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Electrical Technician

Itacoatiara, Amazonas, Brazil
100,000 p/y
September 19, 2019

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Neil S Dunnemann

**** ********** *******, *******, ** 20783 Cell: +559**********:


Maintenance Supervisor with 37 years’ experience. Areas of expertise include DC and AC motors, Motor Starters, Contactors, and Variable Speed Drives. Building, Testing, and Installing, Fixed Surveillance S, and X, band

Radar Systems in Remote areas, and Portable Surveillance Radar Systems. Building Towers, and installing associated Systems and Equipment. Building, Maintaining, Repairing, and Operating, Combustion Turbines, and associated systems, for Power Generation. Installation of conduit, wire, and various electrical devises. Installation and Wiring of Electrical Panels and PLC’s.

Experienced manager with excellent client and project management skills. Action-oriented with strong ability to communicate effectively with technology, executive, and business audiences.


AC/DC control circuitry

Superior troubleshooting skills

Control circuit troubleshooting

Complex technical information

• AC/DC power and control systems

Complex issues management

Electro-mechanical proficiency

Radar Systems Expert

Ability to translate technical specifications Ability to travel


Able to work in confined spaces and wind turbines High-level oral and written communication skills


Constructed one of NASA's first Portable Weather Surveillance Radar Systems.

•Helped design and construct NASA's first Real Time Dual Doppler Portable Radar System

•Repaired AC/DC circuits and multiple volt type 3-phase circuits.


•Inspected electrical systems, equipment, and fixtures to identify safety hazards for replacement or repair. Scheduling

•Scheduled and tracked all repairs.

•Tracked and processed purchase of parts to accounts payable.

Blueprint Reading

•Read blueprints, work orders, and production schedules to accurately determine job instructions and specifications.

Equipment Maintenance

•Performed routine maintenance on equipment on as-needed basis. Inspection

•Followed checklists to inspect drives, motors, and belts and do other maintenance jobs. Operation Monitoring

•Watched indicators to make sure machines were working properly.


•Inspected and tested machinery and equipment to diagnose machine malfunctions. Machine Repair

•Detected machine malfunctions and problem-solved accordingly.

•Repaired, maintained and replaced parts on dies.


Project Maintenance Engineer

Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

Provided non-interrupted data flow to project. Increased data collection abilities by 30%. Achieved permanent uninterrupted data stream and increased laboratory efficiency by 50% with construction of new facilities and information network. Responsible for all Electrical, Electronic, and, Mechanical maintenance for the entire project from generators to electronic instruments and other management duties. Reduced travel times to and from the site by 75% with road and infrastructure construction.

Maintenance & Operations Supervisor

Drawbridge Services Inc. Woodrow Wilson Bridge,

Produced synchronicity of bridge machinery, increased overall bridge operational efficiency. Troubleshot electrical/electronic control circuits. Interpreted and validated technical issues, with test solutions, and follow-up when necessary.

•DC and AC motors, Motor Starters, Contactors, Variable Speed Drives, Record Keeping, Logistics.

•Contracted to maintain bridge Electrical, and Mechanical Systems, Equipment, and Bridge operation

Electronics Technician

Techno Sciences Inc.

Constructed Surveillance Radar Towers for foreign countries increased efficiency of coastal security monitoring operations and response times by 60%. Addressed client needs and product issues from inception to resolution. Interpreted and validated technical issues, with test solutions, and follow-up when necessary.

•Beltsville, Maryland Contracted to Build, Test, and Install, Fixed Surveillance S, and X, band Radar Systems in Remote areas.

•Constructed Towers and installed associated Systems and Equipment.


Combustion Turbine Technician

Commonwealth Chesapeake Power Station

Increased power generation efficiency and overall plant operations by 50% Interpreted and validated technical issues, test solutions, with follow-up and escalation, when necessary. Worked on projects, which provided value to the department, the company, and the client base. Troubleshooting of electrical/electronic control circuits.

•Combustion Turbine Tech New Church Virginia, Contracted to Build, Maintain, Repair, and Operate, Combustion Turbines, and associated systems, for Power Generation.

•Refrigeration, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Electronic, And related Computer Operation Systems.

Senior Radar Technician

NASA, Wallops Island Flight Facility

Increased base weather surveillance and lightening detection system efficiency and hardware operations by 60%. Emphasized product features based on analyses of customers' needs, and on technical knowledge of product capabilities and limitations.

•Wallops Island Virginia, Contracted to Build, Repair, Maintain, & Operate Portable Surveillance Radar Systems.

•Assist in Design, and Instruction.

•Designed waveguide, monitoring software, data processing servers, grounding networks, and other radar subsystems.

•Installed ability to remotely control radar transmitter, network, and, data products.

•Performed radar calibrations to verify accurate angle, range, reflectivity, velocity, peak power, pulse spectrum, antenna gain, system losses, and phase measurements.

•Other duties include analysis, and optimization, of pulse widths, polarization type, pulse repetition frequency, scan speeds, clutter filters, range bin size, and number.

•Experience with Unix/Linux system administration, digital signal processing, and radar data analysis.

•Recommended, established, and maintained technical logs for calibration, and operation,


US Navy – Orlando, Florida

Electronics Technician

Interpreted and validated technical issues, test solutions, of new equipment with follow-up and evaluation when necessary. Repair, Maintenance, and Operation, of various Hi - Frequency Communications, Satellite Navigation, and Surface Search, and Ground Approach Radar equipment.

Equipment Used: Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Multitester, Theatolite, Bore site Equipment.


Columbia University

New York, New York

Chemistry Psychology

Institute of Audio Research

New York, New York, US

Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering and Recording Certificate

US Navy Electronic Technician School

Orlando, Florida, US

Electronic Engineering

Associates Degree

Basic Electronic Engineering School

Hi – Frequency Communications School

Satellite Navigation Technician School

Surface Search and Ground Approach Radar Technician School


Westford, Mass, US

Radar Computer Controls & Data Processing

Sigmet Radar Controls Certification

Additional Information

•Awards & Accolades July 2005 Robert L. Krieger Award for Technical Excellence July 2004 Goddard Space Flight Center Outstanding Teamwork Award July 2003 CAMEX 4 Science Team Group Achievement Award July 2002 Dept. of the Navy: Letter of Appreciation for Outstanding Support of Combined Combat Systems Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT) July 2001 CRYSTAL FACE Science Team Award, Florida Area Cirrus Experiment July 1999 -2000 TRMM LBA Science Team Group Achievement Award

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