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Sales Manager

Palatine, IL
September 18, 2019

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**** *. ***** *: +Street * *** **9-Palatine, 6545 Illinois wsj@computer.60067-7230 org pg. 1

Business Leader / Technical Visionary with proven domestic/international expertise and success in operations, business/product development, sales, product management, intellectual property, and strategic planning in start-up and growth organizations. INITIATIVE FOLLOW-THROUGH RESULTS

Innovative leader who excels in optimizing technology and delivering results to positively impact bottom line.

• Won sales with multiple tier-1 customers, including T-Mobile, Sprint and Telefonica, beating targets by over 135%.

• Secured and closed OEM contracts resulting in over $35 million for resell of software-based intelligent network products.

• Led sales and product management growing business six straight years; 30 – 60% above plan, to $40 million annually. Goal-driven strategist with demonstrated ability to implement process improvements and increase competitive edge.

• Productized/advanced open-source, cryptography solution for use in identity management and Internet domain routing systems.

• Directed strategic development of software suite for market availability, driving in excess of $100 million in sales.

• Identified partner/investor securing $2.5 million for early stage company, successful sales led to positive acquisition.

• Authored build vs. partner/acquire document that drove $154 million project while leading strategic technical team. Commercially astute technologist and businessman, recognized intellectual property and communications expert with in-depth knowledge of product management, software development, mobile/Cloud applications, Internet security & protocols. Award-winning pacesetter who has received recognition as a leader in all positions held. Excellent inventive skills with 15 issued patents. Professional Experience

DIAMOND KEY SECURITY AND INTERNET SOCIETY (ISOC) (CONSULTANT) Managing Director, Operations, 2016 - current

Leadership and expertise directing productization of nascent, open-source cryptography solution. Directed product planning and marketing by providing competitive analysis, product management, and strategic planning expertise.

• Created business plan detailing market assessment, go-to-market strategy for entry and expansion with four-year plan of sustainability and growth. Presented to the ISOC CEO and board members, generating seed funding for the 501(c)(3) non-profit.

• Established and founded Diamond Key Security, hiring and directing staff while raising funds through donations and grants.

• Developed detailed competitive and technology review for Internet and communication’s security paradigms and digital signing, encryption, and authentication; including cybersecurity market trends and accelerated computing advances for cryptography. THE LAFAYETTE GROUP (LGI)

Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert, Product Management & Marketing, 2016 - 2018 Product management, intellectual property, and expert technology guidance related to mobile communications systems (LTE/ 4G, 5G, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), WiFi, apps, security) for FirstNet, first responder/public safety broadband network.

• Analyzed state requirements for alignment with national plan and prioritization of requests related to possible state “opt-outs”.

• Prioritized technology advantages and key messaging for FirstNet communications & marketing to public safety personnel.

• Examined technical advantages and intellectual property of feasible alternative solutions for broadband network partnership. CIRRIES, INC.

Vice President of Product Management and Strategy, 2015 - 2016 Technical product and business lead for software, consulting, and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for signaling mediation, high-speed data collection for network insight/Big Data, and automation in Software Defined Networks (SDN).

• Directed product strategy and innovation for revolutionary solutions for network data capture, analysis and insight enabling Communications Services Providers (CSPs) to seamlessly evolve and migrate networks to SDN technologies.

• Productized management/collection solutions while leading effort to introduce Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and Diameter signaling profiling and analysis solutions for fraud/intrusion detection and prevention.

• Launched innovative solution for address translation management and monitoring for CSPs to improve user experience through customized service offerings while supporting regulatory requirements for usage/session tracking for data-at-rest environments. W. STUART JONES

1009 S. Smith C: +Street 1 847 809-Palatine, 6545 Illinois wsj@computer.60067-7230 org pg. 2


Technical, Business, and Industry Consultant, 2013 - current Various market, technical and product projects related to generalized communications, SDN, Network Function Virtualization

(NFV), Service Function Chaining (SFC), cryptography, hardware security modules and IP/general network security.

• Built comprehensive sales and revenue plan for software and hardware SDN domain controller over three-year evolution.

• Created novel process for SDN application traffic management in both traditional IP and virtualized communications network environment supporting 5G network evolution and leading to pending patent.

• Analyzed mobile communications market including overall sizing and competitive landscape for radio infrastructure provider.

• Assessed intellectual property/patent portfolio and roadmap for software, silicon chip manufacturer and handset companies.

• Provided strategy, procurement processes, and RFP expertise for major international telecommunications group company. NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS (NSN) & APERTIO, INC.

Head of IP Core, Head of Customer Insight & Experience (CIE)/Subscriber Data Management (SDM), 2008 - 2013 Vice President, Product Management and General Manager Americas (Apertio), 2003 - 2008 Commercial, technology lead for CIE & IP network technology business. Key executive, early joiner of Apertio, provided product and business strategy expertise prior to leading Americas business to positive acquisition by Nokia Siemens Networks.

• Directed business operations and technical sales for $40 million per year 3G/LTE IP core and SaaS businesses.

• Guided worldwide product management and partnering until 2005; commercialized product suite, managed intellectual property and drove roadmap for industry-leading solutions utilized by suppliers, including IBM, Motorola, Siemens, Telcordia and ZTE.

• Launched policy and profile solutions to T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Telus, 30 – 60% above plan six straight years.

