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Electrical Engineer Engineering

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
3.5 lakhs
September 16, 2019

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Shwetha K +91-854*******, +91-849*******


I have done my internship in Karnataka Power Co-operation Limited (KPCL) for a period of one month and was exposed to various projects of KPCL.

Also I have done internship in Alpha Design Technologies Pvt.Ltd for a period of 20 days and was exposed to various defense products.

I worked on my major project on Dual axis solar tracking system with data logger for a period of one year and was exposed for hardware, mechanical design and software programming.

Done two mini projects on Parking sensor and Power factor correction using boost converter & controller UC3854.

Participated in two workshops conducted by REVA university on ‘Control system for industrial electrical devices-2017’ and ‘International conference on Emerging Trends and Advances in Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology-2017’.

Topper for two semesters (sixth and eighth) in B.Tech. TECHNICAL SKILL SET

Programming language C programming

Markup Languages HTML

Simulation software MATLAB ( simulink ), PSIM, AutoCAD ( intermediate ) ACHIEVEMENTS

Topper in two semesters in B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Sixth and Eighth semesters).

Won compensation price amount for my mini project in fourth semester.

Won first prize continuously (2009, 2010 & 2011) and second price B.Tech (sixth SEM) for Throw ball.


Parking sensor

Parking sensor system is a safety device that accurately detects the obstacles in the way while parking the car and if found then indication to the driver will be given either through buzzer or LED indication.

Role : Electrical Engineer

Technical Environment : Arduino programming


Choosing the components for the measurement of different parameters needed for comparison.

Implemented the ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, Led with the Arduino board.

Programming Arduino to read the values from the ultrasonic sensor and compare them using program.

After comparison the indication is given to the end user this is tested. Power Factor Correction Using Boost Converter and Controller UC3854 In this project the input current is reshaped with the help of the boost converter and hence the power factor is corrected, UC3854 will act as feedback system it will ensure whether the required output is obtained or not.

Role : Electrical Engineer

Technical Environment : MATLAB (simulink), PSIM


Design calculations of the boost converter as per the calculations choosing of the components for the same.

Design calculations and choosing of components for the bridge rectifier.

Simulation of the boost converter and the required output graphs with help of MATLAB.

Comparisons of the practical and the simulations output for the accuracy. Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Data Logger

This project is implemented to rotate the solar panel towards the maximum sun’s radiation, this is done with the help of the Ldr’s, motors to rotate the panel, Arduino program to compare the voltage generated by the Ldr’s when the sun’s rays falls on Ldr’s. The voltage and the current generated are measured with the help of voltage divider circuit and the current sensor and with the help of Wi-Fi module these values are pushed to the cloud for the real time accessing.

Role : Electrical Engineer

Technical Environment : Arduino programming, AutoCAD Responsibilities:

Component selection for the hardware designing and the mechanical structure for holding.

Manual testing of the voltage from Ldr’s (Ldr connected in series with resistor) placed under the sun.

Working on the programming for rotating the solar panel and also the data logging for accessing the data.


May 2019 - Completed BE in Electrical and Electronics at REVA University College of Engineering, Bangalore with 9.37 cgpa.

March 2015 - Completed PUC at Indo Asian Girls PU College, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore with 84.16%.

April 2013 - Completed SSLC at Navjyothi Public School, Ramurthy Nagar, Bangalore with 88.48%.


Athletics and Throw ball player, school and college level.

Team leader for throw ball at school level and secured certificates for the throw ball. PERSONAL DETAILS

Name : Shwetha K

Age : 22

Address : #2, Manjunatha nagar, Horamavu, Bangalore 560016 Date of Birth : Apr 17th, 1997

Hobbies : Dancing, Drawing and playing games.

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