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petroleum geologist

Houston, Texas, United States
September 18, 2019

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Rolla Long III

**** ******* **. 713-***-**** cell

Houston, Texas 77063

Production Engineer

Oil field professional with 25+ years of field and asset engineering, data management experience, and field geology. Experience includes production engineering, artificial lift assistance (rod pump, gas lift, plunger lift, jet pump), well completions, production surveillance, waterflood maintenance, field operations, and regulatory/environmental compliance. Excellent computer and software skills including, SQL, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, IHS Harmony DeclinePlus, OFM, Aries, WellEZ, SRod, SAP, Rodstar, Enertia, Spotfire. Works well in a team environment.

Career Progression

ROVIG MINERALS – Thibodaux, LA. (Fall / Winter 2018)

Consulting Engineer (Contract Role)

Generated drilling, workover and completion procedures for new wells, workovers, sidetracks, and P&As.

Managed Louisiana regulatory requirements for new drills, workovers and plug and abandoned wells

Built WBSs schematics for existing, workover and proposed new wells.

Designed, built, and maintained electronic well filing system.

Managed regulatory filings/compliance required by the LDNR and LDEQ for the company

TEMA OIL AND GAS COMPANY – Houston, TX. (2011 – 2017)

Production Engineer

Managed the San Andres waterflood in Cochran Co Texas – 150 wells, 350 bopd, 10,000 bwipd

oCreated yearly budget, managed LOEs, and audited / approved invoices

oEliminated injection tubing failures by modifying injection tubing; failures reduced by 100%

oEliminated rod string failures by inspecting rods, implementing rod string design software, installing pump off controllers, and utilizing fiberglass rods; failures reduced by 90%

oAFE’d and managed waterflood expansion of surface facilities, injection lines, and additional injectors - increased injection by 50%, increased production by 20%

Responsible for all waterflood problem solving; resolved with field supervisor and field

Responsible for company rod string designs

Responsible for generating company operational AFEs

Managed all state and federal regulatory filings/compliance required by the RRC, TCEQ, and the EPA for the company

Worked with multiple auditors on merger to go public

oManaged the P&A program / addressed auditor LOE and ARO issues

Manage data gathering for participation in Rushmore Reviews

Implemented, rolled out, and maintained OFM and IHS Harmony DeclinePlus surveillance software

Worked with 3rd party vendors to roll out Enertia accounting production module and WellEZ daily reporting system


Senior Engineering Specialist

Artificial Lift – Wasson San Andres / Wasson Clearfork

oWorked on rod, pump, tubing problem solving teams – diagnose problems / identify solutions to failed wells

oBuilt and maintained multiple automated Oracle SQL procedures to generate data which was analyzed by Cornell PhD candidates to resolve rod pump failures for all Oxy rod pump wells; downtime was reduced by 5%

Reviewed well production data in “production hunting” teams identifying missing production in Wasson San Andres Field - increased production 5% (48 wells ~ 250 BOPD)

Successfully completed a CO2 audit which uncovered 380 BCF which had been mislabeled. This find allowed multiple projects to be extended for several years with no new CO2 purchases

Identified producer and injector ROZ deepening / open additional perfs in ROZ (83 wells)

Overseeing stimulation and completion engineering over West Texas properties and worked with reservoir engineers to surveil Water / CO2 / WAG floods - Wasson San Andres Dolomite

Supported engineering group in bi-annual well review process

HALLIBURTON OIL COMPANY – Houston, TX. (1996 – 2008)

Data Administrator

Responsible for schema synchronization between master Oracle database and field engineer’s databases

Responsible for updating data from master Oracle database to field engineer’s databases

Responsible for QC on 30% of the 1800 tables in our relational database

Responsible for developing SQL scripts to import and store locally production and well data for all United States wells

Spearheaded the P2000 system rollout

MEWBOURNE OIL COMPANY – Perryton, TX. / Woodward, OK. / Tyler, TX. / Midland, TX. (1990 – 1996)

Production / Reservoir Engineer

Managed 50 well field in Roger Mills County (Cleveland)

oAFE’d and managed all workovers and casing leak repairs

oModified rod string designs and reduced downtime by 20%

oAFE’d and installed water flood surface facilities and injection wells; injecting 4000 bwpd

Increased production by 15%

Worked in gas flood / cycling field in Ellis County; injecting 10 MMSCF of dry gas at 5,000 psig with oil production of 400 bopd

oWorked on team to expand gas injection to 30 MMSCF

Responsible for the design, installation, and oversite of 2 injection laterals for 4 addition injection wells; 1 lateral was a mile of coiled tubing

oAfter expansion, oil production increased to 800 bopd

Installed plunger lift systems on 10+ candidate wells, increasing field production by 15% - Morrow Gas Sands (~700 MCFPD).

Designed cathodic protection system to alleviate corrosion in the downhole casing - installed on numerous remote wells. Downhole casing failure count went from 3 per year to 0 per year.

Designed a tight sand water flood involving 12 wells which was implement after I was transferred.

Managed computerized production data for multiple field offices

Managed inventory and transfer paper work for company pipe yard

Drilled and completed 500 wells per year in Ark-La-Tex and Indiana.

Selected drilling sites, managed drilling schedules/well logging, and made set pipe decisions.

Managed drilling permits, monthly/annual reporting, all regulatory permitting, and SWD disposal applications for the company.

CHEVRON OIL COMPANY – Taft, CA. (Summer 1989)

Summer Engineering Intern

Evaluated heavy oil sands in the Midway Sunset Field for heat stimulation

oThe target zone was a diatomite formation with a stratigraphic pinch out up dip.

oRecommend steam flooding with the injectors in a line perpendicular to bed dip furthest from the pinchout

oFor future development, recommended drilling additional injectors, in same linear pattern perpendicular to bed dip, drilling closer and closer to pinchout.

oThe project was successfully implemented after I finished my internship

SSM PARTNERSHIPS / MONROE WELL SERVICE – Shreveport, LA. (1984 – 1986)


Supervised 4 company and 5 contract drilling rigs and all crews.

Drilled and completed 500 wells per year in Ark-La-Tex and Indiana.

Selected drilling sites, managed drilling schedules/well logging, and made set pipe decisions.

Managed drilling permits, monthly/annual reporting, all regulatory permitting, and SWD disposal applications for the company.


Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering


Bachelor of Science - Geology


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