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Data Python

Jalna, Maharashtra, India
September 14, 2019

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Bharti P. Ramteke

Mobile No: +91-738*******

Trainee Data Scientist Cognitior


Trainee Data scientist and having knowledge in data Analysis, Requirement Gathering, Implementation, Testing and Project management.

Python expertise worked on various packages of Machine Learning like Numpy, Pandas, SKLearn, Matplotlib, Seaborn and other relevant and important packages.

Having knowledge data analysis model building project starting from Data cleansing i.e. (Missing value treatment, removing outliers, encoding, feature scaling) to deploying the model live.

Built models for business using Python which caters Regression, Classification, and Clustering using the relevant data provided by business and help them grow their businesses.

Learning the development of automated Machine Learning product using Python where we are automating the entire Machine Learning process.

Having knowledge Of development of software products from Requirement Analysis to System Study, Documentation and Testing.

Problem Solving & Technical skills coupled with confident decision making for enabling effective solutions leading to high customer satisfaction as well as low operational costs.

Having knowledge of SDLC.


Feb-19 Present Trainee Data Scientist at Cognitior


Machine Learning Development

Proper understanding of various algorithms like

oDecision Trees

oRandom Forests

oLinear Regression

oMultiple Regression

oNaïve Bayes

oK Nearest Neighbours

oK means




B.E in Information Technology from TGPCET College of Engineering and Technology (75.5%),

Nagpur University (2019)

Class 12th from Sarvodaya Jr. College, Sindewahi, Dist. Chndrapur (54%)

Class 10th from Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya School, Sindewahi, Dist: Chandrapur (68.40%)


Language : C, C++, Python, HTML, SQL.


Innovative Business Solutions. Feb ’19 - Present

Trainee: Major Project

Details: Data Scientist where my main focus is to help business to create a robust regression, Classification and clustering models which will help business to gain insights from the data.

Role: Data Scientist

Supervised modelling:

Regression Modelling

Worked on Regression model to predict the customers purchasing capacity and got the accuracy of 65%, we are using these models to expand the revenue of the business.

We were working on one of the POCs, where we wanted to make the annual fees of the credit card dynamic based on the various features of the customers. We were implementing Decision trees and Random forest to implement the same as the data was pretty much scattered.

Classification Modelling

We created a robust model using Logistic regression for our call centre to increase the customer conversion ratio. We increased the sensitivity of the model by 60% and that led to increase our lead conversion.

Unsupervised modelling:

Customer and market basket segmentation

Based on the various features we created a K-means algorithm which was actually able to segregate my customers into various clusters and business used it for promoting the new products and services.

Worked on market basket segmentation using algorithms like K-means and hierarchical clustering.


Participation in One Day Awareness program on Employment and Self Employment (2018).

Participation in State Level Drama competition (2018).

I like reading books on Buddhism and also like dancing.


Father’s Name: Mr. Purushottam Ramteke

Date of Birth: 13th Oct 1997

Residential Address: Vivek Ngar, Lonwahi, Sindewhi, Pin(441222).

Linguistic Skills: Hindi, English & Marathi.

Marital status: Single

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