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Project Insurance

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
September 17, 2019

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Mobile : +91-938*******

Email :

Skype ID : pinki.daga

Professional Profile

Total Professional experience : 13 Years

Current Employer : PWC SDC, Bangalore

Tenure of Experience : October, 2015 – March,2019

Previous Employer : Cognizant Technology Solutions, Kolkata

Designation : Senior Product Specialist - Testing

Tenure of Experience : October, 2005 – June,2015

Current Location : Mumbai




Certifying Authority


Associate in General Insurance



Base SAS






INS21 (General Insurance)



INS22 (Personal Insurance)



INS23(Commercial Insurance)



Loma 280



AAPA 273



AAPA 303


Skill Set

Testing Expertise : Requirement Analysis, Effort Estimation, Development, Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution, Defect Management, Functional Testing, Regression Testing,Agile testing,Test Automation using selenium web driver

Development Expertise : Javascript,Base SAS, FOCUS, Cool: Gen, COBOL,JCL,ETL, Excel Macros, MS Access,SQL,trained in react js,node and express,mongodb

COTS/Insurance Product Expertise : Guidewire Policy and Billing Centre, Oneshield Dragon, Innovation Group, wmA (Wealth Management Accelerator), csA (Customer Service Accelerator)

Domain Expertise : Property n Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance and Annuities

Management Skills : Risk management, Decision making, Mentoring new joiners, Good Communication skills, Team leading and Team player, RFPs

Management Tools :Peoplesoft ESA,Workday

Testing Tools : Quality Center,VSTS,Rally

Education Profile

●B-Tech in Information Technology from West Bengal University of Technology in 2005 with 8.59 (DGPA)

●Higher Secondary (12th) from West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Board in 2001 with 79.7%

●Secondary (10th) from West Bengal Board of Secondary Education in 1999 with 82.0%


●Awarded with quarterly award twice for leading SIT team in PWC

●Awarded as “Guardian of Delivery –Q1 2011” for outstanding contribution in BI Actuarial Project

●Awarded as “Guardian of Delivery ” for outstanding performance in IE/net /component team for delivering Screen vs. database mapping for Umbrella policies way ahead of schedule by performing the entire work in a single man day

●Awarded as “Le Meilleur” for successfully handling of multiple Qitems single handedly

●Awarded as “Guardian of Delivery” for participation in technical spec preparation

●Awarded by Cognizant Academy for Provided training on Base SAS through Cognizant Academy

●Awarded by Cognizant Academy for preparing eLearnings on Personal Automobile Insurance, Innovation Group products

Project Profile

Employer : PWC SDC

1.Project Title : “HSB Reinsurance”

Client : HSB

Team size : 12

Description : The project is about functional testing of GWPC Application. The Project involves doing integration and FST for Cyber Insurance,Construction Insurance LOB

Roles & Responsibilities :

●Understanding and Analyzing Business, Functional Requirements for the project

●Providing Test Estimates for various small enhancements

●Creation of Test Strategy and Test Approach document

●Guide the team in understanding the requirement and review of test cases

●Review Test Deliverables, Defect Test Results created by Team Members

Environment : Windows 7

Tools/Technology Used : Guidewire Policy Centre,Soap UI,postman

Duration : October 2015 – Till Date

Employer : Cognizant Technology Solutions

2.Project Title : “Dominion Guidewire Billing centre”

Client : Travelers CANADA

Team size : 12

Description : The project is about functional testing of GWBC Application post replacing Legacy Billing system with GWBC. The Project involves doing FST for Dominion Product (Automobile Policy) for functionalities such as Billing Search, Billing Scheduling, Disbursement, Delinquency etc. OneShield Dragon was used for Policy creation.

Roles & Responsibilities :

●Providing project Estimation time to time basis to get the team size

●Understanding and Analyzing Business, Functional Requirements for the project

●Providing Test Estimates for various small enhancements

●Creation of Test Strategy and Test Approach document

●Guide the team in understanding the requirement and review of test cases, training in GWBC and insurance domain

●Review Test Deliverables, Defect Test Results created by Team Members

●Quality processes for the project as per organization standards

●Preparing various weekly, monthly status reports

Environment : Windows 7

Tools/Technology Used : Guidewire Billing Centre,OneShield Dragon,Quality Centre

Duration : May 2014 to June 2015

Employer : Cognizant Technology Solutions

2. Project Title : “Investment Edge (IOVA)”

Client : AXA - Equitable USA

Team size : 8

Description : The Investment Only Variable Annuity (IOVA)/Investment Edge product is designed to be an investment platform with tax deferral and tax efficient payment treatment. This is a new annuity product to be launched by AXA Equitable.

