Implement

Master Data Management – capture, federate, propagate clean, secure data in ACID property (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability):Data Governance/Stewardship of it, in Informatica (MDM 10/IDD), E360 develop: subject area, user exit, provisioning, business entity service; Configure

OLAP : SAP Business Object, IBM Cognos TM, Microstrategy, Hyperion, Essbase, Crystal Report, SQL Serv Analysis service. ERP : Oracle Financials, eBusiness, eCommerce upgrades, customise

Cloud (private, public, hybrid): AZURE, AWS, Google cloud, IBM Cloud service, VMware, Oracle Fusion, BIG data in TOGAF, DevOps frameworks. Analyse in DAX, Integrate in Power BI in Cloud

Develop (in SDLC) Report, User Interface, Dashboard, App in BI, Cloud (Power BI, DAX); Python Qlik,.Net, C#, Powershell, VBA, Java, PHP. Query: SAS, SQL, Big Query (PL/SQL, T-SQL), Unix

Script: PERL, SQL, TSQL,Unix/Linux, Java/J2EE, Angular JS/JQuery, Cloud(Big query, IBM, MySQL

Project Details

Aging options, USA Business Intelligence Lead / Data Architect Nov 16 – Aug 19


Designed, architected 3-tier EDW for Aging Options for service: Life Plan, Elder Law, Estate Plan, Care, Probate, Trust on Medicaid (USA). Data model/data vault (Core ) – scale, dimension

Legacy (in Oracle, DB2, SQL, Teradata, excel, access) with ETL roadmap - to EDW (Oracle, SQL).

Evolve business rules around Medicaid - USA (as Medicare) on profiled data, data cycle. Liaise stakeholder, nursing home, department of health, finance, insurance, superannuation, others

Scope Aged Care solutions - Medicaid (Medicare input) post client liaison. Lead negotiation, presale; tech client engagement in budget, resourcing, funding, tool/process selection, QA

Involved in Data Migration (mapping, ETL, decommission) roadmap using Big Data Integration

EDW in Oracle, SQL, Teradata-Big Data (HDFS), Tableau/Snowflake; Informatica; Cloud(Power BI, DAX, Salesforce); Informatica, IBM IIB integrator; Apps in Scala, Spark, Python(Azure, AWS

MDM (Governance: safe, secure, integrated data in organisation, stewardship in Informatica). Cube data, develop UI, app (iOs/Android) in Cloud/ Power BI service. OLAP report, web security

Interface to Medicaid of USA, insurance, banking, sponsor, dept. of health. Lead development using data dictionary, model, vault delivering report, UI, App. MDM – dimension, federate data

Aged Care services on mission, value of Aging Options. EDW caters reports, UI, mobile App

User Interface (SDLC) in OLAP, BI suite. Develop UI, dashboard, app in BI, Cloud (Power BI, DAX) in C#, Powershell, .Net, Python, PHP. Document in Sharepoint. Data forest, machine laerning

David Jones Limited, Aus Business Intelligence Lead / Data Architect Nov 11 – Nov 16


Solution architect DJ’s IT infrastructure : data gathering, data analysis; migrate data, big data (map, ETL, decommission) to 3-tier EDW from model/vault(CORE), UML, ER. Analyse Data, Big Data(HDFS). Develop( SOA/EDA) UI, App, dashboard (Agile, DevOps, Scrum) in BI. Data forest

Implement 3-tier DW in Oracle, SQL, Big Data(HDFS), Tableau/Snowake with ER, model/vault, UML. Analyse legacy data, big data (HDFS) with analytics – profile, federate, profile, stage. Implement EDW (logical, physical), ETL cater structured, semi-structured, unstructured data

MDM - Governance of data/Steward (Informatica): price, supply chain, inventory, distribute, procure. Integrate Data, Big Data (HDFS). Profile, federate, propagate secure govern data

Client, business liaison; negotiate, presale, budget, resource; DBA tasks; BI cycle in Agile, DevOps, Scrum; Workflow analysis, business forecast with OLAP. Document – Sharepoint, train

