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Data Scientist

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
September 23, 2019

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Ray (Myong-Rae) Chang

** ******* **., ******, *** 1S1, Canada

E-mail: Tel: 613-***-**** Skype: myong.chang LinkedIn: SUMMARY

7+ years of big data analytics work experience in the major business fields of mobile/internet telecom, digital media, and social network communities, on top of 10+ years of research works in the area of telecom networks for large-scale quantitative analysis and algorithm development

Solid background and knowledge on the analytics algorithms and the end-to-end data pipeline processes with hands-on development skill sets for the production-grade platforms

Highly analytical, strategic thinking and creative mindset, attention to the details and root causes, meeting the true needs; self-motivated, proactive and instrumental, team player

Canadian citizen


Amdocs, Data Experience Business Unit (2014-2018)

Data Scientist (Software Development Specialist)

Extraction of network-level insights and the development of telecom analytics solutions

Created numerous insight reports based on the PCRF data sets (oplog/accountlog) from the worldwide mobile operators (TDG/T-Mobile, Globe, TMCZ, and more) by applying the machine- learning and optimization algorithms, that led to the actual development of analytics platforms

Involved in the whole process of end-to-end pipeline development from data collection & processing to the visualization (dashboard creation) for the end-users

Developed 9.9 PCRF Reporting Server for Telus Canada: ELK/filebeat based Data/VoLTE analytics solution, providing multi-dimensional dashboards through the event-correlation statistics of call status and failures by time, geo-location, device, etc. (Telus is using this tool in the production)

Developed Health Monitor solution for the cloud-based 10.1 N+K PCRF system: powered by ELK/telegraf/elastalert, shipping the hundreds of app/system-related metrics and real-time alarming based on the rules configured

Working together with AT&T on ECOMP/ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) development: logging-analytics project developing Culprit-Locator, Sequence Diagram, and POMBA (Post- Orchestration Model Based Audit) microservices

Conducted many PoCs including Mobile WiFi offload analytics (Smart-Net project), ECOMP DCAE

(Data Collection, Analytics and Events) using CDAP data platform, network anomaly detection by AI

Working in the openstack cloud-based environment equipped with all the latest DevOps tools Ray M. Chang


York Ontology Driven Analytics, York University, Toronto (2013-2014) YODA is a data analytics research lab in the department of Information Systems, Schulich School of Business Research Scientist

Working on “tipping” or “going-viral” phenomenon in complex dynamic systems, tracing the digital traces to extract actionable insights for the technology innovation and diffusion mechanisms

Crawling the social media data (e.g., Youtube) and data manipulation

Defining the metrics, and analyzing the trends and causalities

Developing explanative & predictive models based on the insights Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC), Singapore (2011-2013) LARC is a research initiative partnership for big data analytics by Singapore Management University (SMU) and Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU) of U.S. funded with $50M Research Scientist

Worked on customer big data sets from (1) a telecom: extensive customer data including massive cable TV viewership data from 3M+ households and (2) a retail bank (Citibank); in charge of the full cycle of data analytics processes: data collection, cleaning, analyzing, modeling, strategy development

Developed several data analytics use cases by tight collaboration with business partners

Designed and measured key performance metrics for viewership and audience

Telecom data analytics projects:

- Observational micro-segmentation of customers based on near real-time viewership data

- Channel usage diversity of cable TV households and resonance marketing strategies

- Triple-play plan switching patterns and predictions (focus on smart-phone effects)

Financial analytics projects:

- Banking transaction analytics for credit card usage patterns with loyalty/rebate programs

- Geo-spatial modeling and analysis of banking behaviors related to banking facilities McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2007-2011)

Information Systems Department, Desautels Faculty of Management Visiting Scholar & Research Associate

Conducted MIS research to publish academic papers in the areas of Information and Communication Technology, and Social Media funded by FRSCQ and SSHRC of Canada

In charge of large-scale empirical data collection and analysis with statistical modeling

Identified managerial insights on the major factors affecting the business performance:

