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Manager Software Engineer

Santa Clara, California, United States
September 22, 2019

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Yirui Liu Email :

Mobile : +1-669-***-****


Santa Clara University Santa Clara, CA

M.S. IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Sep. 2018 - Dec. 2020 Experience

Facebook Seattle,WA

Software Engineer Intern June. 2019 - Sep. 2019

worked in web signals team of Ads org, intern project was based on ReactJS, Flux, Laser, Saber, Javascript, Flow, Python, C++, Hack/PHP

Implemented a new version UI card for event manager in facebook pixel, which help advertisers know the exact matching rate, conversion lift rate, numbers of campaigns and corresponding events of their Ads, improved creation of Facebook Pixel by 17%

Built history left tab UI for event manager in Facebook Pixel, which enable markers to see a table of history changes made to their data source that will help them in troubleshooting and managing their signals. Adding features which included button enable table data sort by time, three lters by available time, people who made change, activity type, increased page view events by 31%

Refactored and tested over 20 les in internal React component library with React and Flux, reduced loading time of event manager by 15%

Created pipelines and built Graph API, SaberCLI API, Xcontroller to fetch advanced matching data of Facebook Pixel from internal data platform


Online Camp Web App Sep. 2018 - Dec. 2018

(JavaScript, Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, MongoDB)

Developed a web App for users to comment, edit and share the campgrounds with authentication by Passport

Designed and implemented MongoDB infrastructure to store reviews/comments data and relevant information associated with users and campsites

Built basic user authentication middleware by utilizing Passport.js, Mongoose, Express-session framework to provide secure login, logout and register features

Used RESTful web service to build uniform routing system, write highly scalable and maintainable APIs to provide easy deployment for other developers

Movie Schedules Web app May. 2019 - June. 2019

(JavaScript, PHP, Jquery, Bootstrap, MySQL, Flask)

Built a web-app using Python Flask framework. RESTFul API design

Parsed real-time movie schedules into MySQL database and deployed a local server

Built a web-based interactive frontend using HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Jquery

REST APIs with Flask and Python Dec. 2018 - Jan. 2019

(Python, Flask)

Created secure and reliable REST APIs which include authentication, logging, caching

Handled seamless user authentication with advanced features like token refresh

Handled log-outs and prevent abuse in REST APIs with JWT blacklisting

Social Network Web app Feb. 2019 - May. 2019

(JavaScript, PHP, Jquery, Bootstrap, MySQL)

Created a full scale social networking website like Facebook with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL

Implemented basic website feature like logging system, personal pro les, friend system, chat system based on Object Oriented

Built basic chatting feature like trending posts,sorting, search, noti cation, common friends Programming Skills

Languages: Python, Javascript, PHP, Hack, C++, Java, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL

Technologies: React.js, Flux, Node.js, Express, jQuery, MongoDB, REST, Git, Mercurial, Hive, Saber, MySQL, Laser, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails

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