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Service Software Engineer

Downey, California, United States
September 19, 2019

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Oliver Zhang

***** ********** **, ** *****660-***-**** • • US Citizen• US Veteran • Security Clearance Holder


Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science August 2018

M.S. in Information Technology (GPA: 3.84/4.0) yellow ribbon scholarship Pittsburgh, PA

Course Highlights: Web Development, Cloud Computing, Web Service, Big Data, Softerware Design, Data mining

Pace University, Lubin School of Business December 2013

M.S. Investment Management (GPA: 3.67/4.0) graduate assistant scholarship New York, NY

Course Highlights: Data mining, Applied Analytical Methods, Portfolio Analysis and Management mining, Statistics


General Motor 2018 – Present

Software Engineer

Developed on Adobe CRX AEM custom components for various shopping tools

Develop, Troubleshoot and Debug for Adobe AEM 6.4 upgraded.

US Army Active Duty 2014 – 2017

Database Administrator

Worked with military LAN/WAN Networking, Wireless Radio, GCSS-Army and CAISI System

Installed and deployed VEST to secure and implemented network access through satellite communication

Implemented and monitored Apache, Chinook helicopters maintenance data migration and provided troubleshooting

Generated database analytics report, backup and on-demand recovery on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 environment


Programming Language: Java (Proficient), Python, SQL, JavaScript, Typescript

Web & DB Knowledges: J2EE, CRX, AEM, Restful API, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, HBase, MongoDB

Cloud & Tools: AWS, Elastic Load Balancer, Apache Hadoop, MapReduce


High performance Twitter Analytics Web Service Cloud Computing & Big Data

-Keywords: Web Service. Big Data, MapReduce, MySQL, HBase, Database Replication Jul. 2018 - Aug. 2018

Deployed Hadoop Elastic MapReduce (EMR) streaming work flow in AWS to implement Extract Transform and Load (ETL) processes on 1TB raw Twitter data and load corresponding data into SQL and NOSQL database

Developed and deployed a scalable web service capable of handling high volume of request (~25000 RPS) in those aspects: encode & decode string, predict twitter’s hash tag, query topic words (TF-IDF) and twitter in specific user and time range

Configure an Elastic Load Balancer along with an auto scaling group for dynamical addition and removal of server resource

Designed and optimized MySQL & HBase schema for scaling up and improved throughput by ~20% within $0.83/hour budget

Online Mutual Fund Financial Service web Development – Full Stack Mar. 2018 - Apr. 2018

-Keywords: J2EE Web Application, MySQL, RESTful Web Service. Spring Boot, Tomcat, Amazon EC2

Built a financial system in J2EE MVC Framework for mutual fund transactions: customers can deposit/receive check, buy/sell and research funds, employees can manage customer, create new fund, change prices and complete daily transaction actions

Constructed front-end sites with Bootstrap and JavaScript, adapted MySQL as backend to ensure ACID properties

Host this application in Amazon EC2, with Apache Tomcat as web server and SSL protocol applied

Reshaped this system to a RESTfull web service by stateless server design using Spring Boot, achieved high scalability

Online Coding Judge System with Collaboration Function web Development – Full Stack Jan. 2018 - Mar. 2018

-Keywords: RESTful Web Service Angula5, ACE Editor, WebSocket, Redis, Express, MongoDB, Flask, Docker

Built a single-page application(SPA) as a coding platform that allows users to collaborate coding problems and to execute the codes

Implemented the front end as a SPA to display the coding problems and the editor with the feature of collaboration

Built a RESTful web service with non-blocking I/O for better concurrency and connected MongoDB to store coding problems

Built a code executor service and used isolated environment to execute the user codes.

Real Time News Scraping System Full Stack web Development – Full Stack Nov. 2017 - Dec. 2018

-Keywords: RESTful Web Service Angula5, ACE Editor, WebSocket, Redis, Express, MongoDB, Flask, Docker

a single-page application(SPA) which displays recent news to users.

Built a SPA front end to display news and a non-blocking i/o server to supply news to the front end

Implemented a data monitor to call News API and cached the news in Redis for further deduplication, a scraper to

scrape news details and a de-duplicator using TF-IDF Connected the pipeline with CloudAMQP to achieve better decoupling.

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