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Developer Manager

Westbury, New York, United States
September 19, 2019

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Versatile Senior Oracle/ SQL Database Developer with diverse industry experience in complex back-end applications for various industries. Professional expertise in Programming, Design, Database Servers, SQL expert, Strong collaborative skills, customer needs assessment, content management systems, strong analytical skills, optimization and performance tuning, etc.

Technical Skills: Oracle PL/SQL, Responsys Web Services SOAP API, UPS Developer Kit APIs, SOAP and XML, .NET(C#), C/C++, Oracle PL/SQL, OCI, Nuance ASR 8.5 and Java, using Servlets, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, ASP, JDBC, ODBC, UNIX shell script and various IDE


Systemax Global Solutions Inc., Port Washington, NY 2013-2019

Oracle PL/SQL and MS SQL Server Database Developer

As member of IT team developed and maintained several back-end applications for e-commerce websites (Systemax, TigerDirect and MISCO) and direct sales representatives using Oracle PL/SQL, Responsys Web Services SOAP API, UPS Developer Kit APIs, SOAP and XML and created PL/ SQL Oracle objects [Packages, Procedures, Triggers, Functions & Synonyms] using 11g and 12c version.

“RESPONSYS ORACLE RESPONSYS” (2013-2019). This email marketing ability to deliver individualized messaging to customers (Oracle PL/SQL, Responsys Web Services SOAP API, XML )

“UPS Rating/Shipping API Integration” (2015-2017).This integration allows customers select shipping service which best fits their needs and delivers UPS shipping functionality directly into website (Oracle PL/SQL, UPS Developer Kit APIs, SOAP, XML).

“UNYSON API Integration” (2014-2019).This integration allows customers get the best possible LTL freight rates for shipping service(Oracle PL/SQL, UNYSON API, SOAP, XML).

Sandata Technologies, LLC, Inc., Port Washington, NY 1996-2012

Programmer/Analyst, Team Leader, Application Developer

Designed, developed and maintained several applications in .NET(C#), C/C++, Oracle PL/SQL, OCI, Nuance ASR 8.5 and Java, using Servlets, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, ASP, JDBC, ODBC and various IDE – Visual Cafe, MS Visual Studio 6/2005/2008, Eclipse, Talend( ETL ) and platforms – OS/2, Novell Netware, HP-UX, Red Hat® Linux, Windows NT. Projects includes:

“SANTRAX® system” (1996-2012) - C/C++ based applications on OS/2(1996-2007). It receives phone calls and provides an IVR and Voice Recognition for callers. This multithreaded and a multiprocessing system using all kinds of IPC (interprocess communications) methods: queues, pipes, shared memory, mutex and event semaphores. This flexible system supports telephony protocols of different companies such as MCI, AT&T, WorldCom, Frontier, LDDS, QWEST, and Global Crossing. The system is scalable and is the major company’s product since being developed. The system tracks phone calls and collects data for off-site locations that used in the home health care industry. Key players at all stages of this project. This system was rewritten (2007) with C++, VXML on Red Hat® Linux platform.

“A835” (2012), “997/999” (2011-2012). This application realizes automated handling of EDI-X12 form 835 and 997/999 (Windows NT, Talend and SCO UNIX).

“Inbox4ALL” (2006-2012).This multi-threaded application allows import data to SANTRAX® System from different scheduling system such as Carelink, Misys etc. (Java, JDBC, Windows NT).

“Check Calls (2003-2012)”. This application releases alternative method calls delivery from calls servers to Oracle data base (Java, JDBC, XSLT, XML parsing, Oracle PL/SQL, Red Hat® Linux).

"Account Manager"(2002-2012). This application was designed mostly for client relation personal. It is a visual tool to manipulate the SANTRAX®’s control information in the ORACLE database by providing different levels of access (C++, OS/2). Version 2002 has been written in JAVA using servlets, JDBC and dynamic HTML. The last version of Account Manager (2010) has been rewritten using ASP.Net (C#), Oracle G10, G11.

“ET2ORA” (2002-2012). This multi-threaded application allows import customer’s data (clients, employees and schedules files) in several of different (about 40) formats into Oracle data base. (C with Oracle OCI, Windows NT).

“CheckDNIS” (2007-2010). Calls servers were designed to work in standalone mode – they should receive phone calls regardless of problems which may occur in other parts of the system. That was implemented in this client-server application. Using sockets communication, call servers periodically request control information on how to handle phone calls from the server. Upon receiving the request, the server checks for updates the central database and returns all necessary information(multi-threading, C++, Red Hat® Linux, MySQL, ORACLE, ODBC)

“Inbox4VNS” (2004-2010). Application releases interface for data exchange between VNS agencies and SANTRAX® System. I was a solo developer of this project (Java, JDBC, Windows NT).

“Find Calls” (2003, 2010). Another tool for client relation personal created in JAVA using servlets, JDBC and dynamic HTML. This tool helps fast find all calls that specific client have made to the SANTRAX® for any period of time (JAVA, JDBC, Servlets, ASP.NET, C#).

“CALLSREP (2001-2010)”. Statistical reports (CA-daily and AN-weekly/monthly/quarterly reports). Several reports were created for management's needs, billing purposes and future upgrade of the SANTRAX® system (C++, OS/2, Java, JDBC, Oracle PL/SQL, Windows NT).

“NET2BTR” (2000-2010). Application allows deliver customer’s data from several FTP servers to inbox for each account on application server. This application also delivers some reports from applications servers to FTP (SFTP) servers for client’s pick up (C++ with OCI, Windows NT).

“SimRCApp” (2007-2008). This is server’s part of client-server system for on fly voice recognition during the call in SANTRAX® system. This application allows caregiver also enter data during the call by voice and not only by using phone keypad. Using sockets communication, clients from call servers (RHL) sends request to server (Windows NT) for voice recognition. Result of voice recognition returns to client (Multi-threading, cross platform, C++, Oracle OCI, Nuance ASR 8.5, Windows NT, Red Hat® Linux).

“Voice Messages Broadcasting System” (2004-2007). System allows a manager to prepare a phone messages for particular off-site employees (C++, OS/2, VXML, Red Hat® Linux).

“SysMon” (1998-2007). A daemon, which periodically analyzing calls, error messages and statistical information and sending messages (alerts) to an operator in case of errors and any system degradation for any system component. (Java, JDBC, Red Hat® Linux).

“Transcription Services” (2005). Application allows caregivers to dictate notes over the phone for subsequent transcription. Transcript is available for customer as MS Word document on Sandata web site (C++, OS/2, VXML, Java, Windows NT, Linux Red Hat®).

Before 1996

Various projects

Systems Programmer on MF, Application Developer on PC

Provided operating systems SVS, VM and MVS support: backup/restore, performance tuning, software installation and customization, data recovery, capacity planning and system upgrades.

Developed and implemented utilities/applications in Assembler, PL/1, dBase III, FoxPro and Clipper.


Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

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