• Led Apertio Americas sales ahead of plan, generated $16 million in revenue, beat targets by over 135%, secured business with T-Mobile, Sprint and Telefonica; and positioned Apertio for positive acquisition. ROSETTA-WIRELESS

Board Advisor and Technical Consultant, 2003 - 2011 Technical and intellectual property expert providing insight on prior art and market for advanced wireless personal-server.

• Invented, architected and designed key technology for Wireless Portable-Server Systems, leading to issued and pending patents.

• Provided market and technology expertise related to cellular and 802.11 standards driving corporate strategy and initiatives. VISOGENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

President and Cofounder, 2000 - 2002

Leader and founder of Visogent Technologies. Directed business, technical, and partnership activities. Led the effort to create the business plan and technical basis for consolidated, IP and software based database/register solution for cellular networks.

• Raised capital from Sofinnova Ventures and TeleSoft; grew organization to 10 US employees and 20 India-based developers and parlayed business plan/experience to leadership role in the formation of similar business start-up, Apertio Ltd. (UK) in 2003.

• Invented technology/corporate strategy; directed business, partnership and fund-raising for software start-up company.

• Funding success/strong business plan selected for 2002 Investor’s Choice and Garage Technology Ventures’ Showcase. MOTOROLA, INC.

Delivery Manager, Intellectual Property Committee Member and Principal Staff Engineer, Network Solutions Sector, 1998 - 2000 Team Leader, system architect, and senior design engineer on Motorola next generation, all-IP network “Aspira” for cellular and other broadband access networks.

• Coordinated, led 250+ team in US and Ireland; delivered key project 2 months ahead of schedule and $50K under budget.

• Designed the VoIP functional components for industry-leading IP based “Joint Reference Architecture”.

• Led teams to evaluate strategic partners for IP network. Evaluated softswitch and related VoIP companies for acquisition or partnerships. Recommended and negotiated $15M investment saving $30M development cost.

• Intellectual Property (Patent) Champion for the development group on patent committee selecting patentable technology. W. STUART JONES

1009 S. Smith C: +Street 1 847 809-Palatine, 6545 Illinois wsj@computer.60067-7230 org pg. 3


Project Lead, Patent Committee Chair and Senior Engineering Positions, Wireless Research & Multimedia Groups, 1989-1998 System/software architect and team/project leader for advanced wireless wide-area-network (WAN) solutions. Primarily focused on subscriber access devices including home/business premises unit, videophone and home video distribution.

• Drove consumer premises equipment (CPE)/subscriber development team creating high-quality requirements document and multi-phase development plan for multimedia access to wide-area broadband network ahead of schedule.

• Led software code porting project by Motorola Israel and Motorola Electronics India. Successfully planned project, created requirements specification and managed international team ahead of schedule and $900K under budget.

• Managed the specification, selection and installation of computing and engineering resources, amounting to over $1.5M, for the entire product group. Selected, hired and supervised the network manager for group IT systems.

• Created, moderated and administered Internet newsgroup comp.std.wireless (still in existence, Google Group) for driving advances of wireless data networking technologies and standards.

• Developed and chaired organization’s Patent Committee, authored Technology Roadmap, drove new product requirements. Education


Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, concentration in Communication and Signal Processing Bachelor of Science, dual degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering MHI GLOBAL SALES & SERVICE PERFORMANCE

Miller Heiman Strategic Selling, October 2006


• US Application No. 14,812,292 – System for Detecting and Managing Application Traffic in Mobile and Fixed Networks. Action date: 01 August, 2014 (pending).

• WO/2005/004372 – Wireless Intelligent Portable-Server System (WIPSS). Published: 13 January, 2005 (pending).

• WO/2001/099344 – Method and Apparatus for Interfacing a Network to An External Element. Issued: 27 December, 2001.

• WO/2000/014935 - Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone System and Method. Issued: 16 March, 2000.

• WO/2000/13366 - Method, Subscriber Device, Wireless Router, and Communication System Efficiently Utilizing the Receive/Transmit Switching Time. Issued: 9 March, 2000.

• WO/1998/043463 – Automatic Media Switching Apparatus and Method. Issued: 10 January, 1998.

• 7,451,476 – Method and Apparatus for Interfacing a Network to an External Element. Issued: 11 November, 2008.

• 7,120,170 – Method and Apparatus for Time Synchronization in a Data Communication System. Issued: 10 October, 2006.

• 7,006,508 - Communication network with a gateway and method for providing surveillance service. Issued: 28 Feb., 2006.

• 6,512,776 – Method and Apparatus for Transparently Multicasting Identical Data Streams Originating From Different Or Common Sources. Issued: 28 January, 2003.

• 6,490,256 - Method, Subscriber Device, Wireless Router, and Communication System Efficiently Utilizing the Receive/Transmit Switching Time. Issued: 3 December, 2002.

• 6,404,764 – Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone System and Method. Issued: 11 June, 2002.

• 6,141,341 - Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone System and Method. Issued: 31 October, 2000.

• 6,137,802 - Automatic Media Switching Apparatus and Method. Issued: 22 August, 2000.

• 6,108,314 - Method, Subscriber Device, Wireless Router, and Communication System Efficiently Utilizing the Receive/ Transmit Switching Time. Issued: 24 October, 2000.

• 5,903,558 - Method and System for Maintaining a Guaranteed Quality of Service in Data Transfers within a Communication System. Issued: 11 May, 1999.

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