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Data Analyst Employee Relations

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
September 17, 2019

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HENRY SAMUEL, OKONKWO, Phone: +234**********, +234********** Bukola Williams close, Awoyaya, Ibeju Lekki expressway, Lagos Nigeria

Sex-Male State of Origin-Anambra

Work experience

Market Audits & Research Services Limited Dec. 2017— Present

Research Analyst /Data Analyst

• Specify manipulative or computational methods to be applied to models.

• Define data requirements and gather and validate information, applying judgment and statistical tests. Collaborate with senior managers and decision-makers to identify and solve a variety of problems and to clarify management objectives.

• Perform validation and testing of models to ensure adequacy and reformulate models as necessary. Develop and apply time and cost networks to plan, control, and review large projects.

• Formulate mathematical or simulation models of problems, relating constants and variables, restrictions, alternatives, conflicting objectives, and their numerical parameters.

• Develop business methods and procedures, including accounting systems, file systems, office systems, logistics systems, and production schedules.

• Study and analyze information about alternative courses of action to determine which plan will offer the best outcomes.

• Prepare management reports defining and evaluating problems and recommending solutions.

• Break systems into their component parts, assign numerical values to each component and examine the mathematical relationships between them.

• Observe the current system in operation and gather and analyze information about each of the parts of component problems, using a variety of sources.

• Analyze information obtained from management to conceptualize and define operational problems. Collaborate with others in the organization to ensure successful implementation of chosen problem solutions. Maintain required records of study activity including case report forms.

• Oversee subject enrollment to ensure that informed consent is properly obtained and documented.

• Monitor study activities to ensure compliance with protocols and with all relevant local, federal, and state regulatory and institutional policies.

• Perform specific protocol procedures such as interviewing subjects, taking vital signs, and performing electrocardiograms.

• Record adverse event and side effect data and confer with investigators regarding the reporting of events to oversight agencies.

• Review proposed study protocols to evaluate factors such as sample collection processes, data management plans, and potential subject risks.

• Direct the requisition, collection, labeling and storage.

• Code, evaluate, or interpret collected study data.

• Register protocol patients with appropriate statistical centers as required.

• Arrange for research study sites and determine staff or equipment availability.

• Participate in the development of study protocols including guidelines for administration or data collection procedures.

• Instruct research staff in scientific and procedural aspects of studies including standards of care, informed consent procedures, or documentation procedures.

• Contact industry representatives to ensure equipment and software specifications necessary for successful study completion.

Zilt Consulting Firm Dec 2016 — Nov 2017

Business Analyst

• Translated business user concepts and ideas into comprehensive business requirements and design documents. Improved margin 5% by conducting market analysis and identifying opportunities for price increases.

• Researched and analyzed business processes and procedures and designed and implemented automated business solutions for clients Determine operational objectives by studying business functions; gathering information; evaluating the output requirements and formats Plan and coordinate the development of primary and secondary market research studies in support of strategic planning and specific marketing initiatives, as required and presents findings of studies to client committees Interpret, evaluate and interrelate research data and develop integrated business analyses and projections for incorporation into strategic decision-making.

• Prepare reports of findings, illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings into written text. Seek and provide information to help companies determine their position in the marketplace.

• Gather data on competitors and analyze their prices, sales, and method of marketing and distribution.

• Collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, requirements and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand.

• Devise and evaluate methods and procedures for collecting data, such as surveys, opinion polls or questionnaires, or arrange to obtain existing data.

• Monitor industry statistics and follow trends in trade literature.

• Measure and assess customer and employee satisfaction.

• Measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising and communications programs and strategies.

Agxis Recruiting Firm Jun 2016 — Oct 2016

Assistance Human Resource Manager

• Plan and coordinate an organization's workforce to best use employees talents Link an organization's management with its employees Administer employee services Advise managers on organizational policies, such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment Coordinate and supervise the work of specialists and support staff Oversee an organization's recruitment, interview, selection, and hiring processes.

• Negotiate bargaining agreements and help interpret labour contracts.

• Serve as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts and helping resolve work-related problems.

• Analyze and modify compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive programs and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

• Advise managers on organizational policy matters such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment, and recommend needed changes.

• Perform difficult staffing duties, including dealing with understaffing, refereeing disputes, firing employees, and administering disciplinary procedures.

• Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives. Identify staff vacancies and recruit, interview and select applicants.

• Plan, direct, supervise, and coordinate work activities of subordinates and staff relating to employment, compensation, labor relations, and employee relations.

• Plan, organize, direct, control or coordinate the personnel, training, or labor relations activities of an organization. Represent the organization at personnel-related hearings and investigations.

• Administer compensation, benefits and performance management systems, and safety and recreation programs. Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, and opportunities for promotion and employee benefits.

• Analyze statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of the organization's personnel policies and practices.

• Investigate and report on industrial accidents for insurance carriers. Prepare and follow budgets for personnel operations.

• Maintain records and compile statistical reports concerning personnel-related data such as hires, transfers, performance appraisals, and absenteeism rates.

• Conduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee termination.

• Analyze training needs to design employee development, language training and health and safety programs.

• Oversee the evaluation, classification and rating of occupations and job positions.

• Prepare personnel forecast to project employment needs.

• Maintain records and compile statistical reports concerning personnel-related data such as hires, transfers, performance appraisals, and absenteeism rates.

• Conduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee termination.

• Analyze training needs to design employee development, language training and health and safety programs. Oversee the evaluation, classification and rating of occupations and job positions.

• Prepare personnel forecast to project employment needs

• Allocate human resources, ensuring appropriate matches between personnel. Develop, administer and evaluate applicant tests.

• Provide terminated employees with outplacement or relocation assistance.

• Contract with vendors to provide employee services, such as food service, transportation, or relocation service.

Mercy land College Jan 2014 — April 2015

High School Principal

• Provide strategic direction in the school system Develop standardized curricula, Assess teaching methods, Monitor student achievement and encourage parent involvement, Revise policies and procedures, administer the budget, hire, evaluate staff and oversee facilities.

• Other important duties entail developing safety protocols and emergency response procedures.

• Enforce discipline and attendance rules.

• Confer with parents and staff to discuss educational activities, policies and students' behavioral or learning problems.

• Collaborate with teachers to develop and maintain curriculum standards; develop mission statements, and set performance goals and objectives.

• Observe teaching methods and examine learning materials to evaluate and standardize curricula and teaching techniques, and to determine areas where improvement is needed.

• Recruit, hire, train, and evaluate primary and supplemental staff.

• Evaluate curricula, teaching methods, and programs to determine their effectiveness, efficiency, and utilization, and to ensure that school activities comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

• Counsel and provide guidance to students regarding personal, academic, vocational, or behavioral issues. Establish, coordinate, and oversee particular programs across school districts, such as programs to evaluate student academic achievement.

• Set educational standards and goals, and help establish policies and procedures to carry them out. Plan and lead professional development activities for teachers, administrators, and support staff.

• Determine the allocations of funds for staff, supplies, materials, and equipment, and authorize purchases. Prepare and submit budget requests and recommendations, or grant proposals to solicit program funding.

• Determine the scope of educational program offerings, and prepare drafts of course schedules and descriptions to estimate staffing and facility requirements.

• Prepare, maintain, or oversee the preparation and maintenance of attendance, activity, planning, or personnel reports and records.

• Mentor and support administrative staff members such as superintendents and principals. Recommend personnel actions related to programs and services.

• Review and approve new programs, or recommend modifications to exist programs, submitting program proposals for school board approval as necessary.

• Direct and coordinate activities of teachers, administrators, and support staff at schools, public agencies, and institutions.

• Participate in special education-related activities such as attending meetings and providing support to special educators throughout the district.

• Organize and direct committees of specialists, volunteers, and staff to provide technical and advisory assistance for programs.

• Advocate for new schools to be built, or for existing facilities to be repaired or remodeled. Direct and coordinate school maintenance services and the use of school facilities.

• Plan and develop instructional methods and content for educational, vocational, or student activity programs. Develop partnerships with businesses, communities, and other organizations to help meet identified educational needs and to provide school-to-work programs.

• Meet with federal, state, and local agencies to keep updated on policies and to discuss improvements for education programs.

• Plan, coordinate, and oversee school logistics programs such as bus and food services.

• Review and interpret government codes, and develop programs to ensure adherence to codes and facility safety, security, and maintenance.