The purpose of Investment Edge project is to: -

●Verify the implementation of Investment Edge product into different web based policy systems like:nbA,wmA,csA

●Verify different rules and features of this new product across all policy systems

●Verify different transactions on this new product, like – Policy Issue, Premium Payment, Full Surrender, Partial Surrender, Systematic Withdrawal, Partial Withdrawal, Fund Transfer, Income Edge Payment etc.

Roles & Responsibilities :

●Involved in analyzing Business Requirements, designing and reviewing of Test Scenarios and Test Cases and test execution

●Involved in Knowledge Transfer about the project and the application to new joiners

●Involved in peer review process for all the deliverables

●Performing Functional testing and Regression testing

●Attending Review meeting for bug analysis and reporting

●Participating in quality audits for the project

Environment : Windows 7

Tools/Technology Used : Quality Center,wmA,csA

Duration : March 2013 to April 2014

3. Project Title : “Innovation Group USA”

Client : Innovation Insurer Group

Team size : 5

Description : The project (using Agile methodology) is to configure innovation insurer products (Insurer policy, Insurer claims and Insurer analytics) for different P & C companies. The different line of business involved is Personal Automobile and Homeowners. The team has to design test case for different interfaces, Change request and document production and execute them in test environment.

Roles & Responsibilities :

●Participating in daily scrum calls and sending weekly status report to client.

●Requirement Analysis & Designing test cases in QC.

●Doing Functional testing of various requirements

●Guide the team in understanding the requirement and review of test cases

●Creation of Test Review checklist and providing sessions for domain knowledge

●Quality processes for the project as per organization standards.

●Defect Tracking.

●Coordinating with the Onsite and Offshore testing members

Environment : Windows 7

Tools/Technology Used : Insurer Policy, Insurer Claim

Duration : September 2012 to February 2013

4. Project Title : “Business Insurance Actuarial”

Client : Travelers USA

Team size : 6

Description : Actuarial system of Travelers extracts data from the various Worker’ Compensation data marts and prepares actuarial reports and statistics for management purview. Activity Feeds containing Financial and Statistical repository from the upstream applications serves as input to the various data marts.

Roles & Responsibilities :

●Managing and handling offshore team for execution of this project

●Task allocation to fellow team members and manage the team

●Analysis, design, coding, and unit testing of SAS & FOCUS Modules.

●Doing Regression and System testing of various applications used by underwriters

●Designing reports, SQLs in Access database

●Doing various balancing work in MS Excel

●Quality processes for the project as per organization standards.

●Collecting Process Improvement related data at account level and creating monthly reports.

Environment : Windows XP

Tools : Base SAS, JCL, FOCUS, MS Access, MS Excel,Teradata SQL Assistant

Duration : October, 2008 to August, 2012

5. Project Title : “Manulife Japan AVM”

Client : Manulife Japan

Team size : 8

Description : This project consists of Production support and Minor projects. The scope of production support project was working on small enhancements, bug fix and adhoc reporting tasks. Other important aspect of this project was to carry out production release and production batch support.

Roles & Responsibilities :

●Creating & Running SQL For daily/weekly/monthly production.

Environment : Windows XP

Tools Used : SQL

Duration : June 2008 to September 2008

6. Project Title : “RQI Enhancements – IENT Component”

Client : Travelers USA

Team size : 6

Descriptions : The QRI (Quote Rate and Issue) is an application system by which Travelers issue a policy to their customers. The QRI upstream system can be divided in to three main categories such as (a) Native front-end, (b) Rating and (c) Issue Completion. Issue Completion has four steps (i) Forms that may be Derived and optional, (ii) Collect/Derive data forms, (iii) Store in to database and (iv) Submit Issue

Roles & Responsibilities :

●Development of various modules in the application using Cool: Gen & COBOL.

●Analysis, design, coding, integration and unit testing of IENet Application.

●Quality processes for the project as per organization standards.

Environment : Windows XP

Tools Used : Cool:Gen,JCL,COBOL,DB2

Duration : January 2006 to June 2008

Personal Details

Name : Pinki Daga

Nationality : Indian

Date of Birth : 17th October, 1983

Sex : Female

Marital Status : Single

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