- Digital systems and competition in online advertising markets (Google AdWords)

- Open innovation and value co-creation of the U.S. ICT firms (event history analysis)

- The anatomy of social capital in open source software development communities (Linux)

- Returns to computer use for individual- and workplace level factors (Stat Canada data) Ray M. Chang


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (2005-2007) Communication Technologies Group, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Visiting Scientist

Conducted a research project funded by Korea Research Foundation

- Seamless integration protocols for heterogeneous broadband access systems SK Telecom, Seoul, South Korea (2000-2007)

SK Telecom is a world-leading mobile carrier, the largest in Korea (26 million mobile subscribers); worked in the division of Emerging Technologies and Business Development of the corporate R&D Center Senior Researcher

Evaluated and developed evolution strategies for 3G+/4G mobile broadband technologies

Proposed, conducted, and managed several projects for mobile broadband services

Developed business/technology partnerships with ventures in the U.S. (in charge of field trial and investment agreements)

- Development of premium quality 4G-based mobile broadband services

- Computer simulation and test-bed experiments for mobile data traffic engineering

- Planning of network evolution roadmap for the nation-wide backbone data networks EDUCATION

Ph.D. in Operations Research & Management Science (Combinatorial & Network Optimization) Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea

(ranked 1st in 2012-2014 TIMES Thomson Reuters World University Rankings 100 under 50 years) COMPENTENCES & DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE

IT & Management 20 years of ICT related work and research experience, understanding of ICT trends especially in data and mobile broadband telecom

Analytical Methods Extensive knowledge and experience with data analytics, business intelligence, machine learning techniques, optimization techniques, and statistical modeling and analyses, predictive analytics, algorithm design, process modeling and improvement Data Networks Knowledge and experience on the design and strategy development for nation-wide backbone and access networks, computer simulations for voice/data traffic engineering, numerous readings of IETF RFC standards (routing protocols, QoS, Multicast, VoIP, etc.), experience of operating CISCO iOS (GSR), MPLS switch, WDM

(Wavelength Division Multiplexing)

Mobile Networks Understanding on the wireless/mobile architectures, protocols, and engineering: ITU- R, LTE 4G, IEEE 802.16/20 Mobile WIMAX, Wibro; experience of field trial of mobile broadband networks (Flarion flash-OFDM, Arraycomm solutions, etc.), Radio/multiple-access technologies

Ray M. Chang



Programming: R, Matlab, Python (pandas/numpy/tensorflow), C/C++, Java, ELK Logstash Database: SQL and No-SQL: HBase (hive/pig), Elasticsearch Visualization: QlikView, ELK KIbana 6.2, R, D3, SNS network visualization Machine Learning: Random forest, Bayesian networks (causal inference), Neural networks and deep learning, Hidden Markov models, High-dimensional clustering and segmentation (k-means, EM, hierarchical, soft fuzzy clustering), Latent class models, Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations

Statistics Modeling: Structural equation models, Bayesian models using tools like R, STATA, SPSS, PLS (Partial Least Square), randomized experiments (treatment/control) Computer Simulation: Agent-based or event-driven complex system simulation, network simulation Social Network Analysis: Using tools like UCINET 6.x, ORA 2.x, Pajek 2.0, ggobi Content Analysis: LIWC (Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count) and open-source tools Optimization Modeling: Solid knowledge on combinatorial optimization modeling, mixed integer programming, meta heuristics, genetic algorithms with experience of IBM ILOG CPLEX

Platform/DevOps Openstack, ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) OOM, Cloudera Hadoop, Git, Mercurial,Perforce, Jenkins, Chef, Kubernetes/Docker, Jira RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS

Understanding the Paradigm Shift to Computational Social Science in the Presence of Big Data, Chang, Ray M., Robert J. Kauffman, YoungOk Kwon, Decision Support Systems, Jul. 67-80 2014. Do Household Cable Viewing Patterns Demonstrate Efficiency and Concentration?, Chang, Ray M., Pulak Ghosh, Gwangjae Jung, Robert J. Kauffman, Peiran Zhang, China Summer Workshop on Information Management, Tianjin, Jun. 29-30 2013. (Best Paper)

How Strong Are the Effects of Technological Disruption? Smartphone Impacts on Internet and Cable TV Services Consumption, Chang, Ray M., Robert J. Kauffman, Kwansoo Kim, 46th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, Jan. 7-10 2013.

