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Engineer Manager

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
September 16, 2019

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B.K Karthick

Mobile : +91-960*******

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Executive Summary

CAE Engineer over 15+ years of Experience in CAE with progressively responsible positions and works with dedication & zeal so as to add quality to the Company’s services. I have been recognized for my hard work, leadership qualities and communication abilities. Result-oriented with a record of completing development schedules within time. My ambition is to make a niche for myself in the future design era.

Areas of excellence

1.Over 15+ years of experience in LS-Dyna

Automotive Seating system, Crash analysis, product drop, clamps and stacks analysis.

2.Over 7+ years of experience in Radioss

Crash analysis.

3.Over 5 years of experience in ANSYS Mechanical

Linear static analysis.

Nonlinear analysis using contacts and material non-linearity

Vibration analysis

4. Over 1 year of experience in Abaqus

Nonlinear analysis using contacts and material non-linearity

5. Over 15 years of experience in HYPERMESH and ANSA

Preprocessing using HYPERMESH and ANSA.

6.Over 7+ years of experience in project management.

Handling a team on 35+ engineers. Recruitment, training & efficiency tracking of Engineer’s.

Project estimates, quote preparation, Billing approvals & Manage funding.

Professional experience





Ford Motor Private Limited- India

Chennai, India

Project Manager

July ‘ 17 – till date

Ford Motor Company USA

Dearborn, USA

Project Manager

Jan ’16 – June ‘17

Ford Motor Private Limited- India

Chennai, India

Project Manager

Aug, ‘10 - Dec ‘15

Satyam-Venture Engineering Services, (Deputed in Ford)

Chennai, India

Sr. Analyst

Oct, ’08 – Aug ‘10

Whirlpool of India Ltd., Global Technology and Engineering Centre

Pune, India

Sr. Engineer

Jan ’06 – Oct ‘08

Hinode Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Chennai, India

Application Engineer

May ‘ 04 – Jan ‘ 06

CAE skills

CAE Pre-Processor : Hypermesh, ANSA, Hypercrash

CAE Solvers : LS-Dyna, Radioss,ANSYS, ABAQUS

Post-processing : Hyper view

Academic qualifications



YEAR OF STUDY : 2002 TO 2004



YEAR OF STUDY : 1998 TO 2002

Systems Engineering

BOARD OF STUDY : MIT Online course

YEAR OF STUDY : Jan-2019 to June 2019

Responsibilities in Ford USA:


Full vehicle crash analysis

Tools used



Ford of North America

Worked in Ford Dearborn USA on an Accelerated development plan assignment from Jan 2016 – June 2017.

Worked on Rear, front and side high speed crash modes to meet vehicle structural targets for safety regulatory and ford internal requirements for PHEV, FHEV and ICE vehicles.

Good understanding of regulatory requirements in below crash modes

Rear- Rear 70% offset (NA), Side V2V, Rear full rigid barrier (Europe)

Front- Full frontal NCAP, IIHS ODB and Small Offset Rigid Barrier, Euro NCAP.

Running the crash modes simulations to establish baseline runs and identifying the issues in the design to support ford GPDS gateway milestones deliverables.

Working with Design and release engineers on counter measures to meet the safety regulations.

Good understanding of Ford GPDS process and safety deliverables for each milestone in GPDS.

Part of the team to sign off the physical crash BIW for testing.

Basic understanding of Team Centre and TC-sim.

Responsibilities in Ford India:


Full vehicle crash analysis

Tools used



Ford of North America

Working in full vehicle safety analysis.

Got trained in Modular approach modeling method for safety analysis.

Manage a team of 35+ engineers to build full vehicle safety model & module for full vehicle crash simulations.

Training new Engineers and existing engineers on modular approach and crash simulations debug.

Project and resource plan & project tracking for gateway builds and design iterations request projects.

Run standard crash & safety load cases like full frontal crash, frontal odb, SORB, side impact (Lincap & V2V, MDB), rear impact and roof crush for FMVSS, IIHS, and EURO NCAP regulations for ford GPDS gateways.

Create post processing tools (SMAP & intrusion) files for all the standard safety load cases.

Coordinating with Ford of North America and Ford of Europe and Ford of Australia and China for project planning & technical discussions.

