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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

Palm Harbor, FL
September 17, 2019

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Douglas A. Coggeshall

Senior Aerospace Mechanical Engineer

Systems Level Mechanical Engineering for Electronics Systems U.S. SOCOM SME, Advanced 3D-Printing Technology for Military Applications

“Coggeshall’s Spacecraft Design and Electronic Packaging for Mechanical Engineers” 2006 Otter Way, Palm Harbor, FL 34685-2349

CEAI @ Engineering-Excellence.US Telephone: (727) 215 - 1150 PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS

Opto-Mechanical Electronic Packaging design for Spectrometer Systems

RF-Components and Electronics Packaging for Sat-Com Systems (Ø 1.20M and 0.85M Reflectors)

Electronics Packaging design for FLIR Night Vision Systems (Airborne and U.S. Army M1A2 Tank)

Project Management success using leadership, organization and communication skills

Excellent knowledge of Metals, Plastics, Machining, Casting, Sheet-Metal and 3-D Printing.

CAD : SolidWorks (10,000 hours) Pro/E experience (5,000 hours). GD&T application experience.

FEA thermal and stress analysis with Ansys and SolidWorks Simulation. Mathcad applications.

DFA/DFM (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly) successes and FMEA failure analysis.

Six-Sigma certified. Excellent bridge builder between Design Engineering and Assembly-Production teams.

Excellent knowledge of Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs), Electrical and RF-Connectors, Flex Cables and Wire Harnesses, EMI Shielding

Excellent PDR/CDR project design review experience for project “mission success”.


Jan-2019 to April-2019 SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER : NAVY SPQ-9B ANTENNA TEST ENGINEERING DRS Naval Electronics Inc. (Largo, Florida)

Successful Tool Fixture design for U.S. Navy SPQ-9B Antenna assembly and complex RF-electronic acceptance testing. Designed high-precision tolerance platforms using GD&T to accommodate the SPQ-9B Antenna (800 Lbs., 74 x 80 x 28 inch profile). Identified and resolved systems-level test issues. Setup an excellent SolidWorks CAD software installation for DRS Naval Electronics with expert comprehensive SolidWorks Templates for high productivity engineering design and a large Hardware CAD library. Successful four-month contract position. August-2018 to Feb-2019 SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER : LIDAR ENCLOSURE (ISO SHIPPING CONTAINER) DESIGN AND ELECTRONIC TEST EQUIPMENT DESIGN Belcan Engineering Inc. (Oldsmar, Florida)

Design and Structural FEA Analysis of ISO Shipping Container (40 Ft.) with extensive modifications to operate a LIDAR sensor package (400 Lbs.) mounted to an ABB IRB- 6700 robot (2,800 Lbs.) for a military reconnasiance application. Designed Rack Mounted test units for electronics module acceptance testing. Successful seven month contract position.

Jan-2017 to July-2018 SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER : SYSTEM ELECTRONIC PACKAGING DESIGN U.S. SOCOM UTB Engineering Center (St. Petersburg, Florida) Mechanical electronics packaging design of U.S. SOCOM electronic systems. Enthusiastic accolades from U.S. SOCOM-UTB executive management for launching the U.S. SOCOM-UTB "War Fighter 3D-Printing Center of Excellence". SME (Subject Matter Expert) for U.S. SOCOM 3D-Printing Technology. Sept-2016 to Dec-2016 SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER : MEDICAL DEVICE DESIGN ConMed-Linvatec Inc. (Largo, Florida)

Successfully implemented design improvements for ConMed MicroPower-Plus and Taurus Surgical Saws (successful three-month contract position). Oct-2011 to Oct-2015 SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER : MILITARY SAT-COM SYSTEMS Tele Communications Systems, Inc. (Tampa, Florida) Mechanical Engineering responsible for New Designs and Sustaining engineering for Military Satellite Terminals with Ø 1.20M and 0.85M Reflectors in Ka-Ku-X-Band. Design and fabrication of complex parts using casting, sheet metal, and CNC- machining processes. Exceptional success in bringing Assembly and Production teams into the design process, for genuine project ownership by production teams. March-2008 to Sept-2011 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MANAGER : OPTO-ELECTRONIC SPECTROMETERS Ocean Optics, Inc. (Dunedin, Florida)

Mechanical Engineering Manager responsible for New Designs and Sustaining engineering for Optical-Electronics packaging for Spectrometers and Light Sources. Increased business profitability with significantly reduced rework and scrap of mechanical assemblies, most importantly for the prominent JAZ product line. Contributed to development of new product lines such as NIRQuest, STS and TORUS spectrometers. Aerospace mechanical engineering design and drafting standards introduced, including Templates to increase drawing clarity and drafting productivity. Successfully restored an excellent working relationship with Assembly, Production and Procurement operations.