Consumer Micro-Behavior and TV Viewership Patterns: Data Analytics for the Two-Way Set-Top Box, Chang, Ray M., Robert J. Kauffman, Insoo Son, 14th Annual International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC): Competing on Real-Time Analytics, Singapore, 2012.

Digital Media and Consumer Behavior: Exploratory Data Analytics on CATV Viewership Patterns Chang, Ray M., Robert J. Kauffman, Insoo Son, INFORMS 2012 International Beijing, China, 2012. Credit Card Program Value Maximization with Promotion Density for Product Discounts, Chang, Ray M., Robert J. Kauffman, Kwansoo Kim, INFORMS 2012 International Beijing, China, 2012. Ray M. Chang


Paradigm Shift to Computational Social Science in the Presence of Big Data: A Primer for IS Researchers, Chang, Ray M., Robert J. Kauffman, YoungOk Kwon, the 11th Wuhan International Conference on E-Business, Wuhan, China, 2012.

(Invited keynote speech)

Value Co-Creation and Wealth Spillover in Open Innovation Alliances, Han, Kunsoo, Wonseok Oh, Kun Shin Lim, Ray M. Chang, Hyelim Oh, Alain Pinsonneault, special issue on Co-creating IT Value: New Capabilities and Metrics for Multifirm Environments, Management Information Systems Quarterly 36(1) 291-325, 2012. A Social Capital Perspective of Participant Contribution in Open Source Communities: The Linux Case, Chang, Ray M., Sung-Byung Yang, Jae Yun Moon, Wonseok Oh, and Alain Pinsonneault, 44th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, 2011. (Nominated as Best Paper)

A Network Perspective of Digital Competition in Online Advertising Industries: A Simulation-based Approach, Chang, Ray M., Wonseok Oh, Alain Pinsonneault, Dowan Kwon, special issue on Digital Systems and Competition, Information Systems Research 21(3), 571-593, 2010.

Perspective Framework on the Fourth-generation Mobile Communication Systems, Kim, Jin Young, Duk Kyung Kim, Seong Soo Park, Goon Seop Lee, Si Hoon Ryu, Myong Rae Chang, Jun Mo Koo, Journal of Communications and Networks 4, 321-335, 2002.

An OPNET Simulation for MPLS Traffic Engineering Opportunities in Wireless Data Service Networks, Chang, Ray M., Yongsik Shin, Sihoon Ryu, and Dong-Hahk Lee, Proceedings of the 6th INFORMS Telecommunications Conference, Florida, 2002.

A Column Generation Approach to the SONET USHR Based Ring Routing and Capacitating Problem, Chang, Myong Rae and Soo Y. Chang, Proceedings of the 9th

International Conference on Telecommunication Systems: Modeling and Analysis, Dallas, 2001.

A Heuristic Method for Self-healing Ring Design in a Single-homing Cluster, Chang, Myong Rae, Soo Y. Chang, Telecommunication Systems 14(1/4), 175-195, 2000.


Note: a total of 17 patents of technical solutions (including the following) and business models registered in the fields of mobile internet technologies and services, telecommunication network design, and traffic engineering (registration details can be searched at Method of New Path Establishment Considering the Priorities of Existing Paths in the Data Networks LSTs Determining Method for Multicasting in MPLS Network Method to Determine Traffic Paths for Protection Switching in MPLS based Telecommunication Network Method and System to Provide Premium Service by Location Management in Portable Internet Network Method and System to Transmit Content by Using IP Tunnel for Use in Multimedia Broadcast Service Method to Manage Session for Supporting Multicast Service in WiBro

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