Communicating with Ford engineers across globe to improve process and efficiency.

Preparing quotes for new projects and manage funds and billing for the safety team.

Actively involved in recruiting new engineers.

Travelled to FORD of North America for 2 months for a project.


Seating and Body CAE

Tools used



Ford of North America, South America, Australia

Project Description

Continuously supported the seating engineers in Ford of North America, South America and Australia throughout the product life cycle (GPDS gateways). Leading the entire project through delegation of work to various engineers wherever required, interacting on a day-to- day basis with FNA engineers and presenting results to the FNA Engineers. The following steps are followed in seating system analysis.

Radioss full vehicle model received from safety team is converted to LSdyna model.

Cut model is prepared for front seat and rear seat analysis.

Following Include files are prepared for all the load cases for 1st and 2nd row seats.




Contacts and connections between include

Control cards

Following seating load cases are performed both on rigid bed plate and on body.

Seat Belt Anchorage Pull – FMVSS 207/210, ECE14

Luggage retention – ST30/ ECE17

Seat System Dynamic Structural Integrity Simulation - Forward and Rear impact - 1 Dummy and 3 Dummies - FMVSS 208

Child Restraint Anchorage Displacement / Strength Analysis – FMVSS 225

Head Impact – FMVSS -201

Seat back lateral and torsional strength – ST17

Seat System Rearward Longitudinal Strength – ST20

Seat System Rearward Moment Strength – ST21

Seat Back Latch Static Strength – ST23

Detailed post-processing (Plastic strains, weld forces, bolt forces) of results is done using Hyperview. Results are correlated using test results.

Results are presented to the FNA engineers and discussed in detail. Further iterations and counter measures are decided based on the discussions.

Completed 2 complete vehicle program supports for the GPDS gateways.

Process improvements and automations are done for each load cases on continuous basis.

Completed six sigma green belt project using DMAIC technique to improve efficiency of seat belt pull analysis. Attended 4 days training on six sigma DMAIC methodologies.


Closures CAE

Tools used

HYPERMESH, Ansa, Abaqus


Ford of Australia

Project Description

Hood palm printing

The Hood on body was analysed to find the deflection and permanent set due to 356 N load applied in direction of the panel swing through a rectangular pad. Contacts were defined in the abaqus near the hinge and latch areas. Analysis was carried out in two steps (loading & unloading) to find the deflection and permanent set. Results were evaluated based on the ford standards.

Door drop off and sag

The fully trimmed door was analysed to find the deflection due to the self weight and to find the door sag and the permanent set due to 1000 N vertical load applied at the latch. Soft contact was defined in abaqus near the hinge areas. Analysis was carried out in four steps to find the permanent set due to the vertical sag load and the results were evaluated based on the ford standards.

Responsibilities in Whirlpool:


Analysis of the Dish washer

Tools used



Whirlpool – NAR and Europe

Project Description

Dish Washer was analyzed for the following load cases according the whirlpool test standards and specifications during the various stages of product design cycle.

Door opening

Door closing

Door Twisting

100 lbs loading on dish washer handle.

Drop test of entire dish washer assembly including packaging.

Ball impact Analysis on Dishwasher Door assembly.

Creep Analysis of Rack Assembly.

Random Vibration (PSD) analysis on entire dish washer assembly.

Pre processing and deck setup are done using Hypermesh and Ansys.

Post processing of results are done and correlated with the test results.

Day to day interaction with engineers in North America and Europe for getting inputs, developing analysis strategy and results discussion.

Onsite project discussion at Whirlpool of North America (under B1 visa) for 3 months.


Received "Well Done" award in Whirlpool for excellent contribution in Dish washer transportation analysis (Drop, Clamp, Stack) Using Ls-Dyna for the month of April 2006.

Received "Best Team Member" award in Whirlpool for the excellent contributions in Dish washer simulations.

Project Executed in Hinode Technologies Pvt ltd:

Full vehicle crash modeling and integration for Dyna deck.

Following Analysis were done for two wheeler chassis

Vertical loading

Front braking

Rear braking


Tetrahedral Modeling of Engine block and head.


I hereby declare that the above-furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.


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