Liaise PCMS-UK with data in XML/HTML format (Xschema). Angular JS query. Prototype, develop, test UI / app in BI suites on traditional platform and Power BI, DAX on Cloud platform

Point of Sale practice, DW, model upgrades (in Big Data integration, HDFS, Tableau); data cube - dimension / scale - for developing UI, report, app in BI. Cloud computing Power BI, DAX, .Net

Analyze, model, mine (integrate Datastage); create ETL roadmap, EDW design – logical, physical; Cube, report. Lead in planning, budgeting. negotiation, mentoring, scope/specify, QA

Develop (SOA/EDA) report, UI, dashboard, app in BI suites, Power BI (AWS, Azure), PHP, Scala, Spark, Python, PHP, .Net, C#, Powershell, ADFS. Test, QA; Net security. Document in Sharepoint

Woolworths Limited, Aus Business Intelligence Consultant / Data Architect Feb 10- Sep 11


ETL legacy (3GL, Excel, Oracle, SQL, Teradata) to DW (SQL, oracle, Big Data (HDFS)); implement

MDM : dimension, configure, scale supply chain, pricing, AP/AR. (data governance, steward on DW) – capture, federate, propagate data using Informatica. DBA, ERP upgrade. BPM, SOA, QA

Upgrade EDW, data model, schema, interfaces (ERP, Retail IX, Retek) thru business liaison; Database, UI/App, Process upgrade in BI tools, Power BI, DAX. Sharepoint managed document

Develop in BI suite (Oracle, SQL, Teradata); Integrate in Datastage, Informatica, Tableau, HDFS in TOGAF frame. Data Mining of unstructured data – dumps of MySQL, noSQL - in Rapidminer

Cube, dimension, scale, configure data for OLAP - Cognos, TM1, Business Object, Essbase, Hyperion, Microstrategy or develop UI / app in PHP, .Net, C#, Power BI, DAX, Powershell, BI

Liaise stakeholder, tech team, business. Led development (AGILE, DevOps) – specify, develop, test: UI, report, dashboard, mobile app in BI suite, OLAP, Cloud tool; Open Source web tools

Design EDW; design 3-tier architecture (logical, physical) with UML, ER model/vault using BI tool - Oracle, SQL, Big Data(HDFS), Tableau/Snowflake. Develop (SOA/EDA) app, report test, QA

Liaise business, translate legacy data GAP. Cleanse, profile, virtualize, visualise and stage data; develop ETL (in Big data) roadmap. Implement 3-tier architecture, in Business Analysis frame

DBA : data cycle: profile/cleanse. visualize/federate, abstract/meta, wrangle, stage. Molel, DBA

ETL Roadmap for data, big data (HDFS lake) Integration in BI, IBM IIB Cloud ETL in Informatica.

Develop report, dashboard, app on data cube (dimension, scale) in BI, Power BI, .Net, C#, PHP

ERP upgrade of Oracle Financials, e-Business, SAP; upgrade data model / mart / vault, ER diagram; develop UI, mobile app in SOA / EDA; web security; QA; documentation - Sharepoint

Prior Experience

Business Intelligence / Data Architect at Merril Lynch, India from Jan 08 – Jan 10

Business Intelligence / Data Tech Lead at Westpac, Australia from Jul 07 – Jan 08

Data Warehouse Manager at Virgin Atlantic Limited, UK from Mar 05 – Jun 07

Database Administrator at BORAL, Australia Limited from Mar 03 – Feb 05

Technical Lead at UNISYS / UPSL, Australia from Apr 01 – Feb 03

Database Administrator / Developer at Commonwealth Bank, Australia from Nov 97- Mar 01

Data Analyst / Programmer at various clients in Australia, USA, India from Jul 86 – Nov 97

Educational Qualification

Post-Graduation (MBA Foreign Trade) from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, India (1987)

Graduation – Computer Science from Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology, India (1985)

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 5th August 1963

Citizen : Australia, India (worked in many countries on work permits)

Current Address : 92 Shaftesbury Road. Burwood. NSW 2134. Australia.

LinkedIn / Skype :

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