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Engineer Project

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
September 18, 2019

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** + Years Experience in Industrial Automation

Nagalakshmi Anche

Mobile: 958*******


** + years of working experience include companies like Subtle Weigh Electric (India) Pvt. Ltd (ABB System House) (MAY 2005 to MAR 2007), HONEYWELL (APR 2007 to JUN 2013), RK AUTOMATION (MITSUBISHI PLC) (AUG 2017 to Till Date).

Good knowledge in MITSUBHI PLC, Ladder logic programming,Testing of Microsoft Updates, Third Party Softwares like Adobe Reader, SQL, MS Office Anti-virus (McAfee, Symantec) on Honeywell DCS, Tools, Function Blocks, CAB blocks, FDM testing of HONEYWELL DCS, Control Builder M (ABB), OPC, SCADA.

Experience in Commissioning of Sponze Iron Plants.

HTSL Awards:

Partner/ Customer Award For dedicated efforts and turnaround by stretching beyond the call of duty, enabling the release of critical PKS R301 fixes ahead of schedule.

Spot Award – For support in testing and in completion of R210 XP SP2.1 release.

Team Excellence Award –For dedicated efforts in parallel working in setting up the lab with the new hardware and also testing R301.1.002 HF1 and R211.1.T03 releases and delivering the same on schedule.


RK AUTOMATION, GUNTUR Aug 2017 to Till date

Designation: Project Engineer



PLC Make

PLC Model




Nexgen1000, GOC





Gx Works




Step7 Microwin


Allen Bradely

Micrologix 1200

RS Logix 500


Programming and commissioning in different applications like

(Form Fill Seal) FFS Machines

Paper cup machines

Automatic milling machines ….etc

Role in the Project:

Have done various POCs to explain and demonstrate the possibility of implementing CI/CD in various projects using GIT and Jenkins.

Knowledge in common SCM practices, such as branching and code merge.

PLC Programming

SCADA Screen Development

AC Drive commissioning

Commissioning of PLC Panel…..etc

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL), Hyderabad June 2009- June 2013

Designation: Senior Engineer

Project Title: Security Update Investigation Team (SUIT)

Platform/Environment: Microsoft Updates testing with Experion PKS Releases R310.3, R301.3, R301.1, R301.2, R211.1Update 28, R201T04, TPS Releases TPS360, TPS401.1, TPS 410.1. Experion LSR1, Experion LSR2, Experion HSR1/HSR2, Safety Systems. Antivirus (McAfee, Symantec) Qualification, Adobe Reader Qualification in all these releases.

Description: Every month Microsoft releases updates. Functional testing of all these updates in all Experion PKS, TPS, LSR/HSR, PHD and Safety Systems releases. Adobe Reader, McAfee, Symantec releases once in 2 months. Testing all 3rd party s/ws in Experion, TPS, LSR400, HSR400, Safety Systems (FSC, SM, and SOE).

Role & Responsibilities:

Installation and Uninstallation testing of all Microsoft updates.

Functional testing in all EPKS, TPS, LSR, HSR, and Safety Systems releases.

Functional testing in Win2K, WinXPSP2, Win2K3, WinXPSP3, Win2K8, Win Vista.

Testing EPKS database, System management display, Station and Displays.

Creating points, groups, trends, alarms in TPS.

Testing alarms, Signon Manager in ESVTs.

Testing Safe View functionality.

Testing EPKS Engineering Tools.

Preparation of ISO every month with all MS Security updates.

Role & Responsibilities:

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL), BANGALORE April 2007 – June 2009

Designation: Engineer

From April 2007 to March 2008 worked as an employee of Vista InfoTech in HONEYWELL

Project Title: EPKS_Testing (CONTINUATION)

Platform/Environment: Experion PKS with version R310.3, R301.3, R301.1, R301.2, R211.1Update 28, R201T04.

Description: This Testing is mainly related to Release versions to Customers issues and Enhancements. This testing contains functional as well as system testing.

FDM R400 Compatibility testing in R311.2 of Experion PKS.

Security Updates of Microsoft interoperability testing with Honeywell Experion.

IXP, CAB, Migration functionalities tested in R310.3 Patch release.

OVRDSEL, FANOUT blocks system integration testing.

Testing of PC Audit tool and L1Audit tool.

Testing of Detail displays in EST and ESVT nodes.

Testing of CAB blocks, System Management display.

Presented white papers in CAB blocks from Continuation Experion.

Testing of Ratioctl block and SIM in R211.1T04.

Testing of CNET Redundant and nonredundant with Remote IOS in R301.2, R201 Update 28 releases.

Testing of Detail displays of ESVT and EST with R301.2 version.

Installations of R201, R211, R301.2.

Working with OPC.

FDM testing with R301.1 Patch with different HART devices in R301.2 of Experion release.

Foundation Fieldbus testing with various Fieldbus devices.

Project Title: EPKS_Testing (EIT)

Client: SHELL

Platform/Environment: Experion PKS with version R310.0

Description: This release is mainly meant for the SHELL Refinery project in Qatar. HTS Bangalore is responsible for the functional and system integration testing of the total release.

Role & Responsibilities:

Testing of Distributed Control System (DCS Testing) in the series of C-300, C-200 function blocks and its devices Using EXPERION PKS.

Testing of Power Function Blocks, Regulatory control blocks and Function blocks with Power Latency Improvement.

Project Title: EPKS_Testing (CONTINUATION)

Platform/Environment: Experion PKS with version R301.1, R301.2

Description: This Testing is mainly related to customer PARS and system testing. This testing contains functional as well as system testing.

Role & Responsibilities:

Testing of Foundation Fieldbus on R301.2 and Detail displays on 210SP2.1 version.

Testing of Profibus with FTEB Phase 2 on R301.1 version.

Testing on R301.2 Rev #1 and R301.2 Rev #2 PAR fixes and system testing.

Common components and control tools testing.

Subtle Weigh Electric (India) Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata.

Project Engineer May 2005– March 2007

Subtle Weigh is ABB System house, which provides solution for ABB customers and handles projects like Sponge Iron Plants, Power Plants etc.

Roles & responsibilities:

Testing, Commissioning and Installation of PLC Control Panels.

Developing the PLC software.

Designing of Control Panels.

Project Undertaken:

Sponge Iron Plants across India.

Project details :

Project Name: Sponge Iron System

Client / Location: 1. Ma Chandi Durga Ispat Pvt Ltd, DURGAPUR

2. MBT Sponge Iron Plant, BELLARY.

3. DIVYAJYOTI Sponge Iron Plant, BELLARY


System Environment: Windows 2000, SCADA, Control Builder M (ABB), OPC Server


Sponge Iron System was developed to run the entire plant. The scope of the project is to automate the entire process elements like Load Circuit, Cooler Circuit, Iron Circuit, Product Circuit etc. It also provides online data processing and monitoring of all the above process elements. From this system we can generate Production Reports daily. Using this system we can generate Trend Graphs and Alarm Event Reports.

Role in the project:

SCADA designing.

PLC Programming

AC Drive commissioning

Commissioning of Sponge Iron Plant


BTech from Nagarjuna University, In Electronics and Communication Engineering with 77.84% 2005

DECE from State board of Technical Education, Hyderabad with 77.13% 2001

SSC from ZPHS, Emani in Guntur District with 76.5% 1998


Date of Birth : 30-08-1982

Sex : Female.

Nationality : Indian.

Languages Known : English, Hindi and Telugu

Passport : Yes

Yours Sincerely,

Nagalakshmi Anche

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