March-2006 to March-



Aerosonic Corporation (Clearwater, Florida)

Mechanical Design for commercial aircraft instrumentation systems, including air speed indicators and design concepts for aircraft lithium battery system. May-2002 to March-2006 SENIOR MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER : AEROSPACE NAVIGATION SYSTEMS Honeywell Defense (Clearwater, Florida)

Mechanical Analysis and Design for various Aerospace Navigation Electro-Mechanical packaging systems. Thermal, Shock and Vibration analysis. Project Lead Mechanical Engineer for the successful F-35 Inertial Navigation System. Nov-1998 to May-2002 ELECTRONIC PACKAGING MECHANICAL ENGINEER : RF-SYSTEMS Harris Corporation (Melbourne, Florida)

Lead Mechanical Engineer for the MIDS program. Supervised five (5) designers to modify an existing “build-to-print” system to achieve manufacturing cost reductions. Oct-1995 to Oct-1998 ELECTRO-MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER : MILITARY NIGHT VISION SYSTEMS Raytheon TI Systems (Dallas, Texas)

Mechanical Design and System Integration with military FLIR (night vision) systems

(Abrams M1A2 CITV-HTI program).


B.S.M.E. degree, University of New Orleans. Senior and Junior year GPA of 3.25. Dean’s List. Graduate level courses in Vibration Analysis and Mechanics of Composite Materials. PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST 18 Jul 2018

Dear Interested Recruiters and Hiring Managers:

I am pleased to provide professional reference for Douglas A. Coggeshall (Senior Mechanical Engineer), whom I have known for the past two years. Thank you for taking the time to consider him. I highly, yet humbly recommend, based on his demonstrated mechanical engineering expertise, he be selected to join your enterprise.

As the IBM Project Executive and Senior Site Executive, I hired Douglas to provide support on our IBM contract. He proved to be an expert engineer, successfully delivering strong results over the eighteen months he was assigned to the User Test Bed (UTB) facility, in St. Petersburg, FL. supporting HQ US Special Operations Command unclassified and classified research and development. Doug Coggeshall was one of the finest mechanical engineers to work at the UTB facility, exemplified by his excellent attitude, exceptional creativity, engineering acumen, and focused work ethic. He had an excellent relationship with the entire UTB engineering team and was instrumental in sharing his previous experiences to ensure the timely and innovative completion of critical projects to support the nations warfighters, special operators and intelligence community. Doug did not hesitate to invest personal time and resources to ensure capability was in place to accelerate the UTB engineering team’s development efforts. Doug also volunteered to assist with regular efforts to re calibrate technical satellite dish alignments. He assisted the UTB IBM management team in recruiting new engineering candidates, via his impressive Linked In database. During Hurricane Irma, September 2017, Doug displayed great initiative to help protect the facility from possible damage. Although not his primary job responsibility, Doug served as UTB’s graphics poster creator, producing excellent work for UTB & IBM conferences and special meetings, always delivered on time. Doug Coggeshall’s most acclaimed and recognized achievement was his inspired renaissance of the UTB

“3D Printing Engineering Lab”. To my surprise, and on his own initiative, Doug revolutionized both the appearance and technical scope of the UTB’s advanced 3D Printer. Doug Coggeshall coined the phrase

“UTB 3D Printing Center of Excellence” as he created an engineering capability marketing centerpiece for the UTB facility.

Unfortunately, the contract experienced a drawdown in funding reduction, which did not allow for retention of Douglas Coggeshall. Doug’s positive attitude and accomplishments will always be remembered by the UTB IBM team. If looking for a competent mechanical engineer, Doug has my strongest recommendations for consideration and selection. Sincerely,

Tony S.

Tony Smith

IBM Associate Partner


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