• Collect and analyze survey data, regulatory information, and data on demographic and employment trends to forecast enrollment patterns and curriculum change needs.

• Coordinate and direct extracurricular activities and programs such as after-school events and athletic contests. Write articles, manuals, and other publications, and assist in the distribution of promotional literature about facilities and programs

Mercy land College Jan 2011 — Jun 2014

HOD (SCIENCE) / Mathematics Teacher

• Performing the duties of Teacher and Head of a Department for a particular subject or group of subjects.

• Ensuring the good professional practice, standards, and quality of teaching and learning of subject/s through proper dialogue with the class teachers and under the direction of the relative Education Officer, Promotes a healthy process of reciprocal informal observation of class teaching practices;-Advising and contributing to curriculum development at school and system level under the direction and guidance of the respective Education Officer.

• Co-ordinating the teaching and learning of the subject/s for which one is responsible

• Setting examination papers, co-ordinating marking schemes and moderating examinations and assessment processes at the school.

• Establish and enforce rules for behavior, and procedures for maintaining order among students.

• Instruct through lectures, discussions and demonstrations in one or more subjects, such as Further-mathematics or mathematics.

• Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests.

• Maintain accurate and complete student records, as required by law, district policies and administrative regulations. Enforce all administration policies and rules governing students.

• Assign and mark classwork and homework.

• Prepare material and classrooms for class activities.

• Observe and evaluate students' performance, behavior, social development and physical health. Prepare, administer and mark tests and assignments to evaluate students' progress.

• Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects, and communicate those objectives to students. Prepare students for later years by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.

• Confer with parents or guardians, other teachers, counselors and administrators to resolve students' behavioral and academic problems.

• Meet parents and guardians to discuss their children's progress and to determine their priorities and the resources that they need.

Bright Star College Sep 2010 — Dec 2010

Mathematics Instructor

• Actively instruct students, create lesson plans, assign and correct homework, Manage students in the classroom, communicate with parents and help students prepare for standardized testing.

• Bestowing students with arithmetic and problem-solving.

• Evaluates each pupil's progress in mathematical knowledge and skills. Designs learning activities that will relate mathematics to the physical world.

• Provides opportunities when needed for individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil.

• Demonstrates mathematical concepts using models, chalkboard, overhead projector, and other standard or teacher-prepared instructional aids.

GTBank Aug 2009 — Aug 2010

Marketer (IT)

• Confer with customers by telephone or in-person to provide information about products or services, take or enter orders, cancel accounts or obtain details of complaints.

• Keep records of customer interactions or transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, or comments, as well as actions are taken.

• Review insurance policy terms to determine whether a particular loss is covered by insurance.

• Check to ensure that appropriate changes were made to resolve customers' problems.

• Determine charges for services requested, collect deposits or payments, or arrange for billing.

• Contact customers to respond to inquiries or to notify them of claim investigation results or any planned adjustments.


• Certificate in Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics Academy- August 17, 2019

• Certificate in Learning Python- The Ultimate Guide to Python 3.7.2

BitDegree- ID1423913- August 15, 2019

• Certificate in Management Styles

A Cornerstone on Demand Foundation Initiative- August 9, 2019

• Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation

A Cornerstone on Demand Foundation Initiative- July 2019

• Chartered Global Investment Analyst (CGIA) - Membership ID- NG19146

• Certificate of Research Ethics Training Curriculum

Fhi360- April 2, 2019

• Professional Data Analytics (Business Analytics)

Pishon e-business School- 23rd June, 2018

• Certificate in Career Advancement and Entrepreneurship Transformation

September 2015

• Professional Teachers’ Capacity Development Training (Professional Award Certificate)

February 2015


Statistics Sept 2011 — Oct 2014

Federal Polytechnic Bida

HND- Higher National Diploma

Pure & Applied Statistics (Distinction level) - 3.689 out of 4.0

Statistics Oct 2007 — Aug 2009

Federal School of Statistics

ND- National Diploma

Pure & Applied Statistics (Distinction level) - 3.51 out of 4.0

Software’s Proficiency



Bodybuilding, Calligraphy, Coding / Programming, Cooking, Archery, Creative, Data analyzing, research

Writing, Genealogy, Football, Investing, Meditation, Model building, Origami, Reading, Surfing and Travelling


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